Ethan "Primal" Swift
Ethan Swift - Primal
Portrayed By Lucas Till
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 15, 1992
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Primal
Place of Birth Cambridge, MA
Current Location Manhattan
Occupation Student by day, superhero, well, also mostly by day
Known Relatives Dr. Edward G Swift and Dr. Amelia Swift (mother and father), Professor Darius E Swift and Dr. Camilla Swift (Paternal grandparents), Dr. Janet Smith-Hutchinson (Maternal grandmother). A veritable alphabet soup of aunts and uncles and older cousins.
Significant Other Doesn't that require some form of mating ritual and sublimation of sex drive to simulate romantic interest?
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Elemental Magic
First Appearance Education Is Elemental

Guided by a dream teacher and commanding the elemental spirits of nature herself to help him, young Ethan Swift has become Primal, elemental guardian of mankind! (Don't look at me, that's what it says in his journal.)


Ethan is one of those people who is just naturally sensitive to magic. Were his powers based on an evolution of the genome, he’d be a mutant but the mystic world just refers to such folk as ‘gifted’. There has never been a time when he can’t remember at least dimly sensing the power of nature and being able to just barely catch a glimpse of the wondrous out of the corners of his eyes. This has led to him being called ‘weird’, ‘drugged out’ and ‘crazy’, ‘a daydreamer’ and ‘mental’ by more than one of his peers or authority figures.

He is none of those things, but he lives in a world where the stones sing in basso tones of being a part of the earth and the wind whispers secrets in his ears. It came as a shock to him when he found out that nobody else perceives the world the way he does and as he grew from a child into a teenager, he learned to keep quiet about the differences between the world in which he lived and the more limited one that most others apparently experienced.

Both of his parents are historians and archeologists and it may have been their exposure to ancient sites, artifacts and tomes that manifested as supernatural awareness in their only son. In any case, Ethan was dragged across half the world by his very well-meaning and loving parents until they were convinced by a psychologist that Ethan would settle down and focus if only he had a stable environment. Thus he’s spent the last five years in a New York boarding school for the most part.

For quite some time, Ethan has been researching magic and how it works in the world and with the help of a mysterious tutor who comes to him in his dreams and whom he only knows as ‘the wizard’, literally the Wise One, he has learned to tap into the primal forces of nature that fuel magic. His dream tutor has convinced him (and it didn’t take much urging) that the only way to continue to hone his abilities and do any good with them is to use them in the service of nature and humanity and try to find a balance between the two, acting as a champion and an example for humankind. These days, that pretty much means tights and a cape. Using the codename Primal, he intends to make his mark as a hero and inspire others.


December 28, 2009 Ethan meets an elemental spirit of a different stripe. And a half-naked mutant. Education Is Elemental


  • "That presumes I have a need for friends."
  • "Now do excuse me. I must save the day."


  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
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  • Amazing thing!


Ethan can see and interact with the omnipresent spirits of the classic elements, earth, air, Water and fire as well as the living spirits of plant life. In practical terms, this means he can draw upon those spirits to perform various feats of magic. It should be noted that this varies widely from tradition magic techniques of invocation and appeal to various universal and extra-dimensional powers and that most magi and sorcerers don't usually see or interact with these spirits.


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