2012-12-15: Escape From Mutant Town


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Summary: A stand is finally taken in Mutant Town!

Date: December 15, 2012

Log Title: Escape From Mutant Town

Rating: R

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Rashmi stands in the middle of the street across from the gate, arms crossed and a truly severe glare on her face. For the occasion, she's put on what can only be called superhero gear, a form-fitting black bodysuit, made of visibly tough material, over which is tied a sari-style drape of red-trimmed brown cloth, fastened on one end to a bracelet on her right wrist, and the other an anklet on the opposite leg. As the others gather, she stands defiant, waiting for those by the gates to acknowledge her presence.

A few feet away in his blue training uniform from Barnes is Travis. He's here to support Rashmi and stand by her, he knows that something is going to happen as a result of the most recent video she's put out. There's a tension in the air of Mutant Town that Travis can't ignore. "If anything happens again Rashmi, I'm here as a medic." Just because they tried to assassinate Rashmi once, doesn't mean they won't try again.

Sophie is standing beside, and a bit behind Rashmi. The blond mutant is dressed… exactly like normal, in a skirt and a blouse. In her right hand she holds a cane— no wait, that's a stick, which someone has been kind enough to break off a tree and strip of bark for her, but she's using it as a cane. The crude crucifix hanging around her neck is positioned just right, sitting above the glowing spot below her throat; a part of her skin that glows brightly, showing that Sophie's powers are at full charge tonight. "Me too," she murmurs, after Travis' comment.

Its that time… and Soleil is quickly ushering a couple of children to the embassy with urgency, leading the way and he looks somewhat concerned, the young french man's hair is braided back into a singular braid down his back, a blue knit cap on his head as he wears a pair of dark jeans that are slightly too large for him and a dark blue and green parka, his golden backpack and leather messenger in place as usual and a pair of beat up green converse sneakers on his feet. The young kids head off in front of him as he rubs his hands together and looks up towards the sky with a thoughtful expression. That is what he was doing, however Rashmi and the others start…to catch his attention and he takes a deep breath, crossing himself and just watching warily.

The tension is high indeed, especially when there are are this many super powered folks in one area. It's unsure which side attacked first but on the north east block entrance a loud fight is starting to spread like wild fire. Mutant vs Sentinel, Purifer vs Super Powers, the fight is a powder keg that's finally exploded. The fight quickly comes to the street where Rashmi, Travis and Sophie stand outside in the street in front of the Embassy where Soleil happens to be leading the children. Flying high are two Sentinels sending various blasts of energy down to the streets below causing horrible destruction. On the street Purifers in Riot Gear shoot darts into the crowds trying to sedate or depower the mutants.

Cloud is watching Mutant Town from a roof opposite the camp, Rashmi's video made it very clear something was going to go down so he's been waiting here ready to help should he need to. Seeing what looks like a gathering he starts stripping off his street clothes showing his training uniform underneith, allowing his eyes to slip out of focus they glow white before fading leaving the previous blue spring green.

The tension is high indeed, especially when there are are this many super powered folks in one area. It's unsure which side attacked first but on the north east block entrance a loud fight is starting to spread like wild fire. Mutant vs Sentinel, Purifer vs Super Powers, the fight is a powder keg that's finally exploded. The fight quickly comes to the street where Rashmi, Travis and Sophie stand outside in the street in front of the Embassy where Soleil happens to be leading the children. Flying high are two Sentinels sending various blasts of energy down to the streets below causing horrible destruction. On the street Purifers in Riot Gear shoot darts into the crowds trying to sedate or depower the mutants.

Rashmi's head whips around as the fight begins to roll its way toward them, a hissing breath sucked in between her feet. Nodding over her shoulder to Travis, she grabs his hand, squeezing once, before turning her attention to the Purifiers at the gate. "Let us through!" she cries. "Call off the Sentinels and leave, *now!* We! Are! Leaving!" And with that, she takes the first step forward toward the gate. Her hands are at her sides, her eyes darting from guard to guard to guard. "Everyone! Follow me! We're taking this fence *down!*"

"Yeah!" Travis yells in support of Rashmi's words feeling a bit cheesy as he does but he mainly does it to try to rally the crowd so he throws as much conviction into that 'yeah!' as possible. He rushes forward and grabs hold of the fence with his middle left hand and heats up the metal, starting to break through it. It's a slow process but he melts the links he can.

Sophie moves forwards, guiding herself both with her improvised cane, and by listening to the voices of Rashmi and Travis, carefully picking them out of the crowd and the ruckus. She ducks when she heards the Sentinels flying overhead; but she advances just the same, raising her left hand and clenching in into a fist around a fierce white glow that escapes between her fingers. "Let Goliath come," she murmurs, "David is ready." Once she reaches the fence, touching it with her cane, she comes to a halt. She backs up a step, and purses her lips into a thin line. Her left hand extends forwards and then a brilliant beam of energy lances forth, with a sound like metal claws on a chalkboard, as she subjects the chain links to a full force neutron blast, swept from bottom to top.

And this is why Soleil was rushing the young ones as quickly as possible to somewhere potentially safer and when he hears the sound of fighting coming closer he just takes a deep breath and then another. Sadly, he does not have a spiffy uniform or suit so he just rests a hand lightly on his bag messenger bag. So. Here the explosion has begun. And his only thought…in this moment of chaos is…'I should've peed before I came'. Then its. "Faites attention! <Be Careful>, Hurry Hurry!" His attention is on making sure the younger individuals get to some sort of cover. He gasps in softly as he turns in time to see the blast. "…Sacre Bleu…"

Cloud uses his 'sight' to seek out the magnetic energy from the magnetic field covering the Earth, taking a deep breath he absorbs from the field and really hopes his next trick works. Next step is running over to the roof's metal vents and absorbing covering his hair, clothes and body in metal, taking a running jump he uses the magnetism to slow his drop just enough to make it safe, running towards the fence he cottons on to what they're doing and tries to use the magnetism to help bring down the fence.

The neutron beam cuts through the fence and more. The screams of the Purifiers on guard on the other side can be heard as they're also hit and burns painfully sear their flesh. Travis' method is nothing compared to the method Sophie and Cloud use to tear down the face and with in moments the chunk of metal curls from the neutron beam cutting and flies away, hitting a building, from Cloud's magnetic push. "IT'S HERE! THE TERRORIST!" One of the unharmed Purifier guards yells, pointing at Rashmi. From either side of the torn down fence, six men (three on each side) start to fire power nullification darts at Sophie, Travis, Rashmi and Cloud. Another one starts to yell for Sentinel Backup."

"Everyone GET BACK!" Rashmi roars, over the cry, striding forward, heedless of the darts whizzing around her, eyes fixed on the ranking Purifier at their section of the gate. "Stop! You broke the fence, no—ow!" SLapping at her neck, she pulls out a dart, bringing it up to stare at the little projectile with a deep frown. "THAT'S ENOUGH!" she bellows, stomping forward until she stands but a couple feet away from her 'target.' "THERE! I DON'T HAVE MY POWERS! CAN WE TALK NOW?!"

Travis puts up a shield quickly with his top left hand and deflects two of the darts luckily not losing his powers. He is about to form his energy blade when Rashmi yells and a new idea starts to form. "If you stop attacking, and give us a chance, I can heal those men down there. If you keep on attacking we will be forced to defend ourselves and we can't promise to save your men." He puts up all six hands to seem less threatening.

Sophei hears Rashmi's call to get back, and finds herself completely uncertain to wether the instruction applies to the mutants, or the purifiers. Instinctively she just drops, falling to a crouch low to the ground, which allows a couple of darts to fly straight over her head; my, wasn't that fortunate? She remains kneeling where she is, but permits the brilliant glow to dissipate from her hand, as she sweeps her stick hurriedly about the ground around her. "I can heal, also!" she shouts. "I will help your men, but only if you will let me!"

Cloud shakes his head, "Idiots, I'm metal", the darts that hit him end up falling to the ground after hitting his metal skin, he frowns as everyone stops fighting, still he fights his impulsive nature and stops once inside mutant town with the others.

"Keep your heads down, shh…do not…shh…" Soleil whispers to the people he's been looking after for the last weeks. So the stand off has begun, at least on one side of the fence and Soleil peeks out from behind the cover he's found for the nibblets as he takes a deep breath and watches, waiting to see what will happen. "Is like playing chicken with a flaming arrow and a drunk, just wonder which part of the body will get hit…" He murmurs softly.

Two of the men open fire on the mutants with their rifles but it doesn't last long as one of the Purifiers turns and starts to open fire on them. Four of the Purifier's instantly go down leaving the burned and one last one groaning. The man throws down his gun and puts his hands up. "Okay, okay, we can talk! Just please, that's my brother down there." He indicates one of the burned men. Unfortunately though the men called for back up earlier and flying into the area are two prime Sentinel's land in front of the group. "What's the status here? These mutants need to be taken care of?"

Rashmi bobs her head, looking over her shoulder to wave Travis forward. "Go help him, sweetie… I— well shit," she mutters as the cyborg Sentinels come in for a landing. "No, we do not," she says, working hard to keep her voice even. "If you take care of us, that man's brother won't get the help he *really* needs. We don't want to *hurt* anyone, just leave. But we *will* defend ourselves, if we're attacked." And it's not until the words leaves her lips that she realizes her lack of powers makes her uniquely vulnerable, which causes her face to go a bit ashen. "….Look… We just want to go, okay?"

When the initial gun fire breaks out, Travis gets grazed by a bullet on his hip which cause him to lose his balance for a bit. Even though it hurts and he's bleeding, it's ignored. He doesn't want it known that he's hurt. "Yeah." He takes a step forward before the Prime Sentinel's show up and Travis puts up the shield, stepping in front of Rashmi to protect her. "We.." He motions to himself and Sophie "Just want to heal those we can to make sure they don't die."

A gasp of terror escapes Sophie's lips as the gunfire goes off, but she sucks in a deep breath as it ends, and slowly raises herself up to her full height. She listens to Rashmi's declaration, and bobs her head in agreement to Travis' statement. "Si," she adds, and takes a single step forwards. "We want to hurt no one. And we want to heal the hurt." She takes another step forwards, and reaches out to touch the fence once more, feeling for where her blast has melted a rift through which someone might pass. "I am blind. I am gentle, and no threat to you. Let us through, so those men may be healed?"
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Another soft prayer for those who cannot defend themselves and Soleil walks out from behind the cover, watching the familiar faces settle to some sort of agreement…or at least try to settle an agreement with the people with the guns. Tension runs hi.

Cloud reaching the group Cloud can't help himself, "Don't see why you should heal them, they wouldn't if it was one of us", still other than keeping his metal up he makes no threatening moves. The arrival of the Prime Sentinels has him positioning himself near Sophie to give the girl some protection should she need it.

Another figure slips out from the alleyway beside the embassy, having exited from the back door the check the surroundings after the gunfire. Gwyn is this person, umbrella in hand to deflect any projectiles if necessary; not that an umbrella will offer much protection. The temporary cease fire draws Gwyn out further, the android slipping out a bit further to take cover behind some debris in the streets. From there they watch, likely a bit further down the street than Soleil.

Fate works in odd ways, seemingly in response to the arrival of the Sentinels the unmistakable sight of Franky is seen coming down the street approaching the area. No one has seen much of the large mutant since the lockdown, his focus on keeping the peace in the homeless shelter he calls home when the non-mutant staff were removed when mutant town was fenced off. Under the ratty jacket and clothing he wears gleams the black Xavier's-issue combat suit he was fitted for when he was recruited to fight Dracula.

There is no fence for Sophie to grab since it was blown away by Cloud. "Oh how sentimental." Says the female of the two Sentinel Primes. "She first blats them and injures them, and now she wants to heal them. And we've got a white knight, protecting that Red Headed Bitch." Even though they're Sentinel's they haven't really lost their personality. "And the one up there, tsk tsk, no concern for life. No matter, we don't are about yours anyway." One of the Sentinel's flies up and fires a few blasts of energy at Cloud and Sophie while the other one starts to fire randomly at Travis, Rashmi and anyone behind them.

Ducking behind Travis' shield, Rashmi looks back, frantically motioning SOleil and Gwyn back to cover. "Damnit WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!" Sophie, get *over* here, they're going to kill you!" Looking up the street, Rashmi spots a familiar, hulking figure, waving him over. "FRANKIE, THERE YOU ARE! WE NEED HELP!"

*Fwoof!* Gwyn's umbrella is quickly unfolded and brought up as additional cover over the debris when Gwyn ducks down to avoid potential weapon's fire. An energy blast aimed at Gwyn blasts through the umbrella and off part of the debris, sending up a plume of dust and umbrella shreds, though half the umbrella remains (though smoldering). Gwyn shakes it quickly to put out, unharmed, while muttering, "Should've stayed in the embassy! Ack!" To Rashmi, Gwyn shouts back, "I was curious! It's okay, though. I'm alright!"

The shield takes a few hits causing Travis to take a few steps back. He has to keep the shield up and focuses everything on that. "Franky!" Travis calls out in relief. "I'm keeping this shield up for as long as I can Rashmi, you won't be unprotected." But doing that means he can't use any of his other powers.

Sophie screams in fear once more as the Sentinels open fire; and then she screams again as she's struck, one of the blasts catching her in the side, and another in the leg. She drops to the ground, clutching at herself where she is now bleeding quite profusely. "Si ambulavero in medio umbrae mortis non timebo malum," she gasps hurriedly between clenched teeth, as she hauls herself back upwards. "Don't… turn around," she gasps, electing to stick with Cloud rather than trying to dash towards Rashmi. The blind girl's skin becomes luminous, and then the entire surface of her on her front erupts into brilliance; little is directed at the area behind her beside her, but all that stand before the Blind Girl will be bathed in unrelenting, retina-searing light. "quoniam tu mecum es me!" she adds, as she lifts her hand to fire a neutron blast, at where she hears the female Prime Sentinel firing from.

There really wasn't a need to shout to stir Soleil to action, the moment he hears the attitude from the Sentinel, he's running and diving back behind cover, landing on his stomach as he takes a deep breath and eyes the trembling younger teens with him and then he pants softly, holding up a thumbs up to them. "B-Bitch…" Pant. "Oh no you didn't…" He offers subtitles to the on goings out yonder.

Cloud is torn, stay there and try and protect Sophie or try the new trick he's been trying to master over the last couple of weeks, the light coming from behind him makes his desision for him, Sophie isn't defenceless and he's seen her face people and know where they are by voice alone. So taking a chance while she's attacking he grabs one of the broken fence pieces before grabbing Sophie and absorbing from the metal again, this time the metal spreads over Sophie too, it's hard but he holds it. Carrying the girl he runs thought the gap in the fence towards the nearest street lamp.

*Fwoof!* Gwyn's umbrella is quickly unfolded and brought up as additional cover over the debris when Gwyn ducks down to avoid potential weapon's fire. An energy blast aimed at Gwyn blasts through the umbrella and off part of the debris, sending up a plume of dust and umbrella shreds, though half the umbrella remains (though smoldering). Gwyn shakes it quickly to put out, unharmed, while muttering, "Should've stayed in the embassy! Ack!" To Rashmi, Gwyn shouts back, "I was curious! It's okay, though. I'm alright!"

Franky bursts into action as the shooting starts, crouching a moment before leaping off the ground with enough force to crack the pavement underneath him. The large mutant seeking to tackle the flying sentinel out of the air as he comes down from the leap and smash it into the pavement. "Hyu vill not hurt anyvone! Hy vill not let hyu!"

The bright light caused by Sophie illuminates the area. The Prime Sentinel's turn away from the light firing more blasts in the direction of the blind girl. At the same time Sophie's blast goes off barely grazing one of the Prime Sentinel's which angers it. It turns it's hands on Rashmi and Travis, hoping to get to the red-headed girl when it's hit by Franky and the blast goes wild. Frank drives the Prime Sentinel into the ground leaving them in a broken and bleeding state. The other Prime SEntinel files up into the air, charges up a blast before firing the wide beam down on the area.

"Oh this is going completely to hell," Rashmi moans, taking hold of one of Travis' unoccupied hands. "Sweetie we need to get to cover. I can't do anything, and youll just get hurt taking care of m—LOOK OUT! SOPHIE TWELVE O'CLOCK HIGH *RUN!!*" Now both hands are on Travis arm, as she tugs the boy back toward the buildings, hopefully away from the worst of the blast radius, if not clear entirely.

Travis keeps his shield up as Rashmi tugs him along, he's finding it a bit hard to see with the brightness of Sophie's light so he's glad he has a guide. "All we have to do is take down those Sentinels, then Sophie and I can heal those and we can see if that guy.." He's not sure, everything is chaotic right now. "Shit!" He yells seeing the blast and runs with Rashmi, preparing to jump on top of her just in case they can't avoid the blast.

Sophie finds herself wholly encased in metal, thanks to Cloud; and that certailny is a confidence booster, as it turns out. The blind girl allows herself to be carried forwards by Cloud, and then there's the shout from Rashmi. She has no idea what's coming of course; she just raises both hands up into the air and opens fore, sweeping twin neutron-blasts through where she things she can hear the Sentinel… but it certainly is hard to aim this way. "Cloud, get us out of here!" she calls out with a heavy dose of worry in her voice. "I cannot attack many more times, or I will have little energy left to save the wounded — of both sides!"

"Do NOT go towards the light!" Soleil shouts to his little group of scared folks and he yanks his hat off, the braid behind his back unbraiding itself and the strands of hair slowly fade into a prism like color scheme, red, blue, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet as they grow longer and tendrils extend to wrap around the wrists of the young woman he cannot physically grab seeing as his hands are busy tugging the other individual he's with along as they dash for new cover.

Cloud gets Sophie to the other side of the street where the street lamp is he puts her down but keeps hold to sustain the metal, "Do not let go of me", pulling the metal plate that covers the electronics off he puts a hand in and absorbs, "Don't know why your so conserned with healing the enemy but I got ya", powered up Cloud moves himself and Sophie closer to the fight again, just enough that they're back in range. "Sophie, you believe in God right?, Do me a favor and ask for a little back-up with this", he takes a deep breath and focuses on the energy absorbed, then trys to release an electromagnetic pulse.

High dynamic range filtering activated. Even at the light, Gwyn is able to make out the sentinel ascending and the chance in energy around them. Static and radio interference prompts Gwyn that something bad is going to happen, so Gwyn darts right out from the debris and back into the alleyway post-haste!

Franky hits the on top of the sentinel he just smashed into the street and looks up in time to see the other take off. As the blast charges up Franky leaps again, this time his forearms rip out of his jacket as they turn to living steel and begin to change shape becoming a pair of large shields. Slamming the two shields together into a solid barrier he seeks to take the blast head-on to protect the others.

The sweeping blasts by Sophie fire off into the air hitting nothing but a building across the way causing massive grooves. Broken glass and debris shower the ground. The EMP from Cloud hits the Sentinel, and any electronics of the Purifiers in the area. The electronics are shut down while the Prime Sentinel isn't taken down, it is stunned for a few seconds. When the blast hits, it hit's Franky's shield full on and the pressure against it is intense but he manages to hold, keeping everyone else safe for the time being.

Rashmi lets out a low, shuddering breath as Franky blocks the force beam, closing her eyes for a moment and hugging Travis tightly. Opening her eyes, she does a quick scan of the mmediate area, chewing on her lower lip. "Frankie! Cloud!" she yells, pointing frantically up at the airborne, stunned cyborg. "That's the last one we need to worry about! Then we can start getting people clear!"

"Once it's clear, we'll get the guy and his brother and I'll make sure to get to work healing him." Travis says leaning against the nearby wall for a minute. The shot he took to the hip earlier is really starting to bother him him and he's fighting to not let it, putting his hand on his wound to add some pressure. "I'm going to be busy tonight." He mutters in regards to all the injuries he knows he'll be treating.

Sophie keeps her hand clasped with Cloud's, and drops back down to a kneel after the thunderous impact of the Sentinel's wide-area blast against Frankie's shield has subsided. She wheezes softly, clutching one hand to her side, and clenches her eyes tightly shut behind her blindfold. "Querido Dios le duele," she gasps, and shakes her head. "Cloud, I will be alright," she murmurs. "When it is safe, take me to the wounded, si?"

Soleil's hair retracts rather quickly once there seems to be somewhat of a calm and he's pushing the children in the direction of…okay no, he still is watching the sky warily and breathing hard.

Cloud grins as the EMP has some effect and on Rashmi's order focuses the his energy into a ball of electricity, and launches it in the direction of the stunned Sentinel, best he can do without dragging Sophie back into the warzone. "Will do Sophie"

Gwyn is hit midway to the alleyway by the EMP. Immediately systems report errors: Reactor offline, vision offline, sensory modules offline, cores 0-3033 offline. The fall thereafter is spectacular, and Gwyn just collapses right out there in the open, face planting right into the pavement with spectacular stiffness. To Gwyn, everything has gone dark. Not that they're even concious to experience this darkness. The umbrella that Gwyn was holding skitters away, dropped midfall. That poor umbrella.

Franky lands again, the shields pitted and smoking from the impact of the energy blast as they collapse in on themselves and his arms return to normal. With the Sentinel slowed but not incapacitated he grabs the sentinel he tackled earlier and hefts it like a rag doll before throwing it at it's still airborne counterpart like a missile.

The electricity blast hits the Sentinel who starts to convulse from the electricity then it's grabbed and launched up into the sky. After flying several hundred feet there's a small explosion as the Sentinel explodes. The chaos in this area, for the time being, has died down and all that's left is the groaning of the injured. The man from earlier crawls out from underneath some debris he was hiding behind. "Please, I'll help you in anyway you want, just save my brother. I'm tired of all this."

"We are too," Rashmi sighs as the Sentinel explodes, and the action begins to die down. "Okay… Frankie? Get to the Embassy and tell people where the hole is, so we can start moving these people out of here. Travis, sweetie, if you're okay, can you help this man's brother" Sophie, have Cloud take you to the other wounded and next time could you maybe be a little more *careful* about your microwave lasers of fiery pain?"

Travis nods and walks, with a slight limp, over to where the guy and his brother are. "It might take a bit, but I'll make sure to save him." He promises the Purifier. Kneeling down next to the burnt man Travis' powers start work and after about ten minutes the man would find himself fully healed.

Franky nods to Rashmi and heads off to the embassy to spread the word. Though when the time comes they will find he's not amoung those that have left. Mutant town is still his home, and there are still those that need protecting. He promised Sister Lisa he would keep these people safe, and he plans to live up to that promise no matter what.

Sophie blushes heatedly. "Si," she replies, "I did not mean to hit anyone when I destroyed the fence." She allows Cloud to bring her to the rest of the wounded, and there she kneels amongst them, wincing and gasping as she moves with her own injuries, but keeping the pain under control for the moment. She seeks out the nearest, and shhhshes softly to the man. "The pain will go away," she murmurs, as her hands take on a soothing glow, and she devotes one to him, and one to the next man over. "Be calm, you will be alright."

Soleil now can usher the children towards the Embassy, instructing them to find the other authority like figures to guide them where they are supposed to be and the little French man just moves forward a few steps, staring at the the scene of the…conflict with a resigned expression, a glance going over to where Gwyn's taken a bit of a spill and he's jogging in that direction, bending down. "…Pardon…Gwyn…is that…" He tentatively rests a hand on their fallen body's shoulder. "Gwyn?"

Cloud practicly jumps in the air as the Sentinel explodes, "Hell yeah!", on his way to lead Sophie towards the wounded Cloud fights the small part of him being egged on by the remainder of Eris in his psyche to fry the Purifier before Travis can heal him, "Can't believe we're helping f***ing purifiers".

Gwyn remains at the spot where they fell. Unmoving. Unbreathing. Body going cold. Emergency power is slowly bringing things back on, but have you ever had a computer from the 80s? This will take a while. Likewise, there is no response to Soleil, there is no sign of breathing, no pulse, one would be hardpressed to find differences between Gwyn's body and a corpse.

In this one area the fence is down and it seems through out Mutant Town the combat is subsiding. Sentinel's down all over the place, Purifiers defeated and the walls tourn down. Not everyone is running out into the streets, most are actually staying to help out those that need help. It's a step in defiance, a step to claim back the freedom their unrighteously denied. For the most part it seems that the mutants of Mutant Town seem to have the edge in this battle. It was only a matter of time before this many super-powered people crowded into one small area were to fight back.

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