2009-08-20: Emotional Support


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Summary: Danny relaxing while Cole keeps him company.

Date: August 20, 2009

Log Title Emotional Support

Rating: PG

NYC - Liberty Plaza - Victoria's Room

A nice place. Rather spartan. Occasional hole or long gouge in the walls. Longer desc to come when I decide not to be lazy.

It's been a rough week for Danny as he decided to finally come out of the closet to his folks and went almost exactly as he expected, not good at all. For the most part he's been keeping himself busy with work and Tae Kwon Do but today he doesn't have either on the scheduel till later. Sitting in the common room with Mr. Cat asleep on his lap, Danny has bottle of beer in one hand that he's working on while some music plays softly in the room. He's trying to relax a bit while listening to one of his favourite bands, Snow Patrol.

Coming up from the gym area, Cole Aron lets out a little sigh as he dries his hair. "Really out of it," he mutters, moving the towel from his head to around his neck. The shield maker blinks at the sound of music and looks around the common room. "Hey, Danny," he greets upon finally spotting the other man.

Danny looks up and gives Cole a smile, he'd stand up but he doesn't want to risk annoying Mr. Cat. "Howdy Cole, how ya doin' today?" He takes another swing from the bottle before setting it down on a coaster. "Ya been workin' out?"

Cole walks over and nods. "Yeah. Got in a good work out," he says, leaning over the back of the couch. He smiles slightly when he sees Mr. Cat but doesn't bother the feline. "Just a bit tired. How's it going up here?"

"Ah'd get up and give ya a hug but Ah don't want tah annoy Mr. Cat. He's all comfortable." And as if to back up what Danny's saying, Mr. Cat stretchs out his paws with a yawn and curls back up in a ball. "Ah got some beer in the fridge over there if ya want one, Ah've just been having that kinda week. Ah gotta work tahnight so Ah'm not aimin' tah get drunk."

Cole comes around to sit next to Danny, leaning against him. "Yeah, looks like a comfy cat," he chuckles. "Wanna talk about it?"

Danny looks at Cole and nods. "Yeah, Ah already spilled a bit tah Alex cause he was 'round when Ah got home from spendin' time at mah folks but Ah decided to tell 'em everythin'." Danny says with a sigh as his hand slowly pets Mr. Cat. "How Ah got powers, how Ah'm workin' for the government as a hero, explained why Ah ran away at eighteen cause Ah just couldn't deal with college and powers and goin' tah college for something Ah didn' wanna do. And Ah also told 'em Ah ain' gonna be findin' a nice girl tah bring home some day. They freaked at that."

Cole sighs quietly, slipping an arm around Danny. "Sorry," he says softly. "I'm sure they'll come around eventually though. You're their son after all," he says, offering a squeeze.

Danny leans against Cole as he slips his arm around him. "Ah hope so it's just hard is all. Ah knew they weren't gonna take it well but Ah couldn't keep lyin', it was gittin' tah me." He puts his arm back around Cole in return and smiles at him. "At least Ah got good friends here Ah can be mahself 'round right? Ya should stop by the bar later tahnight, Ah'm workin'."

Cole smiles. "By the bar?" he asks. "Sure, I could stop by. Can't say I'll drink much but I'll come by," he says. "And I know what ya mean about the lies getting to ya. I caved and told my mom about a week after my powers manifested."

"How'd she take it?" Danny asks cuddling up to Cole a bit, just feeling comforted by the presence of his teammate. "Ah'm not askin' ya tah drink, Ah can even just give ya a glass of coke or something." He says with a chuckle.

Cole shrugs a little. "Well, she was a little shocked. Then she kinda tried to convince me to go into superheroics," he says, a little embarrassed. "I know. I know. Just teasin' a little."

"Ah had no real interest in superheroics before Ah met Alex." Danny admits. "There were a few times when Ah was in the right place at the right time and did something but Ah like bein' a bartender. Ah know that ain't too ambitious of me." He admits with a chuckle. "And Ah don't mind being teased by ya."

Cole nods. "I didn't wanna be a hero either. I was content sitting back and cheering on DareDevil whenever I read something about him or saw a close-enough looking shadow in Hells Kitchen," he admits. "But I eventually figured…I make shields. I can save people and I don't nessecarily have to go up against things like Bushwhacker and Gladiator," he laughs. "Never though I'd be here," he adds.

"Bushwacker? Gladiator?" Danny doesn't know who either of those guys are. He maybe a superhero of sorts but he isn't well versed in the whose who of the super hero/villain world. Now ask him about alcohol, he'll know the answers. "Ah was just more content savin' a woman from gettin' her purse stolen or helpin out at the club when some crazy came in wantin' tah cause trouble. There was a time there when Ah thought he was followin' me."

Cole shakes his head. "Villains I heard about a few times. Nothing to worry about," he says. "Who was following you?" he asks curiously.

"Ah had a few runins with Deadpool Ah think he was called." Danny says trying to remember. "It was a while ago back when Ah was workin' at Otto's and livin' with Brooklyn with mah old friends, Nerf and Riley. Ah think it was just a weird coincednce typea think that we just kept runin intah eachother."

Cole frowns. "Him I've heard of. Nasty piece of work," he says. "Never know. He's weird," he sighs. "I should go get changed out of these work out clothes," he chuckles. "How about we go grab some food when I get back?"

Danny pushes Mr. Cat reluctantly off of his lap and nods. "Sounds great Cole. Ah'm gonna hop in the shower quick then and then we'll call it a date." He says giving Cole a quick kiss. He can't help it, Cole's just too damn cute for him to resist. "Unless you wanna take a shower as well?"

Cole blushes slightly and glances at Mr. Cat. "Sure, I could use another," he says, getting up.

Danny chuckles and puts an arm around Cole. "Ya know you're cute when ya blush." He says as he leads the way out of the common room.

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