2009-05-23: Emotional Manipulation


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Summary: Kage comes to visit the twins in his time of need. Kas… has a little fun.

Date: May 23, 2009

Emotional Manipulation

Rating: R (Hints of possible incest?)

The past few days have been… hell to put it bluntly. Kas has been purposefully missing work, due to not having his abilities or his link to his brother. This morning, he's sitting on the couch, angry. However, with his control of his newfound abilities, he's not casting that anger off in all directions. Fortunately. Instead, he's just glowering.

"Kas?! KAS!" comes from the other room, followed shortly by Paul scrambling into the living room. He moves quickly to his brothers' side, apparently not noticing the anger, and tries to hug his twin. He's been…rather moody since losing the link, and it shows with his slight aura of magnetic attraction right now.

Even though Kage has many other skills that don't involve his gifts, he's been livid without his powers. In fact he didn't leave his penthouse, which is quite trashed right now from Kage's anger with smashing a few priceless objects. Since waking up this morning and discovering that he's got a power, that isn't his own, he doesn't know if he's relieved that he's not a dirty human or even more pissed that it's not his power. He's decided to visit Kas and Paul, and lucky for him with his life force detection he's known where they live for quite sometime. It's just now he's finally decided to stop by for a visit. There's a knock on the door as Kage impatiently waits.

"Calm yourself, Paul." Kas says, not quite accepting the hug like he normally would. He's not in apleasant mood. He can't manipulate objects. HOwever… there's a moment of thought. He can manipulate PEOPLE now. Maybe that's better. With a slow smile forming on his face, he gets up to answer the door, feeling the rage outside. The confusion. He laughs softly as he opens the door. "Oh. It's you. This may not be the best time in the world… but…" He says with a shrug. He leaves the door open and goes to sit on the couch with his brother, scooting in closely again.

Paul just offers a sad noise at Kas' response, not wanting to let go. He's not yet figured out what he can do, only that he doesn't like it. "Kas…" he murmurs, watching his twin go to the door. Of course when he sees Kage there, Paul just frowns even worse, attraction going to repulsion. Once Kas sits back down, Paul latches on again.

Kage is dressed in his feminae attire, just because he's lost /his/ power doen't mean he can't still look his best. "Not the best time? I think that's the understatement of the bloody year." He snaps at Kas, not sorry at all that he's being an ass in someone else's house. "Hello Kas, Paul, sorry to drop in but I was wondering if the two of you were hit with the same vile creature that I was hit by."

"Green?" Kas asks softly as he looks to his brother and starts really amping up his attraction and frankly lust. He grins at Kage. "Touches you and takes your powers?" He adds on a healthy dollop of anger on top of what Kage already has. Not lethal anger, just annoying anger. "And then, a few days later replaces them with someone else's?"

Paul growls at Kage's response, metal objects rattling. When the creature comes up, Paul curses in greek again. Once the emotional control kicks in, Paul climbs his way onto his twin's lap and lays his head on Kas. "Kas…"

Kage just looks at Paul with annoyance and lets out an exaggerated sigh. "Yes, I mean when I find out whose responsible, I am going to take great pleasure in killing them and you know what is going to be the worst of this damn thing? I can't even feel the life force being drained from whoever when I kill them!" He shouts in anger. As he shouts he stretches an arm out which sends a blast of energy towards Kas's liquor stash. As the blast hits it shatters the bottles and sends liquid flying. He's not even sorry, it's just who he is. "I mean who has the right to have MY powers!"

Seeing the blast devastate his collection, Kas sneers. That pissed him off. He reaches out, "Calm yourself, Kage. Are we NOT to be superior? To have control of ourselves? To NOT DAMAGE THE PROPERTY OF THOSE YOU TRY TO WORK WITH?" HE says, sending a wave of calm and perhaps even a mild depression over the other mutant. "I like what I've gotten. It works well for me." He says, grinning as he slides a hand underneath his brother with a chuckle, adding a little more desire into his brother's mentality. "And my brother seems to still be using his like a brute."

Paul growls again, several metal objects in the room starting to move towards Kage. They're stopped only by Kas sounding so angry. He lets out a little whimper at the hand, leaning down to nuzzle his twin's neck. "Kas," he whimpers again. "I'm not a brute…"

Kage sighs as he's calmed and shakes his head. "This just is not something I am happy with. You might like what you have but it's not you Kas. They stole something from you." Noone steals from a theif, at least that's what Kage thinks. "And I'll replace what I damaged, let me know what you like to drink." Money isn't an issue for him. He finally sits down and sighs again, folding his hands at chest level. He's not happy about this at all and it's bothering him more than he thought for some reason. "I just want /my/ powers back, not this…" He says motioning to Kas's liquour collection. "Paul, there's nothing wrong with being a brute."

"You may be a brute, Paul, but you're my brute." Kas says leaning in to place a kiss on his brother's cheek. "I know it's not me. And rum. Various flavors and types of rum. As well as beer." He says simply, pulling all of his power away from Kage. But not from Paul. His hand strokes his brother's leg lightly. "What DID you get, anyway, love?" He asks.

Paul lets out another little noise, trying to move closer to Kas. The former gravity user kisses his twin's neck and shrugs. "I don't know…O moved stuff like you did…" he trails off, gesturing and sending silverware rocketing across the room.

"There are man kinds of beer Kas but I'll assume that you're not a cheep beer sort." Even if Kas was the cheep beer sort Kage would refuse to by him any of that crap. Kas and Paul's affection towards eachother doesn't bother the crossdresser, as long as they know they're part of the superior species, he's fine. Now that he's feeling a bit better, still pissed, he tucks a strand of hair behind his ear. "I'm going to guess something like Magneto with Magnetics, since he seems to keep effecting anything metal." Kage's idolizes Magneto so it's not a hard guess for him. "Okay now, I didn't come here to destory things and complain, I came here because something needs to be done. They stole our powers we need to steal them back. Even if you want to keep with what you got Kas, I need help getting mine back."

"One of the types." Kas says softly as he makes a very inappropriate rub on his brother's body as he nods to Kage. "We can help, of course. But… do we have any idea where the guy is or how to get our own powers back? Where do we begin beyond contacting those… other types. Avengers. X-Men." He rolls his eyes.

Paul lets out a sudden, strained noise, arching against his brother. "Kas," he whispers, wriggling in place. "Gonna tear that bastard to shreds with my bare hands," he grumbles about the green thing.

"I'm happy to hear that Paul." Kage's telling the truth when he says that too. "That's why I'm asking for your help, both of you. I don't know anything about this thing or what it is. And my abilities…I don't think I can break in to places like I used to." He says grumbling. Taking a deep breath he's trying to maintain his cool after his previous outburst. "We'll have to see what kind of research we can do, there cannot be any deadends."

"I'm sure I can get in, as long as there's a way to convince people to let me in." Kas says with a nod. "IF there's a way to convince someone emotionally, I can do it." Kas says with a firm nod. "Emotional control has a lot of potential." He laughs, considering things. "Paul, I'm glad you're angry at it, but not taking it out on us. You're doing so well." He says, giving positive reinforcement.

Paul smiles. "I'll crush it, break it into little bits," he says with a nod, continuing to wiggle and squirm on his twin. He leans in, nipping at Kas' neck and making a frustrated little noise at not having the link to communicate with.

Kage can't help but let out a laugh as Paul says what he does. Maybe there is hope for Paul after all. "It's just going to be a lot harder for me to do what needs to be done without my gifts. I still have all my gadgets though…wait Kas..if you can convince to get into right areas do you think you could easy plant a few bugs if I give you the equipment? Paul…how long before you're comfortable with your new…power?"

"Most likely. If I have people ignore me, anyway, I can place things in inconspicuous places." Kas says with a firm nod. "Who expects people they can't quite see. Technology though… cameras… would go unaffected." He admits, stretching his neck to the side, to give his brother more room.

Paul looks up and frowns, looking towards the window. He begins mumbling something about metal and magnets and Magneto. "Not wearing a cape," he mutters, spotting the flag-pole mounted on the building across the street. He holds up a hand and concentrates, causing the metal thing to bend and twist into a pretzel shape. He points at it, the goes right back to assaulting his twin's neck.

Kage rolls his eyes at Kas and Paul's actions and shakes his head. "Please, I don't care what you two do on your own time, but we're trying to figure out how to kill that theif who stole what make us better than the rest of the world from us." He looks at Paul and then looks at Kas and smiles. "Paul can even plant things or steal what is needed from a distance with his magnetics. Hrm..Paul, can you detect the magnetic fields around people to see where they are?"

There's a nod from Kas. "Yet you are in our house and we are still considering. I AM able to think on multiple subjects." He says firmly as he considers things. "If you have the devices, get them to us. We'll try for a few locations. At least, a few of the known ones." He says with a nod. He doesn't know where the X-Men hide, but Avengers' Mansion and Freedom Force HQ are known.

Paul shoots an annoyed look at Kage, growling again. He goes right back to leaving nuzzling Kas, shrugging his reply. "I dunno…" he trails off. He doesn't seem to understand how to do that yet, or atleast not understand how to process that information yet.

"Brute." Kage comments to himself in regards to Paul's growl. It's not ment as an insult just a comment. "Well we can see if you hone your powers to that point, with this power at least. And I'll consider stopping by with what I've created to help us so we can kill this Green Thing and those associated with it."

"Alright. Anyway, if you don't mind, We need some time to work on things. And… other things." Kas says with a chuckle. "But yes. If you get us the items, we'll do what we can to get them in place."

Paul just growls again, going otherwise quiet and waiting for Kas to tell him what to do.

Kage stands up and gives Paul a friendly sort of smile, one that he knows might erk the twin but he's a jerk so…"Alright well I'll be on my way then. I'll see you two later." Kage says straighting out his skirt before he heads out the door. Of course when he gives the devices to Kas and Paul later all the survelance will be sent to his penthouse.

As Kage leaves, Kas sends one last overwhelming wave of lust through his brother as he slides out and goes to lock the door. "Anyway… lunch, brothermine?" He asks, with a grin.

Paul lets out a rather…loud noise…as Kas gets up. By the time his twin returns, Paul is frowning up at him. "Lunch…sounds okay." he says, getting up and moving in for another hug.

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