Evan "Repulse" Dale
Evan Dale
Portrayed By Emma Watson
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 5
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Repulse
Place of Birth New York
Current Location New York
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Mother:June, Father: Mark, Brothers: James (20), Daniel (17), David (13), Sister: Sue (11)
Significant Other None as yet.
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Repulse - A form of kinetic ability
First Appearance ???

Sports Fan: Evan likes her sports, either playing them, or cheering for them. She tends to watch and cheer for the big sports teams: Football, soccer, baseball, basketball. She even collects baseball cards, since baseball is her favorite thing. She even has some of her card autographed by the players. A baseball signed by the team.

Friendly: Evan is the sort that is very friendly and can make friends easily. She likes to make friends, for she feels that without friends, life would be lonely and boring. She has enough interests that she can generally understand them.

Phobia: Evan has a phobia of dogs. She was attacked by a dog when she was 6 years old. She was saved by her two older brothers and spent time in the hospital. Since then, she has had a great fear of dogs. If she sees one on the street, she will cross to the other side of the street to avoid getting close to them. She tends to feel real sick when she has to go near a dog.

Dislike of Hospital: Evan has been in and out of hospitals, especially since the last year and a half. Before then, she spent time in the hospital from being attacked by a dog when she was six years old. It more due though to the recent time she’s spent in the hospital and the several of tests she been through. She rather not experience any more poke and prodding.

Resources: Evan receives an allowance from her parents. Not rich, more like $50 a week or so. She HAD a paper route, but since she is going to Xavier’s school, she had to quit it. And until she gets her powers under control, she’s a little concern about trying to get another job.


Evan is the middle child of 5 kids born to June and Mark Dale. The order of their current ages goes; James age 20, Daniel age 17, Evan age 15, David age 13 and Sue age 11. She grew up in a loving athletic family. James and Daniel were into football. Evan was good in baseball and could get a football to head in roughly the direction she wanted it to. David was into basketball, being very tall for a 13 year old. And Sue was into gymnastics. June worked at a diet consultant and Mark ran his own gymnasium.

There was one incident that has had an affect of Evan. When she was six years old, she was at a park with James and Daniel, when she was attacked by a stray dog. James and Daniel drove off the dog with rocks and anything else they could get their hands on. Since then, Evan has had a phobia of dogs.

Evan did pretty well in school, especially in her English class, for she liked to write. She planned on becoming a writer eventually. She was ok in history and biology. But her math and thus her chemistry were her weaker subjects. Evan was pitcher for her school baseball team. In fact, she had one of the fastest fastball for someone her age. She wasn’t captain of her team, for she wasn’t that forward or confrontational.

It was the summer after her 14th birthday, when she started to have problems of dropping objects. “It seems to have leapt out of my hands.” It only started off as a once every couple of months, then once a month. Then more often. Her parents started to get worried about her. The problem of ‘dropping’ things sounded like a possible neurological problem. So, they took her their family doctor, who thought it, might be a muscle disorder. They ran blood tests as first. Then ran did different other scan and even were starting to medicate her with muscle relaxants.

Someone at Xavier’s detected she was a mutant, and after talking to her parents, Evan was on her way to the school, to learn about being a mutant and her mutant powers.


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