2009-04-20: Ears And Fur


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Summary: Owen and Antonio have a talk about things like looking different and powers while working out.

Date: April 20, 2009

Log Title: Ears and Fur

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Weight Room

In work out shorts and a tank top, Owen Folger seems to be working out tonight. At the bench press, he's lifting about a ton of weight and is in his fuzzy form. The reason for the fuzz seems to be the cloud of DarkForce obscuring the bench beneath him. He's also got a pair of headphones in and is humming along to some music.

Antonio comes in the room, his presence only heralded by the cool of the hallway and the smell of some kind of heavy deoderant. Antonio has done his run for the day and is already wet from perspiration. He too is dressed for workout, tank-top and shorts, sneakers, socks and his headband which covers the tops of his ears carefully. He pauses in the door, smiling when he sees the furry mutant. He watches for a bit, idly looking away after a moment or two to check what song is playing on his I-pod. He starts towards the benchpress and raises a brow at the amount of weight, just looking very impressed.

Owen doesn't seem to notice Antonio, lifting away. While his MP3 player isn't visible, he's got it loud enough for the jazz he's listening to to be heard. The DarkForce can be felt as Antonio gets closer and it's rather cold.

Antonio grunts a bit as he steps back, putting his arms over his chest as gosebumps run over his olive skin. He sighs a little and steps away going over to the squat machine and setting the weight before turning on his own music, keeping an eye on Owen for the potential of an opening for a conversation. So far he's sort of an Owen Fanboy.

Owen continues to lift for a few moments until he reaches the end of his set. Setting the bar back up onto the rack, the fuzzy teen sits up. It's here that he notices Antonio, Jumping, he pulls the headphones out of his ears. "H-howdy. Didn' see ya come in."

Antonio raises a brow as you jump, his nervous smile coming on and he reaches in mid squat to turn his I-pod off. "Come?" He asks. "I did not understand you." He says eyes looking over your fury-form for a split second before he feigns his nenchelant demeanor and pushes up a good deal of weight with a breath out. He racks the weights for a moment, idly rubbing at his shoulder where the bar was laid across.

Owen blinks. "You came into the room from outside in the hallway…" he trails off. An eyebrow is quirked as he catches the look over but he says nothing of it.

Antonio gives a small nod as he shrugs. "Si…was out for running, but need to work out anche." he says, idly flexing as if to demonstrate. "You lift very much for someone your size…" He offers gesturing to your weights.

Owen smiles and glances towards the digital display that indicates the amount of weight. "Ah can lift some more but Ah figured Ah'd go more reps less weight tahday," he chuckles. "When Ah get close tah overload, Ah get stronger," he explains, flexing an arm.

Antonio looks at the arm and nods his head. "Nice." He notes before flexing his arm just because he likes competition and such. "What are your powers? They make you like animal." he says, idly pointing at your fur before he pulls away from the squats and draws closer.

Owen shakes his head, the DarkForce around him fading away as he's no longer subconsciously letting it out. "Naw. Ah'm a DarkForce user. And whenever Ah use it…Ah get all fuzzy," he explains.

Antonio looks at you as if perhaps you have used the work snard-blag or snozzberry. He has no idea what that means. So he simply just nods his head and offers that same smile. "I like…" He says giving a thumbs up. "You want to working together?" He says, indicating the machine and then you and he.

Owen blinks again. "Ah'm sorry…what did ya say?" he asks. He seems confused.

Antonio thinks for a moment and taps the benchpress and then makes a few pumps with his arms. "You…and me. You want to work with me?" He asks. "I do, you do. Cambi…" He offers making a motion that might mean switch. "I do, you do. Again." Switching gesture. "Ah, si…My English is not so good." His tone apologetic.

Owen blinks several times. "Oh. Well…Ah'm done bench pressin' but Ah can spot ya if ya want," he offers. Getting up, Owen stretches. "So, how much ya'll lift?"

Antonio list of an impressive amount in Kilo's as most of the world uses such, and everywhere that he lived prior had used it. However, the machines digital display makes it easy to find it. It's around 140lbs. He gives a nod however and looks thankful. He moves quietly to straddle the seat and lay back, moving to put his hands on the bar, shifting to make sure his shoulders are right. He gives a nod to you.

It takes Owen a few moments to figure out the kilos button on the machine but he gets it eventually. Moving to spotter's position, the fuzzy teen smiles and nods. "Alright," he declares, providing spotting for Antonio.

Antonio gives a grunt, sucks in a deep breath, stares up at you with a determined gaze and then shoves against the weight, lifting it up and off the safety and then brings it down and back up slower, down and back up. The first 4 or 5 go pretty easy, but as he gets to around 7 or 8 they start to slow and he looks to be focusing harder.

Owen's smile remains until the seventh or eighth rep when it becomes a concerned frown. "Ya'll okay?" he asks, getting ready to lift the bar away if he needs to.

Antonio takes in a second breath, jets his jaw hard and then shoves, letting out a grunt or two before he makes it back up and sets the bar back on the safety. He moves to sit up once his head has cleared the bar and he offers you a smile. "Have not done this in a time."

Owen helps put the bar on the safety and leans on it. "Don' work out much?" he asks, smirking a little. "Ya know, ya'll wouldn' sweat so much if ya didn' have that thin' on yer head."

Antonio shakes his head. "No, I do work out." He offers, using the words as he connects thier meaning and files it away for future use. "It has been long time…month? During transition from Britain to here…" He however looks a little nervous when you mention the headband and his hands instantly come up to make sure it is covering his ears. Old old old habit very certainly trained into him.

Owen quirks an eyebrow. "If ya'll worried about yer ears, ya don' need tah be," he remarks. He saw them down at the pool after all. "Nothin' tah worry about. No one cares 'round here. Ah mean…look at me. Sure Ah get a couple questions but no one freaks out or anythin'."

Antonio keeps his hands there and adjusts the band a bit more. "Si, ma no….I do not…I." He goes a bit flushed in the face and shakes his head. "It makes me different, I…" He looks you over again and looking around to make sure no one else is around, he slowly pulls the headband down, letting it stay around his neck, his pointed elfin' ears sticking up and out through sweaty wavey locks of brown. "I know is different here." He nods his head, looking away. "I know and am greatful, ma….is hard still."

Owen doesn't seem phased by the ears, just offering a smile to the removed headband. "Ya'll aren't that different. Ah heard there are other students and some teachers too with ears jus' like that.

Antonio gives a nod of his head as he moves to lay back down after a look at the clock. Rest period over, he moves back again to lay his head near your legs and secure the bar in his hands again. "Si, ma…is different. I am always perfect for mia familia, and always these….these make my family look bad." he offers. "They always having to hide me…" He says softly, not embarassed, it's more matter of fact, a hint of shame perhaps, but not embarassment. He pushes hard at the thought after a sucked in breath and growls out as he pulls the weight off the saftey and starts his rep.

Owen goes back to spotting now that the rest period is over. Listening quietly, he shrugs. "Sounds tah me like your family needs a talkin' too 'bout priorities."

Antonio raises a brow and growls doing a few more than he typically would due to the intensity of the conversation that comes with it. "My family is good. Father is a good man. He works hard for us. Is important man in political worlds. Could have sent me away or had these taken off, ma no. He said, God gives us this child. We keep him, we keep him like god gives him to us. And this they do for me because they are my family, because they are good. Is the rest of the world that makes them hide me…" He offers pushing the bar back up and panting now. "They do what keeps me safe…I do what keeps them safe…"

Owen shakes his head. The fuzzy teen has nothing more to say on the matter. He just keeps spotting Antonio and waiting for if he's needed.

Antonio pants and sits before slowly looking up at you. "I am sorry. Is different where I am from…" He scratches his head. "I…" He shrugs. "You…your parents? Tell me who are they? What brings you here?"

Owen shrugs. "Mah parents are mah parents. They work hard. Live on a farm back home," he says, smiling as he thinks about home. "Ah came here tah learn how tah control mah powers better. Ah was blastin' a few thin's…and when Ah overload…Ah'm dangerous tah any human or animal around…"

Antonio listens, nodding his head and listening to you as he gets up from the benchpress and reaches over to turn off the weights and then looks back at you. "What you want to do next?" He asks before continueing. "Si, what is dark force? Is shadow stuff from down there." He gestures to where you were benchpressing, and then makes a small explosion with his hands. "When you fall into pool without clothes…this was Darkforce?"

Owen blushes under his fur as the pool incident is brought up. "DarkForce is that stuff, yeah. It's energy from another dimension…Ah can do a lot of stuff with it…like teleport around."

Antonio doesn't seem bothered by it. He's a guy that competes in sports on a regular basis. That fact alone is enough to have killed any modesty he has when arround the same sex. "Si…teleport." he says, now having a word for it. "I like, is a good power, si?" He asks with a small smile. "What we work next?" he asks, patting your chest as he walks past on the way to another set of machiens.

Owen chuckles and shrugs. "Ah guess it is. Haven' needed tah use it yet," he says. Looking around, he quirks an eyebrow at the chest pat but doesn't comment. "How 'bout the bikes. Get some cardio in."

Antonio did it in the same laid-back manner that most athletes give to each other. It was almost mindless in action. "Si…well. A little. I did before. Running aroun lake." he offers, indicating his wet shirt. But none the less, he likes the conversation and mounts a bike, idly slipping his shoes in the pedals and starting it up. "Si…is good though." He scratches the back of his head. "My power…not useful…can not teleport. Or shoot stuff. Or heal things, or turn into the wolf. I only make things tiny."

Owen shrugs as he gets onto a bike and starts up. "Not every mutant gets a power that let's em fight like an X-man," he remarks. "Mah power's as much a hassle as it is useful so maybe ya'll lucked out."

Antonio shakes his head a little an the notion. "But I want to be a fighter, like the X-men…" he states, picking up the pace on the bike and getting into a steady cycle of movements, his breathing increases, but his conversational skills while working out are on par. He excersizes regularly. He looks over to you as if leaving the conversation in your court for a second as he concentrates on cycling.

Owen starts going faster and faster as he pedals. "Then ya'll need tah learn like…karate or somethin'," he says. "Jus' cause a power ain' useful in a fight don' mean ya'll are useless," he says.

Antonio gives a nod of his head. "I know fencing." he offers, moving to match your speed for better or worse just to keep on the same plane. However if it becomes too much he will back off. "I am wanting to learn other things…" he admits. "Fighting…powers…I like this school. Everyone here is nice."

Owen does indeed get pretty fast, about twice as fast as the human body is capable of going. Apparently he's close to overload. "Well…Ah dunno if ya'll can learn new powers but Ah suppose ya'll can learn stuff like how tah use a bow an' arrow…" he shrugs a little. "Not everyone's nice…jus' most of 'em…"

Antonio gives a nod and slides from off his bike, obviously not having
the stamina that the Darkforce has. He gives a soft nod before watching you work. "What will you do after this?" he asks, indicating the bikes. "I am going to suana before shower." He offers absent mindedly.

Owen starts to slow. As he does, the fur fades from his body, his eyes stop glowing, and his fangs shrink back to normal. "Ah dunno. Figured Ah'd finish off mah work out, hit the showers, then head back tah mah room and finish off some homework before bed."

Antonio gives a nod of his head and offers a small smile to the guy as the fur fades and he idly nods to Owen. "I will see you another time, then." He offers. He's been pushing himself since he got here, so it's only natural that he isn't going to last especially against someone powered by Darkforce. He offers a small shrug and then turns to head towards the showers.

Owen stops the bike and rests for a bit. "Ah'll see ya later then, Antonio," he offers a wave as the other teen goes.

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