2009-03-23: Electric Reunion



Summary: Wesley finally catches up with his father.

Date: March 23, 2009

Log Title: Electric Reunion

Rating: R

Resure Home, Queens

After being on the streets for close to a year, Wesley's made it to New York City. Looking for his biological father, but he doesn't want anything from the scum. He wants to make sure that he remembers Wesley and his mother. After doing some research (using a phone book) Olly whittled down the possible people to one person. A knock on the door before sticking his hand in his tattered jacket, grasping the inhibitor collar that was a part of him for so long.

The Resure home's a decent looking one this evening in Queens. Only one, slightly beat up car rests in the driveway though. Someone's home but there's no telling until the door is knocked on. The sounds of the horror film playing inside die down before someone is heard stomping towards the door. Seconds later, a young man about the age of eightteen and looking like a cross between the standard 'jock' and 'rocker' stereotypes opens the main door and peers at Wesley through the screen door. He looks the teen over and arches his eyebrows. "Yeah?"

"I'm lookin' for James R-resure." A stutter in his voice, but not because of intimidation, that much is apparent in Wesley's face. The teen starts to rub the collar with his thumb, the device still tucked in his jacket pocket.

The young man rolls his eyes. "He's not home right now. What do ya want with the old man?" he asks. "And who the hell are ya?"

"T-that's between him and m-myself." Replies Wesley. "When does h-he get back?"

"Riiight," the young man yawns. "How the hell should I know?" he seems annoyed by the question. "If ya don't tell me what ya want, you can sit out there," he adds. Those paying attention to the street will notice a more expensive car approaching the house and pulling slowly into the driveway.

"Fine, I'll w-wait." He adds in, before moving out of the way, stepping out to the sidewalk. He does notice the car coming towards the house. He's expecting it to be him. The teen starts to shake his hands, if someone's looking, arcs of electricity jump from finger to finger.

The young man at the door starts to close it until he spots the car. "Shit!" he mutters, quickly dashing back out of sight. Probably cleaning up something he shouldn't have.

From out of the car comes a large man in a suit and a thin, annoyed looking woman in a white dress. Her hair's drawn up in a bun and she almost instantly focuses on Wesley with what can only be described as a glare. "Can I help you?" the large man, almost certainly James Resure, asks as he approaches Wesley.

"Yes… you're James R-resure, right?" He asks, still grasping the collar in his jacket. "I'm Wesley Oliver C-cordova. Son of Alexandra Cor-d-dova." He's hoping the name is going to strike the tall man like a foul memory. Cause it's time to pay the piper.

James' eyes narrow as his name is said. "Yes, that's my name," he replies, growing annoyed. When the name Alexandra Cordova comes up, it takes the man a few moments to recognize it. When it does, James' eyes widen and he takes a half-step back. "What's going on here?" the woman, presumably Mrs. Resure, demands as she glares at Wesley and James.

"Almost eight-t-teen years ago your husband had an affair with my mother. She worked at the sporting goods company with him. After s-she told him that she was pregnant he hit her. Denying the a-afair, my mother went back to Canada away from him and the hell he made her life." Wesley stops a little before continuing. "Twelve years later, my family was kidnapped and I was t-taken into slavery." He holds out his right arm and the barcode can be seen. It was his number. "If h-he had the balls to man up and take it, my mother would still be alive…" Wesley gives a mean look to James, there are similarities between father and son, mainly in their stature and build.

The look from Mrs. Resure could probably have reduced a glacier to a steaming puddle before it's turned on James. He glares right back as his wife before looking to Wesley again. "And what proof do you have you're that woman's son?" he asks, not denying it.

"Damn, am I the only one of your kids that's not a complete pussy? He's as whinny as the fairy is," comes the voice of the young man from before. He's pack and has apparently stepped outside. "Get inside, Kevin," Mrs. Resure all but hisses, not reacting much when Kevin doesn't move.

"I don't have any pictures, they don't let you k-keep pictures when you're too busy mining silver, chained up like an an-animal. Bu-but you can try a test if you want." The teen rings out, at the arrival of Kevin, Wesley's electricity starts to travel up his arms, eventually arcing back inside his body. "I'd like to see y-you in a mine, see how much of a p-p-pussy you think I am then. Tell me…h-have you ev-ever had to fight for a meal, sleep in the c-cold next to a flaming b-barrel of trash just so you don't di-die of exposure?"

Before James replies, he spots the electricity. Grinding his teeth a moment, he reaches out and pulls his wife over by the upper arm. "In the car," he whispers. Kevin meanwhile just laughs, hans staring to glow bright red. "Man, you sound just as bad as him too. Waahh, my life sucked cause I was too weak and pathetic to make it better," he sneers. "You a cocksucker like him too?"

"C-c-cocksucker?" Wesley asks, not familiar with the term, he's never been able to have a relationship, unlike other teens his age. "My life sucks be-because your old man doomed my mother to d-die because I was a mutant." He looks to Kevin, his electricity starting to arc more and more. "Go a-ahead and try wh-whatever you want with wha-whatever you've got." As soon as Kevin makes contact with Wesley's skin, he'll be shocked. If not before. "Who's 'him'?" Asking his own half-brother about one another.

Very quietly, James and his wife seem to be trying to get into the car and drive away. Mrs. Resure gets in without incident but Mr. Resure is taking his time and glaring carefully at Wesley. Kevin just gives another sneer. "Oh, suck it up, baby," he rolls his eyes. Glowing red 'knives' appear on each of the fingers on his hand as he walks lazily towards and slightly to the right of Wesley. "Him? Well if you're the Old Man's kid…you got a brother other than this fine specimen," he gesture to himself. "Some little fairy punk we kicked the shit out of and tossed out into the gutter where trash like him belongs," he says, apparently enjoying himself.

Wesley's nose quivers at the joy Kevin's having with the story. Before he does what he's gonna do to Kevin, he looks over to James. "Don't you move, father. Or I'll blow that car up /right now/." The order rings loud and clear, without stumble or stutter. Without any more words Kevin is sent an arc from Wesley's hand, more than a tazers amount.

Tensing, James lets out a curse. Meanwhile, Mrs. Resure's busy with something in the glove compartment. Kevin dives to the side, surprised by the arm of electricity setting the neighbor's hedges on fire. "So ya got balls. Maybe you're not as bad as the little pansy," he says as he 'throws' the glowing blades towards Wesley. Its not a good through, poorly aimed, but those blades are still sharp!

The electric man manages to step aside as the knife is thrown at him, it does get his arm and the wound starts to bleed. He doesn't yelp in pain, he's had much worse. Another bolt of electricity is sent out to Kevin, right now, the fear of blowing up Wesley's father's car is keeping the large man at bay.

Kevin lets out a yell of pain as he's struck, knocked right back off his feet and into the neighbor's yarn. A 'thrown' energy knife goes flying off on its own, decapitating a lawn gnome. Those paying attention to the background will hear sirens approaching. Someone's called the police it seems.

The sirens do concern Wesley, so, when his half-brother is down, he moves towards his father, grasping his arm. The electric shock is considerably less then what Kevin received, but it's still painful "Where is he? Where is my other half-brother?!" He says, the electricity arcing off of Wesley's body at an extremely high rate. He knows he's gotta get out of here, but he wants James to feel pain.

James Resure lets out a rumbling growl of pain, trying to jerk his arm away from the electric teen. He just glares in response to the question. Mrs. Resure is a bit more active. It's revealed that she had been taking a gun from the glove-box and loading it. The weapon's cocked and aimed at Wesley. "The worthless scum is in Westchester. Lives with a Dr. Mayfair and some annoying little man named Parker," she says in an icy tone.

The residual heat and electricity should leave a hand-sized scar on James' arm. As the gun is pointed at him, the teen looks coldly at his would be assassin. "I'll be back for my father, he's not nearly f-fin-finished." He's absolutely pissed off at the woman, but would like to live another day. The danger being extremely high with the inevitable police and the gun pointed at his head, Wesley's body turns to electricity and arcs to a nearby powerline, but not before the added electricity overloads the block's transformer, taking the electricity with it.

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