Eris "Envy" Dysnomia
Eris Dysnomia (Envy)
Portrayed By Milla Jovovich
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 21, 1974
Age 35
Zodiac Sign Saggitarius - Tiger
Aliases Envy
Place of Birth Chicago, IL
Current Location New York City
Occupation Mercenary
Known Relatives See Below
Significant Other None
Identity Known
Known Abilities Crystallokinesis
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Alternate Versions Future Envy
First Appearance Almost Human
Alts Played by Raff Bruce, Hildegarde & Rocket Raccoon
Defunct Alts McKnight


Eris was born “Erika Costa” to Carl and Adrienne Costa. She was born in Chicago and raised primarily by her mother. Her father was a member of the Italian Mafia and was arrested when she was only five. Erika’s mother took to drinking and the girl was neglected through her early years. The members of her father’s Mafia began stopping by frequently to make sure that the girl was well cared for. They made sure that she had plenty of food and was well clothed and in good health.

Erika spent much of her time at her Uncle Bernie’s restaurant. This was where most of her father’s old gang tended to spend much of her time. She liked to be around the men and they tolerated her for the most part. She spent her school years hanging around with the wrong crowd, trying to avoid her home as much as possible in an attempt to distance herself from her drunken mother. It was not uncommon for the girl to get in trouble for starting fights.

When she was 15, Erika began to feel a slight change in the world around her. She was suddenly aware of things around her in a way that she was never aware before. It was almost as though she could sense the presence of certain compounds and minerals around her. After a while she found that not only could she sense these minerals, but that she could pull them toward herself. After several months of experimenting alone she found that she could cause crystals to spontaneously erupt from the ground.

When she was 18, Erika showed her ability to a few of the men in the Mafia. Their demeanor toward the girl shifted almost instantly. They demanded of her that she create gemstones for them to sell, but none of the crystals she created would last longer than a few weeks. They continued to push her to no avail and kept her under constant surveillance.

Erika spent the next few years honing her abilities in an attempt to appease the men. She found that she could distinguish different types of minerals in the ground and eventually found ways of combining them to form crystals of differing color and hardness. After a bit more training Erika was able to shape the crystals into crude shapes, learning to form blades and spikes with some effort. She found that due to the growth patterns of the crystals, she could easily grow flat crystals in the shape of snowflakes or stars.

Erika was never able to produce a durable gemstone, but Don Rizzo saw other uses for the girl. He had her sent to Japan when she was 20 to study advanced combat training. Here she was trained in Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Karate. Erika returned to the United States at the age of 28 and worked as a bodyguard and assassin for the upper tiers of the Chicago Mafia. She was given the codename “Eris” by the mob and liked it so much she abandoned her old name. She began referring to herself as “Eris Dysnomia” after the Greek deity of discord.

Over the next few years Eris had more specialized training. She was taught how to use a firearm, how to handle a car and motorcycle in chase situations, and how to fly a civilian helicopter. The Don began hiring Eris out as a mercenary to anyone who could afford her. She stole, kidnapped, and assassinated almost without question.

Eris was 33 she was hired to assassinate a man who turned out to be a mutant like herself. Eris had only heard vague mentionings of other super-powered individuals from snippets on the news. When confronted with another mutant she found that she had no desire to destroy him. She informed Don Rizzo that she would not harm the other mutant and warned him to leave her people alone.

The Don was furious with Eris for disobeying him and he sent his men to kill the mutant despite Eris’s warning. When she learned of this, the woman decided it was time for her to leave the Mafia. She could not bring herself to harm the men she had worked with for so long, but she needed to leave the city. Having heard of an entire community of mutants within New York City, she moved out to Manhattan to see what she could find.

Since moving to the city she has made a name for herself. The news refers to her as the "Envy, the Mutant Terrorist". She tends to keep to herself, but word in the underground is that the woman has a base of operations somewhere near the southern docks. A successful sting led by SHIELD agents has recently landed the mutant in a mutant prison. Her exact whereabouts are not public knowledge but authorities promise that she is no longer a threat to society.



Date Log Title Cast Summary
May 9, 2012 Lend Me Your Hand Cale, Eris, Mason & Nicholas Mistaking Mason for someone she was hired to “send a message to”, Eris decides that she would like to cut off his hand.
May 11, 2012 Do I Make Myself Crystal Clear? Connor, Envy, Mikhail & Stormwaltzer Connor and Donna decide to seek vengeance upon Envy for all of the variously horrible things she has done.
May 9, 2012 Admitting Defeat Eris & Tabitha Tabitha and Eris get into an argument that nearly causes several civilian casualties.
May 17, 2012 Can You Help Me? Now. Or I'll Kill You. Cyril, Eris, Fiona & Giea Eris tries to find a book on magic at the book store. Unfortunately they only sell useless books on the subject.
May 23, 2012 Getting A Head Envy & Patches Envy releases the children after Patches presents her with the head of Stormwaltzer.
May 24, 2012 Stormwaltzer's Trap Envy & Stormwaltzer Using the fake head to track her movements, Stormwaltzer tracks down Envy in an attempt to teach her a lesson for all the trouble she has caused.

Friends & Family

Name Race Relation Notes
Carl Costa Human Eris’s Father He went to jail when Eris was a child. She has no memory of the man and does not communicate with him.
Adrienne Costa Human Eris’s Mother She spends most of her time drinking. Eris does not speak with the woman any longer.
Bernie Costa Human Eris’s Uncle He works for the Chicago Mafia. Eris has lost contact with him since leaving, but he is being pressured by the Don to get her back.
Don Rizzo Human Don of the Chicago Mafia Eris used to work for him, but left when he told her to kill a mutant. Eris is currently out of the Don‘s territory, but he is still looking for ways to get her back under his control.
Kaneda Sensei Human Eris’s Sensei Martial Arts master that trained Eris. He currently resides in Japan.


Supremist - Eris is of the mindset that mutants are the next evolutionary step for the human race. She believes that it should not be humans who must learn to tolerate mutants, but mutants who must learn to tolerate the weaker species. She believes that Mutants should have the right to do as they wish, and that humans who intentionally harm mutants should not be allowed to live.

Eris tends to be very fond of others of her own kind, though this may be difficult for others to tell. She is always thinking about what she sees as best for mutant kind. If the other mutant seems weak, she usually tries to toughen them up. If the other mutant is a human sympathizer, she sees that individual as a lost cause and potential threat to her future goals for the mutant race.

Arrogant - Eris is rather beautiful and skilled in combat. Neither of these things are lost to her. She views herself as the epitome of mutant kind and isn't afraid to share this viewpoint with anyone who might think otherwise.

Elitist - Eris prefers only to surround herself with others of her kind who share her own beliefs. Those beliefs being that mutant kind is far superior to human kind and that mutants should be the ones running this country. She views humans as a step back in evolution, as most humans view apes. She views mutants who are unwilling assist in building a world in which mutants are in control as weak and a detriment to mutant-kind.

Protective - Eris is defensive of any mutant that seems as though they need her help. She is willing to assist any of her kind, but at the same time if it seems as though they will try to hinder her long term goals she will not hesitate to put them in their place.

Ruthless - If you do something to severely piss off Eris, she won’t hesitate to react in a negative manner. She won’t necessarily attack everyone who crosses her, but she'll definitely do everything in her power to intimidate that individual.


Envy is capable of generating and manipulating crystals and gems at will. She can cause the minerals within the ground and water to form crystals and gems and can manipulate their growth to shape objects and weapons crafted out of crystal. By manipulating the types of minerals used, Envy can change the color and hardness of the crystals and can even craft gemstones.

Crystal Tensile Strength
Quartz 1.5 TSI
Gems (Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire) 25 TSI
Diamond 150 TSI


  • “You can't really cheat on a human. It's like going out on a date and leaving your dog at home.”


  • Eris has a ferret named “Loki". Yes they’re illegal in NYC. She seems not to care.


Eris is not a nice person and she tends to lash out at people. She will not hesitate to attack you if you give her a reason to.


Physical Descriptions

You see a woman who appears to be in her late twenties or early thirties. She extremely thin and yet very toned, giving her a fragile yet dangerous look. The woman’s skin is pale and flawless, and her long limbs give her an elegant look. Her face is very pretty, with full lips and pale blue eyes. She usually wears bold lipstick and dark eyeliner, and her hair is a mismatched dye-job of natural red and dyed black.


The woman is wearing a pair of tight black jeans and a green tank top with a short black jacket overtop. She is adorned with expensive looking belts and jewelry which sport gemstones of varying colors and sizes. She is wearing a pair of high black high heeled boots which click authoritatively as she walks.


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