2010-12-11: Early Gifts


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Summary: Tex runs into Billy and Jeremy studying in the library.

Date: December 11, 2010

Log Title: Early Gifts

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Library

There are only a few thousand volumes on display here, mostly for decorative purposes, though of course they can be checked out. The actual 'Library' is almost entirely electronic, with secure link to the entire contents of the Library of Congress online as well as hook-ups to the best universities and research facilities in the free world. Students can browse the Internet or do work projects from the stations here or download materials to the next generation pad computers/e-readers that are stanadard issue to all students and staff.

It's been a long semester for Billy. And with Finals going on right now, he's making sure to get some extra study time in. Sure, it's cut into his Teddy time, but Teddy understands. Such is the way of the college student/teacher/superhero. He currently has two books laid out in front of him. Magic Theory. Genetic Enhancements and Alterations.

Returning to the library from his cigarette break outside is Jeremy. He sits back down at the desk where his computer and all his study supplies. He spots Billy and gives the Young Avenger a small nod. He doesn't really know Billy but he's polite to him anyway. Like usual he's got a pair of gloves tightly on his hands so that he doesn't run the risk of touching anything.

Perusing one of the spells in Magic Theory, Billy tilts his head. "Huh… never thought of that. But then, it's always been flash and bang for me." He says, lightly. He holds up a pencil and begins muttering under his breath. Within seconds, the pencil's eraser becomes a rather nice little light. About the level of a nightlight. Just enough to see by. "Heh, next time, no need for lightning on things."

Jeremy can't help but look up at Billy speaks and watch him turn the pencil eraser into a light. "That's a helpful trick." He says quietly to him as he flips through what he needs to study for his finals. "And do you use lightning as a light?"

"Normally… yeah." Billy says with a bit of a blush. HE shrugs. "Lightning was my first spell, and it's a part of me." He explains. "So, I tend to use it whether I need to or not."

"Spells…like a Magician? Or Wizard?" Jeremy asks as he doesn't know much about magic at all. "I didn't even know magic existed until I got here." He admits quietly as he's a bit soft spoken through his shyness. "I'm Jeremy." He says to Billy as an introduction.

"Billy Kaplan." He says witha grin. "Also known as Wiccan of the Young Avengers." He offers a wink. "I'm a mage and a mutant." He explains. "And oddly, my mutation IS magic." He laughs. "So, what grade, college or hs?"

"I'm a mutant also." Jeremy says but he doesn't say what his powers are. "I'm in High School but I'm behind a bit so I'm old for a junior." Since he caught up with his Sophomore year last semester. "I just didn't go to school for a few years." He doesn't go into details why, he's not the most talkative about his past. "I've also been doing a lot of powers training too."

"Ah, ok. I'm surprised I was even able to graduate high school with all the crap I was going through at the time." Billy laughs. "But then, that happens when you have that extra little genetic bit."

Jeremy nods and agrees silently. "So you're a Young Avenger?" He asks. "How's that? I mean, what's it like doing the whole….super hero thing?" He says making sure the gloves are tight on his hands. "I have powers that…I don't know…never really thought about actually being a super hero."

"Any power is helpful in the right circumstances." Billy says with a nod. "And it's fun. Except when I'm imprisoned… endangered… fighting someone off my boyfriend… you know. Things that really piss me off and put my powers out of control." Billy considers.

Jeremy nods and doesn't really know how to relate with that. "Well…I have post cognition." He explains as he knows he can be useful but it's also not a fun power to have when you can't control it. "So..I mean I know it can be useful but it can be a bit overwhelming at times."

"Ouch. My mother had visions sometimes and it drove her… crazy." Billy coughs. "But I don't talk too much about her in that sense. She was a good woman. My other mother is great." He says with a firm nod. "It can be useful when trying to find… kidnappers or people like that."

"These aren't really visions they're what actually happened and sometimes, you really don't want to know." Jeremy says as he pulls his knees up to his chest to rest on the foot of the chair. "I haven't talked to my Mother in a few years." He says as his hands grip onto his jeans. "What you see isn't that pleasant."

"Since I found out the truth of who my mother is. Or… since I found what I believe to be truth, I haven't talked ot mine either, Such is life." Billy shrugs. "But that's why you learn to deal with it, and to grow with it." Billy says. "And with the legacy of my powers… yeah. I have to control."

"Yeah — I can kind of relate to that. When I found out the truth about my Mother and Father through my powers well — I haven't talked to them since. With me there is know believe to be truth, if I touch it I know it." Jeremy says nervously. "And legacy of your powers?" He asks sounding confused.

Making his way into the library, The Texan enters the room with as much gusto as does his gust of wind announcing his entrance. Looking about the SHIELD-uniformed teacher tips his hats to the boys, "Jeremy. Billy. Saturday evening and you're in the library?" He teases before sitting at a terminal to use, "Sorry, if I interrupted anything personal."

"My soul-mother is Wanda Maximoff Lensherr." Billy explains to Jeremy. "The Scarlet Witch. At least, this is what the soul gem told me and what I believe." As Tex enters, Billy shrugs. "Nothing major. Just going over some magic theory and talking. Got into backgrounds."

"Finals Sir." Jeremy says as it's not like he has anything better to do on a Saturday Night. He hasn't really made many friends but that's more cause he's isolated himself. "I kinda know who she is…Avenger? I think we learned about her recently in class. Her and was it..Quicksilver, Hawkeye and Captain America that were Avengers together?" Jeremy hopes he gets his Avengers history right.

Tex nods and grins, "Finals, well I am glad you are both studying up, but be sure to have some fun." HE blins a moment at the mention of the Avengers and having caught what the students were talking about before he came in, "Scarlet Witch? Soul Gem? You've encountered it." Drew Daniels shakes his head impressed by the names. "Well, I've met your soul mother. Lovely woman. Very powerful, but very noble." He smiles and then hmmmmns, "Magic theory, huh. Well, with Aethelwyne gone. I wonder if I should see about taking over her classes or at least one or two anyway."

"Encountered it? I've wielded it. Half of it. The other half of it was on my brother, Tommy. There were six kids that got them a few years ago. Myself and Tommy. Eddie something. Ricky. Gabriel. I can't remember whoelse." Billy says with a nod. "No offense, sir, but how much do you know about Magic?" He says with a bit of a laugh. "And, yes, those were the avengers back then."

Jeremy stands up and locks his computer for the time being. "I have to go check on something back in my room. I left some of my study material." He says as he looks at Billy and Tex and gives them a wave. "I might be back in a bit. Good luck with studying and have a good evening sir." He says as he heads out of the library.

Tex tips his hat to Jeremy as he leaves, "Good luck with finals, Jeremy. I'm sure you will do well and if I don't see you before the holidays, Happy Holidays." Turning to Billy, "Wow, teenagers wielding the most powerful artifacts in the universe, quite possibly the multiverse. I am very impressed. I'll have to do some research into the infinity gems to update the little I know of them." He scratches his forehead and then says, "Well, I am not a magic user myself. But for a non-magic user, I know more than most. Having been possessed by a demon and freed another, through research. Depending on the syllabus, I might be able to contribute in some way."

"There's a couple of mages they have access to. THey may just be busy or something. Hell, some of it I could teach myself, considering." Billy laughs. He's in no way insulting Tex's knowledge, just stating things as he sees it. "It was an interesting time. We ended up fighting off in space for a while."

Tex nods, "Well, I admit, you probably know much much more than I do, being the progeny of the Scarlet Witch. And maybe SHIELD can bring in Dr. Strange or Brother Voodoo or someone to help out with Flora's classes. And maybe I can audit a class or something." Drew smirks, "So, Billy, I don't think we were ever formally introduced." He rises and extends his hand to the youth, "Agent Drew Daniels or Texas Twister, though some simply call me Tex."

"There's also some locals that I've seen around the mystic circuit." Billy extends his own. "William Kaplan Maximoff. Wiccan. Young Avengers." He offers, even though he's said it once tonight. "But yeah, I know who ya are. I've been a hero worshipper since before I developped mine." He laughs.

Grinning widely, "Well that's nice to know. I'm at least familiar with one of your exploits myself and gotta say I would love to learn about your Infinity Gems adventure." Taking a seat at the terminal Drew was at before, "So Scarlet Witch? Quicksilver, and Magneto. That's quite the family of mutants. Big names to live up too. Or do you not feel any pressure?"

"That's only part of the family. There's Mom, Uncle Pietro, Grandad, my brother Tommy, Aunt Lorna, Uncle Erik from another dimension… and I've heard there's another interdimensional one here but I haven't met him yet." Billy explains. "It was weird. The gems sought us out to protect them froms omeone taking them. But they'd only work half the time, becuase the primary wielders had to use them some too."

Laughing and shaking his head as he looks down to his leather boots, "Goodness, interdimensional relatives? Infinity Gems? Even with the life I live being a SHIELD agent, a Ranger, having fought some of the weirdest and strangest things in the universe. I am still shocked by what I hear in a seemingly regular conversation." Drew smirks, "So how're you liking Barnes?"

Walking back into the library with two books under his arm, Jeremy heads back to the desk he was sitting at before. "Sorry I had to run, I realized I forgot two books for my history classes." Some of it is superhero history and some of it is World History and rest is the two combined. He doesn't just jump back into the conversation though.

"Well, I still say nothing beats LActosa, Mistress of Mammaries." Billy says with a wink to Tex before offering a wave to Jeremy. "Still just chatting. Nothing major." He offers with a grin. "Or electric Boobarella as I liked to call her."

Tex laughs, "That was crazy and very very very funny. And I'm still kinda amazed at She-Hulk. Though she sure is purdy." Drew tips his hat to Jeremy, "Oh when both of you get the chance, I want you both to schedule a time to meet with me in the Practice Room to work on some non-powered related skils." He chuckles almost evilly suggesting something not necessarily pleasant.

Jeremy doesn't comment at all on Billy's villainess as he just doesn't want to know. There's a nod at Tex. "Okay sir, I know they've been teaching me a bit with marksmenship as hand to hand isn't the best idea for me with my powers. It's okay as long as there is no direct skin contact."

"Fine with me. I'm used to a lot of training. Between Young Avengers, Avengers, and just plain training with my boyfriend." Billy laughs. "Hulkling. He's just been really busy lately." He sighs softly. "We should look into getting you some kind of body suit to prevent unwanted touches. If it works like how it sounds." Since there's the whole no touch thing, Billy puts two and two together.

"I think a bodysuit can be arranged. Maybe something from unstable molecules. I'm almost positive SHIELD can come up with some for you, Jeremy. But either way, for the first exercise, I'll come up with something for you to keep from skin-to-skin contact." Drew blinks, "Well, I guess we all have been busy. But with the holidays coming upa well deserved break for everyone. What are you boys planning for the holiday break?"

"I'm staying here, I don't go anywhere for the holidays. I don't have a family to go home to so it'll be just another day for me." Jeremy says as he hasn't really celebrated the holidays much in a while. "I just don't like getting that close to people…people have secrets and it's hard cause if you touch me, I know them."

"We do have that costumer. I just have my own costume already, And he has UM." Billy offers. "I've already had my holiday. Channukah is over now." He smiles. "But that's ok. I like being here. It gets me awayu from the big family."

Tex sighs a bit as Jeremy answers his question on the holidays and then turns away a moment and closes his eyes and remains completely still. A breeze can be felt coming from Drew and a few seconds later, he exhales and opens his eyes, "Sometimes the simplest tricks take the most out of you." Drew stands up and goes to the door. He opens it up and picks up two boxesfrom the door. He looks to Billy, "Happy Belated Channukah." Drew generates a little strong breeze and the boxes are lifted into the air one landing by Billy and another landing by Jeremy.

As Tex sighs Jeremy gets really quiet and turns to his books. He's not exactly happy with how his life turned out but he's trying to make it better. It's just he has a hard time and a lot of things he has to get over. He then looks at the box and blinks a bit. "Huh…but…what is this for sir?" He doesn't celebrate Channukah, he was raised Christan.

"Oh, thanks." Billy laughs as he looks at the box. "Sorry, wasn't expecting anything like that. Just been so busy, I only bought for my siblings. The little ones." He grins, looking up. "Your eally don't have to do anything like that. I mean, between my Av engers stuff…"

"Open them. I think you will like them. I know I did when I was your ages." Drew takes his hat off and admires it. In the boxes are genuine Texas, cowboy-approved white hats to match his only much smaller. "Jeremy, I will most likely not be here for Christmas, so it's an early gift." He turns to Billy, "A late Hanukkah gift, but I bet it would like great as part of your Wiccan wardrobe. And who knows maybe Hulking might like it on you."

Jeremy looks in the box and pulls out the cowboy hat, he's not really sure what to think about it but he's appreciative for the gift. "Thank you Sir." He says as he turns it over in his hands looking at it. He figures that Drew is very proud of his roots. "Where are you going to be going for Christmas sir?

As he opens it, Billy can't help but laugh. "I don't know if he has a cowboy kink or not, but hey… thanks." He grins, putting it atop his head just for effect. "I would offer a cape, but capes don't do well with wind powers."

"Glad you like them boys, I got them for everyone at Barnes." Drew smiles, "Even if you don't wear them. It's a part of who I am." To answer Jeremy's question, "Well, I am not so close with my family either. I will be down in Texas, trying to work things out with a special little lady. My own Shooting Star, if you will." Tex laughs.

"So…is there going to be a Barnes Cowboy hoe down?" Jeremy asks joking a bit since everyone is gonna get cowboy hats. "Um my parents and I — well," He pauses as he gets a bit awkward as he admits what he's about it. "They're members of the Friends of Humanity so, I don't think there's really a family with me anymore." He knows his parents would happily kill him if given the chance. "So Teddy…he's that Hulking guy right?"

"Oh god. FoH. Can't stand them." Billy says, shaking his head. "Totally uncalled for and useless wastes of humanity. But, we fight to keep THEM safe too." He rolls his eyes. "Yeah, TEddy is Hulkling. We've been together for a few years now."

"Wow, Jeremy that must be hard and I am very sorry. If I am here or if things don't work out with Shooting Star, then I will be here and we can do something. There is always stuff to do in New York City, maybe check out the Radio City Music Hall show or something." Drew smiles and then turns to Billy, "Wow, the magical mutant son of Scarlet Witch dating a Kree/Skrull hybrid. That relationship must really. *pause* be something."

Jeremy tries to remember why he's heard of the Kree and the Skurlls and it takes him a while. "So…he's an alien?" He doesn't remember much more than aliens. "And yeah. FoH — I can't really stand them either." He says as he is quite terrified of them. "Well I'm here sir so things aren't as bad as they were."

"To say the least, yeah. Family gatherings are very tense." Billy snickers. Running a hand through his hair, he nods. "Yeah, Teddy's an alien. Two types actually, but his natural form looks totally human. You can't tell it at all. Though, he's a shapeshifter and as strong as She-Hulk." He explains. "And it's good that you're here. There really are good people here.

Tex smiles, "We are good here." Drew walks past a computer monitor and adjusts his hat as he looks at hi reflection, "Wow, Teddy seems like a very nice guy. Seems anyone would be lucky to have him." Looking at Jeremy, "Well not to pry on student's lives, but how're things socially for you? Interacting with the other students well?"

Jeremy nods to Billy's statement about there being good people at Barnes and he doesn't want to disagree cause he knows they mean well and doesn't want to sound jaded, even if he is. "Things are pretty good I guess. Classes are pretty good." Though he doesn't directly answer the question, he kind of separates himself from people and is content with that.

"Well, that doesn't answer how you're getting along with people. After all, we're people." Billy chuckles. "But I know how hard it can be. Me, I'm just oddly social for being mostly antisocial and geeky."

Nodding his head agreeing with Billy's sentiment, "Well, classes are very important here, but social interaction is equally just as important." Drew offers and then exhales, "Billy,maybe you and Teddy can drag Jeremy out for a night on the town."

Jeremy actually gets nervous at the words of the two of them and shakes his head. "Really, I'm fine. I've seen enough of the city. Really." It's just between remembering becoming a hound and then everything with his parents and his life on the streets, he's nervous. "Listen…just…I don't mind staying around here and working on stuff for my classes."

"If you insist…" Billy says with a shrug. HE knows some people just aren't cut out for etting out and about. So, he won't argue.

After making that statement, Drew Daniels sighs as he notes the time, "Sorry, boys, but I actually have to call Shooting Star and the phone conversation will determine if I'll be here or Texas for Christmas." He tips his hat, "Seeya boys."

"Have a good night sir." Jeremy says to Tex as he looks back at Billy and shrugs sheepishly. "Sorry just…it's hard. I'm not really that social. I mean..if something happens and someone touches me, there are no secrets. It's not easy."

"Should there be secrets?" Billy asks with a tilted head. "Teddy and I know absolutely everything. But, I can understand. When I had the soul gem, I knew way too much about things I had no business knowing." He nods.

"There's knowing everything and then there is knowing everything." Jeremy says quietly to Billy. "Think about embarrassing stories from when you were a kid, maybe you might have peed your pants at an awkward moment or just stupid stuff. If you're under twenty five I can know you're entire life.

"That's the thing though. Some of us are not embarassed for anything in our lives. I'm a mage. I know what magic can do to people. Things like what you're capable of can be done by magic as well. And I've seen, first hand, things like that…" Billy shivers. "So I try to live in a way that IO don't let it bother me."

"I also don't know if I want to see who people really are." Jeremy says as he fiddles with the brim of the hat that Tex got him. "After seeing who my parents really were and then the stuff I've 'seen' living on the streets of New York…there's just not a lot of good stuff out there."

"There's more than you realize, but I won't push. Trust me. There's a world worth enjoying out there, despite what you see. Everyone has a dark side. Even me. I've… been a demon." Billy shrugs lightly.

"I've been a hound." Jeremy says not minding telling Billy that after he said he was a demon. "I got turned into some kind of…mutant hunter for this guy, Ahab. It was…it didn't feel like it was me but I know it was. Though I learned how to do some weird things with my powers that I didn't know I could do."

"Ouch. I've read about Ahab and the things he's done. Yeah… he puts the whammy on the inside of your head. I also had to fight for a long time with this sword I wield." He states, holding his hand alight as the soulsword appears in his hand. "It had a negative influence from it." He explains before vanishing it. "And… it was hard. But, I've learned to deal with it. We all can."

"Well I'm no longer on the streets, I have clothes and food so…I think I'm doing okay overall." Jeremy says as he really is content with the simple things when he didn't have them. "I love being able to shower on a daily basis and, well, I've gotten away from the worst parts of my life."

"Then that's the key to moving forward." Billy says with a bright nod. "I was always bullied and treated badly by my classmates. Now, I'm the one with the power. And I save their lives. It's turnabout of the right type. You'll do fine with SHIELD."

"I got along okay with my classmates just once I found out my parents were Friends of Humanity — I kind of ran away before things got worse. I haven't talked to my family since. My brother and sister wouldn't even talk to me." And that's part of his issues with trust, the people Jeremy thought mattered in his life ended up turning on him. "SHIELD isn't bad, they talk like they want to train me into something but I gotta finish High School first."

"That's because they probably do. They're SHIELD. They keep files on lots of peop[le because they think they may be useful in some way. That's the way of SHIELD. They knew of me from my Young Avenger work. So, they brought me in." Billy explains.

"I met someone who ran a halfway house and he somehow was a connection that got me to go to school here. SEcond Change." Jeremy says as that was the name of the place. "They really gave me a Second Change too, I did a lot of stuff on the streets that I wasn't happy with but I didn't want to die out there."

"Then it was a good thing he found you." Billy says with a nod. "I don't believe in destiny. I believe in people who do what they can to help others." He offers. "And now you're here, with the ability to grow.

Jeremy nods and stands up. "Thanks for the talk Billy but I'm gonna go have a smoke break and some dinner. I'm starting to get a bit hungry. Maybe….maybe I will actually go out into the city with people." He says as he grabs the cowboy hat, not quite sure what to do with it. "Good luck with your magic studies."

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