2011-04-20: Education And Performance


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Summary: Aiden and Hilde talk about education and performing.

Date: April 20, 2011

Log Title: Education and Performance

Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.
//Two trees have been planted in the park as a Memorial to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter each with a plaque stating the tree is in their memory. //

The day was actually much warmer than the news had predicted, though it wasn't particularly sunny except for a few brief moments. Hildegarde had decided earlier today to go into the city, most of her students being off for Easter break. The teacher had actually gone on a date earlier in the day to get lunch with someone she had met during a recent lecture, but things were disinteresting and Hilde ducked out early. She had spent the rest of the day stopping in shops and cafes that looked particularly interesting, and now finds herself wandering through the park at dusk. Hilde looks around as she walks through the grass, holding a coffee cup in her hands and watching for familiar faces. She is currently wearing tall brown boots and a tan sun-dress.

Lying in the grass looking up at the night sky is Aiden. His blue wings are splayed out on either side of him stretching their full wingspan of ten feet apiece. There's an empty Chinese food container and bottle of iced jasmine tea sitting next to him as he almost seems like he's going to doze off. He's wearing just a t-shirt, the green tattoo like markings visible on his neck, arms and hands, black pants and a pair of boots with buckles. As he notices Hilde's boots he comments "Don't you wish you could see the stars?"

Hilde stops and looks down at the boy, having wandered near him on purpose but not intending to strike up a conversation unless he spoke up. The woman stops and glances up at the sky. "Yes I suppose the stars are difficult to see from the city." She pauses. "Actually I haven't been too many places in America where the stars can be seen even half as well as in some less populated places." Aiden may notice that Hilde's boots have sunk down in the grass deeper than one may expect for a woman of Hilde's size.

"I've been in some places in the United States and Canada where you could see them really well." Aiden comments. "Used to be able to get lost just looking at them but in the city, it's harder." He muses as he pushes himself up to a sitting position. "Sorry, don't mean to be talking your ear off." He says giving her a smile. "Just was voicing my thoughts."

Hildegarde sips her coffee and ponders for a moment. "Yes I suppose much of the central states are mostly empty. I've only really been to major cities here. The stars are far more impressive toward the Equator actually, and in the Southern Hemisphere even more so." She shakes her head and waves a hand dismissively at the boy. "Oh don't worry about it. People in this city don't talk to each other enough anymore. I'm Hilde, by the way."

"I've been all over the U.S. I used to travel a lot with Freakshow I was in before settling down here. This is one of the few major cities I've been in the United States." Aiden says pushing himself up to his feet. "I'm Aiden." He says offering a hand as his wings shake themselves out behind him.

Hilde smiles at the boy and reaches out a hand to shake it gently, though her handshake may seem quite forceful to the boy. "A Freakshow? That is an…interesting line of work." She glances at the boy's wings. "Forgive me for asking, but did they hire you specifically for your wings? In the old days they probably would have viewed you as divine. Now we're all just genetic oddities."

"I wasn't hired as more picked up…adopted into it. We were all mutants in our group and none of us could hide it. It was…it was a great life." Aiden says with a smile and the green 'tattoos' start to turn colour to have a bit of blue among the green. "They found me when I was twelve and that's how I grew up. Now I work at the Coney Island freakshow doing sword swallowing, fire breathing and stuff." He then pauses for a bit and smiles at Hilde. "Oh don't think of it as some 'look at the crazy mutant' type show, it wasn't that it was more, we were a family and we were all mutants and we embraced it."

Hildegarde is silent for a few moments as she thinks about this. In her family mutation was a taboo subject. No one spoke of it. She wonders for a moment how life would be different growing up in an open environment. "I see. Well it sounds like you had a good life…And perhaps still do, assuming you enjoy this show as much as the old one. I don't know that I could be in a show like that."

"I enjoy it but not as much. I got separated from the group and settled here, for now at least." Aiden says. "I'm going to find them someday, I'm sure of it." He doesn't even want to think that it's not possible. "And yeah, I like to think I've had a good life so far and will continue to do so. Life is what you make of it right?" He asks raising a drawn on eyebrow curiously at Hilde. "And why don't you think you could be in a show like that? Just curiosity."

Hilde smiles at the boy and takes a few steps to the left, circling back in a slow idle pace. "Well in a place like New York City? A show like yours could gain some attention. It's not all that unbelievable that those people might find you." She chuckles softly, "I'm more of an academic person. If I'm in front of people it's to speak, not perform. My parents were always so disappointed. My sisters are the real performers."

"Well I am with the Coney Island Freakshow, I work for them, but that's what I figured. If I get my name out there again maybe someone will notice." Aiden says as the blue grows a bit stronger in his tattoos to mix with the green that's there. "Yeah, if I knew how to find my girlfriend, I would fly to her in a heartbeat but when you're lost they say the best place is to stay put." He says with a shrug. "And Academics….I probably shouldn't admit then then I never finished school after age twelve."

Hilde looks interested in Aiden's story and gives him a supportive nod. "Perhaps you can find her on the internet? There are services to find specific people if you know their name." She nods again, "And yes. I have found that not finishing school is not so uncommon among the mutants in this city. It seems to draw runaways and kickouts. Not that I'm saying that's what you are, but it happens quite often. If you are interested in finishing your education I beleive the Embassy offers information on mutant safe teaching environments."

"I've been using the internet at the library. I've recently learned how to use it just for that purpose." Aiden is quite technology illiterate. "I don't know, I mean I've done okay for myself. It's not like I need a college education to breath fire and working two jobs does take a lot of my time. Not that I'm complaining." He just don't know if he wants to go to school again. "And that's pretty much exactly what I was, a runaway and a kickout." It doesn't seem like it bothers him.

Hildegarde nods again. "Yes I did not necessarily mean college. I know some mutants drop out of school young to avoid ridicule, then feel cheated later. Just be aware the option is likely available to you if you ever wanted to get your GED." She ponders about the computer and shakes her head after a few moments. "Yes I am not well versed on the computer myself. I know how to do specific things and that's about it."

"I haven't really felt cheated yet but then, like I said, I didn't really have a normal life." Aiden says with a chuckle. "This is the longest I've lived somewhere in years and I've been in New York City for only six months." He says shrugging a shoulder. "Thanks for the advice but…what's a GED?"

There is a dinging noise coming from one of Hilde's pockets. She pulls out a malss phone and glances at it before putting it back into her pocket. "Hmm? A GED. It's like a diploma for people who didn't get a chance to finish Highschool when they wer younger." She takes another drink of her coffee and tips her head to the boy. "I'm sorry to run off, Aiden, but it seems I'm needed elsewhere. Do have a good night and good luck finding the people you're looking for." She offers a slight wave and starts off in the direction she came from.

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