2009-03-20: Enter New Mutants


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Summary: Sam gathers together his new training squad, The New Mutants, for a team introduction.

Date: March 20, 2009

Log Title Enter New Mutants

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

Now that there are training squads in the school, it's beyond fitting that one Sam Guthrie, aka Cannonball, is to lead the team. After all he was one of the orginal members of the New Mutants. He's wearing his uniform today, big C on his chest, and goggles on top of his head as he waits for the students to show up. This isn't going to be a training session just yet but more a time for everyone to get to know eachother. He stands besides a box with his arms crossed over his chest as he waits for everyone to show up.

As it stands, Leo is getting close to another explosion day. Some people will know this simply by looking at him. His eyes are glowing as brightly as 60 watt bulbs. His body is sparkling with white light, enough to keep a room lit. He's moving quickly and speaking too fast. Bouncing his way into the room, he looks around. "YoucalledMr.Guthrie?" He says. Anyone who gets too close is going to feel revved up by his excess energies.

Training? Really? Didn't she come here for school? Nevaeh pushes through the doors to the gym, dropping a gutiar case by the bleachers as she sends a thoughtfull scowl across the room to the others. "So do we really have to do this squad crap? I've got a butt ton of catching up to do homework wise. Don't you think this would be a little distracting?" Her dissaproval is evident in her face as she moves towards Lero ad Sam, arms folding over her chest.

By contrast, Nathaniel's entry into the gym is done with an idle, laconic gait, the youth twisting the stem of a lollipop absentmindedly between his lips. He gives the Energizer Mutie a wide berth, coming to prop himself against one of the basketball hoop stands, free hand disappearing into his hip pocket. He doesn't parrot the question, only watches Sam curiously while he twists that lollipop. Right. Left. Right. Left. He looks absolutely ecstatic to be here, if ecstatic means he might find lint more stimulating by far. The youth's glance in Nev's direction suggests he may agree with her, but, as noted, he doesn't bother saying anything.

The chilly menace that Max is comes running into the gym soon after Leo. "Heya!" He rings out before looking at Cannonball's uniform, Max himself is wearing hils old training uniform, one-piece black and ice blue suit cut off at the knees. Max fixes one of his spikes before taking a knee. He missed the negativity coming from the female member of the group, so his excitedness is not waivered. He gives a wave to his roomie, Nathaniel as he takes a knee.

Eddie comes running through the door moments later, dressed in his white and blue uniform with goggles on his own head. He's not Leo but he looks energized and excited. With a huge grin on his face, he trips and falls half way to joining Leo and Max. He's up a moment later and back over. Taking a moment to catch his breath, the scarred teen looks around. "Hi!" he declares, looking at all the others.

Sam keeps his arms folded over his chest and grins. "Please y'all can call me Sam, not Mr. Guthrie." Then Nevaeh gets a look. "This is considered part of your class schedule and homework. This ain't distracting as it's part of the school. Ya come here, trainin's a part of it." He looks at the group and smiles. "Okay Ah don't know how many of ya know eachother but first let's all just say a bit about ourselves. Ah'm Sam Gurthrie also known as Cannonball. Ah've been a member of the New Mutants, X-Force, X-Men and X-Corporation and Ah'll be your leader. Ah also want y'all t' feel like if ya ever need anything y'all can come see me too."

Nathaniel shoots his hand into the air, popping the candy from his mouth as he says, in an idly curious tone, "Do we get merit badges for this stuff?" He watches Eddie make a faceplant, but doesn't rush out to help him, just waiting for him to bounce back up in the way people that tend to trip often are capable of doing. He shifts away from the basketball hoop so that he can drop lightly onto one of the lowest bleacher seats, one leg extended and the other keeping his foot tucked against the bleacher itself.

"Eddie." Leo sighs at the trip before glaring at Nathaniel. "Dude,whenyoucamehereyouagreedtoit. It'spartoftherules. Wegottalearnourpowers." He blinks, sighing. He closes his eyes for a second, and forcibly slows himself. "Leo Osborne. My folks run a company." Which is an understatement if anyone keeps up with business news. "Generally all hyper lately. Eddie knows more about my power than I do."

The frown doesn't go away on Nevaeh's part as she's given an explanation. Whatever. At the introductions, she gives a shrug. "I'm Nevaeh, and I came to Xaviers to get my high school degree, not show off my powers." Oh yeah, this one's just a bucket of laughs. With a long sigh, Nevaeh drops to the ground, leaning back on her palms as she scans the group. Great, only girl.

"Hey Eddie!" Rings out from Max's voice as his friend makes his way to the group. Max gives a smile as his turn to introduce himself comes. "Hey, I'm Max Farlane, uhh, I don't have a codename." It goes without saying that Max is hyper most of the time. "I'm like Iceman, in powers. I'm a human air conditioner too." Those standing next to him would be able to feel the cold emitting from the shrimpy kid. "Then why didn't you go to a regular high school?" He asks Nevaeh, his tone is curious, not hostile.

Eddie frowns deeply at Nathaniel's words. It just gets worse as Nevaeh speaks up. He shivers slightly, standing near Max and Leo so he's getting charged too. Blushing when Leo mentions him, Eddie waits. "Umm…I umm…" he glances at Sam, Max, and Leo nervously before taking a deep breath. "I'm Eddie Parker-Mayfair and I use Faith as my codename," he explains. "My Dads both teach here, I'm a power booster and I have umm…Empathic Mimicry," he remembers what the files called it. Not sure what else to say, he goes quiet and waits for orders from Sam.

"This ain't about showin' off your powers, it's about learnin' how t' control them. Just cause Ah spent the last nine years bein' a superhero don't mean y'all have t' be. But y'all should learn how to use and control your powers." And yes, Sam mainly directs that at Nevaeh. His eyes shift to Nathaniel. "No, y'all don't get meritt badges, this ain't the boyscouts. What y'all do get is one of these." Sam says as he opens a box and hands out a uniform to everyone, it's a blue and white New Mutant's uniform. (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y43/Addiecat/newmutantsuniform.jpg) "Y'all all free t' alter the fit of the uniform just not the basic look or colours."

Taking his, Leo looks it over. "Well, atleastthecolorswork." He chuckles, snickering at Eddie. They already match his power-colors, so it's fine. "So…" He pauses, taking a deep breath to focus again. "Regular training? That's a good thing. I really need to be able to learn how to get rid of all this excess energy." He says, as he crosses his arms. "Almost time for another explosion."

"Faith is a girly name," Nevaeh informs Eddie with a blank stare. Wait, did he says Dads? Guess that explains it. The blank look turns to Max as a faint shrug is given. "Because I'm too old to deal with the foster care shit anymore, and I've been out of school so long nobody else would have me." At the very least, she's honest. Maybe just too honest. At the mention of uniforms, her nose wrinkles but she reaches up to take hers. "So.. spandex? Are you serious? And we're NOT training to be superheroes? Pu-lease."

Max looks at his suit. "So, can I make mine like this one?" He says, meaning that it cuts off short at the arms and the knees. "If not, that's cool." He's way too positive to let Nevaeh's negativity affect him. "It's like Under Armour, football players and other sporty-people wear it, so it's not really…" He trails off, the uniform is superhero-ey. But he likes it.

Nathaniel makes a flicking motion in Leo's direction, wrinkling his nose as he says, "I didn't ask you, motor mouth." He shifts to his feet, neatly avoiding having to give information about himself thanks to his flawless wit, though he does wander over to take one of those uniforms. He stares at it for a few long seconds, unfurls it, stares at it a little longer, then cocks a brow at Sam, "Not a lot of fat superheroes, are there?" He makes his way back towards the bleachers, sighing idly before he drops back onto that seat, examining the belt and ultimately setting it to the side, "Why not the colors? …and how're we going to learn to control them? Use 'em against each other?"

Eddie sends another frown Nevaeh's way. "It's my -codename- and it fits my powers," he insists. When the new uniforms are revealed, Eddie's expression gets bright again. "Wow…Thank you, Mr. Guthrie-sir, I mean Sam-sir, I mean…wow…thanks!" he says, mind already getting to work on things. He nods quickly to Leo, taking a moment to try and figure out how far away from the explosion Leo is. He's once again distracted by Nevaeh, frowning at her. "I doubt they're spandex and just because you're not doesn't mean the rest of us aren't," he says. He then turns to Nathaniel and frowns once more, beginning to agree with his roommate about the empath. "I'm guessing we can't change the colors because each squad has its own colors they have to stick to," he says. He starts to answer the second question but stops himself when he remembers something Scott said to him and glances to Sam. "Sorry, sir…" he trails off, holding onto the new uniform and looking down.

"Y'ALL!" Sam actually says loudly in a no-nonsense sort of way. "When we meet, the sarcasim and comments are left at the door or else we got problems, y'all got it? We're a team now, and we gotta focus on being a team and workin' together, not be littlin' one another. Ah'm not askin' ya t' be friends but it does help if ya are." And Sam sounds like he means business. Though he is used to squabals as he is the oldest of ten kids. "Leo is a good example of why we're here, so y'all can learn control of your powers. The uniforms ain't spandex Nevaeh, they're unstable molecules, they'll fit whoever puts them on. They also provide some mild protection against attacks and are good against the elements. Now Nathaniel, with the trainin' we do, their ain't a lot of room t' be outta shape. And why not the colours? Cause blue and white are the colours of the New Mutants. Max, yes ya can alter the lenght of the arms and legs. And for your last questions Nathaniel, y'all ain't fighting eachother. We'll be having practice sessions in the danger room."

Leo's obsessive personality has paid off with one thing. Looking up at Nathaniel, he offers a few examples. "Big Bertha of the Great Lakes whatever they call themselves, Blob when he was a member of the government's Freedom Force. Hercules isn't skinny. Thor. They're big." He pauses and nods, listening to Sam. He's already picking out how his is going to look. No sleeves. Fingerless gloves. "Ooooh, danger room."

Nevaeh snorts. "It's still girly," she informs Eddie with an eye roll. As Sam uses that no nonsense tone, Nevaeh pushes herself up from the ground, uniform dangling from a clenched fist. "Last time I checked, we're allowed to express when we're unhappy with a situation. Unless you think this school ain't still a part of America. I don't like this. My powers are fine. I came here to learn /school/ not to play around in this not-spandex-that-looks-and-feels-like-spandex. I'm sure as hell not going into some place called the freaking /DANGER/ Room. I don't know you and don't trust you well enough for something like that."

Max's chipper nature does come down when Sam has to yell at the team to get their act together. Even if he wasn't squabbling, or sarcastic. "Thank you, sir." He says after he is told that he can change the suit a little. He's certainly feeling the effects of Leo's powers, he starts to bounce his foot up and down even more now. Nevaeh's words make Max prepare for Sam's next round of stern words. The chilly mutant looks to Eddie to share the excitement to try and take his mind off of it.

Nathaniel looks very much like he may be ready to say something in response to Sam's mention of them being a team now, the idea apparently ruffling some of his feathers if his expression is any indication, but Leo's knowledge of fat heroes distracts him, his eyebrows shooting up, "Seriously. In stuff like this?" He wags the tight suit at the other youth only to look to Nevaeh when she voices her opinions on the matter. Resting his bent arm on his knee, he shifts his lollipop into the corner of his mouth and admits, "I need to learn to control my powers, but I don't know how I feel about being handed a suit and told to fall in line, Sam. I feel like we just got drafted out of personal necessity." At least he's not being sarcastic, right?

Eddie looks back up at Nevaeh with a scowl, scar above his eye lighting up. He's keeping quiet only because Sam said it was time to get in line but it's pretty obvious he wants to say a lot judging by the look in his eyes. He's distracted by Leo and Nathaniel though. "Yes and no. Blob wears specially made clothing or normal clothes. Big Bertha has an unstable molecule swimsuit. Thor and Hercules aren't fat…they're big, huge ans muscular. And they wear Asgardian and Olympian clothing respectively," he explains. Looking to Max, Eddie manages to return the smile.

"Y'all know what, no one is forcin' ya t' be here. If y'all wanna leave, ya can and Ah'll let Headmasters Summers know." Sam says and what Scott will do in response, well he's not quiet sure. "It's a trainin' uniform Nathaniel, be greatful it's not a purple boomer jacket." And even Sam has to wonder what he was thinking when he wore that back with X-Force. "Ah'm not askin' y'all t' fall in line, Ah'm asking ya t' take this seriously as ya do have gifts that aren't quite the norm. The point of this meetin' was actually t' get t' know eachother, not fight eachother. And ya need t' control your powers, this is one of the best ways t' do it. Trust me."

"How else do you learn control without getting out there and USING them. You can't learn how to drive a car without… ya know… DRIVING a car." Leo says with a shrug. Obviously, he has no problem with any of this. He glances to Eddie with a shrug. Eddie ought to know what he means by now. "An working with powers is part of the normal school work here." He shrugs, going back to making mental notations on how he's going to change his own.

"If you wanted us to get to know each other, then maybe you should have talked to us as people instead of mutants. You know, like a pizza party or something. Throwing people in a room, giving them uniforms and saying things like Danger Room? Doesn't exactly scream 'let's be friends'." Nevaeh looks to the door with a frown, seriously pondering just walking out right then. But if she ends up getting kicked out of school because of it? Can she deal with being on the street again? Damnit. A solid glare is given to Sam as she crosses her arms again and stands there.

"…purple boomer jacket?" Nathaniel's eyebrows lift slowly once more at this, mingled with a sense of amusement as he drops the costume back across his lap, propping himself up on one hand while the other idly starts to massage his temple. He looks between the others, moving again so he can dig the lollipop wrapper out of his pocket, wrapping the candy up and shoving it back into his pocket for later. He shifts the hand against his temple until he's kneading it with his knuckle, just watching Nevaeh stand off against the teacher. He'll ask about fat and/or abnormally sized superheroes later.

Max looks back at Cannonball and gives a nod. "I'm up for being a team." Well, obvious statement there. "I got here last year, not knowing anything, freezing stuff when I didn't want to. And since then, this place helped me. So I know that it works." He says, agreeing with Leo.

"Mutants -are- people" Eddie speaks up. "And don't be so scared of the Danger Room. You can't get hurt in there. It's a simulation machine. I've been in there a lot and it's one of the best rooms in the entire school," he says, apparently not able to hold it in anymore. "And honestly. The school and the teachers wouldn't let us get hurt or throw us into a room where we definitely would," he sighs as he says this, glow fading away. "Sorry again, sir," he says to Cannonball. "You know I want to be a team," he says, offering Max and Leo another smile.

"Ah only mentioned the Danger Room because Nathaniel asked. Also pizza and goin' out t' Coldstone once this war is over might be something we can do if y'all work hard." Sam says as he does believe in forging friendships and rewarding good work. "Ah'm not gonna be throwin' ya into anything ya can't handle. Start off easy and work our way up. And if ya want Nathaniel, Ah still got the jacket if ya wanna come by and see it." He says giving a friendly smile. He doesn't say anything to Nevaeh as he knows he'd just be taking her bate.

Leo looks at Nathaniel and shakes his head quickly. "Dude, if you have ANY fashion sense WHATsoever, don't do it. Please. Save your brain." He blinks, turning back to Sam and offering a bright smile. He looks to Eddie again, and can't resist an eyeroll. Of course, his eyes are too bright to really see it now. He forgets that sometimes.

"Are you trying to thick?" Nevaeh asks of Eddie at his mutants are people comment. "You know what? Whatever." She waves a hand in the kid's direction, clearly not caring to argue anymore. Eyes roll as the only girl in the room stalks towards where Nathaniel is sitting, dropping herself next to him, still clearly unhappy with all of this. "You got another pop?" She asks in a quiet, angry tone.

Nathaniel shakes his head slightly, both at Leo and at Sam, looking vaguely amused, "That's all right. I'll get by." He looks aside when Nevaeh sits next to him, rummaging around in one of the large pockets on his chain-and-strap-covered cargo pants only to hand over another one of those lollipops. It looks like he's only carrying one flavor: cherry. What else? He shifts to his feet after that, though, leaving his suit on the bleacher as he informs the room - though mostly Sam, "I need to use the bathroom." That said, he walks off towards the gym doorway, rubbing his temple in a habitual fashion. Think think think.

Max looks to Eddie and gives a smile. Seems to like Leo and Eddie and Sam, but the other two are a bit… different. He'll try and talk with Nathaniel more later. "When do we start in the Danger Room?" he asks Sam.

Eddie fixes a solid glare at Nevaeh, holding in the comment he wants to make. Eventually he just shakes his head and turns away from the two on the bleachers, glancing over only when Nathaniel starts to leave. He nods to Leo and then looks to Sam, waiting eagerly for the answer to Max's question.

Sam shakes his head at Nevaeh and at some point he might have to have a one on one chat with her but he doesn't want to say anything in front of everyone. He just puts a hand up with a sigh as Nathaniel just walks out and shakes his head. "Danger room, we'll be startin' next week. The New Mutants have the Danger Room twice a week right now and sessions on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons. Over time the Danger Room sessions will become more frequent." He does chuckle at Leo. "It was a bad costume, Ah admit it."

"You better believe it was a bad costume. Not as bad as Rictor's mohawk." Leo says with a firm nod though before coughing. "Sorry. Been tryin'a study. Since I can't do my other thing now, I just gotta find another outlet." He rocks back and forth gently, trying to work out some energy. Poor Cyrus. Wakeful Leo all night.

Nevaeh takes the lollipop with a thankful nod, unwrapping it to pop it in her mouth. She doesn't comment anymore, legs crossing as she leans back against the bleachers with a sigh. As everyone continues to ramble on, she closes her eyes. Hey, maybe she can get a little shut eye.

Max gives multiple nods when Sam announces the Danger Room schedules. "I can't wait to start." He'll have to ask someone to alter his uniform though, he starts trying to think of someone who could do it.

Eddie gives Leo a questioning look before shaking his head. "The uniform wasn't that bad. There have been worse…" he trails off, blushing slightly. "But Rictor's hair was pretty bad," he admits. He smiles at the news of the Danger Room sessions, nodding as well. "Yessir! Bright and early Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons," he repeats to remind himself. "I'll give 'em everything I've got!"

Nathaniel pages, "He's an empath with fluctuating powers; he gets headaches regularly, especially during or after moments of stress. He's taking OTC painkilling kind of drugs, like acetamenophin or ibuprofen. He's not shooting heroine or anything. It was a joke." to you.

"Or Shatterstar's top knot." Sam says with a chuckle as he finds it amusing that one of the kids can tease him about it. He laughs at Eddie, not surprised by his enthusasim. "So, the one thing Ah forgot, Ah figured we'd also go around and tell eachother what are gifts are so we know who we're workin' with."

"Living Light. It channels through me. Kinda like Dagger of Cloak and fame." Leo explains quickly. "Enhanced speed, durability, strength, and really heavy agility." He offers. "Oh, and a healing energy. That just flows through me and explodes sometimes." He's gotten used to talking about it to people, since he's been here. "An' if you're close to me, you won't need coffee for a few hours."

Dark eyes crack open just a little bit as Leo begins to rattle off his powers. "See? It's stuff like that that needs training," she points out, straightening before she pushes to her feet. "Me, not so much." She really has no idea how they think they can help with hers. Nevaeh tilts her head to her side as another Nevaeh shimmers into being. The other Nev gives a quick wave, pulling the lollipop that was in her mouth. "Sup."

It doesn't take long before Nathaniel returns, his hair damp around the edges from running wet hands through it and his skin a bit rosy from where he must've washed his face. He pauses as the second Nevaeh appears, looking at her sidelong only to reclaim his prior seat, hands still tucked into his hip pockets as he crosses his calf over his knee, "I get back in time for the power sound off?" He waits for some kind of affirmation of that assumption before he says anything himself, rolling his tongue over his lower lip before he says, idly, "Empathy and projected empathy." Zero elaboration.

"Woah, like that other guy who was at the mansion attack." He's heard stories from some people about the Madrox there. Max looks to Sam and the others. "Cryokinesis is what they call it. I can make things freeze and stuff like that." He shuts his eyes real tight and tries to turn himself to ice. He does manage it however, everything that was flesh is now clear light blue ice, complete with spikey hair. "Hey, it worked!" He pumps his hand in the air. Looking to Leo and Eddie with a smirk.

Eddie takes note of all the powers revealed silently. "Yeah…like Multiple Man…" he echos after Max. He offers Max an encouraging smile and a pat on the shoulder after the transformation. "Like I said before, I'm a power booster. I can increase a person's abilities…and powers if they have them…by different amounts depending on how much faith and confidence I have in them. And when I do, I copy some of their powers and get to use them myself," he explains. There's a pause. "And when other people put their faith and confidence in me…I get stronger."

"And for those that don't know, Ah'm Cannonball, Ah have the ability to blast mahself like a rocket." Sam explains figuring he'll share as well. "Alright, so Tuesday we'll have our first session as a team and then after that we'll train regularly and maybe, like Nevaeh suggested, we'll have a pizza party at some point." Sam says nodding. "Thank y'all for coming down here t'night, Ah figured a quick meetin' would be good for all of us" He says intending to wrap up the meeting.

"Alright, sir." Leo says with a nod as he jumps up, standing as he stretches out his back. Of course, it's punctuated by a yawn. He's a little tired, obviously. Must be time for his two hour sleep of the day.

The second Nevaeh vanishes as the original pulls the lollopop from her mouth, glancing around. "So we're done?" It's about freaking time, she's so done with this. "Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to have a little personal pizza party." Tossing her uniform over her shoulder, Nev pops the sucker back in her mouth, grabs her guitar and heads out.

Nathaniel wags his hand in Sam's direction before he rises again, picking up his suit and belt, which he tucks under one arm, the other hand going into his hip pocket. He doesn't go rushing out, pausing to yawn lengthily before he turns towards the doorway and meanders towards it, huffing his hair away from his forehead.

Max stands up and smiles to Eddie. "Right on." It was cool to meet Cannonball, and the rest of the team he didn't meet before. "Nice to meet you, Leo, Nevaeh." he'll see Nathaniel in the room later.

Eddie nods. "Yessir!" he says. "Gotta go tell my Dads and Ricky. See ya later, guys," he says, heading for the exit.

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