2010-06-29: Embassy of Genosha


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Summary: A new structure appears overnight in Mutant Town, Jamie and Jono meet up only to be joined by Renate.

Date: June 29,2010

Log Title Embassy Of Genosha

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Morning arrives and all over Mutant Town there's the buzz of talk. This time it's not stabbings either. Somehow, entirely without warning, an entire block was demolished and rebuilt over night. The Embassy of Genosha now stands in all its considerable glory. The building is lovely to behold, with artistic details in near everything, but makes no illusions to how fortified it is. If one knows what to look for. There's a crowd outside, gawking at it, for the doors haven't opened yet. No one has been inside, but really now. Even in New York buildings don't normally appear over night. Come to see it and there's a certain black clad figure in that crowd as well. Or perhaps better to say that he's watching the crowd as he stands across the street to watch the goings on. Wearing layers in spite of the summer heat, he's also got a silver and gold (X) at his collar bone. It's almost hidden by the hang of his jacket, but still there. Not really trying to hide.

Jamie Madrox was squinting upwards looking at the Embassy of Genosha that had appeared without so much as a rumor. The building obviously not erected by normal means, he forces out a yawn as he stands there one hand raking through a mess of short chopped unruly hair, his green very recognizable and specific shirt rumpled in places looking every bit as though he'd just woken up. Nudging past a crowd of camera men who had arrived to film it he was soon standing beside Jonothon 'Chamber' Starsmore, squinting past the sleep in his eyes he tried to get a better look at the other X-associated mutant. Mumbling a groggy, "Morning." Really unsure what time of day it was. Jeans and tennis shoes only added to his very casual appearance.

Jonothon's certainly in no costume. Hates the things. The Brit does look tired though. Rather like he didn't get much sleep recently. Bags under eyes, and hair in face shadowing eyes even further. Looks scruffy, as though he were one of the many poor mutants here in this portion of the city. Even his attire is somewhat worn. All black of course, but by no means new. There's a big difference however in what he looked like last time Jamie may have seen him.. he's got a face. No black mask covering his mouth. There's a blink for being addressed, and the man looks at Jamie. Oh! «Hey, mate.» Sorry, took him a bit to remember there. He's had a couple memory wipes the last five years, and it's left his head a mess. «Haven't seen you in years. How's it going?» Accent is still the same, even if the smile is new.

Admittedly Jamie didn't recognize Jono at first, the closer look through squinted eyes he manages a short chuckle followed by,"It is you, nice new chops. I could ask how that happened but it's probably a story I wouldn't keep up with until I've had some caffeine. It's been something, bout yourself?… I just started up my own Private Investigations firm here in M-Town. Ya heard? "Leaving it to linger as he waved a thumb off towards the building,"This really what they're saying it is?"

There's a shrug even as he smirks about his jaw. «No long story at all. I figured out how to put it back together.» See, it was easy to explain. Jonothon is clearly pleased at having a face, and his lips even move for all his words are still telepathic. «Something and a half. Then again, I'm with the team again. It's always weird.» A roll of eyes and he shakes his head for that he had heard. «I hadn't. How's that been going?» Sounds better than what he's doing. As for the building, he looks to it and nods. «It is.» Looking back, the brit motions off a ways, «Want to get coffee? That isn't going anywhere. Or so I would assume.»

"Sounds a plan." Madrox mumbled as he scrunched up his face and squinted at the building again before both hands crammed into his pockets and took stride in direction of the motioned hand. "Just put it back together, that's a nifty trick a lot like the Avenger, Wonder Man. "Thinking he'd gotten the story and person right, a brief nod to a passing fellow mutant with a set of horns as he and Jono spoke. " Speaking of weird…yeah along with probably more excitement than it's worth you haven't had your fill of that masochism? "A wry smile held his features before he waved off towards an apartment building."I'm running my business from my home, that should say how well it's going. I tracked down an old woman's missing beagle the other day, was my biggest gig in a week."

There's a little convenience down the street where you can also get coffee. That's where Jonothon is taking Jamie. «Then coffee is on me.» Said with rueful amusement about how well that job is going. «I'm afraid I don't know anything about Wonder Man.» Doesn't know that story, sorry. The horns don't phase the Brit at all however. He just ignores it and keeps his attention on Jamie. «Yeah, that's how it always is up north.» A roll of eyes about the school. «Not sure anything truly changes up there. Building does, people come and go, but the bollocks always remains.» It's a nexus of weird. «Can't claim to be doing any better, for all I've made quite a lot of advancement in my powers.» Motions to his face to explain what, but also glances back to that new building. Shakes his head over it.

"I owe you one next time." Jamie tossed back, opening the door to the coffee shop to step inside, the jingle-jangle of the bell at the door louder than it should be about now. "Wonder Man, hrm, Hank was telling me about him once guess they're good buddies." Once inside he tossed a smile over the counter and moved over to sit down heavily into a chair by the window, figuring Jono was buying he'd go for the basics. "Understatement."He added about the school, "If you were able to reconstruct your face that's quite an advancement…"A sudden curious look given to the other mutant, "You don't have anything to do with uh… " A tip of his head out the window, indicating the way they had just come from.

«No need. I can't eat.» Jonothon so isn't worried about it either. And left at the counter, he shakes his head again, but asks, «What do you want?» Won't be getting anything for himself. If answered he pulls a cup off the stack and fills it with the necessary amounts of coffee, sugar, and creamer. Crams on a lid and pays for it before bringing it over and offering it. «Hank hasn't told me any stories about Wonder Man, but that doesn't mean much.» Sitting, pulling a chair over to join you, the Brit slouches there. A little bit of discomfort has him hesitating before replying about his face. «I guess. I'm not whole, but there's improvement. Not sure yet if I'll ever be able to repair what I've lost.» Smirks for that, only to shrug about the building. «Some.» Makes it sound casual.

"Ah that's right." His elbows coming together on the table Jamie was rubbing his temples with splayed fingers the tips massaging in circles."That'll work wonders. Thanks Jono."He said gratefully taking up the offered coffee instantly sipping at it. "Least you can stand in a crowd now and not have them create a B.O. like safety ring around you. Only some?" The smile reforming, "Time, considering how much you have accomplished so far… whose to say you won't. I'd say the odds are favorable. "

Jonothon rubs tiredly at his hair, uncomfortable with being on the spot. «More or less.» About not scaring people. «Maybe less.» He's smirking though. «I kind of traded issues. Got my face back, but have to deal with some new issues.» Not grousing really. It just is. There's another of those pauses about time. «That's how I'm trying to think of it, but for all I'm advancing in many ways, aspects remain stubborn. Like, I rebuilt my face, but can't the rest.» Motions to his chest with a hand. «Too much pressure.» And for anyone that knows even a little about him he means the blasts he can do. Still has that hole in his chest. «I'd rather hear about your new job. Quite a change from the last time I saw you.»

Sipping from the hot brew again he listened, not pressing on his curiosity over the appearance of the embassy. It was a good thing it existed anyways, he hoped at least, never knew until it occurred so if anything this would give some added entertainment. "I got faith you'll hit some break-throughs, you're a smart capable young Limey." Jamie tossed another of those fast smiles over his coffee cup, resisting the urge to cast out a bad coffee joke. They just came so naturally it was on the side absurd. "xXx Investigations, I've been hanging up fliers since I got back, someone keeps taking them down in M-town, otherwise I imagine you would have seen one, it's low profile, keeps me busy, besides re-absorbed a few dupes who picked up some nice skills. Figure I'd corner the market here before someone else does."

There's a roll of dark eyes for being called Limey. Never mind he is from England. Still, he's amused, and not a bit insulted. «I appreciate the vote of confidence.» Jonothon opts for the polite response, even though he's smiling. Having no coffee, and in face neither eating nor drinking, the man watches the street. People are still going down to take a look. The store owner sure loves it, for it means more business. «If you don't mind getting pulled into the weirdness, I would be willing to hire you.» Smiling, but serious. «Been trying to track down the people involved in the shootings here in Mutant Town. It's not a pretty picture, but I can't find out any more on my own.»

"If it's weirdness I'm getting myself into I'm more than happy to accommodate. "Jamie found himself enjoying the morning for once, popping the cap off his coffee to get up and get abit more sugar to pour into it, filling it again before he sat again."Shootings in? Don't think anyone mentioned them to me yet, musta been before I got back. Sort of information do you have so far on it?" Reclining into his chair as he studies the X-Man across from him.

New building, new news for rubberneckers who liked that sort of thing, and knew the building that appeared was new, but Renate had not the slightest clue. She was simply looking for an address that was connected to the man she had met at the mall and took on a small side job for him. A sideways slide of her form had her shoving in the opposing direction of the crowd that wanted to see the new sight, fighting the drowning tidal wave of curiosity just to get to where she needed to be. Black and white converse were nearly obscured beneath the hem of low rise black baggy cargos, the studded belt holding them low on her hips, leaving a spanse of pale flesh visible until the shining lycra-like redt top took up its hold of second skin over her torso. White hair was left free falling around pale features, oceanic blue gaze rising once she cleared the crowd to look up and out for address numbers.

Amused at Jamie, Jonothon is quiet until the man returns from a refill. The Brit finds himself watching a pretty lady outside that window. The white hair certainly draws attention. Hmm? Oh, right. Jamie is asking questions. The topic is a serious one indeed. «There is a military group, no idea if they are official government yet, who are raiding Mutant Town and shooting people.» Looks back to Jamie with that one. «The first seemed random, but the others have shown them to be anything but. Well trained three man teams. Normally four, with a fifth off somewhere giving orders. Military body armor without insignia, and military grade weapons.> There's a pause for that as he processes thoughts, watching that woman some more. «I over heard them during the first known attack, and have been in contact with others who have heard more. For each mutant they kill they earn points. Like a bloody video game. Enough points and they get into some elite group.» Idly rubs at his temple, unconscious of the gesture, «Have been in two of the attacks personally.»

"Sounds dicey, military grade weaponry and gear, along with actually tactics. Definitely not run of the mill anti-mutant extremists… must have some serious financial backing." One of those small thin straws was in Jamie's hand, being bounced up and down in the cup, "Got locations, times they occured, any sort of files I can get from you? Most information you can give me I'll see what I can work together… may take me some time but locations as a starter would dbe great."Glancing up he caught the passing form in his eyesight, stark white hair, oh she really hunted him down. Crap, that means she wanted paid. Clearing his throat he looked back to Jono,"You were involved in two? They target you specifically?" Maybe if he didn't make eye contact with Renate she'd keep walking. Though hiding with an open window next to you wasn't always the best bet.

Renate stood there on the outskirts of the flux of people, pulling a card from her pocket and flicking it between spideresque digits before one hand darted out and she gave a press to a passerby's shoulder, showing him the card only to get a furitive shake of his head and he was moving on to more pressing matters, the beginning of the rumor mill for the day. A twist of glossed lips and she shoved it back into her pocket and looked around, a few steps taken before eyes fell on the large window that left the two and others within perfectly revealed. The look of perplexed was replaced with a grin that flashed the row of ivories and in a triumphant grin and she made her way towards the store to pull the door open and enter. Her hand rose to pull back the curtain fall of white hair and tuck it behind an ear before she sent a small wave to the two, pausing from moving towards them with an inquisitive tilt of her head. "Guten tag Jamie..I wont interrupt." Gesturing to Jonothon as she spoke she moved down an aisle to pick herself out some refreshments instead of immediately bombarding the man and his company.

Jonothon nods his agreement of dicey. It totally is. «They have to have someone pretty damn wealthy behind this. I asked someone else to look into that aspect.» A pause, «I do. If you get me an email address, or phone number, I'll get what I can to you.» Dates, times, etc. As for if he were targeted. «I'm not sure.» Admitted honestly. «But I am inclined to think so. I was one of the first hit during the first attack, and during the third, which took place in a bar, I was specifically shot at. This could be coincidence and bad luck though.» The Brit isn't giving all his reasons though. Suddenly though Jono is amused and grins, «You're busted, mate.» No idea who she is, but he totally saw that trying to avoid her. He also lifts a hand in farewell to the woman.

"Yeah, I'll give you my number no computer yet, phone does all that though." His hands coming down to his side patting at his pocket then the other, "Crap forgot my phone hrm…."Fishing around his pockets again he released an,"Ah! There we are…" Dragging out an xXx Investigations business card. Remind self to print out more later."Only thing I got right now, my emails on there. I'll say they're wealthy… generally something like that I wouldn't second guess, not when it's more than once." Jamie's head swiveled to spy Renate again, eye-contact made, he acknowledged her that meant she wasn't going to be able to be ignored for now, "Yeah…" He mutters in response to the being busted, speaking up a cheerful enough sounding, "Hola Renate, good to see you again."

Renate heard Jamie but she was going to leave them to their business, she at least knew manners. Other people were milling the shop and Renate seemed to be passing them sidelong glances, watching what they were doing, what they pulled off the racks that served snacks. On a rotisserie hot dogs were rolling over the heated 'grill' and one was picked up and sniffed at. Her lips twisting slightly, she looked around and put it back. A few steps away ina shuffling step and she watched another person use the beat up looking fountain stand to fill a cup with soda. Once the female left sipping at her big gulp Renate stepped up and pressed the trigger that released the soda from the snout, pulling back quickly as it sprayed her hand. Looking over her shoulder she wiped her hand off on her pants as the clerk said something. "Not a toy girlie, get a drink but.." Renate cut him off. "No wheezing the juice…Got it." Waving a hand at him she took a cup from the holder and began filling it, the clerk just watched and moved back to the register.

Phones are searched for, and Jonothon produces his too. Information is exchanged, but he warns, «Don't bother calling me if you want answers. I can't talk. Text me.» Sour that, for he still hasn't figured out how to put his vocal cords and lungs back together, both of which are rather important to verbal communication. Once numbers are exchanged, the Brit puts his phone away again. Even as he files away that name, watching her. Renate. Sorry, he's just admiring. Nothing more. Soon returns his attention to Jamie. «So what's the deal?» With avoiding her. His mental voice doesn't carry far, for he's not trying to be loud. A mental whisper to Jamie more or less.

"Don't worry, no late night prank calls." Jamie almost wanted to pretend like he didn't hear the question before he spoke,"Met her at the mall, she's an interesting sort… has a Hydra tattoo on her neck. I wanted to find out more so I pushed conversation, feigned needing work done in posting up fliers for xXx P.I., "Not something he needed when he could create his own army of himself,"Offered her money, didn't realize she'd actually do it. Now I owe her some dough." A half smile creeped across his lips and he covered his mouth with a slow drink of the coffee. "Nothing like what might have crossed your mind." He added in quickly, realizing how it could have came off at first.

The cup filled Renate made her way over to the annoyed looking clerk and offered him a 20 slid from her pocket for the soda, and taking back the change. She still had no clue how it worked but thus far the money exchange was going swimmingly and most were fairly honest with her when it came to taking the ignorant girls money. Coming up behind Jamie though she heard the tail end of his words, and took to leaning against the wall near them while nursing on the straw. Nothing was said quite yet as she took to looking out the door and watching the crowd, hearing a couple leaving and the tail end of their words before the door slammed shut. "..just appeared here out of nowhere.." Oh! So that's why they were all making like lemmings towards it, now Renate seemed a bit more interested but not enough to get closer.

That doesn't make sense to Jonothon and his expression shifts to a puzzled frown, «You offer her money and end up owing her? What kind of bollocks do you get yourself into?» Asks the guy who's been pretty good at getting into his own. Like the building last night. Totally hasn't explained that either. Nor did he think anything naughty about the exchange. Not his business in any regard. «You going to invite her over?» Asked in amusement. «How much money do you owe her?» Yes, he is totally laughing at Jamie's expense.

A helpless enough seeming shrug escaped Jamie as he heard Jono. "But hey, I've not been shot at since I got back to New York, some of us can't say the same." He counters the coffee tipping up again and back, looking off towards Renate, he spoke up,"Come join us?" Openly ignoring the question on how much he owed the woman, not wanting Jono's politeness to shine forth and have him covering his own mistakes. The coffee was good enough for now, Jamie wasn't about to allow himself to be a mooch, well too big of one at least.

The mystery of the amazing appearing building already was boring her. Renate's eyes tore away from it and focused on the lid of her cup, poking down the small bubbles in the top of the lid that marked it one type or another. She didn't realize Jono was talking without his lips moving or she likely would have given him more of a study as she spoke up. She heard enough, she was not far off after all. "He owes me nothing, no concern." Her germanic accent ringing out upon her tones that seemed to take on a matter fact clip to the ends though her eyes did not drift to them until she was invited over and a few steps took her to their seating area, sliding into a seat and adjusting the messenger bag at her hip that seemed relatively empty - for now. Now she looked between the two and nodded to Jonothon. "Hello. Renate." One hand came forward in an offer for a greeting shake.

«I got shot in the head a month or so ago.» Said ruefully to Jamie. Jonothon doesn't elaborate however. There's a pretty lady to meet. «Jonothon Starsmore.» Offered back to Renate, even as he offers a hand. In as much as he was watching, he's not being rude about it. Doesn't let his touch linger and is soon slouching back in his chair. The Brit is wearing black, but it's nothing fancy. Worn black jeans, a tshirt with a band name on it, well faded, and a leather jacket. Yes, in the summer heat he's wearing enough for chilly conditions, yet seems unphased with it. His hair is mussed and hangs over his eyes. Not entirely a respectable looking fellow, but he's clean at least. «He feels some concern about it I think.» Said with a smile.

Adopt an accent and start dressing like a rock-star another to do list addition or two for later on noted. Jamie held up that pull of lips into a smile as he sat there, not letting the bit of guilt wash over his cheeks in realizing the pale woman had heard him, he really was no feeling this coffee yet. "I owe you Renate, lets not get into fisticuffs over this, you hung up the fliers I take it? So I'll pay you like I said I would. Not going to squelch on my word, thats bad for business. Just have to wait until I can get across to my apartment… better yet…" He stamped his foot on the ground, a *fwump* sound of air being filled by mass that didn't previously exist announcing the arrival of a dupe. An exact image of Jamie appearing beside him, "Hey bud, you know the drill." The dupe waves a hand in the air and mumbles, "Yeah yeah, I'll be back you lazy sod." The new Jamie flashed a wink and a playful growl at Renate before he was skipping out the door, Madrox Prime shook his head, "You were shot in the head… try being killed or you done that one yet?" This said audible enough before the dupe got out the door as if he was trying to say this intentionally loud. "Wait what? You were shot in the head?! You sure it's safe being seen near you?" Obviously he was teasing, mention of being shot or dying did have a deeper look behind his eyes. One that wasn't as full of mirth as he pretended.

The hanshake was firm and left simply at that, as if it never even happened she hunched back over her drink with both hands curled around the cup though her gaze upon Jonothon did take on a more steady study, taking in everything she could and filing it away in the category of the few she had met and gotten names to. It would not be forgotten now that it had been made known. "Good to meet you Jonothon." It was hard to not feel like she was interrupting something, was normal casual conversation discussing getting shot in the head? She blinked a few times and returned to taking a long drink from her soda. The appearance of the dupe though had her lips parting from their wrap around the straw and the straw falling from them to lay limply against the side of the cup. "Umm, no..Wait..Twin..Was das bumsen?" She couldn't help but stare now as the other made his way out the door, at a loss for words…at least in English right now. She was sitting across from zombie jesus and beside the incredible cloning man. Boy did she feel plain.

Try being killed? How about three times now. He's been 'killed' three times now. It's not been fun. Jonothon doesn't say anything about that however. «It was part of the attacks. I did say they shot at me first.» Isn't looking to Jamie as he admits this, but isn't worried Renate is here. This is mutant town. He's been seen here using his powers too many times to try and hide that now. «Of course I'm not sure. You know who I work with. Are any of us safe with that?» He rolls his eyes at Jamie, damn tired, but amused at this all. The dupe doesn't phase Jono at all, but he does watch. Always interesting that! That's a really useful power Jamie has. To Renate, he asks, «You were looking for this bloke today?» A motion of a thumb towards Jamie.

"You said shot at, you didn't say… ah."Jamie's hand waves in the air then came down to the table, now that they were here in District X he didn't seem to pay mind to using his mutant powers so openly, it was natural here. Realizing though in the mall he had told her it was one of his twins, giving her an apologetic quick smile. Cat out of the bag on that one. "No, you're entirely right. Safety was out the door when the doctor gave us each our first love tap. Make yourself comfortable Renate, we don't bite."

Renate had her own secrets, but they were not as easy to speak of nor demonstrate, nor did she really feel safe enough to start going on and listing what she could do, or what lay beneath the skin. It was unexpected and the small grin from Jamie was caught before she settled back against the seat and slid down a bit into a hunch, occupied by the stores logo on the side of the cup. Looking up at Jono though she nodded a bit in reply to his question. "Yah, he gave me the card, figured why not." Glancing over to Jamie at his comment she only flashed a small grin and shook her head. "I was just surprised. It's fine, though you are sending him on a pointless mission, I wont take your money." Glancing between them she jumped subjects, a quick avoidance of an argument or debate about the money. "What attacks?"

Jonothon can only shrug at Jamie. What he said was entirely honest, it just didn't give some important details. «They shot me first.» Touches the spot at his temple. «Had me bollocked for days.» Days. Clearly there's more to this story than he's telling. «In a way it helped though. Knocked my shields down so I was picking up all their comm chatter. That's how I knew about the one commanding the teams.» Falling quiet after that he gives Renate time to reply. Which leads him to explaining again. «There's some military group targeting Mutant Town. I've been in a couple of the fights. They move in, kill as many as they are able, and retreat.»

"Guess it will come down to fisticuffs." Jamie said with his usual good humor in response to Renate, this obviously meant he would be stubbornly insistant. His eyes swept to Jono's temple where indicated, not imaging he'd see a mark. Studying what he had to say thoughtfully, thinking quickly about what groups he knew of he'd encountered in the past or simply heard about, such a list it was near mind boggling. "Anything specific they had said, keywords maybe?"

Renate grunted lightly and spoke from around the straw she did not drop from its place between her lips. "It sounds like they are playing a game to me." She did not elaborate, she gave back what she got from the explanation which was a bare boned structure to the big picture that truly was laying out in her mind. It was likely not anybody she knew of, it sounded too sloppy, and despite him dubbing them military…Well..Not a military she knew of. It did interest her but she kept the facade in place that would read as ignorance and keep the focus between the two men, it was apparent it was their business over hers, she was just here enjoying a soda…Really…Slurrp. "If that is the case, your it. Find me and you can pay me." Sliding to a stand she waved to them both and made for the door.

«Let me sell tickets first?» Teasing Jamie about the fisticuffs. Then an apologetic shake of the head. «None. Nothing to give them away. Coded team names. Very professional demeanor. Not even linked as I was did they give anything of worth away.» Which Jonothon finds very frustrating indeed. «Also realize that I'd been shot. I couldn't even stand, and I had no control over what I was hearing - which was pretty much all of New York. If there was important information it got lost in the flood.» He spreads his hands helplessly. When you have a four hundred mile telepathic range and no shields… He nods to Renate. «That's what it appears. A game.» As she gets up to leave, the Brit doesn't continue. Just tilts his head at her before looking back to Jamie. That was a trifle strange. Not terribly worried about it though.

Jamie laughed. "Someone break out the jell-o!" Before the rest was said by Jono, "A shame, guess we start from scratch. I'll send some dupes out to start questioning witnesses for additional info, see if some more of them can't find any traces, even some of their casings could be helpful. Might luck out and find they've got a specific manufacturer, get information on who that company deals with…" He snaps his fingers and another dupe sprang into existence, that one doing the same as a few more appeared. "Yeah, a very dangerous game with some serious consequences, we don't need anymore mutant human wars even on a small scale…" Frowning instantly as one of the dupes shoved the other. "Knock it off guys." The dupe he had originally sent off returning barring Renate's path, the store getting on the side of crowded. "Looks like games over. You, pay her, rest of you get out and start playing bloodhound." Mumbles and mutters came in chorus as the mob would start to push and shove filtering out of the store. "Kids these days, huh?" The one at the door staying infront of Renate, pulling out a handful of 20's, "69 should do you?" It grinned, a glare was cast from Jamie at it. Obviously that one inherited a less tasteful aspect of the original.

The few words from Jono about tickets, followed by the Jell-o…Renate would likely put two and two together later, but when more dupes sprung to life her head tilted and her eyes snapped back and forth like a game of ping pong until she came to an abrupt halt before Jamie Jr while Jamie the 2nd and 3rd began fighting amongst themselves. She was beginning to get used to those looks, like Jr was giving her, and was starting to put it together, she saw it in movies a lot. "Yeah…sure." She plucked the money from Jr's hands and walked back over to Jamie, leaning over the back of his seat and placing the money in front of him. "69, from him to you. Get the Jell-o and start selling tickets, it will give them a break from whatever they are staring at out there." Though through all this she had still heard bits of their conversation and could do prying of her own if she felt bored enough in that hotel room. "Nice meeting you Jonothon, see you again Jamie." Again she was trying to make a swift retreat, ducking through the dupes if possible.

«Unfortunately most of the evidence is either with the police or SHIELD.» Jonothon barely managed to stagger off before being found by those groups. «Like I said I'll get you everything I knew as soon as I get back home.» He does have a computer and will send information Jamie's way. The Brit highly approves of Renate's handling of the money, but he doesn't do more than grin at Jamie about it. «Cheers.» That to Renate as she goes. «You should know when you've been beaten, mate.» That to Jamie as the woman ducks through dupes for the door.

"If a jar of mayonnaise teaches us anything, it's Jamie Madrox doesn't give. She'll lose, she just doesn't know it yet." Jamie took up the cash and tucked it away, "Good seeing you too Renate, don't be a stranger." Offering her up a two fingered wave as the one at the door lingered, giving her a cheesy, "Whats your sign?" A few cat-calls cast after her as she waltzed off,"Hate to see you go but love watching you leave" The dupes hands swaying in the air indicating hips in motion. Jamie exhaled loudly and held up his hand, making sure the duplicate was in range he swept his hand in with a look of concentration the double folded in on himself and vanished from sight, like a string drawn back into the original, obviously Jamies own powers had grown in time as well. "Lately they been a little… out of control, overdeveloped in one trait and devoid of others, can't explain it yet." He said to Jono as if in some form of apology. "Damn, Police or SHIELD… thats okay, they can still get some questions out there, I'll see what they find out then go from what you end up giving me."

SHIELD was a name she knew, this had a moment of rigid pause at the doorway, the door still held open as she looked back in a quick glance towards the two and then out, one hand thrust deep in her pocket while the other still held the soda, though she seemed to be a little less enthused about the beverage and more deep in thought. Instead of heading back out of Mutant Town she headed deeper in. Explore while she could and maybe find something helpful if possible. The cat calls seemingly went ignored, but when the drink finally came back to her lips she was laughing quietly.

If Jonothon could snort he would. Sitting himself up, he places an arm on the table and watches Renate leave, if briefly. Mostly because of the dupes. He's eying Jamie for those catcalls. So not making a good showing of yourself here, Jamie. Finally the Brit shakes his head and decides to leave it. «I should get going as well. I need to get home.» Hasn't been there since early yesterday. «Text me if you need anything, and I'll get you what info I have.» He rises from his chair and offers Jamie his hand.

A chuckle came from Jamie and a slight nonchalant brush of his shoulders upwards. "I'll live." Jamie smiled, "Good talking to someone from the older X crowd again, Jono. Glad we bounced into one another. Might have to tell me some more about the gremlins that build things at night sometime, thats a story Im still curious about. " His hand having lifted up to shake Jonothon's. "Take 'er easy. Thanks again for the java." Remaining there as the other mutant would depart.

Jonothon's smile is there about the gremlins, but it turns wry. «That I'm not comfortable with in telling. Maybe when we aren't in public.» No promises there. «Cheers.» Lifting a hand in farewell, the man follows Renate out. Doesn't follow her beyond that though. Instead Jono seeks out a cab and leaves the gawkers to their building.

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