2009-03-17: Earthen Rising


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Summary: Alex meets Danny and offers him a place on the team.

Date: March 17, 2009

Earthen Rising

Rating: PG

NYC - Williamsburg Apartments (Danny, Naraj and Riley's Apartment)

The room is a living room and kitchen combined, separated by a counter which also serves as the table since it's a small kitchen area on the left with all the necessities. For the most part the dimly lit kitchen area is fairly clean.As for the living room area, everything thing seems to be shoved in the area. A large 'L couch wraps around the back wall and underneath the windows. On the wall above the couch is are two Halo posters tacked on the all without frames along with a Star Wars Empire Strikes Back poster. On the other wall an entertainment center housing a TV, DVD player an various videogame systems. There are dvd's and magazines and cd's sitting on top of the entertainment center and on the coffee table in-between the TV and couch. In one corner of the living room two guitar hero guitars and Rock Band equipment sits. Next to the Entertainment center is a Piano with various piano books and sheet music on top. Off the room is a small hallway.

One down. A few to go. Next stop, Daniel Oda Jr. Wearing a basic containment suit without all the extra frills, Alex makes his way to the last known residence. Quickly, he knocks on the door, waiting casually outside, with his jacket pulled tight about his body. He tugs the list out of his pocket quickly to double check things. With a nod, he pockets it again to wait.

The sound of someone playing piano is cut short as there's a knock on the door. He's not sure who would be knocking, probably a neighbor complaining about how they can hear him playing through the wall or floor. He opens the door dressed in a pair of ripped jeans and a shortsleeved button down shirt, open over an undershirt. It dosen't register that Alex is in a one of his containment suits. "Ah'm sorry sir, Ah'll try t' keep…wait, you ain't here about the piano playin'. Something Ah can help ya with sir?" He says.

"Of course. I'm looking for Daniel Oda, Jr." Alex says quickly. "If that's you, then yes. You can help me." He offers a grin. "I'm Alex Summers. Havok of the former government team X-Factor." Well, it was common knowledge. He's been a public figure before. Unlike his brother, he doesn't mind admitting who he is. He is who he is. Deal with it.

Danny definately seems surprised and steps aside so Alex can come in. "Ye-yes sir, that's me but just call me Danny." He says since it was the way they kept him and his father apart. "Goverment?" He asks sounding confused since he hasn't done anything wrong, that he knows off. "What can Ah help ya with?" There are boxes all over the apartment, either someone's moving in or moving out.

"You're more than human. We know this." Alex says, not bothering to mince words. Why bother? "The government has asked me to gather a group of individuals that are able and willing to defend our country from others. The Avengers belong to the United Nations. They go everywhere. Canada has Alpha Flight. Iraq has Desert Sword. The United States needs it's own as well. We've known about you. We'd like to know if you want to put your powers to good use."

Danny doesn't know what to say and just sits down on the couch and takes a few moments. "Ah knew the government knew about the incident all those years ago but Ah didn't think they knew about..well.." Obviously they do. "And what, they want me? Ah'm just a bartender and book sales me, what makes them think Ah'll be good for defendin' the country?" He asks just a bit overwhelmed by it all.

"I was just a geologist. Then my powers came out. My ex-girlfriend was the same. Things happen. Things change. Those of us with powers have the ability to do something, so we should. At least, that's my take on it." Alex explains as he glances around the apartment. "And because there aren't as many decent people that aren't out there already involved in something. So, we're trying to take those that we think will work. That, and… I think you and another of our people may work well together."

Danny pushes his hair back with both hands and looks up at Alex. "Ah'm still learnin' think 'bout mah powers, Ah didn't get any trainin' in them, but Ah dunno." He says thinking things over. "So the government thinks Ah'm a good choice for this…Ah guess Ah'll at least see what it's about and see 'bout givin' things a chance before sayin' yes or no, is that all right sir?" He's just not sure of everything it's a big decision to make.

"Of course it is. It takes a while to get the training you need. Believe me. I know." Alex says with a grin. "And we will have a chance for training more after this war ends. Though, I will tell you. I plan on taking a few people with me soon to try to reclaim California. I have a feeling there's a weak spot we can take advantage of there." He says with a nod. "If you're up for that, I'd like to have you there with me. So far, I have one person coming. I still have a few more visits to make, though. You're only the second."

Danny nods and a part of what makes things not so overwelming is Alex's smile, it seems genuine. He nods and ponders things more, a chance for training and a chance to maybe do something, it's definately tempting. "Alright sir, Ah'll head out with ya t' California, see how things go. And Ah know 'bout trainin', spent several years trainin' in martial arts." He says running his hand through his hair. "So what's the whole basis with this stuff, Ah mean, is there anything Ah should know that Ah ain't thinkin' of askin?"

"Good. Martial arts is good. That'll help you train with another. It'll give a different tactic than what she's used to." Alex says as he puts things together in his mind. "At the moment, probably just asking why this is all going on. But honestly, that's my brother's thing. I'm just interested in freeing ourselves from their control." Alex pulls a card out of his pocket and hands it towards Danny. "Here's my information. If you have questions, call me. I'll answer them honestly."

Danny takes the card and looks at it. "Thank ya sir, Ah'll definately do that. And what she's used to?" He asks not sure who she is. "Sorry Ah'm still just a bit overwhelmed by this all. It might take a bit for it to process what's goin' on." He says honestly. "How many people are ya lookin' at Sir, if Ah might ask?"

"To start with, four or five. Just a small tight knit unit." Alex says with a nod. "Well, she needs to train in ways other than blades. You and she actually have a lot in common, and I think you'll realize that quickly." He's leaving it at that right now, though. "Overwhelming happens. It's normal. You'll do fine, Danny."

Danny nods slowly as Alex explains. "All right sir, Ah'll see what things are like and give it a shot. Ah'm also lookin' forward to meetin' the other people. Ah'm just kind of surprised that Ah was on a list t' be chosen is all." He says finally smiling with a soft chuckle. "So will Ah be workin' for the Goverment than? Will Ah have t' quit mah jobs?"

"You don't have to yet. Right now, we're on a trial basis." Alex says with a grin. "And, honestly, how often do they need a super-team to burst out. We will recieve recompense, but day jobs can be kept. And, if you're a card-carrying member of a government organization, emergency situations are a get-out-of-work free card."

Danny can help but grin at that last statement. "Alright Sir…Alex…and Ah really don't know, Ah've never done the super hero team thing before, just a few times when Ah felt it was necessary t' use mah powers. Trail basis, okay sir, count me in then. Just let me know when ya need me and such and Ah'll make sure Ah'm not workin' at the bar or the book store."

"I'll do that." Alex says with a nod, grinning to himself. "Just keep your phone number if you're moving. That way, I have your info." He says as he moves towards the door. "Thanks for your time. And I know the US will thank you as well."

"Ah have a cell phone sir, and if Ah don't answer, leave a message. It…tends to die fast." Danny says as electronics never seem to last long around him, he knows it's something with him but not what. "And thank ya for stopping by sir, Ah'm actually honoured that Ah was thought of."

"You're welcome. And I'll keep that number. Enjoy the rest of your night." Alex says before stepping out into the night, pulling out a notepad to go for number three.

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