Dunstin "Lord Luck" Eisenhower VonThurston IV
Dunstin Eisenhower VonThurston IV
Portrayed By Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 31
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Lord Luck
Place of Birth Newport, Rhode Island
Current Location New York
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Dunstin Eisenhower VonThursdon III (Father), Mary-Lynn VonThursdon (Mother, deceased)
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Probability Manipulation via Dice
First Appearance Critical Failure

This here is my lucky d20.


Dunstin Eisenhower VonThurston III was born from a line of Austrian immigrants that came to America in the mid 1800’s and made their fortune during the industrial era. That fortune, and the company, VT Textiles, was started in 1864, and is still successful to this day. In fact his family still lives in the mansion on the shore of Rhode Island that his family bought in the early 1900’s. Of course the mansion and fortune was left to Dunstin Eisenshower VonThurston III.

When Dunstin the III was in college for business, he met a woman named Mary-Lynn and the two were eventually married. The wedding was extravagant and everything it could be to show off social status. The fact that Mary-Lynn was from a middle class family didn’t mean much to Dustin the III or his father, what mattered was his son was in love, would take over the business and be able to continue the line. Which brings us to the next VonThurston, Dunstin Eisenhower VonThurston IV.

When Dunstin was born his mother doted on him, she sung to him as a baby, read him stories and he had anything he could need as a child. As he got older, he had the best tutors, lessons and eventually the best schooling. From age five, Dunstin was going to private schools. The relationship between him and his mother was very different from him and his father. Where his mother was very doting and loving his father was very professional in a sense. His father never took him out to toss a football or sat down to watch cartoons with him.

His father was the type of man who taught Dunstin the IV anything he might need for the business world. If they were to go to a baseball game it was always with his fathers business partners and deals were being made. Eventually his father had Dunstin the IV take golf lessons since so many business deals are made on the golf team. His father was grooming him to be a young professional. After all Dunstin was the only child and the only one who could inherit the company and his father wasn’t raising a son, he was raising an heir. This isn’t to say Dunstin the III didn’t love his son, it’s just he didn’t show it.

As Dunstin grew up he found an interest in books, mainly fantasy, and his mother always encouraged his reading. Mary-Lynn was a kind woman, not at all bred for this type of life-style but she loved her husband and he loved her. She was a bit of a free spirit and never tried to change herself for the life style and was always a mother. She was one of those people born to be a mother. She took a big interest in her son’s life, held him when he cried, kissed his cuts and bruises and did everything for him to ensure he had a rich childhood.

Once he was five he started the private schools and Dunstin found he was always kind of an odd kid out. Sure he was rich and spoiled but he never acted it like the other kids. He was never demanding of things. He was taught if his parents said no, they meant know, where many of the other kids would throw hissy fits until they got what they wanted. This separated him from many of the kids as he didn’t always ‘act rich’. On top of the fact that he had glasses at a young age and was kind of geeky looking and acting, caused him to be the one that that other kids choose as an easy target.

Everything that happened in Dunstin’s life was groom for social and financial success. At eight years old his parents signed him up for fencing and horseback riding lessons because they were prestigious things to do. He wasn’t bad at either, won some competitions and others he just did okay in. His mother went to ever competition of his where his father only made the ones that were allowed for in his tight schedule. Golf was never one of the things he competed it, but it was the one thing that his father and him really did as father and son.

As the years went by, Dunstin went from private elementary school, to private middle school to private High School. Not much changed in Dunstin the IV’s social life, he had few friends and him and his friends were the social punching bad in a verbal sense. He eventually learned to not care and the few friends he had, he was fine with. By the time he was twelve he got into Dungeons and Dragons and had three friends he would play with. Dunstin would always be the dungeon master and could come up with these crazy adventures for his friends.

At age fourteen though things took a drastic change in the VonThurston household. He got a call at school that something had happened, his mother was in the hospital and he needed to go there immediately. Once he got there the he found out the worst, his mother had had an aneurism. It was fatal. To say Dunstin didn’t cry would be a lie, even his father, the ever professional man he knew, hugged his son and cried that day.

The funeral and the following few months were kind of blury to Dunstin. He found solace in his friends and Dungeons and Dragons, in that world he pretend whatever he wanted. Though his father and him became closer and Dunstin the III became a bit more involved in his son’s life. It wasn’t a drastic change but it was definitely obvious he was trying, making sure to come home on time for dinner, a few spars in fencing in the evenings and taking his son out on the weekends. He didn’t always understand his geeky son but his father knew he didn’t want to lose the only other person he loved.

Three months before Dunstin’s birthday, another change would happen, though it would be awhile before he noticed anything. Puberty kicked in, a latent x-gene triggers his mutation, thus changing Dunstin’s life. Weird things started happening in his DnD game when rolling for damage or rolling to hit. One day when he rolled the dice, he rolled a 1. Within a minute, one of the maids slipped walking down the stairs and broke her leg. Another time when him and his friends were playing DnD, he rolled the dice, got a 20 and that moment a girl from the school called his friend to accept his invitation to the prom.

Little stuff like that kept happening, Dunstin would roll the dice, there would be an effect. He started to suspect things so one day before his fencing tournament he decided to roll the dice before every match. Whenever he rolled high, he won, whenever he rolled low, he lost. In his last bout of the day he rolled a 1. As his opponent lunged at him, the foil hit his chest, bended and snapped. The other fencer lost his balance, fell forward and the broken end hit his shoulder, stabbing into it. It was an accident and Dunstin was sent to the hospital to get stitches. Nothing permanently damaging but Dunstin knew one thing, he rolled a one, the critical failure.

Dunstin waited a few days and then approached his father with all his suspicions and even showed him what happened when he rolled the dice. He rolled a d20 and lucky for him, he rolled a 13. Within seconds there was a call on his father’s cell phone to say the business deal he had been working on for months had been finalized for the better and the companies stock was predicted to rise because of it. To test it again, his father has him roll the dice again and Dunstin did. This time it was a six. Again, within seconds his father’s cellphone rang and it was bad news. Their chauffer had gotten into a crash with the family’s Jaguar and the car was totaled and the chauffer needed some medical attention. That did it, his father was convinced enough to have his son tested for this X-Gene.

After the blood work was done by private doctors paid hearty sums to keep anything they found quiet, it was determined, Dunstin Eisenhower VonThurston IV was a mutant. It was hard on his father at first, what was he supposed to do with his mutant son, what if it got out. Yes he loved his son, Dunstin the IV was his last living family, but his business was his life as well. Lucky for the VonThurston’s, Xavier’s approached the family about a school called Xavier’s. It was decided almost immediately Dunstin the IV would go.

Dunstin the III offered a large donation to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and told all his friends that he was sending his son to a new boarding school, one better suited for Dunstin the IV’s needs. Sending Dunstin to Xavier’s was both to give his son the chance to learn and control his powers and to get his mutant son away for a bit.


Probability Manipulation - Dunstin has the ability of granting good luck and bad luck to a person. This is all done via dice. He has to pick the dice he’s going to use, such as a d2 to a d100. A d100 will give him more of a chance to success/harder chance of failure but a d2 will give him a 50/50 shot. The number he rolls determines how much he affects the probability. If he rolls a d20, 1-10 is bad luck, 11-20 is good luck. If he rolls a 1 the bad luck is severe, if he rolls a 20 his luck is amazing, if he were to roll a 6 the luck would be bad but not horrible, if it’s a 12, it’s just a tiny bit of good luck. The number he rolls determines the degree of luck.


March 3, 2010 Cam makes dinner, Dunstin rolls the dice. A Little Bit Of Luck


  • "The dice control the luck. I just roll them."


  • Dunstin likes to play Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Dunstin is the heir to VT Textiles.
  • Dunstin knows how to ride horses, golf and foil fence.


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