2010-01-15: Empathic Puppetry


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Summary: After the call took place, Addison went outside and ran into a few students, and old X-person… and a demon.

Date: January 15, 2010

Empathic Puppetry

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

No matter he's lived here before, Jonothon has found he's still new to the school as he wanders around to gain a feel for where things are. While not entirely lost, he might as well be. Especially as he finds himself at the front door. Rolling eyes at himself, the man heads outside. Might as well check on his motorcycle, which really should be in one of the garages. So it's there, as he's heading down the front steps that the words filter in. Jono staggers a little, arms flung out as he misses a step and ends up flailing to not fall over. With an entire lack of grace he remains upright, and staring upwards a moment.

«Gorden Bennet.» What the hell was that?! He waits for it.. waits for it.. and finds it's suddenly one hell of a lot warmer. Well, that was kind of anticlimactic. Relaxing, the man idly scratches at a ruined cheek and motions a sigh. Of course he lacks lungs so can't really, but the action is there. This school. Why is it always this place?

A flaming bird of fire surrounding his body heralds the arrival of Addison Falk… Grey King. He got a very strong dose of whatever it was. He reaches out mentally, touching to see what minds are in the school and what aren't. His face shows no emotion for the moment. He doesn't recognize Jonothon… but he does at the same time. "We've lost a few." He states simply, hovering over the Phoenix Memorial as he looks in the direction of the city. "We've got missing students and missing teachers." This does not please him in the slightest. To put it bluntly, Addison is scared shitless. He's not ever dealt with mysticism.

By this point, the students have begun to trickle out of the Mansion, singly and in clumps, the buzz of horrified speculation growing ever louder as more join the crowds. One dark, red-haired girl pushes her way out of the pack upon spotting Addison, long braid swinging wildly as she hurries to join the pair. "Professor?! Professor! Wh—" Bringing herself up short, she pauses a moment to catch her breath. "What on earth is happening?!"

Zack stands out, well at least in the fact that he's probably taller then most of the students, moving to push forward to see Rashmi he looks at all the stundets and he replies, "Somthing bad…"

Okay.. that's impressive. Eyes reflecting that fire more than is normal, Jonothon stares up at Addison hovering there over the memorial. Yep, he's been gone way too long. Minds touch, and his own is confused. Not afraid, if only because he doesn't find anything yet to be afraid of, but clearly he has no idea what is really going on. «What happen…» Trailing off, he looks to the dark haired girl. She's asking what he wants, so Jono doesn't try speaking over her.

The skinny Brit returns his gaze to Addison. «Can you locate the missing?» People are missing? That means they need to be found. (Isn't X-men logic grand?)

"It's alright Rashmi. We'll figure it out." He doesn't know the details. After all, Addison didn't exist on this world when the last event like this happened. "I can't feel them anymore. Normally, I feel everyone. It's a pain. But… I don't feel Topher. Mr. Parker-Mayfair. Jordan. James. Nathaniel. Lucas. They're gone. Their minds aren't there at all anymore." He looks to the other telepath in the area. "I'm trying, Mr. Starsmore." After all, he's never met THIS version of him. But he knows who he is. Aren't Alternate Universes Grand? no.

"Well who was that voice?! And how did it ge—" Trailing off as the full import of Addison's words sink in, Rashmi's face goes ashen, her jaw sagging open. For a few beats, she tries to speak, fails, then draws in a deep, deep breath. "WHAT HAPPENED TO LUCAS?!" It must be something about the teenage mind, that the apocalypse only *really* gets bad when one's boyfriend is involved.

Zack rubs his forhead, shaking it out, "What do you mean gone, they just left the school, what are you…what exactly is going on man…" he says

Jonothon bows his head as he's told the minds are gone, thinking. While mussed, he's combed his hair so it's free to sweep forward and hide his features. Except for that nose. Too large to be hidden. He holds still as he's name is spoken, for that's creepy, but he assumes it's thanks to Addison being a telepath. Information is easy when you are a telepath willing to use your gift. Nothing said, he lifts his head to give Rashmi a pitying look as she freaks out a little. «Calm down, gel. This isn't going to help anyone.»

Tucking hands into the pockets of his tattered jacket, Jono continues with, «There's a lot of reasons a telepath couldn't find people. Doesn't automatically mean they are hurt.» Or worse. A glance to Zack and there's a shrug. «We don't know.» What's going on.

"Not a clue. Sorry I can't be more informative than that. I mean… I could go down to Cerebra, but…" Addison says, somewhat softly as the aura dies, fading away slowly until he lands on the ground. "I wish I could tell you more. I wish someone more experienced were here." He's plenty experienced, just in a different world. In a different way. "But what I can feel from that direction is terror…"

"HE WAS JUST *HERE* YESTERDAY!" Calming down, apparently, not *quite* an option for the moment. "His power is HIS HANDS ARE ON FIRE, he can't do anything with his mind! *I* can barely do anything with his mind sometimes!!" Trailing off, her face crumples. "…No… No, you're right… I have to calm down…" Closing her eyes, she takes a few deep breaths. "Professor… please. Give me something to do. I'm going to drive myself crazy if I don't have something to do."

Zack remains standing there like alump since he doens't know much about what in the world is going on, his mind not reallly comprehending, and he stands up next to Rashmi, "Ah it's all right I mean it should be all right" big hand patting her shoulder.

Accepting Addison's words with a nod, Jonothon finds himself staring at Rashmi. It's not a glare, and there are no signs of ire, just a patience and the idea that he doesn't approve. There are so many things he could say here, but the thin man reminds himself he's no standing at the school. Just a visitor until someone accepts him back. So he keeps his words to himself and lets Addison answer the girl. A glance to Zack as he attempts to assure Rashmi, and all Jono does is drag fingers back through his hair. This does nothing to keep it neat.

"I'm not a professor, Rashmi. I just teach powers. And watch over you kids." Addison says softly, actually letting himself feel a little fear before he holds himself upright again. "All we can do is prepare. I did a mind-count, but that's not always going to be accurate. We need to do a headcount on the school. Make sure who's who here and where they are. We also need to prepare more rooms. We may have others coming to join us. Those who have been at the school before. They know, as well as we do, that the school will always let them come home if they're in need." he nods softly. "By the way…" He says, turning to Jonothon. "I'm Addison Falk. I know we've never met here, but I know you from another world. Welcome back." He says, pointedly. Maybe he sensed a little. Maybe not. Maybe he's just… glad to have someone who may have more of a clue than he does, around here.

Rashmi's chin is trembling slightly as she listens to Addison's advice, leaning against Zack as the giant attempts to offer some comfort. "…All right. C'mon, Zack. Let's find the others and get started. We…" Pausing, she swallows, looking sickly. "We need to see if anyone else on our squad went missing. Pro—um… Sir… Once we've gotten the head count, do we bring it to you, or one of the others?"

Zack nods his head, "All right, we should go and find the others?" he asks and nods, well he was thinking that Rashmi was the team leader for whatever that is worth. Looking around at all of the other students, {"I guess we need to go check. I'll go, ya" he agrees.

Uncomfortable with all this, as everyone is, Jonothon nods to Addison again. The another world thing is weird, but then he's met Pookas. Alternate realities aren't quite as weird as that. «…Thanks. Let me know what I can do to help.» There's a pause though and he glances in the direction of New York. Yes, even he can feel it, and he's about as non-telepathic as a telepath gets. «I recognized a couple of those names. S'ym and N'astirh, but I can't remember where.» His mind is still struggling to put itself back together after the mind wipe years ago.

«Maybe if we look them up we'll get an idea of what's going on. Either that or turn on CNN.» Got to love the media. The kids are watched, but he makes no effort to comfort them. Jono just doesn't know how to even begin to. Should they go off, he looks back to Addison. «My timing apparently is for shit.» Return home, something bad happens.

"If you find Mr. Summers, give it to him, first. If not, bring it to me. I'm most worried about the students. Most of the teachers here, well… they have years of experience dealing with things like this. You, kids…" Addison shakes his head softly. "All of our timing is for shit. I think it comes with wearing the x on our clothing at any point in our history."

"I'm sorry the first person you meet isn't someone you know. But I've read all the files. I know you were here for a long time. Well, the Massachusetts campus." he says with a bit of a shrug. "I want to go down there and see what's going on, but I can't leave the kids here."

Rashmi nods once. "…All right. We'll get to it, then." Turning, she pats Zack's arm. "Let's go, Zack… We have a job to do." With that, she strikes off back toward the knot of students, and the Mansion beyond.

Zack nods as he'll heel trundling after, good enouhg fellow to follow orders, so he'll walk along and hopefully help in some way, "All right, so we got a list now?"

Jonothon's expression, in as much as it's only his upper face, shifts to a smile. Hard to read more than that however, as it's a sardonic one, but without a lower face much of that inflection is lost. Totally agrees with Addison about wearing the X. It does have a strong influence on one's life. «I'd offer to watch over them, but that wouldn't be good for the school. The students don't know me for bullocks, and it's obvious you've abilities I lack. Still, you want to, and I'll do my best.» A shrug as he tucks a hand back into that pocket. For someone claiming to have been an X-man he sure looks homeless. His clothing is more than well worn. «Poor kids.» Mostly to himself as he watches them go, but Addison is sure to hear it.

Dramatic entrances just aren't what they used to be, but that doesn't mean Nathan can't try. With an abrupt thudding sound, the teenage mutant drops to the ground from, well, the sky, his boots the reason for the sound. He hisses softly, ruffling his fingers through his hair while his wings extend, stretching comfortably and tail swaying and curling behind his legs. He blinks, looking around the courtyard curiously and then grinning his new snakelike grin at all the nice people hanging out. Hallo~

"I don't know why it always happens here. Just a few months ago, someone switched all of our powers around." Addison says with Jono with a bit of a grin. "and before that was the invasion that brought me here. But we won't discuss that. Too many of the new students don't trust me because I was an invader." He says with a bit of a shrug. But then… Nate appears. His aura flames back on as he stands there, staring. He pauses, looking him over. He can't feel his mind properly. But the look… is too close. "Nathaniel?" He asks, quietly.

Marching toward the school with the determination of one desperately hanging on to the reassurance of her purpose, Rashmi is taken utterly by surprise by the sound of Nathaniel's impact. Whirling around, her eyes grow wide at the sight of wings and tail… But it's Addison's question, that drives home the probability. "…Sir…?" Her voice is a quiet croak, as she edges back against Zack. "….Who is this…?"

Zack blinks again, "That guy looks like trouble…trouble and a half, dude has fangs and bat wings, and it ain't that wholesome goth looking b at wings either"

That thud and hiss has brown eyes turning to flame as Jonothon jerks around to look at Nathaniel. Arms at sides, and shoulders back somewhat, he's quite ready to blast, yet doesn't. No, isn't about to blast randomly. Especially since he doesn't know the students. This could be normal. Still, Jono is very ready to defend himself. «This normal?» Asked of Addison, glowing eyes remaining on Nathan. Rashmi answers that for him though. No, this isn't normal. Moving slowly, Jonothon places himself between Nathan and the other two students. He's careful not to close the distance between Nathan and himself though.

The immediate response to that question is a sudden rush of Nathan's projected empathy. Considering he usually keeps it pretty tightly in check, it's more like a hammer than the usual vague cloud of feelings that expel from the student. It's a confusing mixture of giddiness, intense exhileration, and something that can only be described as darkness. It's not the gentle replacement of people's usual feelings, or a nudge, but a full on brain invasion, unless people have a way to defend - or Addison defends. He just grins at Addison all the same, those batlike wings of his flexing further, kicking up dust as he flaps them smoothly around himself. He speaks, but his voice is odd, speaking around what appears to be a snake's tongue to match his teeth, "Hey, Mr. Falk. Cool, isn't it…?"

As the wave of emotion hits, Addison immediately shields himself. He feels it for a second, but not much more. "What happened, Nathaniel? Why are you… who did this?" He asks, offput. He's so offput that he forgot to shield the others as well. After all, he's never dealt with something like this. "No, it's not cool. Does this have anything to do with what's going on in New York?" He asks , blinking and finally extending the mental protection to the kids. He's assuming that with Jono's particular… abilities… that he won't need it.

Zack has connected.

Rashmi is rocked back on her feet from the sudden emotional hammer, head tilted back and eyes wide as, utterly defenseless, she is pulled into the storm. For a moment, the chaos around her is muted, pushed beyond importance until there's only the druglike rush, forced upon her mind. As Addison's shield pushes the invasion away, she sags to her knees… confused at first, then doubled over, holding her stomach, as though her body seeks to somehow purge the memory as it would a sickness.

Zack huhs ya, mental protection isn't really his thing that hammer would have gotten him beaten hard, and it rocks throgh his skull. "What in the…int he hell." he feels the flush of giddiness giggling ,ad he almost passes out before he gets slammed into a protective shield, "Ow…what the fuck was that…"

Unfortunately Jonothon does need protection. As ready as he is, this wasn't what he was ready for. The man staggers with the mental assault, and hands fly to head. Fire filled eyes are wide as he struggles with emotions not his own, broadcasting them all over again. It won't affect those already protected, but otherwise Nathan is going to get a dose of his own right back at him. All in all this takes but a second and Jono can't stop himself from reacting. «….» Emotions hit, he broadcasts them back, and then he blasts at Nathan. Now, this isn't an intentional attack, and in fact Jono's aim often leaves much to be admired.. so it will be fairly easy to avoid.

«Christ!» Psy-fire erupts from Jono's upper chest, tearing effortlessly through clothing to blast outwards towards Nathan. If it misses, the coiling energy drives a furrow into the ground, sending dirt raining out beyond, and over the outbuildings here.

Generally athletic to begin with and a proper empath to begin with, the reflected onslaught doesn't even faze Nathan, and he manages to bounce away from the psionic blast by a few feet. He spits at Jonothan, but he doesn't even look angry, laughing after the fact while his tail whips around behind him, "Ooo, jumpy." For the first time in his life, he batters against those barriers, despite being weaker than Addison to begin with. It's a game to him, though, and he doesn't really seem interested in fighting. He pushes off of the ground with one foot, flapping his wings and radiating with his empathy all but constantly now. He likes getting to fly, practicing his hovering even if he bobs and drunks a bit drunkenly.

"What happened? Something great! Can't you tell? I met an angel and he gave me an invitation to join a real family, not like this stupid shit prison you lock us up in to protect us - protect US? Do we look like we need protection?" Nathaniel chortles almost maniacally, stretching his legs comfortably and laughing harder now, "He offered me a real family, real understanding… and this? This is just pure fun, isn't it?"

Addison glares, reaching out to shut off Nathan's powers. Of course, this only works on the mutant powers. Anything else, is outside his realm. He's no mystic by any stretch of the imagination. Of course, doing so keeps him a little distracted. "What are you talking about, a family? You've GOT a family here. You have people that care about you. What about Leo?" He asks, point blank as he staggers, trying to hold the teenager's powers at bay. But it's like they've been magnified, and it hurts to shut them off.

"Kids, stay back." Addison says as he reaches out with a fiery mental claw to try to grab the New Mutant and toss him aside, knock him out or something. Of course, he doesn't even know if it'll do any good at this stage.

It's the speech that breaks the spell, in the finest tradition of newborn supervillains everywhere. Rashmi's head lifts, eyes fixing on the demonic youth. Struggling to her feet, she sets her feet wide to keep herself from falling, nodding in response to Addison's warning. But remaining sidelined doesn't equate to remaining helpless, and with a flick of the mind, a half-dozen translucent, glowing orbs of telekinetic force shimmer into being around the teenagers, whirling in rapid orbit with the redheaded girl as their center.

Zack keep staring at the guy with batwings, a tail, and fangs, "An angel? Dude you look like you ran into the patron diety of hot topic…what in the hell did they do to you. You're growing all kindsa weird shit out of your body…" he steps back though, if the older guy was gonna rough handle Nathaniel then he's not gonna get involved, just staying with Rashmi. Looking around at the orbs, "Wow are those yours?"

Psy-fire flows out from Jonothon's chest, curling up over his shoulders, and filling the air around him. It coils lazily like the living thing it actually is. Ignoring the tattered remains of his shirt and jacket, the man narrows his eyes as hands slowly drop from head. Getting a handle on the emotions, he forces himself back to calm. Forces himself to try and help with the issue at hand. «If he's possessed, there'll be no reasoning with him.» Possessed, controlled, temporarily insane.. the list goes on. None of which will do any good at all.

Jono will have to apologize later for the blast, but that's later. For now he holds his place, trying to be an extra barrier between Nathan and the other teens, trying to see past his raging headache.

"Sure, so long as we want to be good boys and girls, right? Train just the way you want us - and Leo? Leo is sooo pure, isn't he? He doesn't understand anything that isn't," Nathan says, growling off this last part to the point that he bites off the last word. It'll be even harder to hold his powers in check after a point, the youth releasing any and all control of them, letting them flow out at full strength. The psionic smack down seems to have most of the desire effect, though, Nathaniel straining against it until he's pulled to the dirt. He bounces slightly, rolling, but surprisingly remains conscious, struggling to his hands. The battle gets easier after that, the young man blinking at the people around him as if he just got there. He focuses on Addison, the one most familiar, voice coming out weak and a little scared, "M… Mr. Falk? What's going on?" He pushes himself to his feet as best he can, wincing when his leg seems to give him stress, balancing a hand on his thigh. The fear and confusion

The fear and confusion are all that Addison will hold back now, though it feels like Nathan's got his powers back under control, stumbling forward only to drop back onto his hands and knees. Little help?

Of course, when one of his students is injured, Addison's first thought is to their safety. Rushing over, he retains the flaming aura as he leans down, "Nathaniel. Are you alright? What happened? Seriously… that was strange." He really and truly believes that the boy is back to his own mind.

"We'll get you back inside. Get you help." He says with a nod. "Rashmi, Zack. Clear a path, I'll take him to the medbay."

The orbs whirl around Zack and Rashmi, tightening up and peeling off, creating two separate groups, revolving in different directions. "Um…. Sir… Are you sure he's okay…?" While not perhaps so aggressive as some of the other students, wings and tail are still wings and tail, and up to this point nothing has been remotely reassuring.

Zack nods and he'll follow th orders of the older man, "All right, sure no problem." he looks at Rashmi, "Well either way we should talk him to get checked out right?" he nods as he uses his big frame to spread out, "COme on, we gotta clear out, at least get us to the medbay or whatever"

«Be careful.» Jonothon warns Addison as the other approaches. This could be a ruse. Doesn't say that outloud, hoping that Addison already knows this. Watching closely, the man waits for the moment he's needed. If necessary, the next blast won't be so easy to avoid. «We can handle this, gel.» That to Rashmi, no matter he doesn't look to her. «Go.» The medical bay might be needed, so get it ready.

"It's so weird," Nathan says, reaching up to Addison for help getting up, wincing in the process as his wings hang limp. He looks up at Addison, brow furrowed intensely, "He kissed my forehead." He bows his head as he stumbles to his feet, losing his balance and falling against the redheaded mutant - just in time to sink his fangs into Addison's arm straight to the gums, bottom and top. Enjoy that poisonous spit!

Pain lashes through Addison's body as the fangs sink in. It only takes a moment, but the protection and power-blocking he was doing vanish as the man's skin turns a sickly shade of green. He goes limp, beginning to fall in place, unable to stop himself. He tries to get a word out, but fails. Yup. He's down for the moment. Poor Addison.

"PROFESS—" Rashmi's warning cry is abruptly bit off, as Addison's protections disappear, and the hammer comes back down. The whirling orbs vanish, and the girl begins to laugh, a high, mocking sound, eyes wide and blank. Anger, savage triumph, the rush of power… For now, at least, this cutting laughter gives voice to the emotions broadcast all over the campus.

Zack is trying to clear things up now, and work things out, and now he's just twitching back and forth, and he collapses to his knees, "Woah, nnngh, ah, ahhhhh!" he jerks his head left and right as his hands clench his sl. Now he's getting harsh and heavy with his thoughts, "Ahhhh! God what the hell is that!" he feels it.

Okay, that's what he was waiting for. Psy-fire coalesces right before Jonothon blasts at Nathaniel a second time. This beam is tightly controlled, a narrow lance of fire. Feet spread, arms thrown back, the thin form radiates tension. He wants to blast Nathan off Addison, trying hard not to hit the other telepath. «Blood arse.» The chamber energy lifts his hair somewhat as well. Not a direct telekinetic rise, but the long, auburn locks riot around his head. «That's not being careful!» Idiot. Sorry, the emotions are affecting him, even if he's still technically in control of himself. For all his eyes might claim otherwise. They are solid red, as fire filled as the chamber energy.

The telekinetic blasts hits Nathan while he's still got his teeth in Addison's arm, ripping him away from the teacher - as well as digging red furrows in poor Addison's limb - as he is knocked backwards. The force of it is alleviated by the teen rising back into the air, cackling brightly despite the pain, even as that feeling of being in pain is added to the feelings already washing over them. He wiggles his fingers at them playfully, then says, "Why don't you play with me?" The tactics change, now, and rather than a tumult of confusing emotions, there is instead a feeling of longing, the urge to follow, a general sense of obedience. That's right. Nate is playing Pied Piper. He doesn't linger here, though, as he communicates the same urge he's getting to them - the desire to head to Central Park.

Addison makes a sound along the lines of *coughsplortbleah* and lays there.

The laughter tapers off, the wide, dead eyes fixing on Nathaniel once more. "…Play…?" It could be a trick of the eyes, or just a result of her entire mind being dictated by outside stimuli… but she doesn't seem to quite stand up, as get jerked to her feet by unseen hands. "Where… The park…? …Okay…" Slowly, she turns toward the gates, one foot planted solidly in front of the other, to make sure that she doesn't trip herself up. "That sounds like fun…"

Zack nods his head a moment, as he thinks he might follow, "All right, well, sure…" he says, not having been strong willed to begin with, he rubs his head again, "Man my headhurts…" he says as he wobbles, the big teen shaking back and forth as all the emotional forcing is making him lose his balances…but he will follow along, Rashmi's going, a number of other teens are going, sure, why not.

Sorry, Jonothon's not up to following. He never was one to easily do so. Especially not when he's angry, and understanding that the emotions aren't his own. Instead of talking, the man blasts Nathaniel again before walking over to Addison. The air crackles around him thanks to the psy-fire. It dances on the air, angry and eager to be used. «Go.» Before he uses his blasts at their proper strength and does you considerable harm. Should stop the others, but he's so not able to think of that right now.

He is broadcasting his own set of emotions, but Jonothon's is sure to get lost in the mix. Especially since he never broadcasts far during times like this. Angry, a strange kind of power high, stubborn denial of following, and one hell of a headache lurking at the edges. Anyone passing by him might be snapped out of the first control. Conflicting emotions.

Nathaniel is tempted to fight with Jonothan, but there's something more important he has to do… in Central Park. He needs to hurry up. He hisses at the air, hisses at Jonothan, then turns to wing his way towards the city, flicking his tail and laughing down at the two who do follow him, though he's really not paying them as much attention as he could.

Addison drags like a sack of potatoes.

The wanna be demon flies off, leaving no one for Jonothon to blast. It allows him a moment to rub at his ruined face before he turns his attention to Addison. Dropping into a crouch, psy-fire brushing over the prone man, Jono checks out the bloody wounds, and Addison's condition in general. It's a brief examination before he looks to Zack, Rashmi, and the other students walking. «Hey! Hey, you wankers! Get you're arses over here!» Sorry, can't be polite right now. Got demon cooties on the brain. «Help me get him to the infirmary!» Even as he calls out he tries to pull Addison up into his arms. Now if only he was strong. Sigh.

To hold onto your newly indoctrined zombie minions, the best thing to do is to play a little offense to go with your defense. Rather than ignore Jonothan, Nathan injects a new emotion into Zack and Rashmi: a distinct distrust and hatred of Jonothan, potent enough to be their own. FOLLOW UR MASTR! Jono is n00b.

Rashmi's back stiffens as Jono's mind-voice snaps at her. Whirling, she fixes the GenXer with a suspicious, distrustful glare. "Why should I?! You just got here, maybe you're one of *them!*" Her voice falters, as she searches for an appropriately scathing final word. "YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE A FACE!" With that, she turns again, now all but pelting toward the gates, and the promise of Central Park.

Zack is…well, sure, the guy has no face, and he's got psychic fire shooting out of his chest, so it's natural to say enough of that noise and walk on by…then again the guy he's following has batwings and fangs. But that doens't fator so much into his thoughts as he keeps walking, "Wonder what's in the park…"

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