2009-03-16: Enrollment


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Summary: Jericho introduces his son to Scott. Enrollment begins.

Date: March 16, 2009


Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Scott Summer's Office

After a few days with Jared around, Jeri's finally decided it's time to bring him to meet Scott. Sure, he's brought Jared to the school once, or rather… he let Eddie do it, but he felt it was time to make it known to the headmaster that there's a bigger family in the Parker-Mayfair home. Knocking lightly on the door, he waits for Scott to have a moment free.

Jared has almost finally decided just where he wants to go to school since it is his decision, and to his surprise it was the argument with Cyrus that made him want to join Xavier's. At the moment he is dressed in his black hoodie and jeans, not sure exactly what he is going to say to the headmaster. Nervouseness is practically dripping off of Jared as he stands behind Jericho with his hands stuffed into the pocket in front of his hoodie.

The headmaster has been working on getting the repairs to the mansion squared away and finished, not to mention assembling a group to go to one of the affected states. Scott has been using an old visor in lieu of his glasses since they were destroyed in the attack. "Come in." He calls out to the closed office door. He's wearing an Xavier's School shirt, as most of the other 'refugees' have been using as well. A computer screen is cleared as he calls out.

Jeri steps into the room, ushering his son ahead of him. "Jared, this is Mister Scott Summers. He's our headmaster." He explains to the kid, who will quite probably recognize the visor, since he and Eddie have the hero-worship thing in common. "Scott, this is…" He takes a moment, as if still getting adjusted to it. "My son. Jared Stone." He shrugs softly, there's even a tinge of red on his cheeks. There's really no denying the similarities between them, if you look.

Jared lets himself be ushered into the room, looking the part of a slightly surly teenager as he says, "Hello mister Summ…" Jared trails off as he actually looks at Scott and recognizes the visor. "Ok, call me stupid, I probably should have got it when I found out who the statue out front was of. Um…yeah I'm Jared and I'm a mutant. Did I really just say that out loud?" Jared just shakes his head and buries his face in his hands now that he has managed to sound either insane or stupid in front of Cyclops.

"Your son?" Scott says looking to Jericho. Shaking his head, he just takes it for what it is. A hand is extended out to Jared as he comes in. His mouth area is relatively expressionless. The man is all business. "Hello, Jared." As the teenager realizes who the headmaster of the school is, a nod is given. "Yes. I am who you think I am. And that broken ststue out there, was of Phoenix." Cyclops has seen way too many students do close o the same thing to think Jared either stupid or crazy. "So, what can I do for you two?" He asks, trying to confirm what he assumed is coming next.

Jeri nods. "I just found out myself. But after powersharing and comparing his genetics to mine, there's no doubt." He offers a chuckle and a shrug. "Well, since he's going to be part of my family, I hope, I felt it best to bring him here to introduce you. And, apparently, one of our other students is an old friend of his. Though, I'm hoping Jared will want to come here along with Eddie, I'm not going to push him in a direction he doesn't want to go."

Jared nods his head still inside his hands at Scott as he responds to him being Jericho's son. After a moment he pulls himself together enough he can actually look Scott in the eye, er, visor again. "Yeah, the whole finding my," deep breath, "Father and being a mutant thing are kinda new. I was told given the nature of my mutation I could choose here or the local public school….and I think I might like it here. Jericho and Eddie have talked up the school a lot…and with Leo here at least I would not be dropping into a school where I know no one at all."

"What is your mutation?" Scott asks, wondering what this new student has. "You'll find most of the students here are extremely accepting of newcomers. And you have a little bit of a leg-up with your friend being here, and your adoptive brother being here as well. We will help you learn about them, and to control them. I'm sure you've heard it before." The headmaster looks to Jericho. "After the repairs are done we will have some more rooms in the boys dorm, so he is free to stay here or at your home, or a mix as Eddie does."

"I figured as much." Jeri says with a bit of a nod. "He's got a little bit of me in him, that's for sure, in his detailing of others. But mine's for power, while his seems to be a much more primal life-feeling ability. Beyond that… eh, he'll tell you." He chuckles, shaking his head slightly. He's still a little wierded about it, but is taking it one step at a time for now.

Jared looks back at Jericho not sure about the whole living arrangements thing since he is still trying to get used to living in the house with 4 other people after growing up just him and his Mom, and then it being just him at home most of the time. "I can sense life energy. Birds, tree, mutants, normal humans, I can feel them all and tell when someone is sick or injured. I also heal people, I do a little bit of healing just by being near them and a lot more when I touch where they are injured."

Scott gives a nod as Jared explains his powers. "Alright. Well, there's just paperwork to do, if attending Xavier's is what you want. The real identity of this place is a secret to the outside world, so I highly recommend that you remain tight-lipped that this place is a mutant haven." He sounds more stern on that, but only because student safety is priority for him. "Anything you want to ask me?" He asks to both father and son.

Jeri shakes his hand, waving it off. He's been teaching here for about a year and knows how things go. "As soon as this mess is over, though, I do need to contact Ms. Walters, though. She helped with Eddie's adoption. With Jared actually being my biological child, it should be even easier than that was… if that's what Jared wants."

Jared nods at Scott, already knowing well enough that the school's nature would have to be kept a secret. "No problem keeping secrets. Um, the only question I have is if its gonna end pt being a problem that I am probably wanted in California for running away from the foster care system there?"

Scott takes a seat, offers the chairs on the other side of the desk to Jericho and Jared. "Did you have a criminal record?" He asks, hoping to get the truth from the boy. Hea's had kids falsely accused of crimes before, some that did have behavioral problems.

If Jared has a record, that's news to Jericho. He just takes the more sturdy looking of the seats and crosses his arms, waiting to hear what's said. He didn't think to ask it earlier, himself.

Jared takes the offered seat and shakes his head at Scott. "No, no criminal record and the worst I was ever in trouble at school was at the start of Freshman year…this school year when I ended up in a fight with a senior. After mom's funeral they put me in a group home that was….well I couldn't stand the place. It was before I could shut off, or even tone down my ability to sense living things and frankly speaking it was more comfortable hitchiking across half the country than staying there."

"Alright, then you wouldn't be wanted in the normal sense. And since you did find a next of kin, Jericho will have to declare parental rights for you, and so on." He's seen some cases like this before. "Talking with Walters will speed things along." Scott mentions to Jericho. "Well, if that's all you got in trouble for in high school, that's good. We don't tolerate fighting here, and using an offensive power on another student is against our policy. Basically if someone rubs you the wrong way, just move on." Some of the X-Men could learn from that.

Jericho nods softly. He can't say anything for beating up a senior in high school. He's done his fair share of things in the past, but he didn't know how to control himself then. "And I will work on doing that, as soon as all of this invasion nonsense is taken care of."

Jared nods, and figures that all things considered he should not lay out his justifications for beating hte snot out of a football player 4 years older than him so on that he just keeps silent. As for the rest he just nods. He is also not going to mention that he used people going nuts over the LA bubble and the invasion as a distraction to escape the care of the State of California's Foster Care system. "Well, at least you won't have to worry about the power thing. Most offensive thing I can do with my powers is cheat at hide and go seek."

"Alright then." He says, looking to both of them. "Since this invasion is going on, the school is on lockdown, classes are cancelled until it blows over." He says specifically to Jared. "You'll be paired up with a squad leader for training and advising." Scott takes out an envelope containing student info and the like. "Here, take this." He says, placing it on his desk in front of Jared. "That's about it, unless there's anything else you have on your minds."

"Not anything that I can think of." Jericho says with a half smile as he looks at Jared. "I think you're making a good choice, but that's me. You already know my opinion." He shrugs, impishly.

Jared nods at Scott, and at his father while he takes the packet of student info tor ead through laters. "I know…and Eddie feels the same way. Um, there is one thing. Leo mentioned something about being on healing duty ..I guess talking about those that were injured as part of the attack…With my powers I was wondeirng if there was anyone really hurt or that did need healing that I might help with?"

"There were some injured in the attack, but they were healed up without a hitch. But you'll have opportunities to help out in the medbay if that is what you wish to do." Scott informs. "X-Men sometimes do get injured, or an accident happens on campus." Scott says while sending out an email about a new student. And one to a teacher about a new student on their squad.

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