2010-06-29: Eastside Park


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Summary: Tony bumps into Caleb again at a park on the Upper East Side. The two catch up a little bit.

Date: June 29, 2010

Log Title Eastside Park

Rating: PG

NYC- Upper East Side

Ahhh Tuesday evening, that means no lessons, teachers or training, now is Caleb's day to do as he pleases, for now he's cutting though the park on the way to the music store, he's dressed in dark blue jeans, black airwalk trainers, a white, black and purple chequered shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, it's raining a little so his white hair is damp and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist. He's walking though the park singing along under his breath to the song of his ipod, "If one drink, could make tonight, slip my mind then I, Should drink up, so I can forget, that I haven't lived my life, You are an example of, better things to come, So why wait on some other escape, that leads me nowhere fast, I've got to ask"

There is not much reason to be out and about in the city except to be looking for something that you don't have where you are. This is the case for Tony this evening. The four walls of Stark Towers were causing him to get antsy. No amount of rewiring a piece of armor or looking into a recent merger could shake him from the feeling. Without any one noticing he has managed to slip out of the tower wearing a long sleeve black cotton shirt and slacks. Even though it is darkening outside he still wears his sunglasses out of habit. It doesn't take long for him to be walking toward the nearest park to spot a familiar face. He jobs up behind Caleb, probably about to scare ten years off the kid, "I don't recommend the Scotch, it lost me millions."

"You've got nothing to lose, except for me and you, And I love that attitude when you know I can do, I'll do better than yo- ahh!", Caleb literally jumps when approached by Tony, but keeps his cool and the violet glow doesn't appear, he spins to look at whoever scared him and smiles when he recognizes Tony, "Fecking hell, you shouldn't sneak up on people Mr Stark, and i prefur whiskey".

"I'm not going to bother to ask how you know your preference. After all, I'm clearly not your mom nor your babysitter. Hell, I'm not even a good role model," Tony says casually as he casts a brief glance about this park. So far no monsters appear to be around, that includes reporters not just the wee beasties. "What brings you over to the East Side? Its a bit far from where I last ran into you."

Caleb rolls his eyes at the "babysitter" comment, he is SEVENTEEN for feck sake, he's not a child, "I'm not a child, i don't need a babysitter", he uses the world known teenage mutter, "I wander round a lot, i don't really have friends in the city, so i've got a lot of time to myself".

Tony nearly snickers at the response he was initially given. It had been a long time since Stark had spent any time around the younger crowd but he recognized annoying the teen about his age. "I meant nothing by it, Caleb. I even understand the wandering. I just hope that your travels don't end up like mine always do."

Caleb shrugs, "No worries, you're old, you probably don't remember being my age", he smiles to show he's joking, "No one knows who i am, so i'm unlikely to be mobbed by fans, i blend supprisingly well for a guy with white hair and violet eyes, not to mention i've been on the news during mutant related disasters twice".

"I'd try and save myself from my physical degradation but age does have its advantages. You'll figure it out when you reach my ancient age of 35." Tony regards Caleb with a playful expression. "I had hoped you might stay out of trouble, kid. You're still in one piece so I take it that you haven't run into anything further with the Barnes lot?"

"Thirty five?, man, you're older than my dad", Caleb's enjoying joking with someone without the other person taking it seriously, "Barnes is still confusing me, i don't like the place, but there is an Agent there that is nice and genuinly seems to want to help, but he does ask more quesions than nessicery and is constantly making notes".

"Hey, when thirty-five years old you be, think such thoughts you will not." Tony shoves his hands into his trouser pockets and appears to be puzzling over Caleb's situation. "Who's this man? Does he seem like Percy Weasley to you?" Not even sure if Caleb even knows Harry Potter references but Tony spends far too much time watching movies.

Caleb raises an eyebrow, "Percy Weasley?", sure Harry Potter is his generation, but growing up he was too busy causing trouble around his village, and prefurs vampire stuff anyways, also who needs to watch a movie with a teenage wizard, when you basically are one yourself, "His name is Madrox".

The name doesn't strike a bell right off the bat. Tony does however take the time to explain the Percy reference. Percy being an annoying do-gooder looking to rise up the food chain by doing the best-est job EVER, even if it meant ratting out friends and family. "Hmm, got a first name? Description?"

"Errrm, mid to late twenties, brown hair, hazel eyes, about five foot eleven, estimate about one fifty, one sixty pounds, can multiply himself", seems some of the training Caleb has been having a Barnes has sunk in, "Oh and i heard someone call him James before".

A light bulb started to click over Tony's head. The description seemed to fit someone he had recently had the pleasure of running in to. He uses his credentials to access the SHIELD network. After finding the right file path he's got the picture of a man to the name James Madrox. It was indeed Mr. Incredible Hulks for all. Tony reaches up to cover his face with one hand. "I know the guy, not well but I do. Not enough to tell you one way or another however."

Caleb shrugs, "That sucks but not your fault i just wish i knew what Barnes really wanted, i don't think it's just teaching", he sighs and runs his fingers over the carvings on his wristband, "So what brings you out here Mr. Stark?"

Tony gestures wildly in front of himself. "Space, air…something like that." Tony nods his head in the direction of a stone bench that's nearby. "I haven't been able to look into your particular situation as much as I would like. I had the unfortunate pleasure of an old Robotic adversary pay me a visit. I have, however, made a few contacts within Barnes. I will no more, soon."

Caleb sighs as he walks in the direction indicated by Tony, "I have learned one thing though since i joined Barnes, apparently i'm packing some serious firepower, it could come in handy at some point".

"I take it, you mean your abilities?" Tony questions as he takes a seat at one end of the stone bench. He isn't looking toward Caleb at the moment. His focus is more on the park in front of him. "I honestly hope you will not have to ever use your talents."

Caleb nods, "The most i've released at once in one blast so far is apparently about seven tons of force", he notices Tony looking round the park and begins surveying it himself, "You and me both Mr. Stark".

Tony thinks that he may up the time table on his visit to Barnes Academy. There wasn't a chance in hell that he was going to announce his arrival. It would be better to see what would happen by a surprise visit. "Try to keep your head down still. The less anyone suspects of your thoughts, the better. Its always better to keep your 'friends' close and your enemies closer."
Caleb grins at Tony, "I always keep my head down, if i want to, no one will even know i'm there", he doesn't mention that even with his abilities he has been caught on camera when his control has sliped.

Tony looks across his shoulder at Caleb, "Do that. Won't do anyone any good if you get get into trouble. Especially, for yourself," he says a moment before rising up off the bench. "I'm sure they have a brig where they feed people the worst MRE they can find," he jokes as he starts heading off back towards his office building. "You still know how to find me if something happens."

"Ring you or fly up and phase into your building?", Caleb is considering the second one, he's interested in what the inside of that building is like.

Tony pauses his stride to turn around opening his arms expansively. "You can try the latter but I'm sure my security won't take it all that kindly." Tony waves goodbye to Caleb and sincerely hopes the young man doesn't attempt to phase into the building. The nightmare that would occur, not to mention people yelling at him for not warning them of something like that, …he'd rather avoid the whole thing!

Caleb nods, "DOn't worry, i'll behave, and as far as Barnes is conserened, i'm invisable", he gives Tony a wave and does just that, "Bye Mr. Stark".

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