2011-05-22: Electricty and Spiders do not mix


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Summary: Cloud and Kieran fight a four armed warrior woman and her flock of flying spiders.

Date: May 22, 2011

Log Title: Electricity and Spiders do not Mix

Rating: PG-13

Danger Room

Wherever Cloud ad Kieran are on the campus of the Xavier Institute, a voice will summon them telepathically to the Danger Room telling them to come in their squad uniforms. As they enter the empty metallic encumbering hall of the Danger Room, sitting in a meditative pose, Xorn decked out in a white Buddhist robes and his signature metal mask keeping his massive and powerful energies in check. "Welcome to the Danger Room, gentlemen!" The disembodied echoes in the room almost giving it a scary reverb.

Still not used to the purple and black training uniform, Kieran keeps stretching as he enter into the danger room. The young teen looks a little bit, well a lot, uneasy being in the large room. He doesn't even have the people from his team present to help him out this time. So it's a bit weird for him and he's trying his best to relax and not look nervous as hell, even though that's exactly how he feels.

Cloud walks into the Danger Room dressed in his squad uniform, black boots, black jean-like pants and a black t-shirt white the compusery green X on the chest, from his still dripping wet hair you can probably guess that he was in the shower when he got the message and now he's gonna get all sweaty again, "Couldn't you have sent that message an hour ago?", spotting Kieran he nods in greeting, "Hey Kieran".

The seated position of Xorn levitates upward through the expansive room, "Thank you both for coming." As he reaches the control booth he pauses a moment and looks between the two students, "Kieran O'Toole. I am Shen Xorn, X-Man and teacher at the Institute. Welcome to the Danger Room, training room for all mutants who have entered this school. You will train here both individually, with your squadron of the Paragons and also with other students. It can be slightly overwhelming, so for your first session I have decided to have one of the advanced students join you. And so Cloud Rosen will assist you in the session. Any questions." He simultaneously sends a message to Cloud, "Thank you for assisting as always Cloud."

"Nice to meet you sir." Kieran says trying to sound relaxed and after a moment closes his eyes and takes a few nice slow deep breaths and begins looking a little calmer,"Good to see you again Cloud. Well maybe we'll find out why Star didn't want you knowing my powers now." He says laughing a little bit as he stretches again, going up on to his toes,"Well this should be interesting. I've been hearing all sorts of rumours about this place."

"No problem Xorn, one of the few things i'm good at and i kinda owe it to the school", Cloud runs his hands though his hair shaking out some of the water, "I told you before, Star is just over protective", he leans against the wall, "We getting a new squad member, we're down a team mate now".

Entering the Control Booth, Xorn sits before the panel and quickly runs down an assortment of scenarios. Choosing one, Xorn inputs some data into the panel and the metallic chamber where Kieran and Cloud stand goes completely dark. While in complete darkness, Xorn telepathically responds to Cloud, "For the moment no, but when the new semester starts I trust there will be a new member. Also, Kieran is wields electricity. While I understand your sister's concern, I will monitor your during the exercise too."

When light returns to the students the metallic chamber is gone and the students find themselves in a simple plain field in grass. It is nice summer day. But that will soon change as fluttering can be heard. Like wings. Three large spiders the size of german shepherds can be seen in the distance. One carries an armored four-armed female yielding a spear, mace, and sword. From her free hand she points to the students and two winged spiders fly down one towards Kieran and the other towards Cloud.

Oh HELL! Kieran does not look at all happy to see the spider flying in his direction or the rather large spiders with a woman seated on it. "You know… If I didn't hate spiders before, I think I am beginning to hate them now!" He says with a nervous laugh as he begins backing up,"Any suggestions what I should do? Because do you know what the right level of electricity to tazer a stupid spider would be?" He asks as he works on putting a little distance from the creatures.

As soon as the flying spiders come in his direction Cloud makes the decision to get some distance between him and them, at the same time he spots Kieran panicing slightly, "Kieran if unsure, just run!", his exit route switches so that he's moving in the same direction as the younger mutant.

The golden armored four armed woman remains on her spider hovering in place as she watches the two mutants run. She laughs to herself as she speaks in some alien language. The spider chasing Kieran stops and turns quickly as it swoops down towards Cloud. So one flying towards him from the front and the other swooping down and chasing him from his back. As they swoop down some sort of stinger is revealed from them. The armored woman then commands her spider steed to fly towards Kieran as she yells out in an alien language as she hurls her golden spear towards him.

Seeing the spider change course, Kieran notices the spear quick enough that he tries to get it to stop mid air and turn sideways so that the armored woman would run into it. "Did I mention I was also capable of altering magnetic charges?" Kieran asks curiously to Cloud. He's not capable of hurling it the way he does somethings since it's a large object but he's able to move it well enough since it's small.

"No you didn't", Cloud gulps as he sees the stingers, coming up with a plan he decides to take a risk, waiting until the last possible second he dives off to the left, "Kieran, blast me!", he quickly switches his attention back to the stinging spiders.

As Kieran stops the spear and turns it facing the armored warrior. She leaps off the spider before running into it. She lands near Kieran and slashes forward with her sword and lashes out with her mace towards the young mutant. While Cloud is successfully able to dodge the spiders, but they are quick to fly back towards him. Xorn meanwhile remains silent, but when Cloud shouts his command to be blasted by Kieran, Xorn prepares roper protocols should something go awry.

Dropping the spear, Kieran tries to run backwards to avoid the sword and the mace,"Oh jesus." He says as he tries to avoid them, getting grazed by the mace and wincing a bit,"Here. It's all I can spare right now." He says sending a bolt from his right hand towards Cloud and sending another one from his left hand at about the strength of a tazer gun. While he very much doubt that he'll be able to do a whole lot with that left of strength, it's worth a shot.

Cloud yells out in pain as he gets the timing slightly off but he manages to absorb the majority of the blasts, no where near enough for anything long term but it might just be enough, in one quick move he superspeeds away from the spiders, picking up the spear the woman dodged on his way and coming to a stop between Kieran and the woman as he runs out of power.

As the other blast strikes the armored woman, she looks down on her gold plated armor where it stroke and then looks back and Kieran and laughs, "Is that the best you can do boy?" She takes another swing at him with the sword, but finds the strike blocked by Cloud and her spear. Connecting the spear and the sword there is a loud clink and she screams out, "Do you fancy yourself a warrior?" She asks Cloud as the spiders swoop around again and stop short of the warriors, but simply fly around encircling all the participants.

"Well it was worth a shot." Kieran says seriously before trying to fire off electrical bolts at taser level at the winged spiders. He really doesn't like those things. They're really ugly and he has a bad feeling that if the woman starts actually losing then there will be a lot of problems and having them behind them is even worse an idea to him. "You take her and I'll see if I can't get rid of the flying uglies. Not that she's all that great herself…"

"Good luck Kieran, don't overdo it, run if you have to", now the woman has Cloud's full attention, "Yeah, i do give me your best shot Xena", ok never done a sword fight before, but honestly how hard can it be.

The shots from Kieran are effective as the blast strikes one of the fire. When it hits it, the spider explodes sending a raining of spider guts onto the mutants. The other fly higher but still circle. As the sword comes down continuing to batter against the spear. The warrior woman hopes to knock the spear from Cloud's hands as she backs each strike with her natural strength, not very strong but still pretty strong.

"Ummm… Ok. Yeah this is gross." Kieran says trying to get some of the spider guts off of himself. "I am going to try something but it could be really bad." He says as he begins trying to use his magnetic abilities on the sword to try and pull it up of the armored war hag's grasp,"I don't plan to overdo it but I'm not going to play the chicken here. There's a certain amount of stuff that I can still try. Just keep between her and me." He says seriously,"If necessary, I'm going to exhaust my battery on the Warrior Hag."

Cloud nods and does his best to keep between the woman and Kieran, he may be stronger than the woman but he's not used to fighting with a weapon he's barely blocking the blows and it won't be much longer til he drops the spear.

*Clink* *Clink* *Clink* The sword continues to smash down onto the spear when finally Kieran's trick work. The sword is suddenly flung from her hands and out of her grasp, but she still has the mace. "Enough of this." She swings the mace down on the spear and the two remaining spiders fly down zipping towards Kieran.

This time rather than just dropping the sword, Kieran moves to throw the sword hilt first into the woman's head from behind. All the while the blonde teen begins trying to run away from the ugly spider minions. "You know lady. Not only are you really really ugly, but your minions are pretty damn ugly too." He says while trying to get the creatures to have to go through her to get to him.

Yeah when Kieran was told Cloud was impulsive it was true, he takes the force of the mace into his already scared chest, grunting in pain he drops the spear and places the hand holding it on the woman's hand and absorbs.

The sword hilt hits the back of her head and she falls into Cloud's hand as he begins to absorb some of her life energy. She falls over in a hump and as she falls unconscious, the spiders stop chasing Kieran and seem unsure of what to do as they hover and fly over towards the fallen warrior. Xorn watching from the control booth mentally connects with Cloud to prepare to prepare for what if anything happens to Cloud and go for the ride, mentally as least. After a few moments of hovering in place, one spider flies away, but the other stares at the two mutants and screams at it releases some sticky residue webbing.

Dropping the sword, Kieran doesn't bother running this time and instead throws a thin bolt of electricity slightly stronger than your typical taser at the remaining spider. "I think I see what they meant now." He says panting a little bit. This is probably the most he's ever actually pushed himself and he's starting to look a bit like he's going to drop here at any moment from the sheer amount of energy he's been using.

Letting go of the woman's hand Cloud gets a rush of aggression and warrior mentality and his fingernails and eyes turn black and his blood vessels become more prominent, without thinking he lifts up the unconscious woman to use as a shield against the webs.

As the spider shoots webbing, Cloud is able to successfully use the warrior woman as a shield. The spider connects with her and draws her towards itself when the blast from Kieran connects directly with the spider which causes it to explode and add even more of a mess to the two of them. With the enemies dealt with the room goes dark and then returns to its normal empty metallic chamber. Xorn literally walks on air as he levitates down towards the two nodding his head. Mentally connected to Cloud, "Focus and release the nature of the warrior woman. Breathe and regain control." The message is repeated mentally in an almost mantra-like tone.

"Who knew that when spiders and electricity meet there's an explosion?" Kieran asks laughing a bit weakly and brushing more spider bits off of himself. He's definitely going to need to shower after this one. Bits of fried spider guts make him feel quite gross. His blonde hair also lays matter on his head from sweat and well… spider parts. "So are all danger room sessions like this? Ending with spider goo?"

"I'm fine, the traits i got from her there weren't all that different from the ones you feel on the football field, it was already fading anyway", it takes longer contact for Cloud to be overwhelmed nowdays, "You happy with the result of the session?"

Xorn's disembodied voice rings out and speaks to the two, "Yes, I am. Cloud, you are not as easily overwhelmed as it has in previous sessions. Also, you threw yourself between Kieran and the warrior woman. You were ready to defend a lesser experienced classmate." Turning to Kieran, "And you did very well. You have never been in a situation like that and yet you demonstrated great thinking. You used your powers on her weapons disarming her and were creative hitting her with the hilt of the sword. And you both knew when to run and when to attack." He bows to both. "Again, Cloud, you prove yourself to me with each session and Kieran, I will show the video of the session to Mr. Gilpatrick and my assessment of the your first session. Which went very well."

"Well she took a tazer and wasn't phased and if I used too strong a blast then I'd have had no energy for firing subsequent." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"Well I tried to knock her out faster by trying to clothesline her with the spear but there wasn't much good since she dodged it. I wouldn't have affected the mace as well, which left the sword." He says shifting his weight a little bit,"So umm… can we go now because I /really/ feel the need to shower."

Cloud smiles at Kieran, "He's right, you did brilliant man, you reacted quickly and you can think on your feet, keep at it the way you did there, you'll have no problem with the real thing", he turns back to Xorn, "I could've done better though, if it wasn't for the energy Kieran can produce, the spiders would've got me, i still can't deal with a situation where i can't access electricity or metal".

"As squad leader, I think you did very well. But perhaps a session geared specifically towards fighting and defense will be more useful. Since Gambit has returned to the X-Men, perhaps, you should see about getting in some time with him. I'll see if I can arrange something." Xorn then turns to Kieran, "Yes, go clean yourselves up. I must prepare for a meeting. But good job, boys." With that Xorn goes back to the control room and when the teens leave he will make his way up to a staff meeting.

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