2011-09-16: Enter Smolder

Players: Smolder and Xorn

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Summary: Ashley and Xorn meet to discuss how things are going for him and Ashley picks his codename: Smolder!

Date: September 16, 2011

Log Title: Enter Smolder

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Classroom Two

It is the first week back for students and the official start for the Xavier Institute. Shen Xorn sits at a desk in front of a classroom and is just ending a lecture to a new batch of freshmen. As they exit the room, the expression on their faces is one of fear and shock many have not met a teacher like Xorn. He is dressed today in full X-Men regalia, a combination of his Buddhist and Chinese background of white flowing robes and X-Men status as in a red sash with gold encircled Xs. And of course there is the intimidating metal mask with black wisps of gravitational energy seeping out harmlessly from time to time. As the students leave, Xorn sends out a mental summons to Ashley, one of his squad advisees. <Ashley, if you are available, please come to Classroom Two.>

And so Ash has started his senior year. Again. Resigned to the fact, understanding the necessity after what happened last year. Happy, in the back of his mind, for what he's found here so far. But still, it's the first week back for Seniors, and that's pretty much the same wherever you are going to school; except for the Danger Room sessions, anyway. With his next class nothing more than a study hall, Ash is definately available when telepathically paged by his advisor. He slips out of the crowd of students in the halls, and then into the classroom proper. As normal for the teen, he's thrown a black hoodie on over a tshirt and cargo pants, converse sneakers strapped on his feet. "You wanted me for something,
sir?" he asks as he enters, eyes flicking to locate Xorn in the room.

Seated behind the teacher’s desk, when Ashley enters, he rises and nods gesturing for Ashley to come in and have a seat. Looking past Ashley, Xorn catches sight of a few lingering freshmen who are still in shock from the teacher’s appearance and are staring at him. Xorn offers a friendly wave to the students and telepathically sends them a message. They exhale and with nervous smiles they head off to their next class. Turning his attention back to Ashley, the Chinese mutant walks in front of his desk and then leans casually against it, “Thank you for coming, Ashley. I wanted to see how your first week of your final year at the Institute is going.”

Dumping his bookbag down to the floor and sliding into the seat infront of the desk, Ash shrugs a bit as he settles into the chair with a bit of a slouch. "It's my first week here, sir, but I've gone through the start of Senior year once already. It's pretty much like it was last time. 'Have you made plans, have you looked at colleges, look towards the future, etc etc'…" he explains. He doesn't sound angry or annoyed at having to go through this again. Just resigned to it. The guilt is still there. Laced with some hope, but still, built from what happened.

While not purposely scanning Ashley’s emotions, they ring out to Buddhist empathy. Xorn nods his head, “Understandable, of course. An unfortunate requirement of the school system for advisors to meet with their students. I am glad the first week has not proven to be problematic, but those typical questions. I wonder have you made plans, have you looked at colleges and towards your future?” Tilting his head slightly “It is alright not to have the answers to those questions, but it would be advisable to begin thinking about them. One’s path can be like a tree in the wind flowing this way and that, but a firm foundation will keep you from being blown astray.”

That Telepathic Shields for Dummies class is on Ash's schedule. Truly, it is. He just hasn't gotten to it yet. He's well aware of sitting with someone of authority to decide on his future, flashes of memory flickign about in his mind, a similar discussion with a school counselor at his old school, the year previous. His mind skittering away from that time and the pain it still brings. "I had looked at colleges, yeah…" he answers, "…wasn't really sure what I was gonna do, but I was looking…" he says, clasping his hands atop the desk infront of him to keep from fidgetting. "..then it all kinda blew up in my face." Almost quite literally, flashes of last December in the forefront of his mind, tightening his features at the pain of it. But he continues on, as he always does now. "…at this point? I'm not sure what I'll do. Maybe be a fireman…" he jokes.

The joke falls on deaf ears. Well none really as Shen has no ears. Xorn nods his head as Ashley speaks, “Humor is an adequate defense mechanism to stave off emotional, spiritual, psychological, and mental pain.” As the flashes of memory become clear to Xorn is who is not purposefully searching but cannot help as they stand out like a beacon from Ashley, “Tell me, Ashley, how has your first week been? How’re your interactions with your other peers and students? Has making friends been easy? Have you bonded or connected with anyone in particular?”

"That's what I've been told, yeah…" Ash murmurs to himself as the joke flops. Maybe not in as many words, but the point is the same. But he does answer the question, "It's been alright, aside from that thing with.. uhh.. Hannah's… parents…" since he's never actually been introduced to Heather, the name doesn't spring to mind. Looks like he's thinking more about his time since ariving here, than just the first week. "Yeah, I've met some of the other kids here…" he continues, following through on Xorn's full question. The hint of a blush creeps across his features, as he swallows a bit. "Bonded?" he asks; to his credit, his voice remains steady. "Uhh.. yeah…" he says. Not quite stammering, but there is a bit of a hitch there. "Met Jem…" he says, his fingers unatngling to run a hand through his hair, maybe a bit nervously.

Taking a moment as he listens to his student, “Hannah?” He hmmmmns, “Oh yes, the Mindbender and Upgrade situation. Her name is Heather, not Hannah, but it was a simple mistake.” Moving forward and then turning to sit back behind the teacher’s desk, Xorn offers in a peaceful tone, “Well, I am happy to see that you have connected with some students. I seem to remember Jem from a Danger Room exercise early in the summer. I wonder if it is a coincidence that you and she have similar powers. *pause* There are so many students at Xaviers, that while it is nice to meet everyone and get to know as many, it is advisable to have one or two that you are particularly close with so that you can share and discuss things that you may not feel comfortable sharing in general.”

Ash's head bobs slightly. Heather, Hannah. It was an H name! He was close. As for xorn speaking of coincidence, Ash shrugs slightly, the flush remaining on his cheeks. "She can do some stuff I can't do, I can do some stuff she can't do… I'm picking up on some of her tricks…" he murmurs, more an observation to himself than anything else. However the flush deepens slightly as his adviser advises him to find a confidant, nodding his head again in agreement. Flickers of conversations he's had with Jem dancing through his mind, memories of such discussions.

Nodding his head, “Well, then you and she can learn from each other. From my interaction with her. She seems very powerful for a student. Somewhat advanced, so it is nice that not only are you confidants, but you can learn some tricks from her and vice versa.” Noting the flush in Ashley’s face and unintentionally picking up thoughts and emotions from the boy, Xorn switches topics again, “Tell me, Ashley, have you given any consideration to a code name for the squad? If not, I can come up with one for you but I notice students tend to like picking their own codenames.”

The shift of topics is appreciated, even if Ash doesn't realize it. He's had all summer to think up a better codename than leaving that field on his application blank. "Actually, sir, I have…" he answers, the flush retreating from his skin as he relaxes a bit. "Smolder. Since all the cool fire-related codenames have been used already."

“Smolder?” Xorn questions and then repeats, “Smolder.” His disembodied voice giving the name resonance and a slight echo effect like James Earl Jones saying it as Darth Vader. Nodding his head as he reaches into his desk for Ashley’s file and begins to write in Smolder as the codename. “I believe it works. It has a nice ring to it. Your powers are fire-related and it is telling without being overly simplistic like Fire-Man or Flaming Boy or whatever other options you have considered. Well done with the selction.”

Fire-Man? Flaming Boy? Pfft. Ash woulda went with Pyro, if it wasn't taken several times over already. He does, however, seem proud of his choice, and Xorn's approval. "Thank you, sir. Was there anything else? It's about time for my next class…"

"No that will be all, Smolder." Xorn goes back to writing an awaiting his next class as Ashley exits.

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