2009-01-31: Electricity


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Summary: Daisuke and Eddie meet a new student, Jafari, and discuss powers.

Date: January, 31, 2008


Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Library

Like most Libraries, this one has that respected quite hush about it. A desk to check out books sits next to the door, next to the desk sits a statue of an Orangutan with a sign saying Return your books or else. Row upon row of books goes up and down the room. In the middle of all the shelves are two computers for looking up titles and a group of tables for students to sit and study. Along the back wall are windows with padded window seating for students to read in quiet.

"Man…this is really…not helpful," Eddie Parker-Mayfair can be heard sighing. He peeks up from his computer suddenly to make sure he's not disturbing anyone. A sheepish expression comes to his face as there's no one nearby studying. "Maybe I should talk to Ms. Frost…" he trails off. The scarred teen's in jeans and a 'Spider-Man' t-shirt this nice afternoon, researching something.

Walking in wearing a black t-shirt with some abstract design on it and a pair of jeans, Daisuke decided to look for a particualr play to read. While looking through the shelf he can't help but hear Eddie and walks over to him. "Hey Eddie, what's not helpful, maybe I can help you figure it out." He says thinking it might be school work. One thing with Dai lately is he seems to be wearing clothing that covers the various scars on his arms less and less, like he's not as embarassed about them.

Jafari leisurely walks into the library and has himself a look around. He could've gotten here another way, sure, but how is he going to learn the layout of the school if he doesn't walk around a bit? He makes his way through bookcases, gazing through the various different categories. He's an avid reader, and likes to know where the different genres are. Being a new kid around, he doesn't quite have it all figured out yet.

Eddie jumps and squeaks as someone speaks to him. Looking around quickly, he blinks when he sees Dai. "Dai!" he says with a grin after a few moments of realization. "Err…this," he says, gesturing at the screen. He's got some of the X-men database up, data on telepathic contacts. "I'm trying to figure out…what that message I got back then was…" he trails off. There's a pause as he looks up and spots Jafari. "More new students?"

Returning the same, Daisuke slides into the seat next to Eddie. "The message you got back then?" He sounds confused and then looks up at Eddie's inquiry. "I guess, I swear ever few months Scott puts an ad in the paper 'wanted, young mutants from disfunctional families to join our school." He does offer Jafari a friendly nod as a hello though.

Jafari hadn't taken notice to Eddie or Daisuke immediately. It wasn't long, however, before he had made his way over to where the computers were located, giving them each a smile and a nod respectively. "Hey. I'm Jafari…Jafari Tambura." He greets them lightly.

Eddie nods, whispering a bit. "I told you a while back, remember? Right before…before War attacked…" he winces. "I got this like…telepathic message telling me to be in Salem Center. I'm trying to figure this out since neither of us is a telepath," he explains. When Jafari comes over, Eddie smiles. "Hi! I'm Eddie," a pausse. "Oh yeah! Eddie Parker-Mayfair. Sorry, still not used to having a last name," he explains with a chuckle.

"Oh that." Daisuke nods in agreement, whispering back. He puts an arm around his friend as he winces. "Hello Jafari, I'm Daisuke Sakuragi, but you can just call me Dai." He says standing up to offer the newcomer a hand. "Welcome to Xaviers, that is, I'm assuming you're new since I haven't seen you before."

Jafari nods to Eddie and Dai. "Nice to meet you both. And…thanks." He reaches out his hand to shake Dai's. "Yeah. I'm new. Just got in the other day. Still getting used to being in a place like this, you know?" He shrugs lightly.

Eddie offers his hand for when the handshake with Dai is done. "Yeah, took me awhile to get used to this place too. Don't worry though. It'll happen quick."

"I've been hear a year and a half now, you do get used to it quick." Daisuke says running a hand through his hair as he sits back down. "I like it here a lot, can't say the same for everyone but for me it's been great."

Jafari smiles and shakes Eddie's hand as well. "I'm sure I'll love it here. I mean…I haven't met all too many people yet, but it's been amazing. Never thought I'd find a place like this. Never thought that a place like this would ever exist!"

Eddie grins. "This place is awesome!" he declares. "The classes are great and our teachers are superheroes and the other students are nice and cool and the gym is awesome and…" he pauses, needing to catch his breath.

Daisuke can't help but chuckle as Eddie goes off. "I'll take the music room and art room over the gym." Daisuke teases but that's more what he's into. "There are a lot of great oportunties here. So how long have you been ehre so far Jafari? And I don't think any of us ever think a place like this exsits."

Jafari grins at Eddie. "Well, sounds like a place that never gets boring!" He laughs. "I don't know…I think I'd like a fine combination of gym and the library personally." He chuckles. "I only got in a day or two ago. So not too long."

Eddie blushes a bit but grins. "Naw, not boring at all. In fact, Ms. Dane told me that saying you're bored around here is a great way to ensure something happens," he says, looking up. Apparently, he's considering it. "Only a day or two? Have you been downstairs yet?" he asks.

"Then remind me to never say that Eddie." Daisuke says with a smile just knowing those words would probably curse his bad luck. "Which downstairs, there's the two levles." Daisuke says to Eddie before turning to Jafari. "The danger room is really cool, I'm not sure if anyone's told you about that?"

Jafari smiles. "I'm sure that something is always happening around here whether you say that you're bored or not." He grins widely. "I haven't been down past this level yet…what's the danger room?"

Eddie takes a deep breath. "The Danger Room is one of the coolest places in the school!" he declares. "It's this -really- big room and it can go all like virtual reality and let us train and stuff and fight virtual bad guys and not got hurt. I got to fight a fake Omega Red and I almost beat him too."

Daisuke can't help but grin as Eddie talks. "Oh I hated when the ran the simulation against Omega Red." Dai says, he didn't do as well. "It's neat, I like it and it really helps you to learn your powers. I've been learning to control mine, like instead of hitting a huge area, keep it small and focused."

Jafari nods in somewhat-understanding. "That sounds interesting. But…what's Omega Red?" He asks with furrowed brow. He seems quite clueless in these matters.

Eddie squeezes Dai's shoulder. "He's really tough, Dai. I only managed to do as well as I did cause I'm so small," he says. "I'm sure you'd kick his butt this time," he says confidently. When Jafari asks about Omega Red, Daisuke will likely recognize the look in Eddie's eye. The small mutant takes a deep breath before launching into a detailed explanation of Omega Red, his powers, his epic battles with various X-groups, and even commenting on his costume and a few potental battle strategies. As usual, he's got that scary amount of detail but needs to catch his breath again.

"I just have to learn to stay away from him and that death field. And he smells really bad." Daisuke says remembering those awful pheremones he breathed in. "And Eddie forgot to mention, he's really ugly." Daisuke says grining since he knew Eddie's launch into his 'fanboy' mode. "We need to get a session together sometime Eddie, we haven't had that many."

Jafari listens quietly as Eddie describes Omega Red. He shakes his head at last. "Sounds scary. Wouldn't wanna come across him, personally." He frowns. "Not that I'm much of a fighter anyway." He sighs. Smiling at Dai, he says, "Well, being an ugly villain is the biggest disadvantage you can have, really."

Eddie nods to Dai. "See, I made him chase me to the room with all those tanks in it and snuck out through a went then used the gauntlets to blow them up but I got to close and got caught and the simulation ended…I think I'll try with the glider next time…" he trails off. There's a pause and he blushes. "Sorry, I go off like that sometimes…" he trails off. "You're not?" he asks Jafari. "What power do you have?"

"The Danger Room isn't just about being a fighter, there are plenty of people who don't have…offensive type powers." Daisuke says knowing Eddie is one of those people. "I wouldn't want to come across half the stuff they throw at us in the danger room in real life. At least there you know you're fighting something that really isn't real."

Jafari smiles at Eddie, shaking his head. "No…I kinda have…a three for one typa thing. Invisibility, darkness vision, and the ability to travel through electricity…which reminds me, I gotta talk to one of the teachers in regards to that…"

Eddie nods quickly. "Yeah. There's non-power related stuff. Like the obstacle courses!" he states cheerfully. "It wouldn't be too bad to run into some of the Danger Room stuff…" he trails off. Of course, this is the kid that's wanting to be the super hero. "Just press the panic button," he covers quickly. He smiles as Jafari explains his powers. "Wow! That's a cool set. You could be really good with stealth and infiltration."

"Travel through electricity?" Daisukey asks, obviously interested in that power. But then Daisuke's a bit of a nerd and his mind starts to think of how that would work on a scientific level. "And Eddie, when has running into any of that stuff out there done me any good?" He asks with a smile before looking back to Jafari. "Sorry, but that is really cool, being able to travel through electricity."

Jafari smiles at Eddie. "If I ran into any of that stuff, I'd just probably run to the closest street light or power socket and I'd be outta there!" He nods firmly. "No 'panic button' or anything. Just poof, and I'm gone." He smiles. He nods to Dai. "Yeah…being able to travel through electricity…it can come in handy, I guess. My body just converts itself into electricity." He frowns though, something obviously on his mind.

Eddie reaches over to give Dai a quick half-hug. "I'm sure you'll do better the next time, Dai," he says. He then looks at Jafari and tilts his head to the side. "Well, what if you run into Electro? Or a psionic? Or a mysitc? Or what if you're somewhere there aren't places to jump into?"

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with running if you think you're going to lose. It's probably safer." Daisuke says. "And that's why we're here to learn how to use our powers over time. I've been here a year an a half and I still can't fly." Daisuke's been dying to learn how to fly. "Jafari, do you mind if I ask, what do things look like when you convert yourself to energy, I'm just being curious, sorry."

Jafari shrugs at Eddie. "I guess it's hard to run from a psionic. As for this 'Electro', if his name indicates anything, if he shoots electricity at me, it can't really hurt me. I'd just probably meld with the electricity for a few seconds before becoming normal again. And if there aren't any places to jump? Well, that's what turning invisible comes in handy for." Looking at Daisuke, he shrugs once more. "I don't know what I look like, to be honest. It only happens, so far, when I come in contact with an electronic device, and then I can travel through it. No chance to actually…see. Everything is done by feeling and sensing in that state."

Eddie frowns a little. "I'm tired of running away from everything," he grumbles quietly. Looking back up, he takes another breath before launching into an explanation of Electro, his powers, the various fights with Spider-Man and the Avengers, and the really bad costume. He pauses. "He'd…He'd chase ya," he adds.

Daisuke puts his arm around Eddie for a side hug and smiles. "You and me Eddie, this years going to be better for us." He says determined to not be as depressed as often. "I've just ran into Scorpion, and that was with you Eddie, and Sabertooth. He was the worst." Daisuke says still afraid of the feral.

Jafari shakes his head. "I think I could handle what this Electro guy could shoot at me." He nods. "But chase me? I know my way around electrical systems." He smiles. "You…you guys wanna have a demonstration?"

Eddie smiles slightly. "I did really good in the Sabretooth simulation. I lasted all the way till the end where the Blackbird shows up," he says, rather happy about that. "And we kicked Scorpion's backside," he says with a nod. Jafari gets another surprised look. "I…wouldn't underestimate Electro. He might have a goofy costume but he's one of Spider-Man's most dangerous enemies…" he pauses. "A demonstration sounds cool!"

Daisuke squeezes Eddie's shoulder. "Demonstration? That'd be neat." Daisuke says. "And I wouldn't worry about that, lucky there hasn't been any crazy attacks lately, unless you count the one where you saved the universe Eddie. I mean, the mansion hasn't been attacked in months…I jinxed it didn't I?"

Jafari smiles a little. "Anything electrical, though, is no danger to me." Or he thinks so anyway. He's never really tested it much. "A demonstration…demonstration." He thinks for a moment. "Okay, I think I saw an plug near the entrance. I'll go in there and come out of this computer here?" He points to the one next to Eddie's.

Eddie blushes faintly at the mention of the Infinity Incident but says nothing of it. When Dai asks that question, Eddie looks up. "And The Brotherhood will attack in three…two…" he teases gently. When Jafari explains what he's going to do, Eddie nods. "Alright. Should we step back?"

"One." Daisuke finishes with a chuckle. He does stand up so he can give Jafari some room. "Okay." He's really curious to see this and how it might effect the electronics in the room.

Jafari smiles a little. "Nah, don't worry. I'm not going to jump out of it or anything." He grins as he walks to the plug he spoke of. Putting a finger up to it, there's a pause, and he's gone in a blink of an eye. A few seconds later there's a fizzling sound and out of the computer comes Jafari, falling onto the ground. Pushing himself up, he grins slightly. "Tada!" He smirks. "Still gotta practice my exit a little, but that's the long and the skinny of it." None of the computers actually seems effected, either. "I pretty much become a form of electricity. Me an everything attached to me." He grins. Looking at his watch he says, "Uh-oh, looks like I gotta go. Got a meeting set up with one of the teachers. See you guys around!"

Eddie jumps at the suddenness of the transit and then smiles. "Cool!" he declares, clapping a bit. He blinks when Jafari mentions the meeting, Eddie nods. "Alright. Nice meeting you, Jafari."

"Wow that was fast too." Daisuke says, obviously impressed. "I should get going too, I have to get ready to go to work for a bit. It was really nice meeting you, Jafari. I'm sure I'll see you around." He says before giving Eddie a hug. "You and I gotta go out for lunch soon okay?" He says before taking off.

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