2009-06-01: Drinks And Magic


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Summary: Stephen and Pudge find that they share a common….talent.

Date: June 1, 2009

Log Title Drinks and Magic

Rating: PG

NYC - The Parlour

A fun Irish Pub, The Parlour offers more than just alcoholic beverages, they offer a selection of Irish Foods on the menu. With the polished wooden floors, tables set up by the window, and a jukebox, everyone can enjoy this place. Once the best things about the Parlour is their apple pie.

After the interesting yesterday meeting, Stephen's taking his time, sitting in the pub having a drink. Right now, a nice framboise lambic rests in his hand as he leans back, just listening to the music and enjoying the atmosphere. On his table is a lot of thin wire, though what the wire is is anyone's guess. Between sips, he's winding the wire around a long dowel.

Sometimes after work a nice drink is a good way to unwind. Lucky for him his work isn't all that bad it's just having to deal with some coworks can be a pain in the rear someday. Wearing his black suit and tie from reporting the weather about two hours ago, Pudge heads over to the bar and greets the bartender. "I'll have a rum and coke." He says pulling out his waller, glancing over at Stephen to try to figure out what it is he's doing.

Taking another sip, Stephen finishes the wire wrapping, sliding the whole coil off of the dowel. After it's off, he takes a pair of sharp shears and begins making a steady snip in a straight line, each little ring tinking into a dish beneath them. He's not really paying attention to anyone around him at the moment.

Pudge gets his drink and continues to sip it while watching Stephen. Curiosity finally gets the best of him and he walks over to Stephen's table with his drink. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be nosey but I was just watching you and I'm curious, what is it that you're doing?"

Looking up, Stephen blinks, before offering a broad grin at the man. "Chain mail. I'm a jeweler and I'm trying for something new. I'm going to make Chain Mail Jewelry." He offers, waving a hand to the free seat. "I figure I may make a jewelrytype gauntlet with ring, and a few little trinkets in it. Of course, for men, I'd make something much more masculine." And, with the right wire, he could potentially make actual armor.

"Chainmail? Wow, that's not something you hear about people making every day." Pudge says taking a seat at the table without asking, hey Stephen seems friendly enough. "So you're a jeweler, that's interesting. How's that working out for you?" He asks with a friendly tone to his voice.

"ACtually, quite well. I mostly do cast jewelry and a few actual other types. But this is just something I'm doing for fun. Each one will be unique and time consuming, so they'll be more expensive." Stephen chuckles. He raises a hand to pull hair out of his face. His charm bracelet is rather visible when he does so.

Pudge takes a sip of his drink and listens curiously. He doesn't know much about jewelry save for wearing the occasional ring and he knows his aunts wear a lot of it. "Wow, so how'd you get into something like Jewelry, which is far off from my profession so excuse me if I don't know anything about it." He says with a bit of a chuckle.

"I was travelling and I met this old man in the desert. He showed me how to make fetish jewelry and it just started from there." Stephen says with a grin, winking. "I'm Stephen. I don't believe we've had the pleasure." He says, extending his hand after he's done cutting the large coil.

Pudge takes Stephen's hand and smiles. "Pudge." He says it's so much better than his birthname. "Pudge Weathers. And sorry for asking but Fetish Jewelry?" From his knowlegde fetish can mean two things and he doesn't often hear people talk about fetishes in a magical sense unless he's talking with his aunts.

"Have you ever seen the little animal shapes that a lot of native americans wear?" Stephen asks for a moment before he tugs his collar out, showing a few shapes on his necklace. "These. These are fetishes. They represent specific animals and are supposed to house their strengths."

"I've never actually seen one but I've read about them." Pudge begins actually grateful Stephen didn't ask him about his name. He tries to pick his next words carefully since he's not sure how much Stephen knows behind what he's doing. "So do you make them for novelty purpose or do you actually believe the power behind what they can do?'

There's a sly grin on Stephen's face. "Column A. Column B." He'll leave it at that. And it's rather obvious with a nickname like pudge. He tosses a wink as he finishes off his drink and asks the waitress for another round. For both of them. He makes enough money that he's fine with it.

Pudge smiles and nods confused a bit by the winking but doesn't say anything. "Stephen, you didn't have to buy that round, next rounds on me." He says as he doesn't plan on getting hammered tonight but he certainly doesn't make pennies for a living. "I'm just happy to hear the column B part." He comments nonchalantley.

Raising an eyebrow. "The fact that I believe in something beyond the normal? Please. We live in a day and age where men fly through the air without machines. Where women can bring people back to life with a breath. Believing in power behind totems and fetishes? It's really not a stretch."

"It's not the beliefe I see a stretch in." Pudge starts taking another sip of his drink. "It's the fact that you don't seem to be abusing something you don't know much about. In my line of work I deal with a lot of superficial people so you never know who really is serious about that sort of thing or just thinks of it as a 'good luck charm fad of the month'."

"There is a lot of luck factor to it, but I know there's more to it. And… it would be horrible to abuse the trust of the animal spirits who reside within the fetishes." Stephen says with a grin. There's that odd feeling of trust that he just doesn't understand.

Pudge smiles and is just happy that it seems someone understands about things more than some goth girl who thinks because she read a book in some new age store she knows all about magic. "I've never dealt or handled fetishes but I do know about them. As much as I like animals that connections never been there for me."

Taking a moment, Stephen pulls a small token out of his pocket. It's the wolf spirit fetish. It's larger than most of the others because it's the one he needs to be strong, as he uses it more than any other. He places it on the table. "Tell me what you get from it. Just… indulge me." It has power. Lots of power. If Pudge can sense mystic energies in things, he'll know.

Sensing mystic energies and using mystic energies are two different things. Luckily he can sense it. Pudge picks it up and closes his eyes, tilting his head slightly as he ponders. "There's some strong magics behind it, what I can't tell but it's quite powerful. Wow, my aunts would love this." He comments before putting it down on the table and smiles at Stephen, now it's his turn to give him a wink.

That wink turns a broad grin from Stephen. "Now, are you just making that up or do you truly feel it?" He asks, cutting the bullshit. He takes another gulp of his lambic with a chuckle, scooping up his cuttings into a pouch.

"I can feel it but I woudln't know how to use it or what it does." Pudge says honestly as weather was the only area he succeeded, and as it to prove his point, Pudge mutters a few words and there's a crack of thunder outside and it starts to downpour which is quite the difference from the weather just seconds ago. "Glad we're not outside." He comments with a chuckle. The storm only effects about two blocks and Pudge will keep it up for about five minutes before decidint that's enough rain.

Looking around, Stephen makes sure they're not being watched. Of course, where he sat, it's rather easy if he scoots in just a little more. He reaches out and touches the wolf figure. An image of a wolf appears over his face before melding with his body, changing his aspects to resemble those of the wolf. Fur, Clawed fingers, and sharp canines primarily. He releases it quickly. "Not bad."

Pudge grins and runs a hand through his short brown hair. "Not bad yourself." He says finishing his drink. "It's nice to meet someone with similar talents even if they are in different fields. I know there are other people with similar talents in the city but you're the first I've run into. You don't meet many meterolgists you believe in magic over science."

"It's a living." Stephen says with a shrug. "The important thing is knowing your beliefs are true." He says with a nod as he sips at his drink, finishing it off and pausing. "Unfortunately, I need to head home for some sleep."

Pudge nods. "Well it was nice meeting you Stepehen and I hope we meet again. Next time though, drinks are on me." He says smiling as he offers Stephen a hand. "Thanks for letting me share a table with you." He says as he thinks he might grab a bite to eat before heading home.

Stephen pulls out a business card and passes it over before he heads out. "Business and personal are on here." He chuckles a bit. "I hope to see you around. It's nice to finally meet someone with a clue."

Pudge pulls his own business card out of his wallet, complete with NBC logo, and hands it to Stephen. "There's my information. It's probably better to contact me on my personal than business as I'm not usually at my desk." He says with a smile. "And like wise."

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