Ellema Wocklim
Portrayed By Auriga Suicide
Gender Female
Date of Birth Dec 23
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Capricorn/Rat
Aliases X-School/X-Men
Place of Birth NYC
Current Location X-School
Occupation Student/Parkourer/Model/Mutant Teen
Known Relatives Mother & Father
Significant Other Looking
Identity Parkour
Known Abilities Intangible and Unseen Energy Aura
Perfect Balance
Enhance Strength
Enhance Jumping
Enhance Running
Wall Clinging
Enhance Flexibility
First Appearance Uneventful

A good looking black woman, proudly standing five feet nine inches tall, standing straight, never hunched over nor slouched. Her light brown skin has started to turn white in places from vitiligo.


Standing before you is a good looking woman, she standing five feet nine inches tall. The ways he holds herself shows she is prideful woman standing striate never hunch over or slouches. Her skin is different than most, her light brown skin has started to turn white from Vitiligo.
On top of her head she has a beautiful natural afro. While she does have an afro it not oversized or distracting from the rest of her. Her face seems almost untouched by the Vitiligo. Her ears are prefect for her head not too big or too small in each ear has a diamond stud. Each stud has a thin gold chain hanging off it; at the end of the chain is a triangle with a capital P though it. Her eyebrows have been pluck, wax, or shaved (it is hard to tell) into thin arches. The arches are so thin but get thicker as they closer to the center of her forming at one end a sideway drop shape. She has almond shaped eyes that seem to see deep into you. The color of her eyes are dark so dark they blend with the black of the eye. Around the right eye is a pale patch. Over her eyes she wears a pair of black frame glasses. Like many African American her nose is wide and on the flat side. The nose fits her face and does not any of her natural beauty. In the right side of her nose she has a silver stud with a diamond mounted on it. Her mouth is full with thick dark lips. At the corners of her mouth she has small almost circle shape patch of pale skin.
Her body is a work of art the type you see in painting hanging in New York City or Paris. She has a beautiful hourglass shape body that will only get lusher with age. Her neck is long and swan like holding her head high and never letting hang in shame. The Vitiligo starts to get worst on the neck with large patches of pale skin on it; these patches leave little darker skin to be seen. Around her patchy neck is a thin silver chain with a small silver charm hanging off it. The charm is a globe but you have to be close to see it’s anything but a silver sphere. Her chest is cover with large patches of pale flesh. On her collar bones there are twin red and black nautical star. Her shoulders are broader than most women but still smaller than a man. Her arms are sculpted. Her shoulders are fully white but her arms are mostly untouched other than a patch of pale skin on each elbow. Her hands are well proportioned if not a little long fingered. Her hands are fully covered with pale skin there in no hint of her natural darker flesh.
She dresses in wears a pink belly shirt. She wears over this shirt she wears a black mesh shirt. Over her left breast about where her heart is she has a small yellow pin of a yellow smiley face. Her stomach is flat and toned to the eye. Her front is mostly clear expected for a pale spot around her belly button. Small pale spots can be found on her sides and larger ones on her back.
Her hips taper out making the bottom part of the hour glass. She’s wearing a pink and black plaid skirt. Around her waist, a black leather belt with silver studs holds up the skirt. Her legs are long and made like those of a runner. On her feet, she wears a pair of black boots that come up to her shins. The boots have a couple of silver buckles that hold them close. The heel of the boots is five inch spike heels with a steel tip.


Before I get to my story let me give you some background on my family. My mother was from Texas was going to college up in New York City. This is where he met her future husband my father at some local bar. It was a whirl wind romance they were married three months later. I was born six month later, so I guess my mother’s white wedding dress was a lie but in truth it does not matter.
I was born like most in a hospital, my mother said I was prefect baby or as she called me a little chocolate drop, I only out grew that nickname when I became a teenager. I was like most little girls I played with Barbie Dolls and My Little Pony. I had many friends around the block and in the apartment building I lived in. We did not have much money being lower middle class but back then I thought we were rich. I never went hungry but I never had more then I needed too. My mother was a nurse and my father was a bartender, both working long hours so I spent most of the day with my grandma’s apartment, lucky for me she lived in the same apartment building so I still got to play with my friends.
When I got a little older I started school and made new friends. I was not the brightest in my class but not the dumbest too. I enjoy school and learning new things my mind is like a sponge and just sucks up. I always studied hard and did independent reading learning more on subjects I enjoyed. I soon found my self-spending more and more time reading books, and not just fiction books but non-fiction as well.
When I was 7 my life changed, it started small almost unnoticed by me but as it grew larger there was no way I could not notice, pale spots oh my hands and body. I showed my mother and she set up an appointment with my doctor. My doctor did a bunch of test and then sent me to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist looked over my body in detail and found more spots in places I could not see, after some test the dermatologist told us it was Vitiligo. The dermatologist wanted to use an ultraviolet light to treat me and my mother agreed, so two or three times a week I had to go to the dermatologist and get the treatment. I hated going for the treatment not because it hurt or anything in truth I did not feel anything the pale patches have little to no feeling but because it was boring. I did a lot of reading in the treatments when they were not doing my arms. The treatments did little and the patches kept spreading around my 9th birthday the dermatologist stopped my treatment, she did not want to do any type of skin grafting and the spots where not to the point to remove the rest of the pigment of my skin so she proscribe a cover up makeup.
So at the age of 9 I was allowed to wear makeup every little girls dream right well not for me I wear makeup not to be notice. For the next two years I wore the makeup not knowing the drain it took on my mother and father’s wallets but the day came when the money ran out as well as the makeup. From that day on I had to live with the patches. I covered up when I went out even in the heat of summer and stayed indoors when I could. I went farther into my reading and got into video games.
I did this for a while but something else had happen I was maturing both physically and mentally, I realize that the girl looking back at me in the mirror was beautiful. Sure the spots had gotten bigger but they did not matter and in truth they somehow added to my beauty. I started covering up less and less sure sometimes the people gawking at me got to me and I felt like hiding I didn’t I’d toughed it out and soon they were not a problem.
My group of friends grew and soon I was running with a group of Parkours. By the time I was 15 I was very skilled at the sport and enjoyed it a lot. Each weekend I went out and just ran and jumped with my friends until I was too tired to walk.
One weekend Ivy came to town, Ivy is my older cousin twice removed or something like that. She an art student in college who was interested in photos, As part of a final project for her class she had created a website features photos and text profiles of Goth, Punk, Metal and Indie-Styled young women to show beauty beyond that of the mainstream media. She wanted me and my friends to be the first to pose for her. She ask me and my mother and father and after a long talk about what would and would not be proper my parent agree under the terms that one of them have to be with me and they get to veto any outfit and pose that they did not think was proper. The next day my mother, Ivy, and I go to Ivy’s studio apartment and I took a bunch of photos. I loved modeling it made me feel pretty. She uploaded photos to her website. A few months later she starts to get fan mail not a lot but some.
During a Parkour session is when I was discovered another change that happen to me is my mutant powers showed themselves. Like being discover by Ivy this happen when I was doing Parkour, at first I didn’t even realize it happened as they fit so well into the sport. One day I running down a dead end alley I started picking up speed leaving my friends in the dust and then jumped on top of a trash can and leaped over the wall jumping higher then I should have been able to landing on my feet on the other side. I thought it was the adrenaline from the run that allow me to do it. It kept happening and not just in my Parkour I seem to just get faster at times or jump higher then I should be able to. I did not know what to make of it and kept it to myself though I didn’t know what to tell people since I was not sure what was going on. I did like the edge it gave me in Parkour I never tripped or fell and I was faster and make jumps I couldn’t before. The hard part it seems to come and go so I always had to be careful to be sure it was working before I made any jump. Outside Parkour I had to be careful since I would just speed up or a skip could end in a larger jump then she wanted.
For the most part I kept it on the down low from people. That is until someone shows up at my door saying they from a school for mutants and they like me to join. At first I thought it was a mean joke about my Vitiligo and I lambasted into the poor guy calling him all types of name that a lady should not know. Once I was done he explains he didn’t mean her Vitiligo but some other thing a mutation or power I had. It took me a moment to think of it but the running and jumping came to mind. I told him about it and he agrees that must be it. He asked if he come in and talk to me and my parents, I was not sure but my father came by and at the moment wanting to know who was at the door and the two of them talked. After a few moments he lets the man in. He leads him to the living room and calls for my mom to join us; I had followed to two in. Once my mom came the man explains who he is and why he was there, then the focus shifted to me as my father asked me if I was a mutant. What could I say? I just discovered what I was a moment before I opened my mouth and shut it again without making a sound and shrugged. I found my voice and told my mother and father about the running and jumping, they took the news better then I hoped, maybe it was the Vitiligo had open there mind or maybe it was their love for me but my father just nodded and my mother gave a loving but awkward smile. The man makes his offer to have her go to a privet school up state just for mutants. My father and mother ask many questions they always do when it involves me and then my father ask me if I want to go. I thought this question over a lot but that was hard as there were three set of eyes on me but finally and nod, “I would like to try it.” I stated. My family and the man talk some more about this and that about the school and finally everything is settled and the man left.
A couple days later we all piled in the car and drove up to the school. I was surprise by how beautiful the school was it was nothing like a public school more like a house. My mom and dad checked me in and hugs and kissed me wishing me luck and saying if I want to return home call any time. My father gives me a credit card and told me to use it only in an emergency. After long good buys they are off and I am at a new school.


Ellema enjoys knowledge and learning new things. She has a love affair with books could spend hours reading them. She can spend hour’s just reading fiction and non-fiction books, she the type of girl who can quote all her favorite books. She enjoys independent learning. When she not learning and reading she enjoys playing video games, she a big gamer enjoying all the popular games and pretty good at them.
Ellema is a thrill seeker she enjoys taken risk and moving fast track, she normally gets this thrill by doing Parkour. Before coming to the school she would do it every weekend the weather allowed with her friends. This also relates to other risky things. She will enjoy anything that gets her heart pounding and gives her the rush of danger.
Ellema is a confident woman who has overcome shyness about her Vitiligo. She enjoys her body now and even likes showing off her pale patches. She enjoys how they make her different and stand out in the crowd. She so confident that she even did some modeling for a website who modeled on a website features photos and text profiles of Goth, Punk, Metal, and Indie-Styled young women.
Ellema is a good girl she not one who will cheat on and test or in a game. She always strides to follow the rule set before her. This does not mean will not question a rule if she finds it unfair. She bring her concerns to who in charge or even protest unfair laws.
Without question Ellema is not the kind of woman who let the weak and innocent to suffer. She will always come to the aid of a cry of help no matter the danger to her. If she sees someone harming someone weaker or defensive a dark anger is brought to the surface. She will not kill but she will release such a fury that may leave someone on the brink of it.


Around Ellema’s body there is a strange aura of energy. This aura reaches out a good two inches from her normally. This energy is intangible and unseen with the naked eye, though it can be seen with any device that detects energy, or any energy sensing power. On other people and objects this energy has no effect. This energy gives her enhance athletic abilities bringing them to double that of peak human abilities.

Perfect Balance
One of the effects of the energy aura gives Ellema enhanced balance taken it beyond normal human peak. With this enchantment she will able to walk or stand on narrow surfaces like she standing on the ground (tight rope, flag pole, fence post, and so on). Slick surfaces like ice where a normal person would slip or slide, she will be able to walk normally.
This ability will allow her to do feats that most people could not do like stand on her head without support or hold her whole body on a single finger. Also while jumping or dropping she like a cat able to land on her feet. She also able to shift her balance while in the air so she can land on another part of her body or in a position to roll out the landing.

Enhance Strength
The energy aura around her body grants her enhance strength. While not a strong any many mutant’s or heroes she stronger than common person, she able to lift 300 pounds and pulls 500 pounds. These are her max limits she cannot push herself past them at the moment.

Enhance Jumping
The energy aura around her body and her enhance strength grants her the ability to jump or leap farther then common people. With a running start she can jump a distances of 49.6 feet forward and 16.06 feet high.

Enhance Running
The energy aura around her body and her enhance strength grants her the ability to reach speeds of 60 MPH while running.

Wall Clinging
She cannot sit on the wall like Spiderman or Nightcrawler but instead when she on the move (walking, running, or jumping) she able to hold the wall with the energy aura the around her body. This clinging can hold up to double her body weight allowing able to carry objects if need be.

Enhance Flexibility
Ellema’s bone and joint structure is flexible than an ordinary human. This enables her to perform contortionist-type feats without causing any damage to her body. While her other powers are linked to the energy field this one is a physical mutation.

Theme Song



  • I'm not good at fishing for Info so I'm just going ask you bluntly.
  • Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
  • I love my spots.


  • Ellema does Parkour in the city for fun.
  • Ellema has model for an online site and has a profile for modeling.
  • Ellema thinks of her self as rocking roll.
  • Ellema is bi-sexual.


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