2009-04-23: Education Woes


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Summary: Kaden and Keith talk about studying for GED.

Date: April 23, 2009

Log Title Education Woes

Rating: R (Nudity)

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

"Ack! Fire! Fire!" Keith Flinn can be heard suddenly exclaiming from the living room after a noise that sounded like a very loud CRACK. Anyone rushing into the room would find Keith, dressed in cargo shorts and a bright blue shirt busily trying to put out the flaming coffee table.

Kaden was just relaxing in his room when he heard the exclamation of fire and rushed out of his room, sans clothes, so see why Keith was calling him. "What do you..oh shit!" He says as he doesn't bother to ask Keith what happened. Instead instinct just takes over and some how Kaden knows what to do as he reaches out a hand, concentrating on the fire. As his fist closes the flames get smaller and smaller until once his fist clenches the fire seems to go out. Don't ask him how he did it.

Keith was about halfway to just flinging the table out of the building, not focusing enough to just suck all the air away from the flames. He blinks a few times when the fire dies out, peering at the charred table and then looking up. He smirks when he sees Kaden but he doesn't make a comment. He's slightly distracted by putting out the few flaming strands of hair on his head. "Well, good job, K-man."

"I thought you were calling for me at first." The fire spirit says as he shakes his head. "What the fuck were you doing where you caught the table on fire?" He asks not really noticing, or caring, that he's without clothes at the moment. He just shakes his head and sighs. "Becareful okay Keith?" He says this time sounding maybe a bit worried.

Keith sighs and flops down onto the couch. "I was trying to make lightning. I got some electricity…but then I sneezed and whoosh…" he gestures vaguely. "Up in flames went the table," he smirks a bit, pointing at the charred table. "Gonna need to buy a new one now."

Kaden shakes his head and flops down on the couch too, so he's belly down and his arms and head are drapped on Keith. "Idiot." He says with a laugh. "Why don't you try don't that outside or something? Where you're not going to burn your apartment down Fancy Pants?"

Keith laughs, reaching down to ruffle Kaden's hair. "I was just screwing around with it. Besides, you just showed I don't have to worry about fires," he declares with a grin.

"I didn't even know I could do that, I just paniced when I saw the fire and saw you trying to put it out." Kaden says as he shakes his head at Keith. "I still think you're an idiot though. Well if you're going to be stubborn and continue to do that inside, at least make sure I'm around if you do fuck up again."

Keith runs a hand down Kaden's back in a tickling manner, smirking. "Oh, I'll do it on the roof next time," he muses. "But how do you know it was't some ingenius plot to make you run out here naked?" he asks, joking around.

Kaden squrims as he's 'tickled' as he knows Keith knows he's tickilish. "With you, I wouldn't be surprised Fancy Pants." He says as he reaches up to poke Keith in the chest. "Just because, I know we can't die but still doesn't mean you guys shouldn't be careful."

Keith chuckles. "Well, for once, it wasn't one of my master plans," he admtis. "I thought you were asleep," he says, directing some air to blow over Kaden's back. "I'm always careful, K-man."

"Nah, believe it or not I was actually studying for my GED shit. I think I'm starting to get the hang of some of it." It's going to be a long uphill battle for Kaden though he told Drew he'd do it so he's not giving up. There's a shudder from Kaden as the air is blown over his back and he looks up at Keith with a 'look'.

Keith smirks at the look, leaning down to kiss the top of Kaden's head. "Studying? Need any help with that?" he asks. "Think I'm gonna stop sparking for the night," he declares with a nod.

At the kiss on the top of his head, Kaden rolls on his side to curl into Keith's lap to snuffle with him. "I could always use help. I never really had a really good education so a lot of this stuff is fuckign rediculous." Kaden admits where he doesn't really understand half of what he's reading but damned he's going to try. "Good, I don't want to put out any of your fires."

Keith slips his arms around Kaden when the fire spirit climbs into his lap. The white haired man pulls warm air around them and laughs. "Them I'll ask Drew to hang around next time so he can put out the fires," he teases. "Which part were ya studying? Math? Science?"

"Math." Kaden says almost grumpily. "I just, they never taught us all this 'x' equals bull shit. Has it ever been important to you? Learning that shit?" Kaden says as as he relaxes comfortably against Keith. He's learned to enjoy the physical closeness, like having it there is a comfort for the fire spirit as he's still afraid of being alone again. "I don't know, if Drew's around next time…" Kaden doesn't finish that sentance but he does give a michevious grin.

Keith laughs, reaching down to goose the fire-spirit. "Study first then sex," he says simply. "Math…well…" he takes a deep breath. "Much as I don't like it, yeah, I have to use it a lot. Even the x stuff."

"Says the guy grabing my ass." Kaden mutters before chuckling. "Okay, it's just, I have trouble understanding it. I like easy math cause it's….easy." No one said Kaden was the smart one of the spirits.

Keith laughs again. "Oh, just consider it incentive," he muses. "Don't worry about it, K-man. I'll teach you a couple tricks. And I looked up some information on the test. They give you a little cheat sheet."

"What kind of tricks?" Kaden says with a chuckle that indicates he might not be talking about the test. "And cheat sheet, see this stuff is easy for you guys, you actually went to a normal school. Are there classes to go to stuff for this crap?" Kaden asks as much as he'd hate to be in a roomful of strangers.

Keith smirks. "Plenty of good little tricks. Ones you can use on Drew and have him moaning all night long," he says, picking up on the chuckle. "The cheat sheet makes it easy for everyone actually. That's why it's called a cheat sheet," he teases, tapping Kaden's nose. "Yeah. There's classes for just about everything, K-man."

Kaden can't help but blush a bit but a part of him, a big part, is curious. "Okay, can you help me look into to talking one? I think that might be one of the better routes to taking it. This self studing isn't working that much. And they actually let you cheat on the test?"

Keith nods. "Sure. I'll find a place for ya," he says with a nod. "And it's not cheating when they give it to you for some reason."

"I don't even want to say what they did to us at the home if they caught us cheating." Kaden says shaking his head as it just seems weird to him. "And I'll try not to be too much of an ass to the teacher and other students."

Keith frowns a moment. "You're not there anymore so don't worry about it," he says simply. "Good. Well…worry more about the teacher than the other students."

Kaden nods and pushes himself up and stretches with a yawn. "Okay, well I think I'm going to go back to my room for a bit Keith. Don't burn anything, okay?" Kaden says as he leans into kiss Keith before heading back to his room.

Keith returns the kiss and laughs. "I'll join ya in a few. See ya then, K-man," he offers, sprawling on the couch.

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