Elizabeth White
Portrayed By Lily Collins
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 14th
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Fresco
Place of Birth Beaumont, Texas
Current Location New York
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Henry White (Father), Lisa White (Mother - Deceased)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Psionic Art Animation
First Appearance ???

Elizabeth is a teenage mutant, born into a wealthy family, who attends Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.


Elizabeth was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas. Her father is Henry White and her mother was Lisa White (who is now deceased).

She never got a chance to know her mother, who died in a car crash not long after Elizabeth was born but growing up this never really seemed important to her. Born into money and raised by a doting father she never wanted for either attention or toys.

Her early years were fairly typical for a rich girl with family keen to spoil her rotten. She took piano lessons and spent time learning about horses on the family ranch. And of course there were plenty of overseas trips, both for events hosted by family friends and to meet distant relations. Most of such trips she spent reading fairy tales and discussing who had the better collection of ponies or stuffed animals back home with her cousins.

The most important day in her young life came when she was seven. Playing dress up with some of her mothers old clothes found packed away in storage Elizabeth came across some of her mothers paintings. Curious she exploded some more, finding old art books and dried up supplies. After a few hours spent digging through boxes she tracked down her father and proudly proclaimed she wanted to do art just like mommy did.

Henry was quite stunned by the declaration, almost entirely out of character for his darling daughter, but quickly arranged for everything she might need. Even though inside he was torn between the joy that she was interested in connecting with her mother and the similarities between the two of them.

With dedication that was entirely unexpected Elizabeth not only continued with her art studies, but proved to be quite talented even at such an early age. Over the years she went through a series of tutors, learning everything they could teach her in terms to styles and techniques and then replacing them at greater and greater cost. She even dropped the other private lessons she was having, giving up entirely upon her previous ambition of playing the piano for a living.

By the time she was twelve Elizabeth had given up most of her hobbies aside from painting and expanding her beloved plushie collection. Even the ponies her dad had bought her when she was ten failed to keep her interested for long.

At fourteen her mutation first began to manifest in the form of headaches, fainting and a letter from an establishment called 'Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters' . A few times the staff would complain that it felt like they were being watched while cleaning her art room, but nothing more seemed to come from it. Her father read the letter and promptly ignored it, assuming it was some kind of attempt to extort money perhaps.

Over the next two years Elizabeth spent more and more time at home. Eventually shifting to home schooling because of health reasons. She never quite understood that it was her obsessive painting which was causing her illness. Although her work improved to such an extent she even sold a few works on commission, including a design for a fantasy novel cover that was produced by one of the family friends.

For her sixteenth birthday Elizabeth begged her dad to pay for a gallery exhibition. So she could show off her work. He agreed but only on the condition that she use her real name, rather than the name her previous art had been sold under. Reluctantly she agreed and began working on the main display pieces she had in mind.

The first of January marked the grand opening of her exhibition. Anyone who had praised her work under her assumed name was invited and Elizabeth, anxious enough that her father had the family doctor on hand in case she fainted, waited eagerly to hear what they thought.

The reactions weren't what she hoped. People who had loved everything she'd done before hand muttered disparaging remarks, claimed she'd simply used her fathers money to pay for the space and that she was probably not even responsible for the few works of art which they did like.

Devastated, something inside of Elizabeth snapped and she fainted. Her father and Doctor Jones quickly rushed her into a back room in the hope that being away from the crowd would make her feel better. Unfortunately taking her away from her main work, a giant oil painting titled simply 'Folly' broke what little control she had over the psionic constructs inside it.

Without Elizabeth to control them the creatures, twisted ghoul-like figures, sprang out from the painting and began to attack the guests. In the panic that ensued many people were hurt, both by the creatures and in the crush to escape. Eventually the police arrived and managed to restore some sort of order.

The investigation which followed put the blame on the actions of an unidentified mutant. Who was assumed to have been attempting some kind of terror attack against the city. Elizabeth's name was kept out of the spotlight, thanks largely in part to the families wealth and influence.

Finally understanding exactly what the letter received so many years ago meant and fearing for his daughters safety Henry White made urgent calls to Xavier's. In the hope he could get her safely away from the city before any similar occurrences happened which would lay the blame for the riot at the art gallery on her.




Having been involved with various forms of art since she was old enough to pick up a brush Elizabeth is a talented artist whose skills mostly tend towards drawing, various kinds of painting and chalk/charcoal works. She's dabbled with other forms, like sculpture and acid etching, but her favorite is oil painting. She's even sold a few pieces and has produced cover art for an (unsuccessful) fantasy novel.

Elizabeth has some degree of knowledge about equestrianism, having owned various horses and ponies throughout her life. She's an average rider, but knows lots about the right way to look after the animals.

She can play the piano and read sheet music to the sort of level anyone could achieve if they had several years of expensive piano lessons.


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