2009-06-15: Everyday Life


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Summary: A random night in the middle of nowhen in the Marvel Universe.

Date: June 15, 2009

Everyday Lives

Rating: PG

Everywhere and anywhere

A man stands on the moon, looking at the earth. His head is large. He wears a white and blue robe. He speaks in a deep, imposing voice.

My name is Uatu. I am the Watcher. My purpose is to watch events as they take place on earth. I am not permitted to interfere, no matter what. So, I watch. I notice. I pay attention to the details.

Across the planet, people try to live with what they're given.

Sitting at a pottery wheel in the art room, Robyn runs his hands up and down the clay forming it into large vase with quite a fat bottom. He plans on putting a face on each side, one kind of silly looking and one in agony and then putting two handles on each side that are in the shape of long skinny arms. Things have just been weird for Robyn, he’s still adjusting to life as a mutant, the school, living at the school and having to share a room. What’s on Robyn’s mind most, is the fact that he misses Jordan, which is why he’s in the art room trying to take his mind off of things by playing with some clay while listening to some Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Some take what they have and make it something new.

Color, it surrounds Terrycloth Wyatt like a swirling rainbow as he stands poised between brush strokes in his work area. In front of the blind painter stands an easel with a nearly blank canvas. Below his feet is spread a drop cloth, once white dotted with a rainbow of paint droplets from years of use. The image on the canvas grows, in bold strokes and small swirls, slowly taking shape as the skyline of New York at dawn in a style reminiscent of Monet.

Some use their abilities to create for loved ones.

The carving is slow. Stephen knows it, but that's how it works when he does an imbuing for someone else. He's grown really close to Pudge. Tortoises are notoriously hard to stop, and very nicely protected. It's… it's a just in case measure. As he carves, he chants, focussing on asking Turtle to please offer his protection once to a kindred spirit. A man that has offense, but may lack defense. Stephen doesn't want his friend to be injured. As the tortoise shell fetish is complete, he feels the power in it and gets ready to give it to the man. "I just… I hope he doesn't take it the wrong way. But… what IS the wrong way?" He asks himself, confused about a few things.

Some are exceptionally happy with the smallest things.

“Hey Teddy did you see that?!” Tory exclaims as he sees a streak of fire through the sky, which is more than likely the Human Torch flying somewhere. He’s sitting on the edge of the dock at the South Street Seaport, hugging his battered bear to his chest. “Teddy, I miss Steve.” He says as he dangles his feet and looks around. “Oh Teddy look!” He says scrambling up and heading right to the garbage can to dig through. He eventually pulls out two empty cans of soda and steps on each one, wedging them to his feet as he starts to clomp around, giggling the entire time. “Hey Teddy! I should show Billy and Teddy my new shoes sometime!”

Human life flourishes. Protectors live life to the fullest while keeping the world safe.

The rush of wind and the heart pounding in his chest were enough to keep Cole Aron, also known a Defense, from paying too much attention to the usual din of New York City at night. Tonight was just about getting out, enjoying himself, and maybe stopping some crime if it was in the way. Hood flapping behind him, Defense runs, jumping across the gap to the next rooftop. There's barely time for the gravel to settle before he's off again. As a sloped rooftop up ahead catches his eye, Defense can't help but grin. By the time he reaches the top of it, he's already got shields under each foot. "Banzai!" he laughs, shield skating right off the roof and into the night air. Weird or not, Defense loves being what he is.

Something about standing on the deck of the Helicarrier, with the fresh hair in your face, just helps Spider-Woman think. After a brief chat with Nick Fury, Jessica got the information she needed. Nick is always good for helping her out, she doesn't know how she'd be able to repay him for all things he's done for her over the years. Maybe the fact that she's also a SHIELD agent is her pay back. Spider-Woman takes a deep breath and launches herself off the side, flying to the ground below, flying is so much better than gliding. While in the air she takes out her cellphone and decides to give her newest Avenger prospect a call. "Hey Green Man, this is Spider-Woman, I found the location of an AIM base for you to check out"

Even protectors from other worlds have come here, seeking redemption.

He hasn't really known her as a mother, even though she is. On the phone, Addison smiles softly. "Yeah, I'll be careful. But I'm pretty sure I'm invulnerable while I'm blasting. I just… I feel so blind without my telepathy, you know?" He pauses, listening to his mother's words. "I know. I'm glad you're here, too. I'd hate to be totally alone in this world. But… I do have my boyfriend at least. And he's… I really want you to meet him sometime." There's a silent glow of happiness from the otherworldly mutant.

Or just not understanding why they don't quite fit in.

A lone hotdog vendor is unaware of the incoming disruption to his life. He becomes quite aware of it when a plastic bag full of coins strikes him in the chest and knocks him right on his backside. There's a THUD and when the man looks up, he screams. Nightshade, odd purple little thing, just stares in confusion as the man runs away. "Nightshade wonders why there are so many scaredy people," a hissing, alien voice states. "I dunno but it's food time now!" the human voice declares before tearing the top off the car and digging in.

People don't realize just how interesting they are. Whether they fight for good…

His chest heaving heavily, his hands cracking as he tenses up. His mind racing his as his eyes take in everything that was happening. A snarl ripping its way out of his maw as he looks back at his partner. "If you trust me, then throw me!" His burning hazel eyes turn back in front of him; Kaji was about to have some fun.

The stone man simply blinks. He's not used to this, but he won't let that man get away with what he was doing. Accented with a hint of the German, Cid nods softly. "Of course I trust you, love." He says, following orders, he picks the other man up and heaves him with his greatly enhanced strength. A smile crosses his red face as he sees the man go down, falling under a pile of fur and claws.

Or ill…

"Peace, brother. We'll have war soon, and you can unleash all of that fury." Kas chuckles as he reaches a hand out to slide it along his brother's cheek. "Mine may not be the powers I love, but they'll do. We're just dealing with flunkies from what I've been able to glean. Maybe we'll have our own powers back before the night is over." he says, going to get a beer from the fridge. Sure, they have a job, but one won't impare his judgment at all.

Paul can't sit still even after Kas brushes his cheek. "But, Kas…I wanna go crush them now," he says, following Kas to the fridge. "I want our powers back and I wanna make them pay for what they did!" he declares. Turning, the man punches…and dents the fridge. "Oops."

or their own combination of the two.

Inside a Mutant Town condo, a blonde man, about 20 years old sits at a kitchen table. His appearance is tidy, keeping himself well groomed. A Newton's Cradle clacks in front of him. The ball bearings release from their lines as they start to revolve around him. His left hand holds a pen, and before him on the table, an envelope filled with cash. Simon puts pen to paper and writes 'For the orphans.' on the envelope. The cursive on the envelope is neat and elegant. A somber look comes upon his face, he is reliving the day he left his orphanage. The master thief looks outside his window, pondering: is this the life he wanted?

Despite everything thrown at them, they thrive…

One thing that being alone for so long taught Billy is that sometimes you NEED to be alone, or at least… alone in your thoughts, ignoring the world around you. As he hovers above the Young Avengers' Warehouse, he sits in the lotus position, upside down, with his staff resting an inch above (or, since he's upside down… below) his lap. With this inner peace being achieved, he can feel the chaos and order of the magics within him. The constant battle he has to fight. At least he has both sides… he feels a sharp pang of regret for his mother. His brows knit softly in concentration and worry.

Sitting atop the Young Avengers warehouse, Teddy is quietly reading a few comic books he bought from eBay. He may be a Young Avenger but he's still a fanboy. Glancing up at the meditating Billy, the shapeshifter can't help but smile. There are still times he just likes to sit and stare at Billy Kaplan, wondering what he did to be so lucky to get someone like him in his life. During these times he's watched Billy, Teddy has learned to pick up on a few things. So, when he sees the knitting of brows, Teddy sets his comic back into the plastic tote he'd been keeping them in. Dusting himself off, the shapeshifter moves over to place a very light kiss on Billy's forehead. Not lingering, Teddy moves to sit down and go back to watching the spellcaster while hoping the message of 'don't worry, we'll get through whatever it is' got through.

they love…

It's after dinner and Christopher's just finished cleaning up so now he's in the living room with his laptop out, going over things he needs to order for the salon. "I haven't done colouring since I was in school, I really do miss my powers." He says with a grin, for the umpteenth time in the past few weeks. "And you know love, I could get used to not having the kids around, leaves more…alone time for us." He says with a chuckle as he really does miss the kids but you can't sit there in wallow in misery when you know it's a temporary 'loss'. "So how about after I place this order we relax in the hot tub?"

"I know better, love. I know you're just as much of a parent as I am. I NEED to father, and you NEED to… mother." Jericho teases his husband lightly, reaching out to run a hand through Christopher's hair. "I trust them to make the right decisions and to do things properly. I know Eddie, and I know Jared. They'll make it home. And with Dai with them, well, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. He's the most rational one of the bunch." He says with a chuckle, stretching back as he moves to the back door, stripping before he opens it. "I'll be in the water before you will."

they learn…

"Man, this is just annoying," Curtis Doyle sighs, running his hand through blond hairs. A glares is cast down at the college applications on the desk in front of him. The young man's eyes linger on the paper for a moment before shifting to the rather uninteresting ring on his finger. "Why can't you be more helpful?" he asks the jewelery, a faint blue light flickering over it after a second. Looking up, the sound of the shower starting up in the other room drew Crutis' attention. Since Curtis' parents were away on a summer cruise, Crutis had invited his partner to stay with him. Standing, he strips off his shirt and heads for the bathroom. College applications could wait.

they defend…

Sitting at his desk, a red-haired man contemplates. Papers strewn about his desk written in Braille, It seems like he has been working since this morning. The case before him is a hard one, Proving someone's innocence when you are the only one who believes the defendant is one of the hardest things to go through. Slowly but surely he had pieced the case together. A chime from his watch makes him stop. Matt Murdock's senses reach out into the street below. Once again, Daredevil will bring the guilty to justice.

and they grow.

"Adios," Miguel says before hanging up his phone. Finishing off a call to his friend and former teammate Firebird, the Avenger plugs his phone into the charger. "I wonder if Dr. Pym will be free when we finish this AIM business," he says quiely, peering down at the device he wears around his arm to keep him solid. Shrugging, the young man known as the Living Lightning walks to his closet and takes his costume out. "Time for patrol," he says, unclasping the armband. In a flash, he enters his electrical form, arcs out of his clothes, and rematerializes inside his costume. "And I didn't destroy my shirt this time," he chuckles.

That is human nature. To strive for your dreams…

Needles stick out of the young man's mouth as he threads another sewing machine gently. The new fabric is simply amazing. Sure, some folks have been using it for a long time, but Jesse just got a hold of it. The costumes will be twice the price as the leather and nomex, but… they'll be just what some people need. The Unstable Molecule thread is in place, so he begins to work on his first costume made out of the material. "You wanted to design for gods, Jesse. you got your wish." He laughs softly.

or to run from them.

Another sleepless night. He tried to sleep, but it didn't work. As he sits on the veranda outside his apartment, Ben wishes he had a hobby. Hell, he even wishes he could bring himself to smoke. Lifting his hand to the sky, he looks at it in the moonlight. The strange three fingered outline. "What are these damn dreams?" He asks his hand. "I'm not a fighter… why do I seem to dream about it so much?"

Time travels. For some, in the wrong directions.

Somewhere in time, back in time as a matter of fact, in a sandy area of the Wild Wild West is a couple of teens who just don’t belong there. Daisuke tugs at some of his ‘cowboy clothes’ and frowns. “I really don’t look good as a Cowboy.” He says looking over as his boyfriend with a smile. “Man, I don’t think I’ve seen so many stars in a long time.” He says looking up at the sky. “I really want to get home, I’m tired of all this time travel and…I really want some alone time with you Jared.” He says as he wraps his arms around Jared and smiles, leaning up to give him a kiss.

Jared slips an arm around Daisuke and gives him a small smile. Lost in time, decades before his birth or even the birth of his parents the mutant healer does his best to take things in stride. "I don't know, you look pretty good as a cowboy, although you looked a lot better in the ninja outfit. I know how you feel about the time travel thing. I am ready for it all to be over, and to just spend time with you and the Dads back home away from everything with no worries about time lines or supervillians for a few days."

Even they try to move forward.

It may be 9pm but where…or when rather…Eddie is, it's not. He's dressed as a cowboy right now, climbing out the hatch and onto a rooftop. One glance at his 'talking bling' and he shrugs. Deciding to do a little stargazing and let those below have time to themselves, he sighs. "I wonder what Ricky and Dads are doing…" he trails off quietly.

Saving the past to protect the future.

For him, the time is 9pm. But in the reality he finds himself, it's not. He's currently resting beneath the piece of door. The door he saved his own father from. Looking down at the talking jewelry, Jordan asks it, "So… what would have happened if I hadn't stopped that door? My dad never had a severe injury like that. I knew he had a scare, because that's why he left the military, but I never knew the details." He watches the X-Men in their first climactic battle with Magneto. It's a fanboy thing.

Many don't realize the levels upon levels of life within the world. Even… other sides of the world.

Pryce Von Gregory, heir to the Von Gregory fortune and child of the Latverian Nobility, was awash in numbers. A virtual universe made of ones and zeroes swirls around him as he dives farther and deeper into the tangled web that is the mass of the internet. In the real world his bodies sit back to back on a bed with eyes closed almost as if they are meditating while they dive deeper and deeper into the virtual world looking for some way to cure the ever growing boredom he feels.

Some worry about attachments linked to recent events.

The roof is quiet, and has been as long as he's been here. The owner of Nowhere sits quietly, just watching the sky as thoughts run through his head. Is the guy he's interested in interested in HIM, or is it only possible because of the power swap. Sure, he can't teleport anymore, but he can feel… he can touch… he can hold… without fear of giving the target frostbite. To him, this odd power-problem is a blessing. Will it all end, soon? Will he go back to what he was doing, doomed to be single for the rest of his life? He doesn't know. A single tear slides down his cheek as he just watches the sky.

Or just regular problems linked to them.

The punching bag swings from the ceiling as Danny throws a series of kicks that he’s learned over the years from his Tae Kwon Do classes. Just because he’s a black belt doesn’t mean he slacks on practice, in fact with being part of Freedom Force now he tries to practice more. The wings he has for the time being have really been screwing with his balance too. The added weight on his back really means he has to practice more. A few more kicks to the back and Danny has to stop as it gets a bit harder for him to breath. He mutters a curse in his southern drawl and heads to find his inhaler.

Daily lives are boring to the majority of them. To me, it is interesting, even if I do not fully understand it.

Tonight’s the night, him and the twins are going to be paying a visit on one of the AIM facilities that was discovered. Kage’s nervous, not because of the danger but because these powers aren’t his, but if all goes well tonight he’s back in business. He hasn’t been able to steal anything in weeks with these powers and for the man addicted to the thrill of thievery, it’s driving him crazy. Kage stands in front of the mirror, making sure not a hair is out of place, admiring his beautiful skin, his clothes and his features. Even when about to enter a combat situation, Kage tries to look his most beautiful. He reaches over to the glass of white wine that sits on top his dresser and takes a sip. “You are magnificent Kage.” He says to the reflection in the mirror.

From the innocence of a first love…

After power sharing with his boyfriend, Max had started changing the colors in the room to suit their mood. The wall around the window of the room is changed to a vibrant blue. "That's freakin better, I can only stare at beige for so long before I feel like I'm gonna crack." He comments, looking at the finished recoloring.

A soft laugh came from the other side of the room, a much less beefier Kael sitting on the bed. His part of the room more colored like the sky and ocean. Softer blues swirling around his body. "I feel a bit better now that I don't look that much like him. … Think we can paint the room like this?"

the pressure of familial opinions on love…*

"I know he's got his issues." Ricky sighs into the phone as he talks to his grandmother. "But I love him. Is… is there any spell you can do to locate them? There are five of them trapped in time somewhere. I wish I still had the damn… erm… scuse me, gramma. The Time Gem. With that, I know I could locate them." He pauses, letting her speak as he nods, forgetting she can't see. "I know. You're just more powerful than I was when I had the powers. And my current ones aren't helping at all. I met Wonder Man and Human Torch. And… their genetics really did weird in me." He chuckles to himself.

to dealing with the loss of the greatest love.

It's not the danger room, but it'll do. Alex lets a blast go at one of the training dummies, totally obliterating the safety coatings on it. He holds his hands back, shaking his head. "No, I have better things to be doing." He says, moving out of the practice area and taking the elevator to their penthouse. As he makes his way into his bedroom, he looks around with a nod. He opens the empty box and begins placing the pictures from around his room into it. All the pictures of himself and Lorna. It's time to go. It took him a while, but he's ready to live his life again. Sure, he'll go back to her someday. He knows it. But for now… live.

Whiskey, cigarettes and a picture of Kitty Pryde. It’s all Pete Wisdom needs tonight to feel like shit, well Alistair giving him a hard time would make the night perfect. He takes a long drag off his cigarette and looks at his cellphone, his thumb on the call button which would put him through to Kitty. Wisdom shakes his head and downs the rest of the whiskey in his glass. He stands up, puts on a wrinkled black jacket and heads out of his small apartment in Mutant Town. It’s better to be drinking in a bar with others than by yourself in your apartment, pining over an old girlfriend.

The most interesting ones are the powered ones. Humanity is evolving into something new.

Snapping the football to Owen, the Kentucky Mutant can’t help but smile. It almost reminds him of his younger days playing with all his siblings before he ran off to be a superhero. As Owen throws the ball back to him, Sam Guthrie runs back and catches it. “Ya got quite an arm there Owen.” He says as he takes a few steps forward and pumps the ball a bit. “Go long!” He says as he tries to throw the ball a good distance for Owen to run to catch it. He’ll have to do more sporting type training with the New Mutants now, it could be a bit of fun for the kids.

Jumping back and catching the ball, Owen Folger grins. "Nice throw, sir!" he calls. Tonight, he's just enjoying a bit of catch with a teacher and fellow mutant from down south. Dressed casually despite the slightly cooler than the norm night, he throws the ball in a way that shows he knows what he's doing. "Been a long while since Ah even held a football much less thrown one," he remarks idly as he watches the ball spiral towards the other mutant.

What does it hold for the next generation? Most parents likely wonder that.

It’s not to late for Kenta but it’s late for his nine year old son Armande. After tucking his son into bed, reading him a book, Kenta stayed in the room to watch him fall asleep. So much has changed for Kenta and it weights on him. He sighs and puts his hands in his head. He feels like so much of his life was stolen from him and there’s this distance between him and the world he can’t shake no matter how hard he tries. He snaps out of his thoughts and looks at his son again and smiles. There are some things in this world that make getting through the day easier and for Kenta, it’s his son.

Some evolutions are natural… and can ease some tension.

Counting his money from his day’s work as a street artist, William is in his small, dingy one bedroom apartment. It’s the first time he’s actually had a place in eight years but he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be staying in the city. He looks at one of his paintings of a young woman, a face he’s painted many times, and reaches out to the painting. The woman steps out of the picture, taking William’s hand, becoming life size. She’ll only be around for a short period of time but for now, the talk and companionship of a stranger familiar only to him, is comforting.

Some… not so natural.

Sitting in his apartment, Randall lets out a sigh as he chews on a mint chocolate cliff bar, at least it’s one of the better tasting energy bars out there since he needs them to function now. He’s become a bit of recluse since gaining super powers as he’s not happy about it. Ever since the accident things have seemed to be getting worse and worse for the man who thought he had everything. His life is slowly starting to turn into anger and alcohol. As he flips through the channels he stumbles upon a showing of the X-Games. The remote control goes flying out of his hand and shatters against the wall. Damn, he’ll have to replace the remote for the third time this month.

Some simply… strange.

Darkness sits around the young man as he chuckles. He can see just fine, despite the blackness around his body. He's always been bright and happy, but lately, he's been moody and depressed. Probably because of the change of powers. Leo is simply becoming much different than he was. What does that mean for his partner? For his friends? Who knows.

But life goes on.

The snap of a pencil breaking shatters the silence of Robert Weyrin's room at the Xavier Mansion. The invisible teacher just sighs, leaning back and peering at the offending writing device. In little more than his pajama pants while working on his future lesson plans, he's visible as little more than floating pants and a pencil. "And this is why I should have used a pen," he mutters to himself, digging through drawers in his desk. "Maybe I'll just go take a shower and worry about this later," he sighs, standing and stretching. "Wonder if I'll scare anyone here like I did in college," he muses, heading for the door.

Humanity takes care of itself and others.

Coming home, Aaron takes off his uniform shirt, smiling. He pauses, not used to the smells in his apartment. Then it all clicks back on him. "Smells great, Tim. I didn't know you could cook. No meat in it, right?" He asks with a chuckle as he goes to check on the kid that he dragged out of his life of crime. Stepping into the kitchen, he runs a hand through the boy's hair. "I hope everything's good for you here." He says simply, knowing that he likes having someone around the house. As his phone rings, he holds up a finger. "Simmons." He pauses, a grin parting his face. "You'd better believe I want in on it."

Tim looks up from the stove at the sound of the door opening. He's shirtless, a bit of slime at his feet, and wearing a smile as he works on the food in the pans in front of him. "Welcome back, Aaron," he calls, not even trying to hide the slight Irish accent any more. "No meat. Just veggies right now," he says, prodding at his work with a spatula. "Things are good," he says after a pause to enjoy the fingers in his hair. At the phone ringing, Tim frowns and glances over curiously. "What is it?" he asks quietly.

The interplay is always a wonder. What would they do if I could stay amongst them?

Down at the dock at Spuyten Dyvil Cove is the former animal whisperer, Cammie with her faithful companion Puck. “Why can’t you turn into something with thumbs so you can help me drag this out?” She says teasingly to seal standing next to her, who promptly responds with a raspberry. After a bit of effort she tugs out a small Sunfish sailboat. “The wind is perfect tonight for a quiet sail.” She says to Puck as they both seem to love the water. It’s going to take about another fifteen minutes for her to set up the small boat and granted it’s late, but she’s still going to be on school grounds so it’s technically not breaking curfew, right?

Would they try to understand me as they do the things in their life?

The soundtrack to Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back plays as the mute sits at his desk, with the Hellboy poster looking down at him. Computer parts are spread across a desk in Dante’s room at the Young Avengers Headquarters. He’s in deep concentration as he’s trying to put together a new machine not just for gaming but also for a possible database if the Young Avengers need it, programming possibilities already running through his head. Dante works with skill with the tiny tools as he slowly hooks up the brand new processor to the motherboard.

Would I be passed off as just another mutant? Or would I be invited to those quiet lonely times of relaxation?

Sitting on the rooftop of his and Jesse’s apartment, Darrell enjoys the finer points of life, a nice joint. He may smoke too much weed but he’ll never admit that. Looking up the at the sky he finds there is one thing from back home in Connecticut that he misses, the stars. There are just no stars in a Manhattan sky. He takes another long drag of his joint before he starts to sing, a bit off key, along with his music. “Singing to an ocean, I can hear the ocean's roar, Play for free, play for me and play a whole lot more, more!” As smoke slowly escapes his lips as he sings the words.

I'll never know. For now, it's enough to know their lives. Their thoughts. Their… selves.

Even though his job may seem repetitive, Pudge loves it. A little over an hour ago he just got done doing his weather forecast and tonight he has to stick around to do the eleven o'clock news as well. As he's sitting in one of the lounges on the set waiting to go through hair and make up again, the only party of the job he really wishes he could do without. He flips through his weather report for the night, not that it's necessary but it gives him something to do in the down time without having to interact with that bimbo co-anchor with the oh so obnoxious laugh. As Pudge turns the page he can't help but think about his newest friend, Stephen. He's had fun spending time with his new friend and as thinks about the last time they went out for drinks he can't help but wonder, 'Does Stephen watch the eleven o'clock news?'

Though some of them are only JUST beginning… to discover who they truly are.

Dressed in little more than baggy board shorts and a pair of sunglasses, Keith grins and turns to the other spirits. "C'mon guys! Sun! Surf! Fun! Lets get some food fried up and maybe go for a nice round of skinny-dipping!" he laughs to the others. Of course when a strange glittering treasure box catching his attention, Keith can't resist opening it up and peering inside. He blinks at the contents and turns to the others. "Am I the only one feeling that these things are both really weird feelin' and that our vacation's gonna be cut short because of them?" he asks. There's a pause. "Dude, if we go Super Sentai, I so call the white uniform."

Kaden's fine on the island, it's the water that he's still weary about. He's been trying to get used to water but in a big open area, he's not going in there. "I'll just enjoy the sun. You should lay next to me for a bit Drew." Kaden says as he lies there, heating up the grains of sand under him. The feeling of the hot sand on his skin just relaxes the fire spirit. He likes heat, he's fire. "I can light a fire to cook on later Ke…what are you looking at?" He says walking over to see what Keith is sticking his nose in. "No I feel something and what the hell is a Super Sentai?"

Dmitri is sitting not far from Kaden in the lotus position with eyes closed. Ask him later and he will say he was meditating but a cynical person might thing he had fallen asleep a while ago. The Earth Spirit jerks just a little when he hears the words Super Sentai. "Gods no, no more Super Sentai." Dmitri is not planning to explain his sudden dislike of the idea, but the very idea of Super Sentai or even Power Rangers seems to annoy him of late. "What is that you have found Keith?" The sands under Dmitri shift and push him to his feet, or foot as he is not wearing his prostetic leg but instead making a one of sand when ever he needs to move around.

The Spirit of spirit has his eyes closed laying on the sand. " "Air is usually yellow or green, Keith. The soul, the spirit is white." Xane responds, laying on the sand. He's enjoying getting a bit of even sun at this island. The mention of food comes up, and of course his head sticks up. "I'm not…what?" He asks, looking at the air spirit and what he's getting into. "What the hell are those…" He asks, looking down into the chest, taking off his sun glasses to get a better look.

Watching everyone, Drew just smiles. "It's so nice for us all to get away and have time together." He says with a chuckle before he blinks, tilting his head at the big blue gem he sees inside. "Dude… it FEELS like water." He says, moving over to the chest. Biting his lip, he looks at the others. "On three, everyone grab the color for yourself?" he chuckles, waiting for the others.

So, I shall content myself to sit here… and watch.

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