2012-10-20: Emotional Recovery


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Summary: Nick chats with Jill and Ahmed before a slew of visitors arrive.

Date: October 20, 2012

Log Title: Emotional Recovery

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Time passes strangely in the windowless depths of the school's medical facility. It could still be daylight, but it never reaches down here. The brushed metal doors slide open with a muted hiss, a blonde-haired girl poking her head in tentatively. When nobody shoos her away, she enters near-silently in a pair of fluffy rubber soled slippers and cautiously approaches the observation beds, shifting a rectangular bundle from under one arm to hold it tightly against her stomach. The head comes into view from the beds, timidly peeking like a nervous rabbit. "You awake?" she whispers so as not to change the answer if they aren't.

Nicholas has been awake for the last hour or so. His arm and leg have finally been set and now both are in casts and a fresh dressing covers his upper right arm and chest. A small, inch long cut, heals under his left eye. For the fourth time he looks over at Shane curled up with sleeping next to Quenton and smiles. He's glad they finally got to see each other. When Jill calls out, it couldn't be more welcoming with the boredom down here. "Yeah, I'm awake." Nick says in a raspy voice, at least he's been able to shave.

Jill's head ducks back reflexively at the answer to her question, but a moment later reappears, smiling fangily. She's got on blue jeans and the same shirt she went to sleep in last night, but Nick isn't to know that. It says 'I Wish I Was Here' across the front. "Hey Nick." The girl approaches, stopping short at the sight of the sleeping pair and immediately lowering her voice. She sidles up next to Nick's bed. One hand uncurls from the stuff she's holding, something with an advertisement for nacho cheese Doritos on the back in full color. "How are you?" she asks, half from polite civility and half from genuine concern.

"Hey Jill." Nicholas says breaking out into a smile. "Bored, but it's better than being back there. I'm in a bed, I never thought I'd be so happy to be in a bed." Then he finally gets to her question of how he is. He wants to say he's fine, or he'll manage or something to that effect but he can't. "I'm….I'm a wreck Jill."

The vampire's bottom lip wibbles, taking hold of Nick's free hand and squeezing gently. "I'm so sorry, Nick." Already her eyes are looking watery and her voice is choked. "I'm so so sorry." The apology seems more all-encompassing than the usual bedside sympathy.

Nicholas almost clings to Jill's hand with his own before moving it to press it to his cheek for a second. "Don't be sorry, it's not your fault. They were the same guys who killed my parents so…it's something to do with why they went after me in the first place, and when after Quenton, Connor and Lock." Nicholas then looks around the room. "Where is Lock?!" He sounds a bit panicked. "Where's Connor?!"

"Nick. Nick!" The bundle against Jill's stomach slides away as she reaches to take his hand in both of hers. It slips noisily to the floor in a clattering of thin pages, a stack of new comic books from the store in Salem Center. "It's okay! It's okay! They're safe!" His panic is infectious. "Lock is upstairs and the people from SHIELD took Connor back to their place. It's okay!"

Nicholas relaxes into the pillows and smiles. "Good, good. I hope Connor gets his medication, he didn't do well at all and Warlock…he really did hold us together." He looks up at Jill and just studies her face for a bit. "You're back, you're really back. I thought about you a lot while I was there, but I thought I'd never see you again."

The grip on Nicholas' hand tightens. Her face is an undisguised mix of joy and sorrow. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to make you worry. I… I tried to find you, but… I just…" A hot tear rolls down. Jill makes an indistinct noise somewhere between a laugh and a sob. Sliding down to her knees next to the bed, she presses his hand to her cheek. "I'm so sorry."

"Hey…" Nicholas says to her sounding concerned and worried. "Don't be sorry, this isn't your fault." He brushes her cheek with her thumb a few times before moving hand up to his lips and gives it a kiss. "It's …it was a nightmare there Jill." He doesn't want to say too much more in fear of her crying more. "So..uh…where did you head off to?"

Control, once lost, is not so easily regained. Jill straightens some, sitting on her haunches amid spilled comic books and rubbing at her eyes with the back of one hand. A valiant effort. "You talked to Kalindi?" she begins, though she seems to already know the answer. "Or she talked to you. She told me. I w-… I went to her for help. I was afraid. Of myself. Of what I might do to someone I cared about." The vampire girl swallows hard, mustering herself to continue. "She knows a lot, and, and she told me she might know somebody who could help. I finally found him and, like, *sniff*, he agreed to try."

"I thought that was just a weird dream." Nicholas says as a part of him knew it was real. "She did, but I didn't believe her. I knew, we knew, that we were going to die. I was convinced of it, I didn't want to die but at that time I knew we were going to. I couldn't let myself have false hope….I'm still having a hard time believing that the next time I wake up I won't be in that cell or the torture room…."

"You're really here. You're safe now," Jill insists, trying to force Nick to believe her. Her hands tighten on his. "I swear. I promise you are. You survived. It's over."

Nicholas shakes his head. "It's not over Jill, I won't be over until I'm dead or they're dead. It's the second time they've come after me, the second time I've somehow managed to survive when I shouldn't have. I'm not ungrateful." He says, his voice tired and scared. "I'm happy I'm back Jill, I'm happy you're here. I'm really happy. I really didn't think I'd ever see you again. Thank you again, for everything. You mean a lot to me Jill, you really do."

"I won't let them hurt you," Jill promises fervently. She leans forward, resting her head on Nick's forearm, blonde hair tumbling onto the clean hospital blanket. "Not ever again. You're safe." Softer, she repeats it for both their sake. "You're safe now."

Nicholas winces as Jill leans right on where his arm has been branded and moves it so it rests gently around his shoulders. "Sorry, it doesn't seem like there is much of me that isn't injured, well it was a lot worse by Dr. Reyes had Sophie heal what she could, but my arm and leg needed to be re-broken and reset to heal and then in a few days she wants to see how it's healing and if she needs to do further work on them. I hope it's true that chicks dig scars." He says to her to try to lighten the mood.

Jill readjusts her resting place, muttering a soft 'sorry' into the blankets. "I thought I'd come back and, and everything would be fine, but it wasn't. I was so scared and angry and… and helpless." She seems to be confessing to the mattress because she won't raise her head to speak. "And I tried to find you, find all of you, b-but I couldn't… I just… I wasn't good enough."

Nicholas looks at Jill and shakes his head. "That's not true, I feel the same way about you getting turned into a vampire, I couldn't do anything to find you or stop it from happening. Don't blame yourself, you couldn't have known. Also I know how hard it was, I don't know if it still is, for you hard adjusting to being a Vampire. I was scared that you lost control and that's why you left." He looks into Jill's eyes bites on his bottom lip for a bit. "Jill…." He says starting to get a bit teary.

Either fortunately or unfortunately, the door to the medical ward slides open, and a new face appears… new in the fact that in the time that Nick has been gone, he has not seen his roommate's progression to a much more feline visage. He has a short muzzle, and his ears have progressed upwards on his head, and his rosettes have become much more evident. From behind him, the false tail sways easily behind him, curling in against his body as he looks at you both. He's in a hooded top, and a pair of baggy camo pants, sandals for his pawfeet, and says in a voice that's still his own, "Welcome back. Sorry I wasn't here right away, but I've been staying with someone who's been helping me deal with some stuff. But I came as fast as I could, Nick." He doesn't ask the obvious and stupid question, just looking the pair over.

Lifting her head, the vampire's ruby red eyes fix on Nick's. There's a moment where it appears she'll start to cry again. "I don't want to lose you." She makes as if to put an arm across his chest, but stops herself. She still doesn't know exactly what hurts where. Eyes wet, she smiles and stands slowly at Ahmed's approach. "So… so I'm gonna ask Dr. Reyes to put one of those microchips in you. Like a *dog*."

Nicholas doesn't care if it hurts, which it does, but he uses his good arm to pull Jill into a one armed hug in his lying down position. He does his best to hide the wincing. "I don't want to lose you either, and you have to get micro chipped too, you vanished first." He looks up at Ahmed's voice and grins. "Hey Ahmed, don't apologize, I've been asleep most of the time since I've gotten back or with Dr. Reyes trying to put me back together. Listen Ahmed….thank you. Really, I don't think I've ever told you this and I have to tell you now because I wanted to tell you this before everything happened. With how close I was to dying, I need to tell you. I like you, as a friend. I might get frustrated sometimes but it's because you're unlike any friend I've had before. I want to be your friend and I want to get along with you. And thank you, for trying to put up with me, I know I'm not the easiest guy to get along with let alone live with."

The Feline young man just stands there for a long moment with his hands in his pockets, and then pulls them out, showing that they've become a little bit shorter, with pads on his fingers, and what might be claws beginning to grow in, "Look… I don't have any real… stand-up in me. I'm always pushing away… because I'm too used to being alone. And the people I knew I always had barriers in the way. I'm working on it. So if you don't see me all that often… I'm going to be staying with one of the teachers some days. He's a really cool guy, and well… he's kinda like a big brother. Something I've never had. But hey…" All said as he slowly approaches, adding with a bit of a curl of the muzzle, "You look kinda badass hugging a vampire. Way to go."

With Nick's arm still across her shoulders, Jill stoops to pick up the comic books she bought, and promptly spilled all over the floor, letting the two boys have their moment. Fifty bucks worth and somehow almost half of them are starring Batman. Tapping them on her thigh to straighten them as best she can, she raises a mock-offended eyebrow. "No badass points for being a vampire, just if you hug one?"

"I'm just really glad you came to visit Ahmed, and I know what you mean, that's how Bodie was to me, a big brother. I'm glad you found someone like Ahmed." Nicholas says and genuinely means it. "Can I ask you for a favour Ahmed?" He says before looking at Jill and smiling. "You're badass no matter what, and I didn't know you were a Batman fan." He says spotting Jill's comics. "Jill, as soon as I'm healed I want to take you out for a date." His eyes then widen. "Oh crap! Orion!" He's just remembering his horse.

That last part makes Ahmed chuckle, "Miss Frost had a groomer come to the school a day or so after… stuff went down. But I've been visiting when I can, wearing some of your clothes so it's not too weird for Orion. I gave him carrots, and tried to brush him like you showed me, but you know how I am… I kept thinking he was going to kick me, and I kept spooking him." But then he settles and settles himself at the foot of the bed, hands going back into his pockets, "Sooooo… ummm… I've got all your homework. I almost turned some in for you, but yeah… you wouldn't let me cheat."

Of course, Kaylee was probably asleep last night when everything went down… probably… so she hasn't made it down to see her friends until just now. "Pff. Orion's fine," she assures Nick, leaning in the doorway of the medbay with arms folded across her chest. "Well. As fine as he could be without you, anyway, of course."

"I thought *you* were a Batman fan," says Jill, a confused frown crossing her face. Did she get the wrong ones? She puts a hand gently in the center of Nick's chest at his sudden outburst, afraid he'll try to sit up. "Easy." Then her eyes flick suspiciously to Ahmed. "Wait, you were trying to feed him too? All he'd ever take from me were sugar cubes. Oh my gosh, he's going to be so fat!"

Nicholas smiles and shakes his head. "I like the movies, and those Justice League cartoons Batman was always my favourite." He just never read any of the comics. He looks at the comics and realizes they're for him and the thought behind him. "Jill..I…" He doesn't even get a chance to say what he's feeling or even ask Ahmed for that favour he wanted before he just breaks down and starts to cry. A month of living in fear and pain combined with realizing he's actually alive and seeing friends again, the emotions are all too much and it's all released with his sobs.

For once, Ahmed seems to be a bit more on the ball with things, but instead of hugging, he moves around to the far side of the bed, so that Jill can be the one to deliver the comfort. Then one of his hands comes down and he touches the side of Nick's neck, and then over his shoulder, almost in a petting gesture, "It's cool man… you cry when you need. We're just glad you're here to do it, allright?" Smiling a bit as he then looks to Jill, and just nods at her.

Startled, Jill has a frozen moment where her eyes dance frantically about, unnerved and unsure what she should do. Thankfully Ahmed takes charge and gives her the nod that breaks the spell. She nods back, understanding. The vampire unceremoniously offloads the comics onto the next empty bed and puts her head on Nick's shoulder. "Shhhh," she soothes in a soft, motherly tone. "It's okay. It's o-kay."

"I can't do it anymore." Nicholas mutters through tears as he clings to Jill with unbroken arm. He just cries for several moments before calming down to just shuddering breathing and the occasional sniff. "Sorry, it was awful there. They did whatever they could to break us, and I wanted to break down but I couldn't. We couldn't, if one of us lost it, we'd all have lost it. Warlock was the strongest of us, he's a really /really/ good guy. I can't do it anymore." He looks up at Ahmed with a tear stained face and asks him one question with a bit of a pitiful pleading tone. "Can you cook something for me?"

Ahmed replies almost immediately, "Sure. You tell me what you want, and I'll whip it up best I can. I've been challenged to make pumpkin spice pies for Halloween. Consider yourself my test stomach." Another pet from neck to stomach, and then he moves back to settle on the end of the bed again, and looks down at his paws, "Sorry I'm not really looking like you're used to. I've been… changing. More of the same stuff."

Jill reaches to the bedside table and whisks a few tissues from the box there, dabbing carefully at Nick's cheeks. Then she takes one for herself and blows her nose to a somewhat unladylike sound. "It's okay," she soothes the injured boy again. "You can talk it all through. It'll help, but now, just… rest." The hand over her shoulder gets several soft, reassuring pats. "I still recognized you," she offers Ahmed, hopefully a comfort. "You smell the same." Which is weird, but hopefully comforting as well.

"You sound like Taylor." Nicholas says to Jill as he lets her whip his cheeks. "Careful of the chest Ahmed." He says trying to hide a wince. "Anything you want to cook. They fed us nothing but canned food, cold Chef Boyardee, soup, stuff like that. I never want to eat something from a can again. And you look fine dude, don't apologize." He gives him a smile but it seems weary. He rests against Jill the best he can and nods. "I'll probably talk about it more and more over time."

Ahmed's tail swishes a few times at that, curling up and around for a moment as he then says with a bit of a feline smirk, "God, canned? I thought I could forgive any torture, but CANNED crap?" He makes a choking noise, and then rolls his eyes up and pretends to faint over the foot of the bed. Coming back up once more, he then adds, "Whatever time you need, whatever you want… doesn't matter. You're back, and you're safe."

"In your own time," Jill soothes Nick. The blonde girl puts her palm gently on his forehead, feeling for a fever just because she can. Her hand is cool, not cold. But not warm either. It tells her nothing. "I'll help cook! We can make enough for everybody," Jill offers suspiciously eagerly, waving an arm at Ahmed like a volunteer from the audience. "Nana said I was getting better and that most of it was tolerable. So you just, like, take charge and I'll be the… assistant… cooking person. Like, who chops stuff up."

The cool hand feels nice on his forehead even if he doesn't have a fever. "I don't even want to tell you half the stuff they did to torture us, I don't want you crying on me again Jill." He's just glad to be around people he cares about. "Anything you two want to cook, I'd eat. Though Knoephla Soup is one of my favourite comfort foods." It's something his Mom used to make on cold days. "Jill, were there two Warlock's there last night, I thought I saw two of him."

Ahmed takes out his smartphone and puts the name of the soup into his notepad, before putting it back away into the rather large hoodie, big enough he can pull it over and hide most of his looks. Reaching into his pocket, he rummages around, and then brings out one of those stupid rubber bracelets that has his blood type on it, "I… couldn't help the joke. I know you were kind of pining, but I still figured… you'd wear it."

"Oh?" Jill blinks, mouth slightly open to provide adequate ventilation for brain activity. It works. "Oh! No, I didn't find out until later, but that was his dad. I don't know how he found out what we were doing or how he got there, but he was trying to help too. I think Lock might go stay with his family for a while but I don't think they've decided yet." Red eyes flick to the bracelet, a hint of a smirk on her lips.

Nicholas smiles and sinks back on the pillow a bit, taking Jill's hand in his again. "His father? That's great, I hope he does stay with his family for a while, but I want to see him before he goes." He realizes he has to let go of Jill's hand and takes the bracelet, he slips it on so he can take her hand again. "Shut up, I wasn't pining." Which he was. "Okay, I admit it, after you disappeared I got quite grumpy anytime anyone asked about you cause I thought you left me." He mutters.

Ahmed shrugs one shoulder, "He was." But he's still smiling at Nicholas, and then he pushes up off the foot of the bed and begins to prowl the room… it's the only way that it can be described. Travelling the circumference of the room, tail swaying behind him, brushing against almost everything in the medical bay. When he walks back towards the two, his hands are still in his pockets as he says, "I didn't help either. I've been moping about my family, and other stuff. Heck, I started trying to hang out with Shane."

Jill's face falls. Awkwardly she chews on her bottom lip with a fang. "M'sorry, Nick. I just didn't-" she starts to protest, a little hotly, before falling quiet. "I didn't think. Now… now's maybe not the best time to get into what I did or didn't think. But I'm sorry. Really sorry." She gives his hand a squeeze. "And hey, Shane's nice. She let me borrow her jacket… that got shot up. A lot." Her eyes flick nervously over to the hospital bed shared by the sleeping Quenton and Shane, hoping very much that they didn't hear and she won't have to explain that just yet.

"Shane's awesome." Nicholas says looking over to where she's sleeping curled up next to Quenton. "She's a good person to hang out with and he's crazy about her. I'm glad Quenton got to see Shane again, really glad." He leaves it at that and doesn't elaborate on why he thinks that. "Ahmed…it's okay. I understand moping about your family, I do it enough." He then looks to Jill and shakes his head. "No, it's okay Jill, you're back." Nick smiles. "I care a lot about you and you being here, now….I need that."

Getting one of the stools that the medics use, Ahmed curls his legs up on it, and sits indian-style there, tail curling down around the base. Leaning forwards a bit, he begins to grin, as much as again his newly feline physique will allow, "Seriously, you two need a room."

"Yeah, maybe a little bit," Kaylee pipes up again, nodding, "Or we could just, yanno, leave those two lovebirds alone for a little while…" she grins impishly, currently leaning on the wall. Well sort of leaning. More like clinging to it in a leaning position but with her feet sticking to it also. She probably doesn't even realize she's doing it.

Heather does the opposite of leaving Jill and Nicholas alone, coming through the door to visit the medbay. She is wearing her Timeslip outfit, as it is one of the nicer things she owns in terms of clothing, sadly. The mutant speedster's eyes scan the room as she stands by the doorway, before peering off towards Nicholas, offering him a single nod.

Maturely, Jill sticks her tongue out at Ahmed and Kaylee. Nyeh. "Don't listen to them. They're just jealous," she says to Nick, suspiciously loud enough for everyone else to hear. "It's not every boy that comes with a free horse." Her head swivels at the sound of the doors opening again, red eyes falling on Heather. She relaxes and smiles on seeing who it is.

Ahmed looks almost ready to burst out laughing, rocking back and forth on his chair, tail curling harder on the stool as he tries not to fall over in a fit of giggles, "It's pretty late, and I have homework I'm supposed to be doing, and I should probably air out the room a bit… it smells a bit like cat in there. Oh and your laundry… So you got clean stuff for when you get back up to snuff…"

Nicholas turns a bit red and looks away from Ahmed and Kaylee. "Whatever." He mutters. "It's just….I thought if I died there it wouldn't have mattered much, since I didn't have anyone who would be that upset." He knows now he's wrong. "It's just Connor and Warlock have families and Quenton has Shane, I just…." He feels stupid admitting it. "I felt alone." He then smiles to Ahmed. "Thanks, I'll be back up there as soon as Dr. Reyes says I'm clear. I'll see you later and thanks, for the bracelet." Heather gets nod in return from Nick. "Hey there Heather."

Kaylee sticks her tongue out at Jill back. Of course, she wins in any tongue-sticking-out contest. Even if it is a bit weird. "Pff," she shakes her head again, waving at Heather, "Hey Heather!" she greets the older mutant. "Anyway. You're stupid sometimes, Nick. You know you have tons of people who care. I ought to beat the snot out of you just for saying something like that!"

Heather takes a few steps forward at being acknowledged, nodding again and saying, "Hello, Nicholas. Jill. Ahmed. Kaylee." Her eyes drift off for a moment to the sleeping Quenton and Shane, and then back to the more lively teens, and in particular, Nick. "I hope you are doing better. I am sorry that I was not able to figure things out sooner."

"Wait up a sec, Ahmed, I'll come with you." Jill tries to reach over to the adjacent bed to collect the comics she purchased, but can't do so while still holding Nick's hand. Reluctantly she slips free and gathers them up. "Classy," Jill responds to Kaylee. "Threatenin' a guy with two broken limbs." She straightens the stack of comics for the second… third time? Who cares. They're all bent up now anyway. Plopping them down on the bedside table, she motions between them and Quenton. "Share, please?"

"I'm really sick of people apologizing, none of this is your fault, it's not your responsibility to fix things." Nicholas says as he's heard 'I'm sorry' way to much in the past hour or so. "Everything that happened is the Purifier's fault, no one elses, No one should be apologizing." Then watches Jill drop off the comics and realizes she's about to leave. "Oh." He says. "Yeah, we'll share. I'll let him know if I see him awake though. I'm really happy you're back Jill."

Watching Jill for a moment, Ahmed's face seems to turn plasticy and then he drops down into a all-fours position, turning him into his snow leopard form, muzzle and eyes glowing. Looking back up at Jill, his much fluffier tail lashes a few times, and then he moves over and rubs against her a few times, making a bit of a face at smelling the vampire for the first time.

The medbay door slides open, to admit one Sophie DeCosta. The blind girl moves just inside, and clasps her hands around her cane while the door slides shut once more. "Hello?" she murmurs. "Who is there?" She pauses, and tilts her head as she listens. "I cam to see if everyone was… still alright?"

"I didn't mean it…" Kaylee frowns, sighing a little, "It was a joke!" she pleads, then eyes the comics for a moment. "Hrrm…" she trails off, shrugging a little in futility. She looks down at Sophie, from her spot hanging casually a little ways up the wall, and gives her a wave. "I think everyone is just fine in here!"

Jill's eyes flick back to Nick at his 'oh', a frisson of guilt making her shoulders slump. She keeps walking and almost runs straight into Sophie, skidding to a halt in her rubber soled slippers. In what is surely a waste of a superspeed power, she sidesteps out of the way. "Gosh, Soph, it's like a party in here. But I think everyone'd be happy for the company." Reaching down, she scrubs her fingers behind Ahmed's kitty ears, an idle gesture. "I'll be back down later," she promises, nudging the door with a toe to keep it open for herself and the giant cat as they exit.

Heather nods a couple of times towards Nicholas and says, "Ah, yes. Indeed. I know that it is not my fault, I suppose. I simply have difficulty with relative idleness. I am glad that you are safe now, though." She bows her head slightly, and then turns towards the door, but not stepping forward as she sees Sophie. "Hello Sophie. Presently, the occupants of this room who are conscious include Heather, Nicholas, Ahmed, Kaylee and Jill. I am standing in front of you, Nicholas is in bed, Kaylee is against the wall, and Ahmed's and Jill's relational positioning is irrelevant, as by the time I play this message, they will already be gone."

Nicholas waves to Jill and smiles. "See you later, I'm probably going to fall asleep soon anyway." He admits before looking around at the crowd in the room and wondering when it became so packed. "Just everyone keep it quiet, Quenton and Shane are sleeping." It's not hard for him to be quiet since his voice is raspy and sounds like it's half gone. It's just worn out from a lot of screaming. "Hey there Sophie, nice to see you again, and Kaylee, we know it was a joke." He says with a smile. "Sorry you all, I need to sleep as well." He lets out a large yawn. "Thanks for coming down." He says sleepily as he starts to fade into sleepy land.

Sophie ahhs softly, and bobs her head. Some thing she hears for herself, naturally, like Jill and Ahmed leaving. She tracks them on their way out the door, before listening carefully to Heather's recorded message. "Si, thank you Heather," she murmurs. "I was wondering, is Quenton still in here? I gave him a lot of attention with my healing ability last night, I wanted to check on how he is faring." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "It sounds like I arrived late… everyone is leaving."

"He's here… they're um… asleep… though…" Kaylee flicks her glance towards Quenton and Shane, who are wrapped up in a blanket and apparently napping. Or somesuch, anyway. "I'm not leaving! Well, I suppose I could leave…"

Heather glances towards Sophie and then shrugs, "Indeed, everyone is leaving because those who one would visit here are all sleeping… it might be best to leave them to their dreams…" She nods once and heads back to stand on the other side of the doorway.

Sophie bobs her head once. "Si, let us leave them to their dreams," she murmurs, as she makes her way to the door once more. "I pray that their dreams are good; and that when they wake, perhaps the world will have changed, and become a brighter place?" She pauses, and shrugs her shoulders lightly. "It is an unlikely thing to happen; God grants much, but does not change the hearts of men. But still, we can have hope, can we not?"

"Well, shall we adjourn to some other place then?" Kaylee says, being a bit grandios as she waves her arm towards the door and drops down onto the floor, heading out of the room for now.

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