2009-02-13: Emergency We Need a Cake


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Summary: Kaden asks Xane to bake a cake for Drew's birthday and discusses going to LA.

Date: February 13, 2009

Log Title Emergancy, we need a cake

Rating: PG-13 (Language)

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

After what was beyond a shadow of a doubt an adorable thing to see on his couch in the morning and snapping a picture or two of it, Keith's been out most of the day. Right now however, Keith Flinn is in the kitchen in nothing but his cargo shorts. He's got a glass some kind of drink and is on his way out into the living room. There's som fresh groceries on the table in the kitchen too. "Aww, and here I was hoping to see something else…" he murmurs to himself, stopping to lean on the door frame.

The bathroom door opens and a cloud of steam escapes and Kaden walks out in a t-shirt and pair of jeans, little whisps of steam comming off of his shoulders and wet hair. It seems his body temperature just rises when he's in the shower so he doesn't have to deal with water that much, just enough to get clean. "Oh hey Keith..Keith, is Xane home, I need to talk to both of you." He says in a way that doesn't seem like his usually grump, impassive, depressed self, and the fact that he's actually asking for Xane, we'll he's made it known he doesn't like him.

Xane's been spending alot of time out of the penthouse for the coming up Valentine's Day dinner he is having at Nolita. Consorting with his sous chef and patisserie on coming up with a perfect menu, and with that he sent out for the food to arrive soon at the restaurant. In the small spare time he's got, he decides to head to the penthouse. Opening the door a minute after Keith comes in, the chef does as well. "Hey guys!" He rings out, seeing if anyone else is in.

Keith glances over and downs his entire drink in one go. "Hey, K-man," he says with a grin. "Drew in there with ya?" he asks in a more neutralyl curious tone. When asked about Xane, Keith starts to answer when the chef walks in. "Well, here he is," he declares. "What's up?"

Kaden shoots Keith a glare and sighs. "Screw off, no I was taking a shower…alone." The comment obviously annoyed him and whatever decent mood he was in before seems to have faded. He crosses his amrs of his chest and looks to Xane. "Xane, I need your help." It's not exactly asked in a way that seems like it's a question.

Xane looks to Kaden, starting to move to his room. "Okay… and the seventh angel sounded the seventh trumpet." He says, before looking serious. "What do you need?"

"Damn," Keith sighs. "I needed to ask him something," he mutters. "If you see him sometime before I do, K-man, tell him I'm lookin' for him, ok?" he request. What the fire spirit says to Xane causes the wind spirit to arch both eyebrows. He walks fully into the room to see what Kaden wants of the Spirit-spirit.

"I need a birthday cake, for Drew." Kaden states and he looks over to Keith. "And tomorrow's his birthday. He doesn't want anything I but I thought Xane could make a cake since I can't." Kaden says actually wanting to do something for Drew tomorrow.

As the chef reaches his room, he starts to dig through the closet, but still listening to Kaden. "His birthday? Tomorrow? He was born on Valentine's Day?" He asks, before tossing out a couple of dirty clothes, he's looking for something it seems. "What kind of cake?" Xane asks, digging out a good suit, a nice creamy black. He places the suit on the grounded bed. And goes right back to the closet, looking for more clothes.

Keith jumps. "Damn," again. "Why didn't he say anything?" he groans a little. "Man, I want to know when both of your birthdays are too so this doesn't happen again," he says. He frowns and looks down at the floor thoughtfully. "Hmm, now what to do for him…" he trails off quietly. Since it looks like they're be no explosive outbursts just yet, Keith is just casual.

"He said something to me today, I just want to get him a cake and since Xane is Master Chef, I figured he could do it." Kaden says answering Keith. "And what kind of cake? I don't know, one that says 'Happy Birthday Drew' on it. He says he didn't want anything, just to relax and take it easy so I think he'd just be happy spending it with us and a cake."

"Yeah, I can do it. But I don't know what Drew likes, berries, no berries, vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, blue velvet, and if he likes chocolate, there are about fifty different versions." It's not as easy of saying cake. Xane's culinary training included cake-making, and it's not super simple to decide. "I can do this either way, you tell me what to bake, or I bake whatever." His tone is serious but not angered, he is just very passionate about cooking.

Keith smiles. "Alright, I know what to do for Drew," he says, nodding a bit. He listens to Kaden and Xane and takes a breath. "Well. I still wanna know your birthdays," he says. "How about we stick to something simple, Xane? I don't think Drew'd want some huge, elaborate thing."

"I don't know, just a simple cake, it doesn't need to be fancy…whever blue velvet is? His hair is growing in blue, water looks blue?" Kaden suggests not even knowing what that is. "Mine's August fifth, you don't need to do anything for it, noone has for over ten years.'

"Leap Day." Is what Xane spouts back with. "Blue velvet is a cool one. I think he'd like it. He comes out of the closet with a black chef's jacket and a blue shirt for the suit. "I'll do it for you Kaden."

Keith files away this information. "All the more reason to start doing something for it, K-man," he says, ruffling the fire-spirit's hair. "Leap say? Huh," he frowns. That'll complicate his 'evil plans' but he'll work with it. When Xane comes out dressed in the jacket, Keith lets out another little wolf-whistle. "Lookin' sharp, Xane," he says with a grin.

"You're both going to be around tomorrow right?" Kaden says as he ducks away from the hair ruffle. He's still annoyed by the earlier comment Keith made. "Cause I was thinking maybe you could make a birthday dinner for him, and I don't think it matters what and I just know he'd like all of us to be together…even Dmitri."

"Thanks Keith." He says, placing the chef's jacket next to the suit coat. "Valentine's day is pretty busy for me, but tell you what. Why don't you guys come to my restaurant for Drew's B-day? I've got one table left open in the house. And afterwards, we can come back and just chill." He doesn't mention where, though. Xane's restaurant has been receiving great reviews by the Times.

Keith blinks as Kaden ducks his hand, falling to the floor from the unexpected absense of the head to stop his hand. THUD. He gives Kaden a confused look as he gets back up. "I was thinkin' we could all stop by Xane's restaurant for dinner," he agrees. "Sounds like a plan, Xane," he grins.

Kaden nods to Xane and is about to say something when Keith falls. He turns and looks at him with a confused look. "What the fuck?" He doesn't realize that he caused Keith to fall. "I just don't think he wants anything too fancy, but do you think we can get Dmitri to come? I have his card?" For once Kaden is thinking about someone other than himself.

Xane gives a nod. "Well, the food will be. But It's not like we are throwing him a party at Chuck E Cheese." Xane had only seen Dmitri for a little while, so he's not too sure. "I tell you what, I'll reserve the for us five, if he doesn't show, it will be fine."

Keith arches an eyebrow. "He'll show once I tell him its for Drew," he says, rolling the shoulder he landed on. "And thanks Xane," he adds. "I'll make it up to ya sometime," he winks. "Where'd ya put that business card, K-man? I'll give Dmitri a call."

"It's in my room." Kaden says going to get it. From his room he calls out. 'Oh, and Drew and I are going to LA." Simple as that as he finds the cardd and walks back out, handing it to Keith. "He wants to check out that dome thing and I want to go with him seeing as that's where I used to live."

Xane's brow raises at the mention of the dome. "What dome?" He's been out of actually watching the news, working on his menu for Valentines day and all. He takes out a pair of heirloom cufflinks, sapphire in color with sterling silver and places them on his cuffs.

Keith sighs slightly as Kaden brings up the dome too. "You two and Dmitri are going to check that damn thing out," he says. "Fine. I'll have my plane fueled up and ready then. Haven't flown it in awhile," he muses. "When?" he asks. GLancing to Xane, the wind-spirit rolls his eyes. "Cape-business. Two messed up domes popped up in LA and Memphis."

Kaden gives Keith a bit of a surprised look. "Holy shit I was joking when I said to Drew that you probably have a private jet. Fuck dude, is there anything you don't have?" He asks shaking his head. "I don't know, I feel like I shouldn't give a shit but I don't know, I just see it and go, shit, a few months ago I wasn't far from there."

"And why are we making a big to do about going down there? There's capes in Cali." Xane says, a bit matter-of-factly. He doesn't get the whole rush really. "A cardboard box for a house." Xane takes a guess at what the Keith doesn't have.

Keith rolls his eyes. "I have a plane because I'm a pilot," he explains. Walking over, he gives Xane a quick peck on the cheeck. "Rumor is the only capes that do more than just visit Cali are a bunch of kids who can't even get uniforms," he says, shrugging. "But if Drew and Kaden are going, I guess I'm heading along. You coming too, Xane? We'll do some fun Cali stuff after."

Kaden looks at Xane and folds his arms over his chest. "You don't want to go then you don't fucking have to. No one's making you do anything. But maye I'm just fucking bored and need it seems like something to do. Also as much as I want to hate that place and not give a shit, I can't. The fact that it's fucking twenty to thirty minutes from where I lived most my fucking life…" He can't explain it but he just shakes his head annoyed.

Xane smiles at the small peck on the cheek from Keith. Xane asks only one thing though, ignoring Kaden's slew of obscenities and after he was doing so good. "Well if there aren't capes good enough over there I can go. I don't know what I'd do. So when are we going?"

Keith smiles, giving Kaden the 'chill, dude' look. "I'm gonna guess…Monday?" he shrugs. "Just tell me in advance so I can prep the jet."

Kaden is obviously getting a bit on the grumpy side and the scowl on his face mkeas it obvious. "Whenever Drew goes, I just told him I was coming along." He says walking over to the couch and ploping down as if he's kind of alienating himself.

"As long as it isn't tomorrow, that's the big day." Xane points out. "Unless you guys just go ahead. Whichever is fine." The chef continues to put on his fancy clothes for tonight, when he presents the idea for his menu at the people at Food & Wine.

Keith wags a finger and moves to lean on the back of the couch. "'Course it's not gonna be tomorrow. Tomorrow we're celebrating Drew's birthday," he says confidently. "Right, K-man?"

Kaden nods and runs his hands through his red hair. "Yeah, he deserves a good birthday." Kaden just thinks that Drew deserves the best for his birthday. "I have to go out and get him a card tomorrow. And I'm leaving whenever Drew goes, come on, we're going."

"Okay then. Well, after tonight, the kitchen's going to be buzzing. I'm making a new menu for the restaurant, so I'm going to be using you guys as a test audience if I can." Xane offers the two other spirits, not knowing if it will be accepted well. "I'm about to head back to the restaurant. So I'll be seeing you guys later." He's also got to do the birthday cake too now, it's alright though, no huge pressure.

Keith smiles. "Sounds great, Xane. See ya later," he says, leaning over to give him another little kiss and a playful pat on the backside. Leaning back, he flips to sit upside down on the couch next to Kaden. "That reminds me. I'm gonna teach you two how to drive," he says, pointing at Kaden.

Kaden rolls his eyes as Keith does his thing to Xane and tries to ignore it. "Thanks Xane, for the cake." Kaden says as he looks down at Keith. "Thanks, but not really interested. Where am I going to drive to? I don't have anywhere else to go but here."

"No problem Kaden, I'm happy to help." He picks up the phone and makes a call. "Hey Jimmy, we got any cake flour in the back? I dunno ask Sam. Well tell Sam that we're making a blue velvet cake for tomorrow. Yes blue, not red. I know it's Valentine's day… wait why am I arguing with you? I'm the boss." He finishes that with walking out of the penthouse, only to come back in to grab his chefs jacket. "Yes, blue velvet. What kind of patissiere are you if you don't know blue velvet?" Xane closes the door again.

Keith chuckles, waving to Xane. He looks back to Kaden and makes a finger-gun gesure. "Well, for one it's a useful skill to have," he points out. "'Sides. If you ever wanna take one of my cars for a spin, having the know-how is useful."

Kaden stands up and nods with a yawn. "Okay, well I think I'm going to go to bed now." He doesn't say anything on driving and he's still wondering what exactly a blue velvet cake is. "G'night Keith and thanks." He says heading to his room.

Keith blinks and shrugs. "Night…" he trails off. "I'll be down here if ya need me. Sleep well."

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