2012-02-27: Eating Crow


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Summary: Hosea comes to apologize for his earlier attitude, and ends up with the answers he was looking for in the first place.

Date: Monday, February 27, 2012. 8:19pm.

Log Title: Eating Crow

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Stables

The smell of horse and hay immediately hit the sense for anyone who step in here. There are empty stalls for students with horses, and school owned horses for those who wish to ride. Tackle, saddles (English and Western), helmets, and grooming supplies are found neatly tucked away in a supply closet.

When Ahmed said that Nicholas was a horse nerd, he wasn't lying. Nicholas is currently in the stables with his Quarter horse, Orion. He has the horse out of the stable and is currently grooming him with a curry comb, moving in hand in circular motions to get up the dust and dirt in the horse's coat. An mp3 player hooked up to a small set of speakers plays a mix of music, mainly country.

Hosea took Ahmed's comment to heart, and has come to once again seek Nick out. A much more subdued demeanor is forced on the Nigerian, however, knowing that Nicholas seems to become easily upset. He quietly steps into the stables, glancing around. It isn't a place he comes all that often himself. He walks along the concrete, looking into each stall. When he spots Nicholas, he pauses, rehearsing how he is going to present himself this time. "Hello," he says after a moment.

Nicholas stops as he hears that voice from earlier in the day and takes a few deep breaths before taking the round curry comb off his hand. He turns and looks at Hosea with a scowl on his face. "So we're gonna do this now, you're just going to track me down until you get your way not caring how anyone feels."

Hosea stands with his hands to his sides. "I came to apologize," he says in his deep thick voice. "I was harsh earlier, and it was wrong for me to be so abrasive. I was upset, and did not handle da situation properly." He is almost like a statue with how still he stands. Nobody likes admitting that they are wrong, but sometimes, that's just the way it is.

Nicholas just looks at Hosea for a bit and doesn't answer, instead he picks up another brush and starts to groom Orion again. Once he's a few brush strokes in he finally says, "Apology Accepted." He doesn't turn to face Hosea but he just continues what he's doing. "I did try to stop them, so did the girl with the blue thing."

"I believe you," Hosea says. "Who is da girl with da blue thing?" he asks, not registering that Nicholas is referring to Robin. "I am sure it was a vedy difficult situation. I know dat for me it is a vedy difficult situation now." Namely he feels like exploding at everything. "I am responsible for Sophie. I have made a promise to her dat I would protect her."

"I don't remember, just a girl who ha this blue….person thing that follows her and does stuff." Nicholas says with a bit of irritation. "I do understand your situation, I have…had a girlfriend back home who I lost for good so, at least you have hope that you might be able to see her again." He then stops grooming Orion and looks at Hosea so he can give him an eyeroll. "She's the same age as you, you're not responsible for anyone but yourself. You make your girlfriend sound like an object not a person."

Hosea frowns. "She is not an object," comes the defensive response, his arms crossing in front of him. "To say dat I am not responsible for anyone but myself would be vedy selfish of me. Her safety is more important den my own, I put her needs above mine. Only a man who cares for nothing but himself would be responsible for no one but himself."

Nicholas rolls his eyes at Hosea and shakes his head. "Anyway you wanted to know stuff, well there's not much just a bus smashed into the area, these Braveheart guys jumped out, attacked us, and grabbed Sophie. They seemed to be after her and when they threatened to kill me and the other girl, she went with them."

"What is a 'braveheart' guy?" Hosea asks. "Dey came from a bus?" He scratches his chin, pondering if this is some sort of local gang. "Dey said nothing about why dey wanted her?"

"Like that movie Braveheart, just not blue." Nicholas says. "They looked…I don't know like those guys in the Capitol One commercials." He doesn't know how to full explain it. "They said nothing just that they wanted here. I don't even know if it's the same people that got Evelyn and Jill just that, they did." He says focusing on Orion as he just sounds irritated.

Hosea paces. "So dey just said dey wanted her. You say dat she went with dem? Was she hurt when she left?" he asks, voice strained in concern. "Which direction did they go when dey left?" It would give him something to work with, though how remotely, he doesn't know.

Nicholas takes a deep breath to keep his tempter before talking. "I don't know, it just seemed to take off and disappear. And yeah, she went with them after the put a knife to my throat and that girls. She healed us and went with them and that's that."

"She is vedy brave," Hosea announces proudly. "I am glad dat you were able to leave the fight uninjured," he adds. "I am glad dat you were dere to try to help her."

"Whatever." Nicholas says as he goes for a third brush to start smoothing and shining Orion's coat with. "It happened in Salem Center." He adds getting really quiet and just focusing on the task in front of him. It's obvious that he doesn't have much of a like for Hosea.

"Thank you," Hosea adds. "I can see dat your mind is elsewhere," Hosea notes aloud. "I can leave you so dat you can focus on dat." He starts to step away, and then pauses, turning back to Nicholas. "I do not wish to be your enemy, but your friend. I am sorry for my first impression, and wish for our future relationship to be bettah. I hope dat you can know dat."

Nicholas just echoes what he said earlier. "Whatever." He doesn't even look at Hosea still irritated with the teen. "Just, don't lose her okay, it sucks losing someone you care about." He says leaning forward to throw his arms over Orion and rest across his back.

"Yes, yes it does," the Nigerian agrees with a slow and solemn nod. "Thank you." It occurs to him to investigate the question, but he thinks that the intrusion would not be welcome at the present time. He turns and continues his pace out of the stables.

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