Eddie "Mr. Faith" Parker-Mayfair
Eddie Parker-Mayfair
Portrayed By Matt Austin
Gender Male
Date of Birth 04/18/1992
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Mr. Faith, Faith, Squeaky, Captain Muffin Pants
Place of Birth New York City
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Student/Hero In Training
Known Relatives Christopher Parker-Mayfair (adopted father), Jericho Parker-Mayfair (adopted father), Jared (adopted half-brother) ,Wesley (Biological Half-Brother) Biological Mother, Father, and Brother (cut all ties from)
Significant Other Ricky (Boyfriend)
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Faith-Based Power Boosting, Empathic Mimicry, Excellent Singer, 'Super Fanboyism'
First Appearance Original Character

I may be small, weak, and have a lame power…but I'm gonna be a hero one day. And I'm gonna give it my all.


Eddie led a mostly normal life for the first several years of his life. He lived with his parents and older brother, went to school, hung out with his friends, and idolized the super heroes he saw and heard about. Around age twelve, he started to notice he was different than the other boys. Unlike the most of them, he wasn't attracted to any of the girls. He was far more attracted to the other boys. For several months, he was incredibly nervous about the realization that he was gay. His friends and family always expressed a very negative attitude towards homosexuality and didn't know what to expect if they ever found out about him. He avoided relationships until age fourteen.

A new student appeared at the school that Eddie was very attracted to. They became fast friends and within a short amount of time, very close. One night…Eddie threw caution to the wind and came out to his friend. The reaction was one he was dreading. His friend was outraged and violent. After slinking away from a beating, he made up an excuse when his parents questioned him.

The next few days at school did not go well. Eddie's former friend had begun to spread the word around the school, outing him to anyone that would listen. Eddie endured a lot of abuse, finding out that he didn't have friends anymore. He was very worried about what would happen when the information reached his family.

He found out a few days later. His brother had gotten the information from school and confronted him. When he didn't get the answer he wanted, Eddie's brother attacked him. After leaving his younger brother bleeding on the floor, the older teen gave the information to their parents. Their reaction was just as bad. After Eddie's father worsened he beating, he threw his son out on the streets and declared he was no longer welcome.

After pulling himself together as much as he could, Eddie got himself to a hospital. He let them treat him, but when social workers and police were mentioned, he ran for it. His first few days on the streets did not go well. He spent a little money but the rest of the cash he had on him was stolen during a mugging that put him back in the hospital. While lying injured, he resolved that he was going to have to be a lot tougher and smarter to survive in his new life, holding no illusions of being able to return to his old one.

Despite the fact that Eddie hasn't had chance to test his powers on anyone, he's almost certain he has them. He just doesn't know what they do exactly but has a hunch as to the fact that he can 'boost' people. He discovered this when watching a baseball game he'd snuck into. He was starting to cheer on a player he liked when he noticed his scars start to glow and the player suddenly run faster. Eddie quickly left. Later, he saw an interview outside the park where the player mentioned a sudden burst of energy they didn't know they had in him. This was enough to convince Eddie he had some kind of power but he's not had much chance to test or play around with the powers.

He's currently just living in his box, surviving and trying to keep an eye on the public information about the heroes he likes so much.


Eddie's power is the ability to boost the powers and abilities of other mutants, metahumans, and etc based on his levels of confidence, respect, and faith in them. With the basic levels of faith in a person (such as in a firefighter to do their job), Eddie can boost their abilities by half of their maximum. His maximum at the moment is the complete and nigh-unshakable faith (such as in Captain America or Ms. Marvel to be heroes) allowing him to triple someone's abilities. He doesn't always have conscious control of this ability, activating it accidentally sometimes. He can't use it on himself or people he doesn't have faith in.

His second power is not one he's even aware of yet and likely won't realize he even has unless pushed to its extremes. Eddie cannot 'boost' himself by having 'faith' in himself. Even in the rare event he'd gain confidence in himself, his powers do not work that way. Eddie can only be boosted by others having faith in him. And they have to let him know it for it to work. A small gathering of people, about enough to fill the average high school class, would boost his physical abilities onto par with a super soldier. The more people cheering and putting their faith and confidence in Eddie, the stronger, faster, more durable, and more quickly regenerative he gets.

After taking some advice and doing an introspective look at himself and his powers, Eddie’s made a bit of a discovery about them. When Eddies uses his abilities to boost another’s powers, he’s able to access a portion of their abilities as if they were his own. When applying his maximum boost to someone, Eddie has access to on third of their maximum levels. Any less of a boost and he’s just got one fourth of the ability. In the event of boosting multiple people, he’ll currently only mimic the power of one of them (either the one he has the most faith in or in the event of equal faith in a group, a randomly decided one). When he takes the powers he also gets the weaknesses associated with those powers as well as the ones he perceives. For example, were he to mimic Cyclops’ powers, he would be unable to harm Havok with the blasts and would not be able to control the strength of the optic blasts without a special visor as he doesn’t know the true reason that Cyclops is unable to control his abilities. Another peculiar thing happens when this ability is in use. Eddie’s ‘costume’ changes to take on a similar visual appearance to the costume/outfit of whoever he’s mimicking at the time. For example, were he to mimic Spider-Man, his costume would change into a Spider-Man like costume in Eddie’s colors (white and lighter blue). This is just an aesthetic change and the clothing would provide no more benefits than it already did unless the clothing was part of the powers he was mimicking (Cloak’s cloak for example).



Previously After some time on the streets, Eddie met several people. The most important happened to be Daisuke, Ricky, and Christopher. Eventually, Christopher managed to convince the skiddish youth to come to the Xavier Institute and enroll. After some time there, he was eventually adopted by Christopher and Jericho while forming a close bond with Daisuke. He began a romantic relationship with Ricky shortly before coming into possession of the Power Gem. After helping with the Infinity Incident, Eddie was surprised with a house, his new puppy (Nova), and Ricky moving in. He's currently training to be one of the X-men.


  • "*squeak!*"
  • "Alright! I can't wait to try out the new Danger Room simulation!"


  • Eddie is Right-Handed
  • Eddie's favorite superheroes are the Human Torch, Iceman, Spider-Man, and The Young Avengers.
  • Eddie can often be seen tripping and falling. Clumsy kid or just unlucky
  • Eddie once possessed the Power Gem
  • Eddie has a Siberian Husky Puppy by the name of Nova (named after the hero of New Warriors fame)
  • Following a nightmare, Eddie has stopped using the Goblin Gauntlets. He's locked them up and doesn't intend to use them again. As he's run out of supplies, he's out of smoke bombs as well. As such, he's only carrying a first aid kit around now.
  • Eddie is one of five Xavier School students that has been sent back in time.


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