2012-09-18: Electric Friends


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Summary: While getting to know one another, Nick and Warlock finally get to 'meet' the ones who captured them.

Date: September 18, 2012

Log Title: Electric Friends

Rating: R

Small Church - Holding Cell

Dim lights hang from the high ceiling giving just enough light to see decently, not that there is much to see in the concrete room. The tall ceiling goes up at least twenty feet and the blinking red lights of cameras in each corner are visible, there is no privacy here. There are no windows and the only door into room seems to be a solid sheet of steel from this side. The sent of stale, musty air, hangs about the room. Bolted against two of the walls, at a height of two feet, are steel benches, which seem to double as the only thing to sleep on as well. A steel toilet, with a sink on the top, is situated in the corner for those who need it.

It's been over a day since Warlock and Nicholas awoke to find themselves in some sort of holding cell with a painful collar around their necks which prohibits their powers. Nothing has been said, nor has any prescience been made to either of them, except for being fed twice a day. Nick's already tried banging on the door, finding a way to open it and attempted to find any other way out of the room but with no luck. Now he sits on one of the steel benches with his back against the wall, eyes closed. "Lock, you awake?" He's barely slept himself since he's found himself in the room.

Warlock is laying on his back looking up at the greyness of the ceiling of their cell, he watched as Nick tried to find a way out whilegoing over in his head what's their situation seems to be. Somewhere at the back of his mind is the thoughtspace to feel odd without his penticle and goggles, "Yep, kinda finding it hard not to be, guessing that means you are?"

Opening his eyes, Nicholas looks over at Warlock and nods. "Yeah, me and sleep aren't really on friendly terms, it's even worse now. I just don't get why they're keeping us alive." He says shaking his head. "I guess I should be grateful they didn't but…..I hope everyone else is okay."

Warlock shrugs, "Maybe they want something, or they'll make a thing of killing us, y'now as an example?", he sighs, "Do you think the others got away?, maybe they sent help, church can't take down the whole of the X-Men right?". "Geez, the church are always against something, not happy unless they've got someone to bitch about".

"There's nothing wrong with religion, or the church, just…this church." Nicholas says as he does believe in god and consider himself a Christian. "I hope they got away, Sophie, she's blind and I couldn't help her. How am I supposed to help someone when I don't know myself?" It's a bit obvious he feels bad about it. "Just, those are the same people that killed my parents, I recognized the outfits. In any case you're probably right, I just don't like that you probably are."

"I hate it when i'm right, never goes well", Lock is very much a mask your fear with a joke kid of guy, "I didn't manage to see them get away, i made a stupid mistake and i got tranced". "These guys killed your parents? How did they find you again? isn't the school supposed to be secret?"

"I don't know, Warlock, I really don't." Nicholas says in regards to how they found him. "What do you mean by a stupid mistake and got tranced? I just know that I was freaking out a bit, stuff like that always causes me to panic cause all I can think about is…them." His voice trailing off a bit. "I should have asked, you're not hurt or anything, are you?"

Warlock shakes his head, "Other than the tazing i'm good, the darts and stuff were just sort of bouncing off me, you ok? other than the obvious i mean", he looks back up at the ceiling, "I genuinly never thought i'd miss my powers but i'd kill for them now, just for a way out".

"Physically, I'm fine." Nicholas doesn't really say anything about mentally since he figures that's obvious. 'I always loved my powers, since the day I figured out I had them. Didn't really know there was all this stuff I could do with them until I came to Xavier's but, I love having them. Used to joke around and say I was a jedi, my powers always made me feel special, in a good way, ya know?"

"Oppoisite for me really, i'm so much like my dad and i've been fighting so hard to be my own person then i get these powers and it's like no matter what i do it's like i'm doomed to be exactly like him", Lock sighs, "He's not a bad guy, it's just i'd kinda like my own identity other than 'oh that's Liam's kid' or 'you're just like your father'".

"I wouldn't mind being like my father, I always looked up to him. Him and Bodie." Nicholas says sounding like he's trying to hold back his emotions. "So what's so wrong with being like your Dad?" Then something dawns on Nick and he gives Warlock a confused look. "Wait, Liam Corvus is your Dad, like that singer guy on the radio?"

Warlock nods, "Yeah Liam Corvus is my dad, and thats the issue people either only talk to me cause of my dad or expect me to be just like him, which annoyingly i am, thats why i live with my grandmother, to hide the family connection". Then it dawns on him, if he doesn't get out of here… his relationship with his dad will end on this stupid fight, "I have to get out of here".

"Wow, I didn't realize you had a famous Dad, at least you're not all self important like…." Nicholas stops himself and mutters what sounds like a 'damnit'. "I'm not me anymore, I haven't been, I'm stuck here, just waiting for whatever these guys have planned for us, which you know isn't good, and all I can think is to insult Mason. I'm such a jerk." He says burying his head in his hands out of frustration. "You're lucky Lock, your Dad is still alive, you shouldn't be ashamed that you're just like him. You're not pretentious, you're normal, in a good way."

Warlock almost chuckles, "It's hard not to insult Mason, first time i met him i was playing the guitar, i know i'm a damn good guitar player but Mason offered to train me up and then maybe i could work for him, 'self important' kind of fits", he shakes his head at Nick, "You're not a jerk, and yes i know thats odd considering i've called you the same before but you're parents were killed you knew it but when those guys showed up, you told Sophie to run, some claiming to be better men would've just got out of there but you tried to help". He gets to his feet, "The not pretentious, normal me is going to find a way out, we can't just sit here".

"My first instinct is always to run, it's not a cowardice thing it's more, I don't like people to get hurt, if you get out of there, maybe you'll avoid getting hurt. I know it's odd saying that since I love video games and violent movies but it's different in real life. If you can retreat, it might save your life." Nicholas says before giving Warlock a smile. "Though I have to admit, I love to see you throw who your father is in Mason's face, though I know you wouldn't do it. You're too….what's the word, mellow?"

Warlock looks around the cell, "Running was the plan, but i couldn't get Miss V's car to work, so i picked it up which dropped my shield, by the time i got it to them i was down". "Running from a fight you can't win is probably the smartest thing to do, though harder when they're playing dirty". Lock shakes his head, "The word you're looking for is wuss, you know it and i know it, i'm not good at standing up to people, you've said it so before yourself, i can be pretty gutless", he looks round at Nick, "Think theres anything in here we can use to jimmy open the collars?"

"No, I wasn't looking for the word wuss." Nicholas says honestly. "It's like you're timid and always quiet, I don't think I've ever seen you really stand up or get angry. I don't think you're a wuss." He just doesn't know how to explain it. "I'm not sure, let me look at your collar a bit closer and I can see if I can find a way to open it?"

Warlock walks over to Nick and bows to show him the collar, "Then i was looking for the word wuss, i'm gonna work on that, doesn't really work in life to be too timid, like you, you speak your mind and people like you, you don't shy away".

"I guess it's cause I like simple things." Nicholas says as he starts to look closely at the collar that Warlock's looking. "I hate mind games and beating around the bush, I'd rather people just say what their thinking or feeling and be done with it, it's a lot easier. I guess it's why I wear my emotions on my sleeve for the most part. I think also it's part of being from a small town, you can't hide anything from anyone there. The collar, I've never seen anything like this." He tries to put a finger in between the collar and Warlock's neck, causing it to pull a bit. Warlock would feel a sharp pain in the back of his neck, where the spine is, like someone pulling on a nerve before Nicholas quickly pulls his hand away. "It goes into our necks."

"Hiding is pretty much m…ow ow ouch", Lock steps back and puts his hand on the back of his collar, "These things are in our necks?!", he turns round and kicks the door, "Enough of the mind games!, either get on with it or let us go!"

Before Nick can get a chance to apologize for hurting Lock, there's a hissing noise as gas starts to pour into the room. He can't even tell Warlock he's about to get his wish before breathing it in. "Hold..don't breath.." Nicholas says as he can feel himself start to get tired from the gas being pumped into the room and slumps over, apparently asleep.

Warlock holds his breath like Nick says but even then it's not too long before he has to breathe and collapses aswell, even swimmers can only hold thier breath for so long.

Small Church - Interrogation Room

The very first thing anyone will seen entering this room is that someone spraypainted on the wall 'DEATH TO MUTIES' and then someone else tried to clean it off, but it's clung to the concrete. This place looks like what it was meant to be. A torture chamber. Wooden chairs are bolted to the floor with leather restraint straps visible. Tables holding various implements are on rollers to be moved around at will, some looking like they came out of the medieval period. A sickly sanitary smell does little to cover the scent of blood, sweat and more. There are stains on the floor… some recent, some old, all with a coppery brown color to them…

The gas induced sleep is quickly broken as ice cold water is dumped on Nicholas and Warlock in turn. The two will find themselves in a different room, a more foreboding room. Each of them is strapped securely into a wooden chair, facing each other. Their shirts have been removed and in it's place are a two little adhesive discs with wires attached to them stuck to their chests. "Oh god, you two are finally awake, it's time to see if we can learn anything from you animals." The man is dressed in the standard Purifier coat and with him is a similarly dressed man sitting behind a machine that the wires hook up to.

Nicholas' eyes snap open at the cold water and he struggles to figure out where he is. It doesn't help that he can't seem to move much. "What…" He stops his question when he sees the two men and what is in the room, instead a look of hatred and anger is directed at the two. "You okay Lock?" There's a cold edge to his voice as he asks.

Warlock shakes his head to get the water out of his eyes before replying, "Yup, peachy", he looks around the room then at himself and Nick and finally at their captors, "Careful what you wish for is so right on the nose here", yes Lock you can defeat them with badly place irony!

"Now then, let's begin. I'm going to ask you a question, and if you don't answer, we'll….if you don't answer you'll see what happens." Says the Purifier with a sort of smile on his face. "Now, how about a broad question, what can you tell me about Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters?"

At the question, Nick just looks at Warlock and shakes his head. "I'm not going to tell you anything." He spits out trying to sound a lot tougher than he feels. There's too many people at Xavier's that he cares about, it's his only home, he's not about to lose that too.

Warlock frowns, "Dunno, sounds like some sort of prep school to me or possibly a caltholic school, either rich kids or religous ones", he frowns again looking like he's thinking, "Have you considered google?", Lock's joking deminor is ruined rather by the shake in his voice.

An electric shock rips through both Nicholas and Warlock at their failure to answer the question asked. It's quick but quite painful. "Now, we know that both of you attend the school, the less you answer the more pain you'll be in. Let's try a simpler question, what is the exact address of Xavier's School for Mutant Spawns like yourself?" The disgust in the Purifier's voice is obvious.

There's grunt of pain, as Nick tries to hold back a scream from the shock. He's breathing hard as he listens, and when the question is asked he looks up at the Purifier. "I told you already, I'm not telling you anything." Nicholas repeats, he can't help but admire Warlock's wit though.

Warlock might be able to crack a joke while scared but he's not as good at biting back the pain as Nick, less a grunt of pain and more of a yelp, "Ahh, a yahoo man then?", still wincing a little from the pain he looks at Nick, "We've got no choice, we have to tell", then back to the guy with the button, "Do you know the muffin man?"

Again the shock is applied to the two boys, this time for a bit longer than the last. "I can keep this up for quite a bit, so when you're done repeating yourselves and being smart asses, just let me know." Before asks another question he gives a hand single to the Purifier on the machine who turns the dial to shock the two again. "Again, where is the exact location of Xaviers?!"

Nicholas tries to grit his teeth and bare it, but he lets out a loud grunt through his teeth. When it dies he mutters something that sounds likes 'ScheiBe', which is about all the German he knows from hearing his Dad say it when frustrated. The second shock though causes a scream and he's breathing hard by the time he's able to answer. "Screw. You."

Again Lock isn't able to keep his composure quite as well as Nick and lets out a yell of pain also he's starting to run out of comebacks, "I'm guessing thats a no then?", he tightens his grip on the sides of the chair and waits for the next shock to come.

The Purifier in charge of the interrogation just keeps asking the same questions, mainly where the location of Xavier's is and what Xavier's defenses are. When the questions aren't answered, they keep on shocking the two teens. Without any clocks or watches it's unsure how long it goes on for but when Nicholas and Warlock are barely conscious they decide it's time to drag them back to the holding cell and throw them in there, without food, until they're ready to start asking them again.

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