2011-09-23: Earthshaking Revelations


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Summary: Mason learns more about Giea's new abilities, and Giea reveals that she knows there's something different about Mason.

Date: Friday, September 23, 2011. 5:20pm

Log Title: Earthshaking Revelations

Rating: G

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

Mason is all too eager to spend time with Giea now that she's not dead. It seems to do so much for the relationship. So, on this moderately temperatured day on the first day of fall, he has seen to it to visit her with his nice new Mustang that he got on his birthday, not but twelve days ago. So now the car pulls along the road next to the park with windows down, looking for a parking place, which is always an adventure in New York City. "I think this city needs more parking," he comments. "I never noticed how crowded it was when I didn't drive. Are you cold? Is it too warm? You still feel all right, don't you?" The unnatural return from the grave has a certain fear that hangs in the back of the pop star's mind, what if it doesn't last?

Giea laughs at the fussing softly and says, "Oh, no, I'm feeling perfectly alright right now, thanks. Actually pretty good, even!" She smiles in Mason's general direction, which is easy for her to locate in a car. "I guess I've never really thought about the parking in the city, honestly, usually I always just got dropped off places, but I've never searched for parking. I don't think anyone would appreciate it if I took up driving."

"Yeah, I'm not letting you drive," Mason comments with a wide grin on his face and in his voice. "Oh hold on!" Somebody pulled out of a spot up ahead, and he guns the engine to get to the parking space…just a little too late. Someone else beats him to it, and he hits the brakes a little harder than is necessary. "Gah, that was totally my space. Don't worry, we'll find one." He pulls back into traffic again, "So… I still don't really know what happened. Do you understand how it is that you came back, yet? I guess it doesn't really matter, but still…"

Giea lurches forward a little ways at the breaks being pressed, stabilizing herself with her hands on the dash. "Oh, darn! Someone stole it? I'm sure that you'll find one, though, I'm not too worried about it!" She smiles for a moment and then tilts her head, "It's hard to really understand. I guess I was chosen for something, and I mean, I feel like you might think I'm totally crazy if I explain it. Because I think I'm totally crazy when I think about it. I guess under the circumstances it might not be so crazy, though…"

"Giea, you're back from the dead, are you kidding? That already sounds crazy, and you came up through the ground like that. Just how did you do that? It's fantastic. Even if that weirdo was all raging at you, who cares about him." He turns to drive down one of the Central park lanes, finding a less populated parking lot within. "Oh, this looks good," he says, swinging the car into the parking space that suits him. Mason wasn't wearing his seatbelt, so he just quickly opens the door and gets out to move around the sportscar to Giea's side.

"Well, that guy… he thinks his friend sacrificed his life to give to me. Which is, well, it's not completely accurate. His friend was already dying, it sounded like some kind of cancer… so he passed on his connection to the Earth to me, and I guess that makes me kind of immortal now?" explains Giea, tilting her head slightly as she says it. She undoes he own seatbelt and gets out, most likely with Mason's help. "Or at least, I can't be killed violently… I guess I don't fully understand. Of course, most of this I remember from being dead, so I'm not sure how much credibility I'd give me right now."

Mason takes Giea's hand as she gets out, and closes the door behind her. "Well, you always did like gardening, right?" Mason suggests. "I am glad he chose you. I can't think of a better person." He seems a little timid his next statement, and his hand is a little cold, as someone who is nervous sometimes is. "So… what is it like, you know, the connection to Earth?" Carefully, he leads her to the path, "Watch out, the curb is right here," he warns as they reach it.

"It's like… the Earth is talking to me. It tells me how it's doing, but it's not like really forceful about it, it's kind of gentle. And it's not really a voice, more like a sense?" explains Giea, raising her eyebrow slightly as she follows Mason's lead. She hesitates at the curb and then steps up, "It's easier when I'm on the grass in the park, I feel like it's telling me things, and I could tell it things back. I guess I do, in my head." She laughs and says, "Wow, now that I say that out loud, it's extra crazy sounding!"

"I don't think so," Mason says, "You might be surprised at just how much it doesn't sound crazy to me. Well, here's the grass," he tells her. "What does the Earth tell you?" he asks was he guides her along and down near the pond by the Belvedere Castle. "Does it make sentences? Or what?"

"Well, like I said, it's not really talking to me like with words or anything," says Giea, as she walks, "But I can sort of translate? It's telling me about what's around me now. It's telling me about you, actually, it really seems to notice you a lot! But there's some kids running on it, and there's worms living in it, pipes going through it… Oh, there's a dog, too." At that last statement, she seems a little uncomfortable and holds herself a bit closer to Mason. What she's saying is actually strikingly accurate, and there's indeed a Labrador retriever in the park, not too far away on the grass.

Mason holds onto Giea as she pulls in closer. "Don't worry, the dog looks friendly," he tells her. "We don't have to stay near it." He changes course so that the two of them are now walking away from the dog instead of toward it. "It notices me, huh? Guess we both have a green thumb," he says dismissively, though his grip is a little tighter at the statement, and his heart beats a bit faster from nervousness, clearly the subject alarms him, regardless of his nonchalant exterior. "What do you think you should do with your new gift?" he asks.

"I have no idea, I guess I could pick out tights and solve crimes!" says Giea, laughing softly at that, keeping close to Mason while she's aware there is a dog nearby, "And yeah, it notices you quite a lot. I mean, not just because you're more than twice my weight, which is kind of surprising, because you don't seem that big." She feels Mason's shoulder for a moment, "And it's not even because you're body is, well… it's not like other people's. But it's like, it's telling me you tell it things too, sometimes."

"It says what!?" Mason blurts, a little more excitement in his voice than he intended. He steps away from Giea just a little bit, no more than a step. "I tell it things? That's just silly. I'm not — you know I don't know anything about — It's just silly, you know?" He forces himself to laugh. "I mean, what would I tell the Earth, right? Maybe you just misunderstand it."

"I'm not sure if you listen to it, but I think you tell it things," says Giea in response, leaning in and lowering her voice, "But your bones are stone, and the earth is going through your blood and body… flowing. I'm not going to make you tell me anything, but I want you to know I'm okay with it." She smiles at him and resumes a more normal distance, which is still pretty close with her. "Whatever it is."

Mason remains quiet, not moving a muscle. What does he say? How does he respond? It is almost a full minute before his non-verbal response is to take Giea's hand again, and resume walking, he watches her sightless eyes, carefully studying her face.

At the lack of response, Giea just adjusts her watch lightly and puts her hands over Mason. The expression on her face remains the rather contented expression that seems to be normal for her, allowing Mason some time for his silence.

After a good fifteen seconds of the silence, Mason stops again. "I'm not ready to deal with this," he says. "I know I should be, I've known about it for a few years. I'm even going to a school for people like me," he takes a deep breath. "I just…I've never told anyone. I mean, anyone. My principal found out when I did in L.A. She told my mom. My mom told my dad. My mom talked to my new school, and everyone there knows what I am because they are all the same thing." Even now, he hasn't actually said what he is talking about, rather he is beating around the word. "I don't want people to treat me different when they find out." He starts to let that be the finish of his statement, but then adds as an afterthought, "I know you won't," Mason tells Giea, bringing his other hand up to pet the side of her face. "I just — it scares me like death."

Giea rubs the back of Mason's hand lightly and nods, "It's okay if you're not ready, it can be really hard to talk about it. But maybe you should start getting ready? You don't have to be ready now, but someday it's going to come out, so you could prepare for that. And the people who would treat you different will treat you different…" She smiles and says, "And don't worry about me, I'm just glad you're not too freaked out about what I've gone through. I'm here for you."

"I guess you already know what I'm getting at," Mason says, still not saying the dreaded 'M' word. "I feel silly, you probably know what I'm talking about, I guess I don't need to say it, I don't know why I'm afraid to say it to you." He takes in a deep breath, and lets out a sigh. "I don't want it to ever come out. I'll be like Alison Blaire. I don't want to end up like she did." He squeezes Giea's hand lightly.

"Yes, I do think I know what you're talking about, but sometime when you feel more prepared and comfortable, I want you to actually say it to me, okay? At least to show yourself that you can," says Giea, smiling slightly still. "I don't know all that much about Alison Blaire."

Mason quirks one side of his face. "Exactly," he says. "If she hadn't been a mutant, everyone would remember her. But she was, and she let people know, hoping that coming out would encourage people to accept mutants. After all, she was hugely popular." The blond shakes his head. "Her fame disappeared overnight, and she ended up as broke as M.C. Hammer. I will never let the world know if I can help it. I will never tell them." He feels small at his bold declaration of denial. "I'm probably a big disappointment right now, huh?" he asks.

"Well, I know who she is as well as I knew who you were when you first told me who you were," replies Giea, still giving a comforting smile, "Remember that I don't really listen to music. You aren't a disappointment, but you know, someone is going to find out and you still have to be prepared for that even if you don't want to say it. Still, I believe that it's a good idea to at least support the minority group you're a part of, and your own community may feel betrayed if they find out that you're ashamed of that part of you."

"I'm not ashamed," Mason protests. "I'm just afraid of people hating me." He adjusts and starts walking again. "Can we talk about something else?" he asks, the conversation becoming too confrontational for him to want to continue to pursue it, however needed the confrontation is. "I thought we were supposed to be talking about how cool and super you are."

Giea laughs, "I guess we can talk about that, but I'm the same person as I always was, really! I just happen to have a new friend. I guess I'm not even sure what it is… I guess I'm not a mutant, but I'm something like a mutant. It's really confusing. I'm not really sure what there is to say about my cool and superness, past or present!" She leans slightly on Mason for a moment to bump him affectionately.

The pop star grins at the bump against him. "You were always cool and super to me," Mason answers, catching Giea up and spinning her around once in his arms. "It's okay if it is confusing. If you're really immortal, then you'll have plenty of time to figure it out."

"Oop!" says Giea in surprise as she's spun around, though she laughs once she's no longer just surprised, "Well, I'm only sort of immortal. I guess I can die by natural causes. I don't really want to test it either way, though, 'cause I still find it kind of weird." She smiles and says, "And I'm glad I have your authority vouching for my super coolness."

"Well, I'm getting super hungry," Mason admits, pausing to give Giea a peck kiss. "How about we get some cool food?" He puts her back down on the ground. "There's that one place here in the park that's supposed to be really good."

Giea gives Mason a brief hug once she's back on the ground and then says, "Oh, is there? I wouldn't mind going to a place that's supposed to be really good. That sounds… really good!"

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