2010-04-11: Elevator Repair Work


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Summary: Lucas apologizes to James for fighting with him. James apologizes to Lucas for fighting with him. James and Lucas fight over who's apology is right.

Date: April 11, 2010

Elevator Repair

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

handles over his shoulder. His left eye is still black, and his left arm is in a cast. He's wearing a hospital gown, and is scowling at a nurse. "Hurry up, come on!" he shouts at her. "Ah'm already late, gimme the shot already!" The nurse just rolls her eyes, continuing to prepare a needle a few feet away.

James comes meandering in, ears sideways in his limited way of showing some uncertainty about being in here. It only takes a second to find where he's going. It's the sound of the yelling that makes it so easy. Padding up to Lucas, the hyena gives him a look, "This woman giving you trouble?" He crosses his arms, giving her a rather rough look. The type a bouncer would give someone at a club. Because, you know, that'll help.

Lucas huffs, "She's takin' her time with those antibiotics… Ah keep tellin' her she's goin' too slow…" The nurse walks over with the needle and smirks, "Maybe you shouldn't have overslept. Now, you gonna be nice, or should I insist this get injected in your butt?" Lucas' eyes widen just slightly, and he quickly holds out his right arm. "No rush. We're good…" he says, a little panicked.

James watches the scene unfold, trying his best at a neutral poker face. Taking in the scale of Lucas' injuries, however, it's easy to see how bad he'd be at playing cards. It's amazing what can happen in a split second and how long the regret lasts afterwards. "You outta here?" he asks, not wanting to call attention to the man yet, "Cause, Kenta sent me down to grab you." That last part, a lie.

Lucas winces as the nurse gives him the injection and then shoves his shoulder a little, dismissing him. Lucas sighs, and looks at James. "Doc's used his powers on me. He says he needs to see me for that every mornin'. Figures Ah'll be all set by Monday, but… yeah… Ah'm at least outta here for now." He sighs, tilting his head a bit. "Don't just stand there like a lost puppy, Jimmy. Push my ass."

Without waiting for permission from the attending RN, LPN, or whatever she was, the hyena takes the reigns and wheels Lucas out of the med bay. "Not the daring escape I was hoping for. But it'll do," James says with a sigh, yeah, no lasers and no exploding robot doctors. He takes the corner into the hallway a little sharp, nearly taking Lucas with it. And with that, they're out. "Back to the room?" he asks?

Once out in the hallway, Lucas chuckles, "No. The gym. Team meeting. Unless you're still quittin'?" He strains his neck a little to look over his shoulder at James. "Are you?"
Theo pages, "Hey gents" to Lucas and James.

James says, "Gym," the hyena says, taking the extra long scenic route. Into the elevator they go, as James takes Lucas for a ride. Then, OOPS, he hit the 3rd floor…and second, and first. Basically every button 'except' the right one. "Damn…I suck tonight. Looks like this will take a moment." He hmms, "No, I got it." And he puts his hand over the panel, trying to get his mutant power to do somehting, "I'll have this fixed in a second!" And in that second the elevator has stopped mid-floor, an alarm sounding, "Wow…second time this week. Guess we're stuck!" He hummms, "So…you were asking about the team?" The look on his face, yeah…he probably did this on purpose."
James pages, "Yo." to Lucas and Theo.

Lucas looks suspiciously at the control panel, and then at James. He exhales very slowly, as if he's really not in the mood for whatever's happening. Finally, he says, "Ah'll need your help with my gloves if'n you're lookin' for this to be a fair fight."

James gives Lucas a look and frowns, "You trying to pick a fight? Cause I'm trying to apologize, but if you want me….agggggh!" He hits the reset button on the panel with his fist, "Fine. Gym." Huff! He moves back behind Lucas and glowers a little, finally saying, "No. I'm not leaving the team."

Lucas looks back forward at the doors. "Good." He waits a moment as the elevator begins to move again, before he says, flatly, "Don't apologize. It wasn't your fault." He sighs, "It was mine."

James ppphts, irritably, "You wish, Chernobyl. I put you into the wall. Hard to deny that was your fault." Silence for a moment, the hyena's eyes never leaving the elevator display, "Kenta told me about the deal you made. Can't say it was the right thing to do, but I can't disagree with the results. He's staying off my back."

Lucas chews his lip for a minute. Then he says to the door, quietly, "Ah picked the fight with you on purpose. Mind you, Ah didn't expect the wall… but… well… Ah weren't mad at you. The problem was me. So… Ah'm sorry."

James narrows his eyes a little as he bounces on the tips of his toes, "I'd say it's okay, but I picked the fight with you. I've been running around half cocked for weeks, looking to put someone in the hurt locker. So…it's my fault. And I'm sorry about it. Just…glad it was you and not one of these wimps on campus that couldn't take a hit. You know?"

Lucas shakes his head, "Ah picked the fight with you because Ah new you could take it. Because Ah was mad you was quittin' the team. But it was my fault, Jimmy." He shrugs a little, "Ah was mad at Theo. Fuck, you know me. Ah'm always mad at everyone. Ah just… Ah figured you'd take it."

James nods and sighs, "You called me a liar. That…really pissed me off." He nods to himself, eyes never leaving a spot above the door, "I ain't no fucking liar." Never mind that he just told the Nurse one. But, some dualities are best explained another day. "So, I used you an an excuse to beat on…which was wrong. And I'm sorry. And I'm not leaving the team…someone's gotta keep you guys in line." He's quiet for a moment, "I'm fucked up. But they're trying to fix me. I almost killed Jono. Like, for-reals." The door opens, they're finally back on the right floor to access the gym.

Lucas sighs, "Jono told me there was somethin' in your head makin' you do shit. That's NOT what you told me. You told me he was havin' you mindraped by Addison for no reason. You was lyin' to me. And it doesn't matter." He shakes his head, "Ah don't fuckin' care."

James wheels Lucas outside of the elevator a little roughly, "It matters to me! I'm not a liar, and I will kick the ass of anyone who says so." Deft nod to that, even if the rules are subjective, "But, I'm sorry. You're like family, you know. I don't wanna ruin that. It bugs me a lot that it got that far…but it's being fixed. Okay?"

Lucas shakes his head, "It ain't ruined. Look, this was me, not you. Stop frettin'." He sighs, "Christ, just take my fuckin' sorry an' be happy."

James grumbles, "You're not saying you're taking mine yet. But…I'm taking yours. Fine?" He continues pushing the wheelchair down the hallway, reiterating, "Least you can take a hit. Imagine Tara. Yeesh…."

Lucas sighs, watching the hall pass by as he's pushed. "Sometimes…" He furrows his brow a little, thinking, and then offers quietly, "Sometimes gettin' my ass kicked helps remind me it's okay to feel."

James' eyes fall on Lucas, keeping a careful watch as if his roommate were about to get up and run, "Yeah…." It's feigned experience, but he's hoping Lucas won't notice, "But next time, though, let's do it in the DR, okay? Kenta was a little mad about the wall."

Lucas rolls his eyes, "Fuck Kenta. Ah have to spend time with him so you don't get demerits." He shakes his head, "He's also tryin' to get jono of the team for us, too."

James nods, "Yeah, well, about that. Jono and I talked. I'm giving him a second chance. If he screws up, he's off. How's that?" He taps his claws on the chairs' handles, "He's new…so he's allowed to fuck up at least once. Right?" James shrugs, "I did almost kill the guy. Felt like I owed him a favor."

Lucas sighs, "You're better'n me. Ah think he's a fuckin' arrogant cock." He sniffs, and he coughs a few times, wincing and holding his chest. "…damn…" He looks around a bit, seeing if they're almost at the gym, before saying, "Ah really was tryin' to help you…"

James gives Lucas' shoulder a slap, "I have no doubt. Not for a second. It's what we do. Jono…well…he's British. Right? But, hell, I got him back. Dumped water on his titled sister. She's like a princess or something. She totally got soaked." The beast chuckles, "And, it's not hard to be better than you I just gotta wake up in the morning and I'm already done."

"Whatever," Lucas says, rolling his eyes.

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