2009-04-21: Easier To Approach


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Summary: Addison makes sure the other student knows who NOT to listen to.

Date: April 21, 2009

Easier to Approach

Rating: PG

The italian quirks both brows and looks up quietly, never having heard a voice in his head before, and thinking Addison to be another student of some kind, he doesn't believe the voice to be coming from him. "Si?" He says outloud, pulling the plugs from his ears and staring at the ceiling as if he expected god to make an appearance.

"My name is Addison, Antonio. I'm a member of X-Force and an undermember of the X-Men. I act as a powers trainer here, and do a few other things." He says with a smile, trying to play nice with it. "I was wondering if we might step into your room or somewhere more quiet to discuss something."

Tony looks at Addison, matching the sound with the sound in his head and he looks a little embarassed, casting an apologetic look to the ceiling before he offers a small, "Ah, Si. Yes." He offers as he reaches to open the door and gesture for you to go first as is respectable. "Ecco…"

Addison enters, waiting for Antonio to come in before he has a seat on one of the beds. "I've come in order to make sure that you know some of the rules of the mansion. I know you've been told some of them, but there are students that are breaking some of them, and I don't want the new ones to get in trouble because the others convince them to do things they shouldn't." He says, wondering if Tony will figure it out on his own.

The young man has a pokerface. It's political grooming. He idly makes sure his ears are hidden as is his nervous habit. He moves to put his book bag down next to a very neatly organized desk. As it would turn out you could almost mistake Tony's room for Scotts. It's clean. Everything has a place and it's almost militaristic in order. He moves to sit in a chair, unloading his books and placing them on his desk for later use. He doesn't look like he knows, though in his head he is searching for something that could prove to be something bad. There are a few things…making out with Vlad or for that matter a recent sexual encounter that he was not that into also comes to mind, but not skinnydipping, that is a little under his radar. He wasn't into it, but at the same time it didn't seem like a big deal.

Addison winces slightly. "I'm sorry. I didn't warn you at first. You need to actively NOT think about things around me… The Shadow King ripped away my shielding… I'm still trying to regain it. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to see some of that. But… yes, that is one of the things you cannot do on campus while attending here. But, the thing I was really coming about was the skinny dipping at the lake. It's still campus. Nudity is for showers and personal space, as long as your roommate is not uncomfortable with it." He says, sighing softly. "I apologize again for seeing that."

The young man looks confused. Not think? Impossible. He is actively thinking that you might be a little insane, but respect keeps him from saying one way or another what his feelings are. He bites the inside of one cheek a little nervously and goes red looking down at the ground, shame, his fathers face, the church, friends. There is a lot there that makes him embarassed and ashamed. He closes his eyes and keeps his head down. "Si…Capito. Mi dispiache." His hand comes up to touch the headband, making sure it is still there before fingers try and bluff the fact he was making sure of his cover by scratching his head. "I understand….it will not happen again, I am very sorry." He offers in a quiet voice.

"No, believe me, I am NOT insane. Sometimes I wish… no. I'd never wish that. Considering what the Shadow King made me do in the past, and he WAS sane, there's no telling what I would do, were I insane. Don't worry. I'm not going to go to anyone else. I'm just letting you know so that you DON'T get into trouble." Addison says with a smile, still blushing slightly at what he saw.

Tony gives a nod, opening his eyes when you say you are going to keep it a secret. "Thank you…" he offers, sad look on his face. He's truely sorry, scared almost that he might get found out and make everyone's lives worse by proxy. "Thank you, Addison." He offers finally looking up at you. "I do not wish to be a problem here…"

"You're not a problem, Antonio. You're being much more reasonable about all this than someone else was. When I told another person that they needed to not be doing such things, he threatened to break my nose." The telekinetic laughs, shaking his head softly. "As if he would have had such a chance." He nods softly. "Other than that, is there anything that I can help you with? Anything you need?" Addison asks.

Tony looks up and offers. "Si…I wish to train to be an X-man. I want to fight, be useful. Stand up." He offers, getting rather passionate about the possibility. "In 1 year I will be the 18. I want to fight for better world…ma…la mia force…" he scratches his head. "My power is no useful and I do not use it well….maybe you can helping?"

"I'd be glad to try, Tony." Addison says with a nod. "I actually do work with a lot of students on their powers training. It's a skill I have. Helping people learn how to use their powers in new ways."

Tony gives a nod. "I would like to learn more…be stronger." he shrugs. "This is all…and…" He shakes his head, his mind flashing to a thought of Pallaton self inflicting wounds on himself as punishment for hurting Eddie, but then a seal of loyalty seals up the thought and he shakes his head. "no…thank you. That is all. I just want to be stronger."

"Alright, then. We'll see what we can do to help with that. Anyway, I have to go visit with another student right now." Addison says with a smile. "And thank you for understanding things. We do have many minors on campus. So, we have to keep them safe."

Tony gives a nod of his head and stands to walk you to the door in a traditional manner.

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