2011-04-29: Eight Legged Menace


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Summary: A quiet afternoon in the city is interrupted by a rampaging eight legged Dingo.

Date: April 29, 2011

Log Title: Eight Legged Menace

Rating: PG-13

NYC- Times Square

The city is very active today. The sunny, warm weather has many people out and about and the start of the weekend is punctuated by a severe increase of tourists. A few thousand people wander up and down Broadway; posing for photos in front of the giant signs or buying Royal Wedding memorabilia from street vendors. The crowd is punctuated by people dressed in Elmo costumes or playing instruments for money, and tourists are frequently stopped by people trying to get them to go to "free comedy shows".

Closer to Times Square itself there is a large concentration of people going to and from the subway system. Since the street is closed to cars here many people have stopped to look around or enjoy a delicious NYC hotdog. The area has a high concentration of police officers, a few riding on horseback. One or two of the officers appear mildly concerned with something being communicated through the radios.

The end of the week has finally arrived without incident which means that a highly organized event can actually be pulled off much to the joy of the staff responsible for setting up the event. In a studio off Times Square for the better part of an hour there has been laughter, and free flowing conversation as a commercial is being filmed to support the Children's Diabetes Foundation. What better way to rake in money for research and support than to have the Old Spice guy team up with Iron Man to sell a bunch of soap? It's not the first time a celebrity has done something like this nor would it be the last though in this case it is two incredibly attractive men wearing naught but towels about their waists. Purchase this soap and 75% of the profit goes to the Foundation. Pretty sweet deal. Unbeknownst to those in the studio misting water upon bare chests Stark was still monitoring the various world wide emergency channels as he does every day when he picks up on the chatter on the NYPD frequencies.

Jonothon meanwhile has been lurking at the edges of this. He's technically with the Stark group, but he's certainly NOT in only a towel, nor is he getting misted. Did at least dress well today. Dark shirt, black slacks, the Brit is of course not wearing a bit of color as he leans against a post somewhere with his hands in his slacks pockets. What he's doing here isn't all that clear. Maybe he's holding up the building. The Stark group really doesn't speak to him much and he spends little time speaking to them. In fact the man hasn't said a word the whole time he's been there. Just watching and very amused.

Outside the people in the street mill about as though nothing out of the ordinary is going on. The police begin to mobilize and usher people away from the subway entrances. Over the radio there were reports of Dingo causing a scene in Mutant Town and being chased into the subway by a few mutants there. Radio transmissions keep being broadcasted with updates every few minutes. It appears that the mutant is moving up the 1 line toward the Times Square Terminal, and according to the police in Mutant Town he's not his usual self. Reports seem to indicate that all of the Kick in the city had dried up, but Dingo apparently had a stash hiding somewhere. And if those reports are accurate he must have taken more than usual.

"No, we need the shot to flow together which means our guy needs to run his line, everyone's favorite line, then notice Stark and stop mid sentence." The director waves about a clipboard frantically while everyone stands about on set. "I honestly believe you'd be better suited if you simply told the masses that if they want to see more half naked Iron Man that they need to buy enough Old Spice to sink several Titanics." The Old Spice rep seems to be on to something though Tony is paying them no mind at all.
"I'm afraid I will have to put a pause on this conversation. Something's come up," Tony shrugs. Chaos ensues amongst the staff who have not finished their shooting schedule and much to the dismay of the water-spritzing girl she has to leave the towel clad billionaire alone. Parting the crowd as if he were Moses, Tony makes his way over to Jono whispering the situation, opens the door dropping the towel as he steps out into the hall. Pepper is hot on Tony's heels with a briefcase and by the time Stark is out of the building he's fully suited and heading towards the nearest subway entrance.

Bemused with the sudden chaos as Tony puts a halt to things, Jonothon is none the less looking curious when Tony approaches. Bows his head to listen, regardless that Tony is several inches taller, and with a nod he falls into pace with the man. There's a roll of eyes about ditching the towel though. There's a glance to Pepper, a smirk of suppressed laughter, and then Jono's pulling on his game face. Unlike Stark he's wearing the same clothing when he walks after Iron Man towards the subway. Doesn't have a costume, so why bother with one? And for certain he's allowing Tony to lead the way. The plan isn't to have him directly face Dingo in a physical contest anyway.

There is a bit of turmoil around the main entrance to the subway tunnel behind New Year's Plaza as the police try to usher the crowd away from the area. An electronic voice can be heard coming up from underground informing patrons to "Evacuate the Station in a calm, orderly fashion." This has of course caused enough of a panic underground to cause a massive surge of people to come up from the tunnel platforms underground. As Tony and Jono approach the area a few people in army attire try to stop them. It appears that the Armed Forces Recruiting Center staff have been informed of the potential situation and are helping clear the area. "Excuse me sirs, I'm going to have to ask you to move north and avoid the…Subway…" The man stops and looks down at the ground as a mild rumbling can be felt coming from below.

The crowd all seems to stop their haste for a few moments and look down as well, turning toward the main entrance to the subway as a series of screams can be heard coming from the depths. A few moments later the cause of the disturbance is apparent to everyone as a wave of sand washes out of the doorways and swirls around the area before collecting together into a massive and monstrous creature that may or may not be Dingo. The construct is much larger than any construct that Dingo has ever created, standing about five stories tall at the shoulder and keeping the general form of a dog. This creature has a few too many extra sets of legs, having eight total. The tail is very long and split at the end, resembling the tails of dragons rather than that of a dingo. The most noticeable difference with this construct is in the head. This creature appears to have real eyes and teeth, something Dingo's other sand constructs never possessed unless he was on Kick. The creature glances around in a confused manner and lets out a bellow, causing the crowd of panicked people to part in front of him. Behind him many people are lying on the ground from the sand tsunami that punctuated his arrival.

Upon approach there are police officers are doing their best to clear the area in tandem with the armed forces down in the tunnel itself. When approached Iron Man leans to the side as if a bit perplexed by the order given to him and his friend. "You've got this then?" Waving a gauntlet towards the mouth of the subway tunnel. "Absolutely certain about that gentlemen? I highly doubt asking the nice doggy to settle down is going to work nor will your attempts to riddle it with bullets prove successful." Already he pushes past the small blockade of armed men, "Might be best if you all fall back."
It would appear that the time to deal with idiots is over and done with when Dingo appears having mutated into some monstrous version of his normal self. "Aww, look what you've gone and done with yourself. I thought you were an ugly bastard before!" Who better than to attract all of the attention that a snarky shiny bastard. Better him than the innocent people, and Chamber.

Jonothon meanwhile opts to stay above ground. Near that exit, surrounded by police, and very much ignoring the fleeing people. He wraps himself in psy-fire, looking as though he were literally on fire, and then closes his eyes. The Brit isn't here today to duke it out with Bruce. No, he's here to do other things. A telepath, Jono reaches out to find that rampaging mind. Oh, he knows that Bruce isn't rationally right now, and he's not expecting it to be hard, and he's preparing for that. So for the moment he seeks and tags the mind he searches for.

Having dropped off his schoolbag at his apartment Kai was following a lead he had, that was until he came across the scene now infront of him, he's dressed in dark jeans, a ice-blue t-shirt and red sneakers, intrigued he blends in with the running crowd to work his way around the police to hide just behind the building closest to the giant sand dog.

The armed guard glances at Iron Man, looks past him at some street performer dressed like Iron Man, looks back at Iron Man, and then glances back at the sand monster that erupted from the underground. Rather than saying anything further he decides to run away very quickly, as do many of the police officers in the area. A few stay to help the people that were knocked down and one or two actually open fire at the construct, but most seem to know that there isn't much they can do at this point.

Dingo looks from side to side as he hears Tony's voice, seemingly looking around for the source of the sound. He spots the hero and crouches down like a cat ready to pounce, bringing his massive head down so that his nose is only a few yards from Iron Man. The creature opens his mouth and lets out a booming laugh, turning it's head to the side to line up a man-sized eye with the person speaking to him. "My my. Iron Man. You look so…Tiny." Dingo's voice is strange, like a combination of his natural voice and one of a massive monster. "I really don't have time to deal with you right now…So…" He raises up a massive paw and looks as though he is about to slam it down on the hero, but then the creature perks up and turns as though it heard a sound.

The construct turns its body slightly as he spots the flaming mutant standing among the officers, using one of his many legs to nonchalantly cast aside a police woman who keeps firing her gun at his face. The creature narrows its eyes and speaks to the new mutant. "Who are you? I don't need you, I need the Platypus. Where is he? If you tell me I'll let you live." Dingo has apparently not noticed Kai at this point.

When will people ever learn? Manipulating a magnetic field the gun being fired at Dingo is sucked away from the female officer to wind up at the feet of Iron Man who casually steps on it. The less bullets flying around the better especially in the current environment. Not altogether thrilled with Dingo's comment he waits for the massive construct to turn away a bit giving him ample time to take his fist to poke the mutant in the eye with a solid jab. Scanning Dingo's current form will let him know of any changes in the structure such as whether or not squinty mcgruff is far more solid than normal.

If the Brit fears the huge creature being right in his face, there's no sign of it. Jonothon's hair and clothing ruffle with Bruce's looming presence and motion, but the fire acts of its own accord and ignores such things. Of course it's easy to play calm when you have no heart to race and no breath to give you away. Jono merely points. "That way, mate." British, and coming from the comm he wears at his collar bone. Looks like a broach really. And no, he has no idea where the Platypus is. In fact he has no idea what the hell Bruce is even talking about, but the villain needs a direction, and so Jono offers it. This allows him a firm contact though. Knows which mind if Bruce's for certain now. Doesn't do anything for the moment however.

Kai grins, he's looking for a connection to SHIELD and Iron Man is standing not to far away from him, but there is the problem of the british guy though he does appear to be one of the "good guys", the main problem has to be the giant sand dog, but hey, what is he if not a problem solver.

The female officer's gun is pulled away from her as a paw the size of a small truck knocks her back several yards. She does not get up. A few officers in the area run toward her and try to pull her back from the immediate reach of the monster.

The Dingo laughs at Jono. "That was not at all convincing. You really expect me to…" And then Iron Man decides to punch the creature in the eye. This elicits an extremely loud mixture of a yell and a roar as the construct backs away and covers the eye with one of his forepaws. It would appear that those eyes are indeed real. The injured eye looks to be in pretty bad shape, but after a few moments it covers over with sand and reemerges fresh and new. "Bastard. You have no right to interfere. I will find the Platypus. He will tell me where I can find more Kick. I will use it to turn this city into New Genosha. False mutants like yourself will be exiled or killed." The monster shakes its massive head and paws at its face again. "Let's not do that again, shall we?"

The Dingo suddenly collapses into a wave of sand that washes over the area again. It courses through parts of the crowd that remain and runs over the people that were knocked down when he came out of the subway. A few moments later the construct reforms itself seemingly the same as before, but the people where his sands traveled are now missing. The creature's back and limbs appear to boil for a few seconds and then the people he picked up are pushed to the surface, fandom faces and torsos sticking out of the abomination in a seemingly random fashion. The people scream out and demand to be let go, but it appears Dingo is disinterested in their requests.

A heavy sigh does not translate well though one could see the shoulders of Iron Man's armor sink for a brief moment before the man flies alongside the construct attempting to pull the trapped civilians from the sandy limbs. If the structure is far too solid he can not risk opening fire on the mutant, nor does he have the time to pound away the material around the person due to the time it would consume and Dingo could simply reform. No, the best card he can play is to use the information his scans have compiled. Activating a sonic emitter in his suit at a low frequency Tony is attempting to short out the constructs nervous system which certainly won't be pleasant for anyone near or consumed by Dingo. The frequency will climb till either Dingo is affected or it becomes too dangerous to the trapped civilians.

Hell yes he expected Bruce to be distracted, thus allowing Iron Man to punch him. Jonothon ducks and gets himself the hell out of the way, but it's finally time to act. The Brit finds a spot a short distance away and finally starts applying pressure on Bruce's mind. Seeks out this one certain spot and the command, « SLEEP. » in an attempt to do exactly that. Make Bruce fall asleep in spite of everything going on. Not something that will have instant affect, but Bruce may begin to feel sleepy. Muzzy headed. It should be said that there's no way to tell just where this voice and feeling come from. No visual effects to link it to the black clad man who's trying to shut the Australian down with a constant, steady pressure. « SLEEP. »

Kai is just weighing out the options of different strategies when he clutches his ears as the sonics are deployed, his pain threshold is high enough to stop him crying out though, still it hurts enough that he needs a few seconds before he can plan around it.

Dingo seems to be having issues with Iron Man's frequency emiter. A visible shiver seems to run down the body of the creature, causing the people trapped within him to shout out in alarm. In total he probably has between fifty and seventy people sticking out of his body. The monster paws at its head as the sound continues, it would appear that this sound is also hurting the creature's hearing. The monster steps sideways toward the building where Kai is hiding, managing to crush several vehicles in the process. Seemingly as a display to stop the hero from his actions the people in the construct seem to shift positions, a small boy being moved to a position that he will be easily seen and heard by Iron Man. "Help! Mommy it hurts! Stop!" The boy seems to be in increasing distress as he slowly sinks further into Dingo's shoulder.

The boy stops sinking and the creature seems to grow calm. The eyes on the creature turn darker and darker until they become pools of black. Jono will notice that as Bruce's mind diminishes within the construct another mind seems to take control. Whether it is something Bruce regularly fights against or if it is an effect of the Kick is unknown, but what is apparent is that something feral is lurking beneath the conscious mind in there. The Dingo rears up suddenly and emits a terrifying noise before swatting one of its paws at Iron Man. Another paw reaches for Kai. That paw never quite reaches its target however. Mid-attack a black and violet void opens in the air and seems to vacuum the sand of the creature's paw inside of it before the void vanishes. Dingo looks confusedly at the stump where his paw used to be.

A woman is standing in the middle of the fray who was not there a few moments ago. She is wearing a long black trench-coat and has shoulder length violet hair. The woman presses an earpiece and speaks. "Yes he's here. But he's much larger than we anticipated. Upgrade that cell by at least another five levels." She pauses for a moment and nods. "It's gonna take some time." The woman glances up at Dingo and frowns. "Why did you have to fill yourself with humans? That makes things so much harder."

When at first you don't succeed try something else. To complicate matters there is a new player here sucking bits of sand into a void space. Who knows who she is or what her intentions are but clearly she's not batting for the pound puppy pack. The emitter is switched off as it's clearly doing no real good against the construct and only causing distress to the trapped people. Quicksilver not around so wind is out, fire out, tapping an electrical line out, and Jono is quite busy managing as best he can to try and drop Dingo mentally so Tony seeks to buy more time regardless of mystery womans presence. While the mutt is distracted by its missing paw Tony picks up one of the empty damaged vehicles, hovers up off the ground and slams it upside the constructs head if the dog doesn't see it coming.

Doesn't matter if there are somehow two minds in a being that shouldn't have that. Jonothon doesn't relent. People's lives are at sake. There is ONE brain in that body and that's what Jono is trying to affect. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. That's what he keeps trying. Considering he's an omega class mutant, there have to be some perks.

Kai jumps backwards to avoid the paw coming towards him, his is however saved further evasive action by the woman with the violet hair, still he can keep hiding in the shadows, he needs Iron Man to notice him there, running across to the other side of the building for more room if he needs to make a quick escape, picks up a garbage can and launches it at the creature's head.

The paw on Dingo's limb regrows itself, though the construct shrinks very slightly as it repositions the sands to do this. The monster shakes it's head again and seems to stumble slightly as Jono's abilities begin to affect the subconscious of the creature. Dingo has stopped speaking and is no longer acting in the manner of a sentient being. He lunges out suddenly and knocks aside the violet haired woman, sending her flying into the side of a truck where she falls to the ground unconscious.

The Dingo stumbles once more and doesn't even see the car coming toward its face. The vehicle crumples as it comes in contact with Dingo, though several teeth are knocked out of the construct's head. The creature reels back and about a dozen people are shaken loose from his grip. Some of them fall quite a distance and seem to suffer leg injuries as they land, leaving them unable to escape the area. The others run for the subway. The garbage can strikes the creature in the eye, causing him to back away from the area where Kai is hiding. The construct is now backing slowly toward Jono's present location.

Effectively having bapped the Dingo on the nose with a car as a newspaper was far too small for the task Stark sets the car down before trying to catch people who have fallen free from the construct. A brief glance is tossed to the woman who reads as unconscious by the bio-scan and then his gaze drifts over to where a teen lurks. "Get away from here!" This is not a time for anyone to try playing the hero. Not wanting to break Chamber's concentration Stark takes to breaking off a hydrant then pulls the door off a crushed car to use as a tool to steer the blast of water towards the construct.

Heading towards Jonothon might not be the best of ideas. Eyes remain closed as that large figure backs up towards him. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Then, when Bruce has entered his telekinetic range, the Brit acts. He's a molecular telekinetic, and the effort he makes is a subtle change. He begins bonding pieces together. The sand he touches stops being fluid, and starts turning into a solid. It won't be glass as there's no heat involved, but it certainly could look sandstone like. The man wearing black lifts his hands, and psy-fire spreads out around him. His own powers ruffle his hair, and make his clothing billow out from his thin form. Eyes open to show they are filled with that same fire. It does mean the mental affect eases, but it doesn't go away as Jonothon begins to turn sand to stone.

As per Tony's instructions Kai runs further away from Dingo towards the hydrant Tony is using, crouching down he places his hand in the stream of water, the boy's hair and eyes turn ice-blue and parts of the water begins to freeze.

The pressurized water does manage to erode portions of the construct away, but it is so massive that the process is slow acting. Lucky for Iron man, the creature seems not to notice. Dingo is blinking his eyes heavily and actually yawns as the water causes one of its legs to erode away at the knee, causing that leg and the three people in it to fall to the ground. The ice shards mixed with the water strike the creature in the flank, causing wet portions of the Dingo to freeze and turn rigid before falling to the ground.

Dingo's sands being turned into stone would not usually be too much of an issue. He routinely condenses his constructs into cement density, but with the man's diminished state of mind and the fact that he is lapsing into unconsciousness is certainly not helping. Large chunks of rock simply fall out of the creature's body, pulling cascades of sand with them as they fall to the ground. Dingo begins to sway slightly. It appears as though the construct is actually falling asleep. A problem with this is that depending on how the construct falls there is a great chance that twenty or thirty trapped civillians will be crushed under several tons of sand.

The moment the teen chills the water Stark tosses aside the car door. "I meant for you to run away kid not pelt the bad guy with shards of ice that could hurt the hostages. Go, if you must do something wake the violet haired woman." The water is far too slow acting, and Tony knows this. The action was merely to affect some change in the structure. Pieces of the construct are crumbling and it would appear that the telepathic suggestion has been working. Perhaps now he can fish people out of the lumbering creature before any more can come to harm. This is what he attempts to do as quickly as he can. Having the doggie roll over and play dead at the moment wouldn't be in the best interest of the trapped.

There's a difference in turning something to cement, for what Jonothon affects he tries to take away from Bruce. That mass is no longer under Bruce's control. That and the fortified areas will protect the civilians. That's why Jono's been doing this. Not because he wants control, but to ensure that the people trapped within are as protected as he can make them. Especially since he totally can't lift that much sand. But if he creates a framework, the sand can slide away, leaving people held above it all. Shielded in part from the great weight. It's a balancing act. He can fuse things, but he can't keep the muzzy head thing going, make stone, and move all those people. So the Brit is doing what he's able. (And if the construct moves it might just leave framework and people behind.)

Geez, sometimes to complete the objective there will be some collateral damage, you'd think Iron Man would know that, still Kai does the good little boy act, "Ok, i'm on it", straightening up he runs over to the woman and begins trying to wake her up.

The construct seems to have some difficulty falling down now. The structural integrity of the Dingo is changing as the psychic alters the densities inside of the creature. Chunks of rock and sand do continue to fall out of the creature, but it appears that fragments are beginning to poke out around the hostages as well, causing them to not move as much as the sands of the construct around them.

Iron Man will indeed find it much easier to pull people out of the Dingo now. He is moving the people around much more slowly and the sands do not try nearly as hard to keep the people contained. As portions of the construct fall off a cemented skeleton can be seen inside of the creature. Much of the left flank is falling apart at a rapid pace, revealing the rib cage of the creature. Inside, where the heart should be, is a nearly nude man with tattoos all over his body. It appears to be Bruce's true body and it does not look awake right now.

The violet haired woman makes a soft moaning noise, but does not wake up. She appears to be mostly uninjured and is wearing some sort of uniform under her coat that identifies her as some sort of Genoshian guard.

Any hero worth their grain of salt attempts to minimize the collateral damage in any given situation, especially when there are lives involved. Slowly efforts are made to pull people from the body of the construct. It's as a elderly woman is pulled free from the loosening sand that Iron Man picks up on the location of Dingo's human form. Hovering over to an area where several people stand with police officers Stark hands over the elderly woman then zips back to the opening in the construct. The armored Avenger flies into the opening in the construct approaching the rib cage from below the sternum and seeks to pull the mutant free.

As things begin to slow, and the danger comes mostly from sand no longer under control, Jonothon struggles to hold that construct stable. The sand is nearly more than he can bear. The Brit is also reaching his limits. As Bruce's sleeping form is finally showing itself, Jono's fires retreat and dim as he sinks down to his knees. The telekinesis is fading, even though he's trying hard to keep the other asleep. Others can rescue people from the construct and sand, but Jono's going to kneel there in exhaustion.

Kai sighs and rolls his eyes as the woman refuses to wake up, still next best thing is to move her away from the collapsing structure the is Dingo, picking her up he carries her towards the ally he was in earlier.

As Bruce is successfully dislodged from his construct, the sands that comprise its body slowly cascade to the ground. The skeleton slowly loses it's stability and collapses as well, landing in an eerie heap of massive stone dog bones. The remaining people in the construct appear to be protected well enough by Jono's bracers to not sustain terrible injury, though one or two people likely break a limb in the ensuing fall. Bruce himself appears to be sleeping, though his body is twitching slightly, his breathing is rapid, and he is sweating profusely. He is currently only wearing a pair of boxers and his dogtags.

Kai finally manages to rouse the violet haired woman as he sits her down in the alley. She sits up and rubs her head, giving Kai an odd look. "Goddamn. Wasn't ready for that." She glances around and quirks a brow at the remnants of the construct behind her. "Alrighty…Maybe you didn't need me after all. I suppose I'll have to take…Never mind." She spots Bruce in Tony's arms and tries to wave the hero down. "Hey! Iron Man! Could you bring him down here for me?" She stands up and moves into the street with a slight limp, waving a hand toward Kai, "Thanks…I think."

Tony lowers down to the ground in a careful decent. The bio-scan shows Bruce to be in pretty bad shape thanks to the effects of Kick as well as the events that have transpired. Noticing the clothing upon the violet haired woman for the first time Tony sighs rather dramatically. "Let me guess. You're extraditing him to Genosha as he is apparently a citizen."

Jonothon pulls in the psy-fire and his eyes turn back to brown as he lets things go in the wake of people being as saved as they are going to get. Climbing wearily to his feet, the Brit dusts himself off and shuffles towards where Iron Man is addressing a woman. Huh, didn't see her before. Saying nothing, he stops some feet away and frowns at the goings on. Yeah, that's Bruce alright.

Kai seems slightly taken aback, "Oh, er yeah no problem", he's never been thanked for completing an objective before, he slinks back to lean agains the wall while the others talk.

The woman is typing something into a small electronic device on her arm. "Actually Dingo is a bit special. He currently holds citizenship in the United States and Australia and has been granted Citizenship in Genosha." She glances at Bruce and then at Tony. "But I'm not here to protect him from legal issues. I'm here to get him the help he needs. Dingo is extremely valuable to the people of Mutant Town. He frequently shows up at critical times and has saved many lives. We do not intend to keep him in Genosha." She nods to Bruce. "We're sending him to a specialized rehabilitation center so that we can resolve his addiction to Kick. While the supply has apparently been cut off here, he can still turn violent from cravings. He will be held in a facility designed to hold him where psychics will aid him in his recovery."

Behind the group medical personnel begin to stream in from sixth and eighth streets, moving to the sand pile and removing the injured. The police in the area are keeping their distance from the mutants, trusting that Iron Man has effectively handled the situation.

"You're opinion of his worth to Mutant Town aside, he has committed numerous crimes here. Any other mutant, super or even random person who has done what he has would be locked up tight here." The point being that the mutant should really be handed over to SHIELD and not some Genoshan whatever she is. "I can't in good conscience hand over a wanted criminal to someone whom I have no information on who claims that they will rehabilitate Mr. Jumbuck. For all I know you will take him, wherever, then unleash him again."

The woman sighs and places her hands on her hips. She looks behind the group to the destruction and nods. "Give me a minute." She walks back a bit and speaks to someone on her earpiece for several minutes out of earshot. After some time she returns to Iron Man and shrugs. "I don't have time to deal with a legal struggle over this man. If you can guarantee me that you have a facility that is capable of holding this person effectively and humanely then you can hold him for the time being. I will get in contact with the embassy so that we can have a rehabilitation regiment created for him and we will supply you with assistance in that matter if you need it. Does this sound acceptable?"

Tony bows his head towards the violet haired woman. "This is acceptable. I'm sure that you have the means to contact whom you need to speak with in regarding his particular situation." Even as the pair speak SHIELD has arrived with a team to deal with the transport of the unconscious man to a secure facility where he will be looked after, and the rehabilitation can begin. Not much is said otherwise as the man is whisked away from the disaster littering the street.

Kai grins watching the SHIELD agents work, he's a lot closer to them than he's supposed to be by this point, best to turn the situation to best use, "Are these guys gonna be able to hold this guy?, shouldn't we get the government involved or something?"

The woman puts her hands on her hips and seems to ponder the mess left behind by the incident. Once all of the civilians are out of the sand pile she snaps her fingers and creates another portal, causing a vast majority of the sand to be whisked away to some unknown location. "Thank you for your assistance…I suppose thank you for handling this entire situation. Someone will be in contact with you later today regarding Dingo." The woman turns to Kai. "Hmmm? They should be able to. That particular agency deals with powered individuals on a regular basis."

Now that the rampaging mutant was taken care of, the city street cleaned up relatively easily and medical personnel seeing to those injured by being swallowed up by the construct Tony is able to approach the woman as well as this unknown kid who got involved. "No need to thank me for this. I am merely doing what I must. I will make certain that someone is available to your people to speak on this matter." As for the kid the armored man turns, "In the future stay out of trouble will ya? I don't have time to babysit someone who wants to get in on the action."

The woman types a few things into her arm computer thingy again and glances over at the two of them. "Alrighty. Well I have to go fill out paperwork and figure out where to put a million tons of sand. Thanks again." She snaps her fingers again and creates another portal, jumping through it and vanishing.

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