Evelyn Greer
Portrayed By Rachel Hurd-Wood
Gender Female
Date of Birth 16th December
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Pounce
Place of Birth Manchester (England)
Current Location New York
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Emily Greer, Grant Greer
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Feline Shapeshifter (Margay Form)
First Appearance ?

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Compared to many kids Evelyn has had an amazing life so far. An only child born to well off parents she's never really lacked for anything. Her mother Emily has been working for the British foreign & commonwealth office since before Evelyn was born and is a well respected and highly placed employee dealing with international trade. Her father Grant is an internationally recognized wildlife photographer and has been all over the planet taking pictures, who has recently been involved in a variety of charity fundraising events.

Shortly after Evelyn was born her parents decided that the felt it was vitally important she be raised spending as much time as possible with them both. At the majority of the family income came from Grant's photography work and so Emily took an extended leave of abscene and brought Evelyn along. She doesn't really remember it, but for the first four years of her life Evelyn rarely spent more than a few months in the same country let alone in the same house.

By the time she was five the expensive of the whole family traveling and her mothers need to return to her career meant that the Greer family returned to England. Her mother slowly began working her way back up through office politics and her father returned to traveling the world solo. Of course every vacation was spent in some exotic part of the world and her dad would spend a week in England every few months with presents from strange places and pictures taken purely for the enjoyment of it.

It wasn't until Evelyn turned eight that her mother reached a high enough position to be offered more overseas assignments, bringing her daughter along to see the world (or at least a variety of English speaking boarding schools). Not wanting to split up the family too much her parents began letter Evelyn go out to stay with her dad during the longer school vacations, while she would come to stay with her mom in whichever country the family called home for the shorter ones along with whatever weekends her mother could spare from work.

At her mums urging Evelyn took full advantage of the expensive schools she was attending, taking etiquette classes (something her mother insisted upon so Evelyn wouldn't cause any international incidents) and even learning to play the violin. Learning a musical instrument turned out to be another great way of making friends and of course it didn't hurt that it gave her something to do at her mothers social gatherings other than try to keep out from under foot.

Her trips away from home during the longer vacations are what she considers to be the best bits of her life so far. Strange food, exciting places and getting to learn all kinds of cool things from her dad and the other people on his expeditions. More often than not her attempts to help would cause mayhem with the camps, collapsing tents and ruining the odd reel of film. Of course every setback simply made her more determined until someone would tire of her 'help' and agree to show her how to perform some minor task in the hope it would keep her out of the way. Of course given how accident prone she is somehow the occasional mishap still happened and it was a brave or foolish person indeed who left her entirely unsupervised.

It was on these trips Evelyn acquired her love of photography. Helping her dad with his things was one of the main tasks she was given to keep her from knocking over tents or burning the evening meal. At first it started out simply as an excuse to spend a little more time with him, but after she turned ten and was given one of her dads old cameras as a birthday present. It didn't seem like a very fun gift to begin with, but after the first few days of taking pictures and not getting into trouble for ruining anything she began start enjoying herself. Especially with all the fuss her dad would make over the pictures she'd taken.

Her home life during this time was generally okay for Evelyn, she always managed to make friends whenever she transferred to a new school. Usually be joining whatever passed for a film, photography or newspaper club or mingling with the more artistically/musically minded kids in schools without any suitable clubs. She also kept in touch with as many friends from around the world as possible, sending letters or emails at least once a week almost always including a copy of her more recent photography project for people to see. Sometimes her mom would even get her to bring her pictures to consulate events to share with the other kids and nothing spiced up a really dull gathering like having everyone saying her talented she was.

Despite the unconventional nature of her family it never seemed to matter that her dad was away from most of the year. From an early age she'd grown used to one of her parents being away at some point and the times her dad did stay put for more than a few weeks he always seemed a little down. Reading letters from her friends filled with tales of parents having arguments or getting divorced also helped. And she'd gladly tell anyone who asked if she missed one parent or the other that she'd rather know they were both happy and miss one than have them miserable and around all the time. Besides she was never more than a phone call away from either of them, even if that did mean getting in trouble when her parents finally got the phone bill.

A little after she turned fourteen Evelyn had finally begun to put roots down, her mother had been working in Canberra in Australia for close to two years and she'd even been going to a regular school instead of a boarding school. It was then her mother was given an unexpected promotion and asked if she would consider transferring to the New York consulate to work with the division handling international business. Not wanting to burden her mother Evelyn actively encouraged her, despite secretly wanting to stay in Australia, and thus the Greer family packed up for America.

Not long after having moved it was time for the yearly trip to visit her dad at work. This time he was off shooting in Belize, trying to gain more support for smaller and less well studied types of wild cat. A trip which for the most part Evelyn adored. She didn't have to struggle too much with the local language and the group her father was working with were mostly enthusiastic students who would let her listen to music and sneak her the occasional illicit cigarette.

It might have been a coincidence or maybe it was the trigger for her power to manifest, but as always she set to helping out as often as she could usually with looking after her dads cameras or getting meals ready (at least the meals she wasn't burning or spilling all over someone). It was while helping some of the researchers fitting radio collars that she got a nasty scratch from a Margay which had woken up from the sedative it had been given early. The scratch itself wasn't very deep but over a few days Evelyn began to feel progressively more unwell, eventually resulting in a trip to the nearest hospital to the camp. Nothing specific seemed to be wrong, but the doctors felt it could be something to do with the food or water and recommended she be sent home to recover.

Cutting her trip short by a week she returned to New York where she seemed to recover. Weeks passed and life seemed to go back to normal, her mother had her come to a few of the social gatherings she was holding to help raise money for Grants current pet project and show off the pictures from her trip. Just when it seemed like everything was routine her trouble eating returned stronger than ever along with some very strange dreams.

Two days later Evelyn vanished. In a panic her mother called the consulate, who admitted that some vague threats made by a pro-mutant extremist group had been made earlier in the week. In light of her position and the potential risk of kidnapping the police were discreetly informed and a full search was begun. Unusually it wasn't Cerebra which tipped Xaviers school for the gifted off about a potential new student, a contact in the police passed on a tip off about a suspected mutant kidnapper.

The search came up with a few suspicious facts. No-one had gone in or out of the Greer family home, although strange hair samples had been found need a partially open window. No ransom demands were made and the police investigation seemed to have no leads to follow.

Of course finding mutants is one of the things the staff at Xaviers do best. Reports of an escaped wildcat living in Central Park coupled with the samples found inside the house, along with a little light telepathic searching later and a very confused Evelyn was found hiding up a tree. After some gentle coaxing to get her down and a trip to somewhere more discreet she eventually managed to revert to human form. With nothing but a short tail and severe embarrassment at her missing clothes to indicate she'd been missing.

The few days she was missing are largely a blur for Evelyn. She remembers waking up in cat form and somehow getting out of the window, before the sounds and smells of the city overwhelmed her and she somehow ended up in a park. Starving hungry and unsure who or what she was anymore instinct took over and she kept herself fed by hunting rats when it got dark, a fact she never intends to admit to anyone, and drinking from the reservoir when she got thirsty.

Exceptionally grateful to get her daughter back Emily Greer managed to halt the police search without causing a diplomatic incident or the story leaking to the media, thanking those responsible but turning down the kind offer of a place at a special school where Evelyn could learn to better control her gift. Once the relief that Evelyn was back safe had subsided concern crept in about how work could suffer if her daughter was publicly revealed as a mutant. Desperate to not ruin her mothers dream job and terribly afraid that she might get stuck as a cat forever Evelyn secretly dialed the number on a card she'd been given by the people who found her in the hope they would accept her as a student.

The school accepted and after several loud arguments and a couple of expensive international phone calls to her dad later she managed to convince her parents that it would be best for everyone if she went off to boarding school at Xaviers.


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Evelyn can say a few basic lines in Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Japanese.

She's double jointed and pretty good at vocal impersonation.

She can play the violin and is has been an avid photographer since she was little.

Her dad is an internationally known wildlife photographer.


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