Emma 'White Queen' Frost
Emma Grace Frost
Portrayed By Charlize Theron
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 30th
Age 35 (Looks mid-20s)
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases White Queen
Place of Birth Boston, Massachusetts
Current Location Xavier Academy
Occupation Chairman of the Board, Frost International -and- Headmistress of Xavier Academy
Known Relatives Winston Frost (father; deceased), Hazel Frost (mother), Cordelia Frost (sister), Adrienne Frost (sister, deceased), Christian Frost (brother; whereabouts unknown), Steven (full name unrevealed, brother-in-law, deceased), Jocasta (cousin), Stepford Cuckoos (daughters/clones)
Significant Other Formerly Scott Summers
Identity Open Secret
Known Abilities Telepathy, Thermokinetic control
First Appearance June 23rd, 2010

"I have been many things in this world. Entrepeneur, Member of the Hellfire Club, Teacher, and occasionally Hero. But one thing I will never be is unfashionable."


(Excerpts from an 2007 interview with Maxim Magazine article on 'Beautiful Women of the Business World' This part of the article was never posted due to a litigation suit placed by Frost International, due to claims that the words recorded were done so off the record and would not be allowed to be published.)

INTERVIEWER: Ms. Frost, you're one of the biggest enigmas of the business world. What can you tell us about yourself?

EMMA: Well, first off, my family is where the term 'old money' came from. The Frosts were mercantiles in the late 1600s who moved to Boston and ended up becoming one of the more prominent overseas traders for the region. To this day we are eternally grateful it wasn't OUR boats that the Boston Tea Party happened on.

INTERVIEWER: That's where you're from, but it doesn't tell us much about yourself, or your family.

EMMA: You're right, it doesn't. *sigh* Oh well… I suppose a bit of backstory is in order. My father Winston Frost is the head of Frost Shipping and Holdings LLC, as you're well aware of. A private shipping firm that does trade overseas in Europe to Boston as a hub for distribution to the east coast. So naturally, I was the traditional silver spoon baby. I'm actually the middle child. My sisters, Adrienne and Cordelia grew up being pushed to excel in all things, as was our older brother Christian.

INTERVIEWER: You talk about them like the past tense?

EMMA: Well, to be honest, things have always been strained where the Frost family was concerned. Father never was what one could call loving. Conniving, cunning, greedy, and woefully patriarchal are more terms to be applied. His drive forced wedges between us all. Christian turned to drug abuse, Adrienne became jealous because Father tried to select me to inherit the family business, and Cordelia… well… poor Cordy was the lucky one. She was invisible to anyone but mother.

INTERVIEWER: So how did you go from inheriting your father's business to becoming the head of Frost Internationsl?

EMMA: Actually, I turned down my father's offer. As much as he never wanted to admit it, his business practices fell behind in the modern world. Just going Europe to the east coast was failing. And he was too stubborn to consider further green pastures. So, instead I denied him his revenge of dropping one of his children on the sinking Titanic that was… and forged on ahead in my own right. I went to college, where I got a masters in business, with a bachelor's degree in electronics and electrical engineering. From my perspective, telecommunications seemed to be the wave of the future. But this was back in the nineties, during the internet boom. The world seemed like your oyster at the time.

INTERVIEWER: How did someone so young climb so high, so fast? According to your biography, you were only twenty-two when you became the head of the renamed Frost International?

EMMA: Drive, intelligence, and the disarming charm of a lady. *A chuckle* To be honest, I used what I learned in college about microchip technologies and who was selling what to find a niche to grow from. It started with air transport of computer components out of Silicon Valley. Eventually I figured out ways to undercut the Japanese freight competition, and acquired a nearly-defunct Pacific cargo company. I took what I had already built, combined it, and then turned the company public. Once the board of directors was selected from the major shareholders, we had a public vote, and I was made CEO and Chairman of the Board the day before my birthday.

INTERVIEWER: And what about the rumors that sprung up after that, that you became a part of some ultra-secret society of the wealthy and influential called… if you'll pardon me, The Hellfire Club?

EMMA: *Laughter* The Hellfire Club is a myth, and please… would I allow myself to objectified after all I'd done to make myself an independant woman? Traipsing around in my undergarments and pretending to control the world from the shadows? Make no mistake, I actually researched them myself, having a group of private investigators chase down rumors because of something that happened during a board review. The idea such a group exists has been debunked more than once, and I do not appreciate you trying to use me to backend a fluff piece. This is about me, correct?

INTERVIEWER: Oh… yes, Sorry Ms, Frost. Anyways… it wasn't meant to insult, it was just part of the rumor around your pre-eminent rise to the top…

EMMA: I'm going to stop you right there. This conversation is going way past topic. I'm not here for you to try and play rumormonger with. I would appreciate you not bringing up things like The Hellfire Club again.

INTERVIEWER: Okay, we can work with that. What prompted you to start a school?

EMMA: When growing up, I was a child of special needs in my opinion. There was a point when I was young that for a summer I spent time in a mental institution because of… family affairs. It's a matter of public record, and I stand by the time in there as beneficial to my well-being, as well as showing me that these places are not always the answer. There will always be children who's needs cannot be met by the public, and who's families cannot afford to give them that extra thing they would have required to grow up not only to function in this world of ours, but to excel in it. Purchasing into and becoming Headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy afforded me my first chance to try and be what my family never was. Supportive. I equate myself to a lioness or a tigress. I love my children to death, and will not suffer injustices on their person lightly.

INTERVIEWER: Will you comment on the accident that took you out of the public eye for several months?

EMMA: I was attacked, hurt badly, and left in a coma. Though through business contacts and private holdings set aside for such an eventuality I was well-cared for by some of the best in the world until I recovered thanks to the assistance of one Dr. Charles Xavier.

INTERVIEWER: You mean THE Charles Xavier, the mutant?

EMMA: *Another Laugh* My dear, when you're in the kinds of positions I am in on a daily basis, sometimes it's not a matter of who is WHAT… it's a matter of what they can do for you. I'm not going to spurn him for being an out of the closet mutant. That would be like spurning Nathan Lane for being gay, or Oprah for being African American. Labels are just that. A Convenience. And convenience is the bread and butter of the masses and politics.

INTERVIEWER: I know you asked us not to press on certain things, but there have been paparazzi pictures of you at functions with one Mister Sebastian Shaw?

EMMA: Oh yes! Mister Shaw and I have always had an… interesting relationship. We have wanted to be business partners, but the time was never right for our goals to be in line. We've worked together, and been at odds on a personal basis in the past on some government contracts, but ultimately we're in competition. There is only so far a good-standing business relationship can go before you get down to the wallets of the consumer and competitor.

INTERVIEWER: So how would you characterize yourselves?

EMMA: The Ex that never was.

INTERVIEWER: *Laughs* You never struck me as the heavy relationship type Ms. Frost. Will there ever be any husband in your life?

EMMA: I've had admirers, paramours, an affair once or twice… (Pause for a drink) but the problem is, people always seem to want or expect things from me that I don't feel is their right to ask. And to be blunt, I believe I come off a little cold for most men to truly appreciate. A… White Queen if you will.

INTERVIEWER: Once you were back from your hiatus, you'd discovered that Frost International had taken a hard hit from the stock market, and was ready to go under. Are the rumors correct that your own sister bailed you out?

EMMA: *A long Pause*

INTERVIEWER: I'm sorry, if that was an uncomfort-…

EMMA: No, it's an honest question, and leads to one of the more sordid details of my family life. Yes, I shot my sister. And before you get all panicky about this, let me explain a few facts. Adrienne Frost was spurned by my father and it was the final insult. I was always seen in the family as the golden child. I did no wrong, I relied very little on my trust funds or family fortune. I did it all the American Way. Her agreeing to bail out Frost International in exchange for being made co-chair and co-headmistress of my Massachusetts school was done as a ploy to wrest everything away from me and my life. The height of which was using a terrorist tactic to oust me from the school board's trust. When her little plot was figured out, she came after me, incensed and I firmly believe insane. What I did a regret to this day, but will not deny. I was defending myself.

INTERVIEWER: Well then, I wasn't expecting such candor.

EMMA: There are hard questions about my life I'm not ashamed to answer. If I was, I never would have made it as far in life as I have.

INTERVIEWER: Since it's the most prescient of all the questions we have, I'll come out with it. Why Genosha?

EMMA: Because I am also a mutant. Don't look so surprised… it's a strange world, and an even stranger life for someone like me. If I told you half the stories I think you'd believe, your perm would uncurl all on it's own, and those faux Pradas you're sporting would melt like the cheap leather they are. But there were children involved. My children had moved on, the Massachusetts school was closed down because of the repeated incidents, and I was needing a hiatus from my work as CEO. Going to Genosha and helping raise up the mutant youth and adults who had been so callously segregated and mistreated for so long was only the natural conclusion of all my life's works so far.

INTERVIEWER: So does this mean you're making a secret public for Maxim?

EMMA: Not at all… in a few moments you won't remember this conversation at all… because I snubbed our lunch date. Fairly rude of me of course, but… what can you do?


EMMA: Charles, I told you before… I owe you. Not to mention Mister Drake, for all his surferboy founderings. And it would be my pleasure.

CHARLES: Ms. Frost, you understand that I won't tolerate some of the tactics you employed so far. Most of my X-Men will only remember you as the white Queen, and the chaos you caused as a member of the Hellfire Club. They'll remember your Hellions, and how they plagued my class of New Mutants. What I am asking for is not going to sit well with many. Scott included.

EMMA: Scott and Jean, Scott and Jean. It's always about the Quarterback and the Cheerleader, isn't it. I'm not coming there bringing the baggage of all of that along. If anything, it bring additional protection to the foreground. As much of a scientist and philanthropist as you are, Charles… you've always been woefully lacking in business acumen. Your school and your X… things… are as close to public as it gets. They need me. And as much as you hate to admit it to yourself, you need me too.

CHARLES: I want your word.

EMMA: What, that I'll play nice? Hardly. But… to be fair, you did save me from Fitzroy, and vouched for my Academy. And you've kept the nature of my little side activities secret for the most part. And besides, these are children, Xavier. Children. They deserve far better than what we had handed to us growing up. It's why they're at your school, and why I will do my best by them.

CHARLES: Was there anything else, or did you simply call to… count coup?

EMMA: How's Scott?

Recent History:

After becoming co-headmaster and chief business administrator of the Xavier Academy for a period of two years, Emma Frost left without word in late 2009. Sources placed her inside the Hellfire Club for reasons unknown, and overseas in India and Southeast Asia. The reason for the departure was not disclosed to anyone on staff from Xaviers, Scott Summers included, which ended any of the supposed relationship the pair had been publically expressing.


Telepathy - Ranking under The Shadow King and Charles Xavier, Emma Frost is not the most powerful telepath on Earth, but can be considered the most Versatile. She can speak with, probe, or even shield other minds with her own, and affect emotion as well as thought by planting commands in another's mind. She can affect the senses of the individual or groups, cutting off individual senses such as sight or sound from the mind, or even create a psychic null-perception space, tantamount to invisibility. Emma can create realistic psychic illusions that can be implanted in the minds of her victims, giving them full-sensory hallucinations. More insidiously, she can also disconnect someone from their mental control of their powers, enhancing their full potential using her own mind, or making them unable to use their abilities at all. Coupling these abilities with the power to project into the Astral plane, she is one of the few with the power and finesse to fully possess another, or with the help of technology, swap her mind fully with another. Her range unboosted would be several miles, and can read and affect minds even behind cameras and shielded by power armor, but with Cerebra, or her own hand-made boosters in place she can reach up to a planetary level.

In combat, she will use her telepathy to garner a low-level scan of any foes she is facing so that she is aware of their attacks as they make them and can counter them She can also generate psionic bolts of force that can either stun, temporarily cripple, or even knock a foe unconscious. This offensive technique can also push the person towards the point of death, but she cannot will someone to die and remain connected to make it permanent. This would take her mind with them. A less offensive use of this ability is to touch and telepathically sedate another.

Perhaps the most powerful and insidious use of her telepathic control is the ability to use the mind's unconscious processes to speed healing, affect the body's natural functions, and simulate certain physical effects and conditions. While this is not something she is prone to openly advertising, more than one person who has displeased her as ended up on the receiving end of such treatment in the negative.

Thermokinetics - A side effect of her temporary merging with Iceman's form, and the removal of her 'Diamond Form' mutation caused a secondary psychic manifestation in the form of molecular agitation. This power seems to be touch or Line-of-Sight range only. She has to be able to physically see her target, without the aid of enhanced optics, or using the eyes of another. Her current level of fine control ranges from 500 degrees Fahrenheit, to Negative 50 degrees. This is not an ability to spontaneously generate fire or ice… this is merely the ability to stimulate molecules with her mind to affect. Currently and somewhat self-consciously, she can use this to also regulate her own body-temperature versus the weather and exposure, and keep her beverage at her preferred temperature with this ability, which she finds much more useful in her day to day role. She can do the same for others, but only at a touch. This ability also grants her not only a subconscious temperature tolerance, but a degree of resistance from heat and cold-based attacks.


  • June 23rd, 2010 - Returned to Xavier Academy after a leave due to undisclosed reasons


  • "And, yes, I am a massive snob, and there was no need for you all to think it at once."
  • "Of course I'm a threat. Why? Did you think for a moment that I wasn't? "
  • "I love Christmas Eve. Maybe even more so than Christmas itself. It's the one night of the year when the entire world just…stops. In those few hours before the dawn - human, mutant, everyone, just sort of holds their breath in sweet anticipation…waiting to see how badly they're going to be disappointed in the morning. In its own tragic way…it's kind of romantic. That's why I love Christmas Eve."
  • "See what I did? Do not do it. That was evil, reprehensible, and should never be considered by any of you. Now… watch as I do it again."


  • Emma Frost's natural hair color is brown, but she keeps it ash blonde.
  • While she cannot telepathically change her hair color, she can manipulate her skin and other parts, keeping herself looking years younger.
  • Frost International is an international small-gross shipping company specializing in moving electronics safely all over the world.
  • Currently, Emma's only surviving relatives are her mother Hazel Frost, her sister Cordelia, and her cousin Jocasta.
  • Favorite color is white. To the point that she will have custom clothing version of current styles, and specialty paint for vehicles.
  • This version of Emma Frost had her Diamond Form power removed through contacts in the Hellfire Club.
  • Current Vehicles Owned: Aston Martin Vanquish V12, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, and BMW M5 Bodyguard Edition. All in White.


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