2012-02-13: Enter Vampire


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: February 13, 2012

Log Title: Enter Vampire

Rating: R for Violence

NYC - Brooklyn

Brooklyn is located on the western most tip of Long Island. Brooklyn has a lot of cultural diversity, an independent art scene, distinct neighborhoods and a unique architectural heritage. Along the shore are a bunch of abandoned warehouses that people rent out to hold concerts, parties, and other various events. Row houses can be found through out the most the borough built in the 19th century architectural style.

It's night time in Brooklyn, the moon shining brightly through dark winter clouds. A series of black vans are pulled up in front of an abandoned warehouse. Romeo Ferelli and his men were here. Romeo, the son of Ben Ferelli, was a made man all his life. For a man of forty years though, he looked not a day over twenty. His arms are crossed as he lingers by his men, who are mostly taking a break. The streets are mostly abandoned tonight, rumors of a chemical spill having evacuated this area of the city. This rumor was fabricated, of course. They were transporting a mutant. "What's her power, anyway?" asks a mobster. "Who cares?" his boss wonders.

Having been investigating the affairs of the Ferellis for awhile, with the help of some of her friends, Heather is using the rooftops for her own transportation. She's wearing dark clothes, a black jacket that goes down to her knees, as well as the goggles from her squad uniform, now mostly black with a bit of royal purple in the strap. In her hand, she is carrying a simple looking black umbrella, but really it's the combat umbrella that Chloe had given her for Christmas before. She approaches as silently as she can upon catching the flashes of colour from the men's voices, peering over the edge of the building.

Stepping out of the Williamsburg Apartments is Kai and a woman with red hair, spotting the series of vans Kai finds his curiosity piqued, "What's happening over there?" The red-headed woman frowns, "Apparently there was something of a chemical spill, though i would call this scene suspitious, wouldn't you?", getting a nod from Kai the woman steps back into the building, theres something you should come with me and get, then we can see how badly you've lost your touch at the covert". Nodding again he follows back upstairs.

With her roommate prone to leaving pretty detailed notes on her schemes, especially highly risky and potentially fatal ones involving organized crime groups, Chloe has decided to screw the school rules and go after her. "I swear if she wasn't my best friend I would strangle her," she mutters to herself as she scales up a building slightly further back from Heather. "And if I get detention she is sooooo gonna be taking me out for all you can eat." For her clothing of choice for illicit activities she's picked a set of dark grey jeans, an equally dark grey top and a bandana to cover her mouth in the classic wild west train robber style. Topping off the chic rooftop explorer look she's thrown on a light black jacket with a handfull of stones in one pocket and a plastic bottle filled with chili infused oil in the other.

Romeo Ferelli in particular tilts his head, sniffing the air for a moment. "Alright, boys," he says, eyes flicking up to a building nearby, wetting his lips needlessly. "Let's go inside. Take the women. I'm getting thirsty, and something's…" He trails off, and some of his men go to the back of one of the vans, pulling from it a teenage girl with dark hair and a woman who looks similar. The two ladies are dragged inside. Romeo himself puts out his cigarette on his hand. If Heather looks closely enough, she can see the faint burn wound close up before the made man disappears after his grunts into the warehouse. Some of the guys linger outside.

Either way, Heather is clever enough to take a couple pictures and send them off to her email at what's happening, tucking it away, all in a matter of moments. She watches a little bit longer, seeing if she recognizes these women, and then purses her lips lightly. She counts the men below left outside and then drops down from the rooftop, to hit whoever she can find who is outside the others' field of view with her combat umbrella, using the momentum offered by gravity rather than her ability so not to completely crush his skull. Her landing will be surprisingly soft.

Stepping out onto the rooftop of Williamsburg Apartments is Kai dressed in what looks like a black version of what he'd wear during a Barnes training session holding a motorcycle helmet in his gloved right hand. Spotting two figures on the rooftops he freezes before watching one jump down, "Huh, might not be the only one looking for a training session here", pulling on the helmet he checks the walkie-talkieon his belt before using his powers to make a path to the next building.

There are some things only an adrenaline junky with an addiction to freerunning would even think to try, such as sprinting and leaping off the roof of one building across the street and landing on the rooftop of the warehouse on the other side. Thankfully the lunatic in question happens to be both very good and able to run fast enough to physically make such a jump. She lands with a drop and roll, hopefully to cut down on the noise but who knows just how well built the roof of this place is? Daring leap accomplished she makes for anything that resembles a skylight she can peek through, while listening out for cries of alarm and the ever present threat of angry goons.

The mobster Heather knocks out is at the side of the building. He was in the unfortunate position of tucking himself way after taking a whizz on the side of the building, and so he's caught completely off guard and lands face first into the wall, sliding down it and being left in the puddle of his own public indecency. Luckily, the guards are either not very well trained or fairly confident that the chemical spill rumor will keep their activities quiet, as they don't look around much, mostly chattering to each other about 'broads'.

Heather glances about and ties black fabric to cover more of her face, looking to try and find another mobster who is not speaking and who none of the others happen to be facing to make a second swipe with her umbrella, but failing that, goes in for a speedblitz: fives separate swipes taken in the same span of time that it would take for anyone else to execute one. While she is not fond of combat, these men coming in and interrupting does not go well for her in her calculation.

Once he's close enough that his mode of transportation is likely to get noticed by those guarding the warehouse Kai switches to a less noticable form of travel, using his enhanced strength he is able to jump the smaller gaps with a rolling landing to lower his noise output until he reaches the building Chloe just jumped off, "Wow, good jump". Knowing full well his inability to make a jump like that he makes his way down the fire escape, once he's level to the street he stays in the shadows.

Chloe idly brushes herself down, listening in for any sounds which might indicate Heather is in trouble (not that she seriously expects any) and continues her hunt for skylights or better still any roof top access points. All the while staying low down to avoid being spotted by anyone within.

Luckily for the five guys who move on to talking about their cars, there's another they're not facing right around the corner who's smoking a cigarette. His eyes lift just to catch the blur that is Heather's umbrella before it knocks him to one side. He, too, drops unconscious. Chloe can see a roof entrance, where three men are talking, one of them smoking a cigarette. Kai remains unnoticed.

Heather adjusts her goggles lightly and then crouches down to relieve the fallen man to relieve him of his weapon, and possibly find out what is standard fair for these people to carry. Once her rifling is complete, she does the same tactic as with the previous two, knowing the more people she takes down like this, the more likely it is for her speedblitz to work.

Moving though the shadows Kai makes his way towards where Heather is taking out the guards, keeping his distance he frowns at the speed of the girl, two people exibiting unnatural abilites, this is definatly more than the chemical spill story thats been used.

Chloe sighs, then advances quietly upon the three goons using whatever cover she can find. After getting a little closer she flicks a rock so it'll make a clattering sound, hopefully luring them into turning to face away from her. And if they do? Well then she covers the remaining distance and uses a combination of scything kicks to knock her foes down, followed with superspeed punches to finish them off.

( Heather finds a Desert Eagle, suggesting these guys were expecting some sort of heavy combat, but against whom? Heather's only choice left now is to take down the five men in the front of the warehouse, no slackers left to be silent against. Meanwhile, Chloe's distraction causes the three men to look the rocks' way. One of them lifts a radio to talk in it, but she's too fast, her forward darting already taking the men out. )

Heather purses her lips lightly and readies the umbrella for more action. She makes a mental note to thank Chloe for the gift of umbrella, and her edges blur lightly as she charges for the five men, taking those rapid swipes to try and make them sleep. The speedster targets the men with a communication device at ready first, but hopes to catch them mostly unawares.

Kai can't help but wonder if watching as the girl speed-tackles all the guards is impacting negitivly on the whole training thing, he decides not, unforseen issues are unforseen of course. With pretty much all the guards taken out he moves closer towards the warehouse keeping to the shadows and maintaining a safe distance from Heather.

"Shit. I should really be wearing gloves for this…." Chloe muses, digging out a pair she had tucked away in an inside pocket. "Wouldn't want to leave fingerprints at a crime scene now would we boys?" A hasty rummage through pockets for any weapons, which will be liberally scattered around (bullets in the guttering and suchlike), before she shifts the bodies out of easy sight of the door. "And hey you have a radio. Probably on the right channel too, thanks buddy!" She pockets the radio before taking a lookout position.

( Heather's speed is enough to take down the five men without warranting any problems. Kai remains unnoticed, especially now that all the exterior goons are down. Chloe can hear a shout inside, for some reason. Things suddenly get eerily quiet, no sound of anything going on save for the distant wails of sirens somewhere off in the city. )

Now it's time for Heather to come around and check through the windows up front to see what's happening, using the fact that the light inside will cause glare against the windows when it's a bit darker outside, also pulling out a compact makeup mirror to put in front of her, so that she can see any motions from behind.

From her vantage point up high Chloe swears she can see the sort of big black car which might have been stolen from the set of a Godfather movie heading towards the warehouse. Suspicious with the rooftop lookouts and excessive security arrangements. Trusting Heathers badass umbrella skills and her own rapid response times (if she hears anything on the radio) the speedster drops off the unobserved side of the building and moves to intercept.

Kai slips around to the other side of the building to use more shadowed areas to cross the road to reach the warehouse, he crouches down so he isn't illuminated by the light coming though the windows, taking his walkie-talkie from his belt he speaks in a low voice, "So far so good, got to the warehouse but there are others with abilities here and they seem to have similar plans, anything you can tell me about the warehouse?"

Inside, it seems like men somehow know there are hostiles outside. They've switched their positions. Three men have submachine guns pointed to the door. Two Three more men can be seen up on a balcony level, having shotguns that are gripped tightly. Romeo Ferelli is nowhere in sight, and neither are the women, presumably in a room off the main room somewhere .

Heather frowns as she looks through the window, glancing towards the door, putting her compact away and picking up a few rocks and placing them into her jacket pocket. The first rock is thrown through the window at sonic boom speeds, and Heather hopes that's enough of a distraction for her to bust down the door, and take down these people with submachine guns in a rapid order, figuring proximity to friends would make it less worthwhile for anyone with a shotgun to take fire. Which is precisely what she attempts to do.

Kai winces and puts his hands to his ears at the sound of the sonic-boom but uses Heather breaking in to make his own enterance, breaking one of the windows further back of the warehouse he climbs though, scanning the area for anyone who might have seen or heard him entering, flexing his fingers just in case.

The men with the submachine guns are taking down rather easily, reacting too slow to be able to get a good shot off. Their friends start running down, brandishing their shotguns, but they set up positions carefully about, looking tense and scared. One of them calls out, "Boss!" But no one comes to aid them. Out of hiding pop out four more men with submachine guns, calling out, "Hold it! Stop!" But by this time, Heather has taken the men out. They don't hear Kai's entrance.

Heather notices Kai, and thus puts her hands up in order to stop for the men with submachine guns who pop out, hoping that he can do something without her having to burn up any of her trump cards. "I am held, stopped." She seems to have set her recording to distort her voice.

Seeing the Heather has spotted him Kai notes that Red had the right idea when she told him to wear the helmet aswell. Looking around he begins to head further into the warehouse with ice-needles forming in his hands, time to see what exactly all the fuss is about this warehouse.

The men with the guns take up positions around her, trained enough to the point where they wouldn't catch each other in the cross fire at all. One of the guys with a shotgun lifts a radio, grunting now, muttering; "Boss, we have a mutant here. She has black hair and is pale, too, might be related to the girl." There's silece for a moment, before a voice comes on. "A girl? Sure it's not a boy?" The guy nods, grunting, "I'm sure." They don't notice Kai still, having set up positions around Heather.

Heather's eyebrow raises lightly and she continues to stay completely still as this exchange occurs, sincerely hoping that Kai does not just stand there and leave her hanging. She listens carefully to the voices on the radio.

Kai frowns, mutants?, advanced branch of the FoH maybe?, he still has a bone to pick with them and this girl could be usefull, forming more needles he motions for Heather to duck, when and if she does he'll fling the steel sharp needles in all directions at roughly the height of the gunmen's heads.

The mobsters glances over just at the wrong time as the ice needles begin entering their heads, causing their bodies to slump down and drop, the men, well, dead, right as over the radio a voice says, "Bring her to -" And then cuts off at the amount of bodies dropping, as if from wherever he is, he could hear the bodies dropping. "If you're here for the women," the voice says quietly, "then you're making a big fucking mistake. Now one of 'em dies. If you want the other to live, place your hands behind your head and step in the middle of the room you're in."

Heather purses her lips as the men fall and she hears the voice on the radio. She doesn't like to use her wildcard, but there are times where it is necessary, like when she needs to save lives. She moves to place her hands on her head, but while she does that, she's concentrating. Her edges blur and time comes to a standstill. For her, anyhow. She doesn't have much time like this, though. As if time has any particular meaning, but she runs like the wind to try and save both lives, choosing the door that it's most likely for them to be in and zipping up and through it. Right through it, not opening, just tearing through at her ludicrous speed and, if she does find anyone with a weapon there pointed at these women, she swings her umbrella at the weapon in stop time to obliterate it, and her eyes flash to start temporal motion again. If that doesn't work, she repeats the process with the room she deems second most likely, but ends up more exhausted by the end of things. Once time restarts, there is a brief moment where there are afterimages of the girl everywhere.

Kai grins as the gunmen fall to the floor, blinks, lots of Heathers, then gone. Reaching down to pick up one of the dropped guns he heads towards the radio and picks it up, "Whoever this is, you could kill them, yeah, you could do that. Of course you could! but you won't, you needed those women for a reason and if you show me they're alive i can give you something more valuble than two mutants, what do you say?", he's assuming Heather has pulled a Hudini.

When she does find the room, she sees a gun pointed to one person, the teenage girl. Heather can see that the older woman is dead, despite there having been no gunshot. In fact, if Heather takes enough time to notice, she can see something's horribly wrong. The woman's neck has been savaged viciously, as if a wild animal ripped her throat out. Romeo Ferelli's hand is wrapped around the Desert Eagle, though her wildcard trumps the gun, destroying it. When time restarts, the gun falls apart in his hands and he drops his gaze down, and then up to Heather. "You're fast, I'll give you that. How about you calm down, though, dollface?" His eyes flick to the door at Kai's voice. "Your friend there's going to get hurt," he mentions, locking eyes with Heather again. "You don't want that, do you?"

Heather stares back towards the man once he locks eyes with her. She just stares at him, with a bit of a tilted head, answering his words, volunteering, "I would prefer he doesn't get hurt. I don't know him." She seems a touch entranced there, lowering her umbrella so the tip scuffs across the floor.

Deciding that this situation is begining to spiral out of control and it is in danger of damaging his primary objective Kai decides it's time to bail, taking one last look around he heads back to where he came in and out into the night.

"Yeah? A bit weird that two people come in and start taking out my boys," Romeo says, watching Heather a moment, before he tilts his head. "Your voice. It sounds off. And you move fast. Faster then me, even, and I'm fast." He glances down at the teenage girl, who stares listlessly at the dead woman. "You don't know him, and yet he helped you. What is this, some kind of weird mutant and inhuman team up?" His voice falls quiet. "Who sent you?"

"He was an unanticipated variable, a resource that became available after my arrival," says Heather, answering that and adjusting her tinted goggles, "I am here on behalf of myself: a concerned girl of little consequence. I am using speakers to speak, and it's being altered. It is unintelligible regardless."

"Of little consequence? The consequences of your concern just killed some of my men and knocked out the others," Romeo mutters back, while he pulls his jacket to one side, revealing another Desert Eagle, which he slides out. "So. You sound intelligent," he murmurs smoothly, voice like silk. "What do you propose I do about you?"

"Death is always regrettable, I don't approve of fatal actions," replies Heather, with a blank expression on her face. "Without knowing your goals, I would propose giving me what I want. It is the most efficient way to be rid of me with the least amount of risk to you."

With Red's prompting that there is more he can get from this exercise and that nagging want to help thats been cropping up since leaving the base Kai finds himself slipping back into the warehouse, quietly he begins edging towards the room Heather is in with one of the dropped guns in hand, her talking may keep the bossman distracted.

Supernatural senses causes Romeo to flick his eyes up above Heather's head a moment, the distraction momentarily breaking the trance the Ferelli put the mutant in. A moment is perhaps one of the very things Heather needs. "Your friend," he says, his voice a sloow, ugly baritone in Heather's perception, likely, "is coming back."

The momentary distraction indeed gives Heather the moment that she is seeking to break free of the control. She thrusts her umbrella with fantastic form towards the gun in the Ferelli's hand, to try and destroy it in an instant, following that up with a swing towards the mobster's face with mind to make him shut his eyes, opening the umbrella as if as a shield from his gaze afterward if she succeeds, putting it between the mobster and the girl who is still living. "I don't actually know him," says her speaker, flatly, "But if he does not like you I have a likeminded associate."

Kai freezes when the bossman announces his presance, "Oops", as he's about to make his next move he hears the sound of Heather's attack, making his way though the door he begins forming and ice-ball in one hand and pointing the gun at the hopfully disarmed one who isn't Heather or a teenage girl.

The gun is destroyed. Ferelli is caught off guard. The umbrella then catches him in the face, and his body flies into the wall, head cracking off it, an attack that would knock a man unconscious. But no, he rises, even as the umbrella shields his gaze. Kai comes in, gun pointed, ice ball in hand. "Well, well," comments Romeo, glancing between the two. "Looks like there's two of you, and the odds are a little… feh." His eyes stray towards Kai. "Easy there, buddy. I'm not your enemy, pal. Hell, I'm the underdog here. This lady with the umbrella's the dangerous one," he comments quietly, attempting to lock eyes with the boy.

"Do not look into his eyes," commands Heather, furrowing her brow and pulling a rock from her coat pocket to throw it at the Ferelli. This one, she's sure to toss gently, but her gently is like a professional pitcher lobbing a fastball at someone's face. She takes a couple of steps back, and adjusts her speaker to face the girl, quietly, "Are you hurt? Can you get behind me?"

Just as Heather warns him Kai makes eye contact with Romeo, "the underdog huh? so that means she's winning?", the part of him that wants to help is now telling him to bring the battle to Heather but the otherside, the smart side always goes for the winning side, Kai is unmoving until of course Romeo is hit wid the rock.

Until Romeo is hit with the rock indeed. The thing cracks into his skull and he crumples to the ground, looking, by all means, unconscious. The teenage girl lifts her eyes, which are filled with tears. "They killed Aunt Jeanna," she whispers. "They killed her because… because her power wasn't useful to them." As she speaks to Heather, Kai can see Romeo's eyes slide open, and then his sleeve jerks, a much smaller gun in an odd contraption at his sleeve, which he points silently to Heather's back.

Heather frowns at the girl, not that it's visible under the cloth covering she has to disguise herself with, "Come here, with me, I will get you out of here. I'm sorry about your Aunt, I truly am… But now I need to get you to a safe place." She doesn't notice the gun being pulled, mostly because her focus is more on the girl, who she extends a hand towards.

Kai comes to his senses i just enough time to see the gun pulled, thinking quickly his hands are on the ground and he throws his will into creating a shield of ice infront of Heather. He could've tried to shoot the man but there is no garentee he wouldn't shoot first.

There's a sound of thunder and some surprise as the bullet richochets harmlessly off the ice shield Kai protects Heather with. Then Romeo's up. His speed isn't as instant as Heather's or Chloe's, but he is a blur. He doesn't leave echoes like Heather did, at least not in the same way, but his movement looks almost like (POP CULTURE REFERENCE) the way an Agent moves in the Matrix. He moves to wrap his arm about Kai's neck and if successful but a gun to his head.

Heather glances back towards the sound of thunder from the gunshot and says to the girl, "Get behind me." Her hand goes into her pocket for the last rock, and she launches it at the mobster once he's past the point where the ice barrier no longer protects him, this time not holding back in terms of speed of throw. This rock streaks through the air at the Firelli at a blistering pace, cracking the sound barrier like the previous rock, aimed towards the shoulder of his gun hand and then putting the umbrella up to protect her eyes again, as if just moving through practiced forms. "I do not understand your tenacity."

Kai's reflexes are fast but Romeo it seems is faster, with the hand around his neck and the gun pointed at his head though his helmet he doesn't move, depending on the man's strength Kai could try and break loose but that would likely speed up Romeo's decision to put a bullet in him.

( Heather's perfect reaction time causes Romeo's shoulder to jerk back as the rock makes an exit wound in his shoulder, and his gun wavers a bit in his hand, but then Heather can see that it is kept suspended near his hand by an Old West style contraption. The wound gradually closes and his hand wraps about the handle of the gun again, the man letting out an animalistic snarl. "I'm not going back to my father empty handed, dollface," he murmurs, voice still smooth, though Heather's probably unaffected by the natural charm of it due to it being in slow motion for her. )

Heather makes a face and then, still keeping herself between the girl and Romeo, zips over while closing the umbrella to try and destroy yet another one of his weapons with her umbrella. It really is an unusually durable umbrella. She keeps her eyes towards the floor, to avert his gaze, and raises the umbrella up to try and knock him back again. "I apologize for the inconvenience, but I am uninterested in your relationship with your father. Only in doing what I am here to do."

Taking the oppotunity of Heather's attack Kai slams his helmeted head backwards aiming to hit Romeo and get himself loose, turning quickly he tries to get hold of one of Romeo's arms or his face hoping to get the chance and begin freezing, the man's resiliance is begining to annoy him.

The strike to Romeo's hand destroys the device and knocks the gun away, but due to her averted gaze Romeo is able to just duck under the umbrella, though if it collided he would have definitely been knocked down. His other arm jolts, apparently equipped with the same contraption, but Kai manages to freeze it. "You kids couldn't just leave well enough alone, could you?!" He snarls, the hand that Heather struck before a blur as he moves to smash it into one of Kai's kidneys. The girl curls up in a ball, not making a sound, staring off expressionlessly.

"People are disappearing and dying. You were responsible," says Heather, furrowing her brows, and glancing back to the girl, once against putting herself between the man and the girl, and glancing back towards her, "Are you okay?" She presses the panic button on her phone, and then opens the umbrella back up, putting it between the man and the girl. "Strange boy, keep him occupied."

Kai stumbles back with his hands clutching his stomach, coughing turns to a chuckle and the ice-blue glow from his eyes can be seen though his visor, that blow to his kidneys is going to hurt like fuck tomorrow but right now… adrenaline, better than morphine. Not as fast as Romeo but still he uses his enhanced speed coupled with his strength to aim a punch at Romeo's stomach and should that connect grab his shoulders and slam his helmeted head into Romeo's face!

The blow to Romeo's stomach causes him to double over, not expecting Kai to have been able to take the strike to the kidneys. Then the headbutt, this causes the vampire to stumble back, spitting blood to the side. His frozen fist now as hard as steel moves to smash into the side of Kai's head, and successful or not, his foot comes up chest level to throw his foot into Kai's chest. "Come on, kid. Look me in the eyes. I'm trying to help the girl. All I wanted to do was give her dying aunt eternal life. Is that so bad?" Still, the undead creature knows a losing fight when he sees one. He might die to die another day. To die. Or something. "They have my father, my mom. My uncle is dead. My brother is dead…" The girl cries now, curling up in a tighter ball. "They're going to find Quenton, too."

"Do not look into his eyes!" shouts Heather, very authoritatively. Heather grits her teeth at the words from the girl and says, "It's going to be okay… I will get you to a safe place. I'm sorry… I am here to help." Her attention is turned towards Romeo and she says, "You've already lost." She takes a couple of rapid steps forward to take another swing at the mobster's face with her combat umbrella, if only to break his gaze.

Theres a loud crack as Kai's helmet smashes in half revealing most of the left side of his head, before he is able to recover from the blow he is knock backwards onto the floor by the kick to his chest, remembering Heather's previous warning about avoiding eye contact he struggles to get his feet, blood dripping down his face from the helmet breaking blow and probably a few cracked ribs, coughing he says "That almost hurt!", actually that really hurt.

Romeo is caught by Heather's umbrella, the blow knocking the vampire off his feet and onto his back, though his reflexes causes him to flip backwards as he bounces back up, hand snatching the earlier disarmed gun. He lifts it to Kai to fire a shot, but the gun just jams in his hand, a result of Heather unwittingly destroying a mechanism that helped it work. "Maybe, doll, but I'm Romeo Ferelli. I always get mine in the end." He backs up towards the windows, as oddly, coming out of the walls are rats, a swarm of them, which halves, the two groups moving for Kai and Heather.

In the distance, it's hard to make out the sound, but a V12 engine running at top gear can be rather distinct. Inside the vehicle, the driver flips a switch activating a slight glimmer on the wind-shield, a thin layer of polymer now binding the glass temporarily as tight as the steel the vehicle is made from. As it breaks open the fence with ease, the driver of the white nightmare braces slightly as the Aston Martin Vanquish takes the rolling door of the warehouse, breaking it open and sending aluminum and wood flying in several directions. The car brakes, and skids… swerving slightly into a sideways stall. If it was parallel parking it would be perfect. Out of the car comes one Emma Frost, complete with a white leather trench and a pair of white sunglasses. Sunglasses which she tips down a moment, and simply says, "Oh… this will never do."

Heather purses her lips at all of these rats appearing. The expression on her face is more of exasperation than anything. She crouches and makes an arc with her umbrella to hold off the onslaught of rats from entering into her protected zone. "I should have driven this umbrella straight into your heart," grumbles Heather, furrowing her eyebrows, "You are a great hassle." At Emma's entrance, her eyebrows shoot back up and she seems to have some relief.

Kai backs up a little as the rats start swarming them, forming chunks of ice in his hands he starts pelting them in the rats direction to get them to back off somewhat, as the car smashes into the warehouse he stares with a raised eyebrow, "Ok, who is that?!", remembering Romeo he turns to make sure that the man hasn't got away.

Vampires learn some things in their long existences. The Hellfire Club? Romeo stares at the White Queen, almost in horror, and when Kai and maybe Heather look back at him? He's gone. All that is left is heavy mist and the girl moving over to throw herself in anguish over her aunt's body, sobbing quietly. "Why are they doing this to us?"

Each and every one of those rats suddenly sees a rather large White Persian cat charging for it, with hungry feline eyes, enough to change those mob instincts back to the much more appreciable fight of flight reflex. As Emma walks forwards completely unperturbed by this whole scenario, murmuring out, "What… not even going to stay for my pithy one-liner, or even my alluring welcome pose? Psh…" A look of venemous disappointment flashes across her eyes, "Nouveau Vampires… so tacky. I miss the older days when they had charm, grace, and good manners." She stops next to Kai, and turns her head to look at the young man, before her lips purse, "I am impatient and a telepath. Speak."

Heather says through her speaker system, "Thank you, Ms. Frost. I was losing control of the situation, and I didn't want to use lethal force…" That's about all she says to Emma before approaching the girl and kneeling next to her, "I'm sorry, I don't know why they're doing this… I want to get you to a safe place. I want to help everyone I can. I am a friend."

Kai watches in shock as the vampire essentually runs away like a little girl from this woman and then she's turned on him and is announcing she's a telepath, doing his best to clear his mind he puts a hand to his face to check on his head wound, "Sorry ma'm i'm not sure what it is you want me to say, who are you?", he looks over at Heather and the girl on the floor.

Those rats haul ass just as fast as poor Romeo does. The girl on the floor shakes her head, squeezing her eyes shut. "We had normal lives. Then Q became a mutant. Then everything changed. Then…" She curls further into a ball, shaking her head. "Then I became one, too, and that's when they came. This is all my fault."

Emma stares at Kai under those sunglasses for half a second, and then seems to dismiss him almost immediately, "Mister Oaken, I would suggest you stop considering how sexy I am, and begin considering what has happened here. Headmaster Drew will be rather disappointed in your conduct in this. We do not teach our students to kill… but that begs the question who's student you are… now doesn't it." But with that cryptic last statement, Emma moves forwards towards where Heather is, and removes the leather coat she's wearing, bringing it down to wrap around the sobbing girl, "No child… never blame yourself. You cannot take responsibility for the actions of others." Without even looking, Heather hears in her mind, -There is a medical kit in the trunk, as well as some water. Both may be required.-

Heather raises her hands to her temples and furrows her brow when Emma speaks into her mind, she purses her lips and then nods, dashing out to get the medical kit and the water, returning in little time at all, offering the water to the girl, "Do you need something to drink?" She pulls down the kerchief from her face and raises her goggles so that the girl can properly see her.

Kai freezes when Emma alludes to his many secrets, it takes a few moments after she goes over to the girls before he is able to move again, pulling off the remnants off his helmet he focuses on clearing and organising his thoughts, "I didn't plan on killing anyone, she *nods over at Heather* had a lot of guns pointed at her, i just reacted, i didn't think", he looks over at the girl on the floor, something about her looks familier.

Headmasters. Schools. "You're from Quenton's school," she guesses quietly, before the girl looks over to Heather and shakes her head now. "They let me have water before they moved us here."

The girl's eyes suddenly glass over and she stands up, walking with an oddly laconic step towards Emma's vehicle, climbing into the back where she promptly falls into a deep slumber. Looking to the two children and their rather choatic playtime, the woman sighs once, and moves around to the back of the car, removing a road flare from the kit, "She has been bitten and drained. The dealings that the X-men have had with vampires in the past have shown she will rise, and become one of them. And then most likely she will serve the one who has done this, and attempt to bring in the family again." Striding with purpose, she breaks the flare in half and sprinkles the phosphorous over the body, "SHIELD will be coming shortly… the two of you should be absent while I make this report." Once all of that powder is a fine white over the aunt's form, Emms just turns and begins walking back to the car… and five steps away the prone form IGNITES in a conflagration, body starting to burn away with a speed that defies conventional logic!

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