2011-02-08: Everyone Gets A Snow Day


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Summary: Pietro stops into the Towers to see Tony and they end up taking a snow day to enjoy not having to work or save the world.

Date: February 8, 2011

Log Title: Everyone Gets A Snow Day

Rating: PG-13

Stark Towers and random park in the Inner City

It's a typical winter day in the Big Apple with the six foot snow drifts melting along the streets as rain pelts down from the gloomy skies. It is before noon on a Tuesday morning at Stark Enterprises where already the staff has seen its shares of ups and downs with the traveling in the poor weather conditions and the global situation effecting how the company's stocks were fairing. Strangely enough the CEO is actually present today and before noon which was a shock to Mrs. Arbogast. The elder woman was so stunned that she actually prodded Tony Stark with the eraser end of her pencil just to see if he was physically there or she was having some sort of delusional experience.
With secretary satisfied that it was indeed the billionaire CEO standing outside his office in a dark blue suit, similar colored shirt and golden accented tie she went right to work and allowed Tony to enter his office. Serious work had to be done! Not that Tony would ever actually attempt to do work while in his office as that would be a clear sign that hell froze over. So there Stark sits in his office with the various monitors on his desk going over the global news, one running company business with the Research team over in Flushing and the surface of the desk was acting as a third monitor where he could manipulate the work he needed to take care of on behalf of the US government.

Considering the weather, the school he works at has closed down. So instead of trying to entice poor children to learn history, and languages, a certain reserve Avenger looked up and decided to visit a friend. One he hasn't seen in weeks. Also wearing a suit, and bypassing the secretary entirely thanks to super speed, you have a white haired man perched on the edge of your desk. Sadly security pops up after the fact that Pietro is in the building. Giving you a moment, not expecting you to be surprised (But startling people is ALWAYS fun), he holds a white food container in one hand and smirks at you. A couple of large coffee cups are balanced on top of it. In moments you are pleasantly assaulted with rich coffee smells.
"Good morning. Has hell frozen over?" Asked because you are here, before noon. "I would claim that Japan has done you good, but I have my doubts." Not if you are in here actually working.

One minute the inventor is alone then the next Pietro is sitting at the edge of his desk brandishing coffee and dare he hope pastries? "Did I startle? I don't think I did." At least Tony's certain that there was no outward sign of recognizing the abrupt changes to his office but there's a slight smile creeping its way across his face. "Last time I checked everything BUT Hell has frozen solid and the crazy people like myself are busy doing something else instead of hiding away in a house enjoying the snow day."
The chair Tony is sitting in wheels back a bit so that he can turn to face Pietro reaching for one of the cups of coffee. Coffee was the fuel that kept the billionaire genius functioning and right now he was several quarts low especially if he was awake at this hour. "My business in Japan has concluded for now so I'm merely catching up on things I should have taken care of ages ago. How've you been? I've not been around to see how things are going around town."

That combination of container and coffee is lifted so that you might easily take one. Really, he brought both for you, but they don't make 64oz coffee cups, sorry. "I was asking at your work, not whether I startled you." Pietro notes as he rises to his feet smoothly. That suit fits him so well and he places the container before you. In it is a burrito so big you'll need a fork and knife to even have a chance at it. Unless you suddenly can turn Hulk size anyway. "School was closed down, for all I clearly am one of the crazy people." He nods as he listens, moving one of the chairs slightly so that he can sink into it. Unbuttons his suit jacket and crosses his legs. "I've been hearing all kinds of rumor, and when I had the free time I thought I would pay a visit. Of course there's always rumor around you, but I'm sorry about your loss." Means Al. "Is that why you went to Japan?" Gosh, Tony, he's doing great. Wait, he was suppose to answer that?

The coffee cups are sat to one side of the desk as Tony looks at the food tempted to dive into it yet he closes the lid again tapping the container with the tines of the plastic fork in a beat that only he knows what it is. "I appreciate that you've appeared out of thin air to make sure that I do not wither away up here in my office," smile still intact the man sips at one of the coffee cups scooting the chair back up to the cold metal desk as Pietro settles himself into a chair on the opposite side.
"Rumors? You're really here to discuss rumors?" This amusing Tony to the point where he's laughing at this and turns the monitors off to pay his full attention to the man across from him who is looking quite at home in the plush chair. Loss? OH, not going to talk about Envy then. "Thank you, and no that is not the reason." Avoiding the subject of his doomed relationship Tony spins his chair sideways kicking up his tennis shoe clad feet up onto the corner of the desk. "The Fujikawa's needed my help with a situation in Tokyo, so I went." Of course he went. This was the family that he had business dealings with let alone before Ru was murdered Tony had been close to proposing to her. "I'm sure you're students are thrilled to have a day off but there's no rest for the wicked is there?"

Rumor? "What else do I have?" Pietro asks pointedly of you. "Asking you questions about personal details is like playing dodge ball with the Wrecking Crew." Still, there's laughter lurking in his eyes, and this time he allows you to avoid the topic of Al. Said what he wanted, and won't push. Being a friend means being there, not harassing you. A doomed romance amid all the others. "I hope things went well in Japan." Not asking details about that however. See what a good friend he's trying to be? Ahem. Now if only he would let you deny and pretend to believe it.
"More like no good deed goes unpunished." This about his kids. "It's more difficult than I expected." But the way he says it he really doesn't mean the lesson plans. "These children believe they will never have anything. I'm struggling to find a way to turn that around." Plucks invisible lint from his sleeve as he speaks. "What good does history do them on the streets?" Mockery that. Frustration. Pietro knows it means a lot.

"Am I really that bad?" Tony shakes his head as he knows that there is a personal mine field placed between himself and questions he'd rather not answer. Most just assumed that he'd handle things on his own and anyone daring to pry any information out of him would get blown to kingdom come before they got half the question out. "Japan was fine," flat. There was not much more that could be said without having to go into the entire mess that things ended up being. "I'd have rather've been around to take you up on that offer to spar but such is how things are when you're a jet setter." How had he managed to drink an entire cup of coffee without paying any mind to it at all? The empty cup is sat onto the desk then the other cup is picked up to be sipped at.
"If anyone can find a way to get through to them it is you." Tony believes in you even though you're struggling at the moment to find a way to get through to your kids. "I've been having an interesting time trying to find a way to help the young man I've taken under my wing. Not the same problem you have but teenagers are difficult to deal with. Were we ever that bad?" Cup pauses on the way to his lips, "No, don't answer that."

Eyebrows arch. Are you that bad? Does he really need to answer that? Pietro's head tilts at the flat tone, and that bright-eyed gaze is steady. "I'm sorry." It went that badly. Not that he asked about it. "Dodge ball." Reminding you. See, you just did it there. "Sparring? Honestly." There's a tone of teasing there just the same. You aren't upsetting him. Not really. If anything, he's worried. This is bad, isn't it? Just look at you.
About the kids, well, he says an earnest, "Thank you." And then he's giving a sharp grin for not answering that. "Tony, would you like to get out of here? Let's simply go do something you want to do. Work, snow, and saving the world be damned. ..For all we'd go save the world anyway if that were required. You can tell me about this young man. That you've taken someone in intrigues me."

"Well you did offer to have a go at me awhile back." At least now Tony had some control again and wouldn't end up trying to take someones head off which is a plus. "Hmm?" Coffee is sat down on the desk again as he reaches up to loosen the tie at his neck so that its nearly coming undone. "You want to drag me away from work to do something?" Normally any chance given to get away from work would be pounced upon with enthusiasm but now he's reluctant and not forthcoming with any ideas. "I've no idea what to do. I appreciate the offer though, and I'm not shooting the idea down just yet. As for the other I'd be more than happy to talk about him." Pushing away from the desk Stark picks up the container of food to walk across to where a fridge is located. It'll either be remembered and eaten or Bambi will find it and make sure that it gets either consumed or thrown out so it doesn't grow into a Drippy that takes over the office. Now leaning back against the wall near the mini fridge Tony folds his arms across his chest. "You've any ideas on where we could go? With the snowfall, and psychopaths out to kill me the options are fewer than they normally would be."

Doesn't surprise him a bit that he's turned down. typical as far as he's concerned. "Work?" There's a sly smile for that one, and he lets you get away with that you don't want to talk about things. Again. "Do you trust me?" Pietro asks as he rises to his feet. "I think I know something you could enjoy. You'll need to change out of the suit though, and dress warm." Hands lift to show surrender. "We'll stay in the city, I promise. Somewhere the psychos are going to least expect you." Doesn't quite explain himself though. Maybe he thinks it payback. Hands are tucked in pockets and he gives you a smile that has a touch of sarcasm in it. The speedster is used to people not trusting, so he's expecting rejection.

"Do I trust you?" What an odd question to ask the man that brought Pietro and Wanda into the Avengers when they were considered criminals to most and there was a general distrust of the children of Magneto as it was and still is. Tony pulls a face at you that is partly amused as well as disbelief. Honestly? Idiot. "We're talking casual attire heavy on the bundling?" Tony could trade in the monkey suit for clothing that was more suited to what he wore on a daily basis. "I'm intrigued. You want to come up to the apartment? Won't take me long to change into something then I'm at your mercy." As he pushes off the wall he's already yanking the tie loose to dangle around his neck. "If anything goes wrong, which it normally does, I'm blaming you. So when the yelling starts, which it will, it's all your fault." Teasing the white haired mutant as he walks past to open up the door to the office. "And you don't want to be on the end of Pepper's wrath. Believe me."

He spreads his hands in a helpless gesture, but there's laughter in his eyes. When was the last time you saw that? "Casual, and bundled, yes." A firm nod for your question, and he turns on a heel to keep facing you as you move around. "I'll meet you upstairs then. I need to change as well." Doesn't wait for a reply. Nope, just gone. You don't even hear the office door click shut. Gotten good at that appearing thing over the years. And yet, he is waiting for you in your living room when you emerge after changing. A long, dark coat, scarf wrapped around neck, and gloves. Wearing snow boots instead of dress shoes though, and there are jeans on. Nothing he would care about getting dirty in. "Will you let me carry you?" Asked with the tilt of his head. "We can skip the whole traffic aspect. You can carry me back if that makes you feel better." A grin. Can't help that.

Bambi is not surprised at all when her boss walks out of his office declaring that he's going out for the rest of the day. She merely shakes her head waving her hand as if to shoo him off already. Tony is in the living room of his apartment fishing for his sunglasses wearing jeans, a brightly colored shirt covered by a dark grey hooded sweatshirt and a darker grey scarf is tied about his neck. "Carry me? Am I playing the part of the swooning damsel?" Snickering he cheers when the shades are found underneath a pillow. "I'll never get used to how you travel but I'd rather not have to shred these clothes to bits just to save my ego even a smidge." Glasses shoved into place and a black hat flipped onto his head he appears ready to venture out to parts unknown. "You tell anyone that I let you carry me anywhere and I'll come for you, strangle you with your scarf when I catch you, and hit the Starbucks on the way home."

"Swooning is of course optional." Pietro assures as he leans against the back of the couch during your search. "But would be appreciated." Totally teasing you. "How can you be used to it? Your senses don't allow you to be." A shrug as he straightens. "Would I ask you to dress warmly just to shred your clothing?" And since you gave permission…. you are finishing 'Starbucks' when he puts you down. Starbuc…WOOOOOOOSH… Oh look. It's a park, totally covered in snow. A park between worn apartment buildings.
Pietro has taken you to where some inner city children are playing. They are building sorts, having snowball fights, and in general enjoying the snow in a way only children can. "I thought you might like a chance to merely have some fun." Said with a smile. Doesn't even look like he carried you, never fear. "Mr Maximoff!" One boy says in surprise. Introductions are made, and while shy at first, you always were one to woo children quickly. If you want they pull you into their games and you can totally goof off for a good couple hours. At least until it starts getting dark and parents begin calling their children in. Want to stay, Tony? A dozen or so adoring children would love to play in the snow with you.

Eyes roll for Pietro's teasing, "I'm sure you would. Not the forces, Pietro the fact that you're having to /carry/ me anywhere. That bit." Pietro would have gotten a comment about the armor quad-rippling his clothing budget but he's been whisked off to of all things a snow covered park in the inner city. Taking a look around there are various snow forts under heavy siege and poor snowmen that have been pelted to death by stray snowball fire. There are children giggling and making snow angles while others run around sliding all over the place sending snow spraying up into the air.
A slight smile slips across Tony's face as he watches the children play even though the wind is biting at any skin exposed to the elements. "Good thing I never bothered to grow up." The kids are excited to see the pair of Avengers and it doesn't take long for Tony to collapse into a snow drift making a snow angel with several of the giggling girls and then he gets into a serious snowball fight behind one fort that is already crumbling from hours of snowballs being lobbed at it. Towards the end of the evening Tony sneaks up behind Pietro and manages to stuff a handful of snow down the back of the mans shirt taking off as fast as his enhanced abilities allow even though he's not going to get very far.

"Indeed." That you didn't grow up. Oh, you get Pietro good with the snow. He was talking with one of the mothers and she didn't even flicker her expression to warn him about you. There's even a squeak as he protests, and soon flails for the biting chill down his back. "…Tony!" Ah! Ah! It's cold! There's glaring of course, and a lot of laughter from everyone around. "I am so having the blackmail pictures posted on Facebook." You know, pictures he honestly doesn't have of him carrying you.
There's some clothing adjusting for what you've done, and he wraps the shreds of his dignity around him. "Want to get some coffee?" You two have been out here for a couple of hours now. Even Pietro is feeling the cold. Well, beyond the snow down his back. Once you two have a private moment, after some autographs of course, he asks, "Feeling better? If only briefly." Chuckling at you.

Great to have accomplices isn't it? The women are given a bright smile before Tony dashes out of range to avoid any retaliation. The kids are falling all over themselves with laughter as are most of the parents and clearly Tony is quite proud of himself as he wanders back over with a swagger. "What blackmail pictures? You've probably got some of something over the years so I'll have to negotiate terms to keep them from winding up on a social networking page." Not that he couldn't rip the incriminating evidence off the internet in a split second but truly he is amused for the idle threat.
Standing beside you with frozen fingers tucked into the front of his sweatshirt Tony glances around the thinning group of people then back to Pietro. "I could always use coffee and just maybe I'll feel my fingers again. I'm no stranger to frostbite but I'd rather not explain that I was tossing snow bare handed for hours." Some show is shaken off his hat which accidentally sprays the speedster. "I am in better spirits. Thank you for dragging me out of the Towers today. It's been surprisingly fun."

"The ones of me carrying you of course." Tossed back, but you know it's idle, for Pietro doesn't really make threats. No, he just gets revenge. Threats mean he's joking. Normally. That you have frozen hands has the speedster rolling his eyes at you. "Give." Pietro holds out a hand for one of yours after he's taken off his gloves. "You are a child, I swear." A bit of super speed and he's warming your hands. His own are strong and callused, but so nicely warm. Also offers you those gloves. "And I'm glad." For that you enjoyed being out a couple of hours. "It's why I picked down here to teach instead of Barnes. SHIELD can take care of the ones they believe they can make useful. I'd rather try and help those who need it." Doesn't allow himself to give a look that says this includes you.
"There's a shop around the corner." A nod of his head that way, but he pauses to wave to some folks who are taking their kids home. Pietro promises to join one family for dinner in a couple of days.

Please! Tony'd have fried your cell phone memory faster than you could run to Europe if you actually had anything incriminating to hold over his head. "Give what? You do realize that on any other day I'd think you were a pod person. Hmm, that's kind of funny. Pietro the Pod Person. Could be your stage name if you ever joined the circus…" Of course he's babbling but offers his hands up even as you rib him for being childlike. He gets that all of the time from friends and enemies alike so it's no sweat off his back. Hands warmed and gloves borrowed Tony feels the life coming back into his hands so he'll be able to hold onto his coffee cup, "Thank you for that. You're even being noble. I ought to be the one recording all of this for later playback when you've gone back to being an annoying ass." Still, the pair head towards the corner coffee shop ducking in off the street shaking snow off hat, scarves and coats.

That is why it was an idle threat. You think Pietro doesn't know better? He does give an odd look for pod person, but then smirks as understanding dawns. Doesn't admit that long ago, he would have loved joining the circus. Instead he became an Avenger. Go figure. Hands are tucked into coat pockets as you two walk. "I forget you haven't really seen me since I lost my powers." Old pain there, but not one he lashes out at others for. The shop isn't a commercial one. In fact it's run down, privately owned, but smells amazing and has couches and comfortable chairs all arranged around little tables. It's made for socializing, not spending oodles of money on gimmicky coffee. "Losing my powers was the best thing that ever happened to me."
Shaking out his scarf, he motions to the back, where a couch and chair are tucked. "Carlos." Greeting the young man behind the counter, who calls back cheerfully and asks what you want. Doesn't ask Pietro. Coat dropped to chair, he sinks into couch. "Everything changed when I lost my powers, and with that was gone my need to be as I was. I can't even begin to explain how awful super speed was. If you could experience it, you'd understand just how amazing I truly am that I could interact at all." And he's modest too.

"I knew of course but things have been crazy for well over a year now that I haven't had much time to catch up with everyone." For the most part that is truth but Pietro knows Tony well enough that it's no surprise that Stark has been MIA save for having to handle the occasional situation where the team. A coffee is ordered with a shot of espresso to boot before Tony walks over to sink down onto the couch at the opposite end facing Pietro with a bent leg across the cushion. "How so?" Gloves are pulled off to tuck into the front hoody pocket as he wonders just what changed for you that brought a measure of happiness to your life. "Ahh, everything. I'd rather like to experience super speed once. I've been a speed junkie since I was a teen." Snort, "Your amazing shall always be dwarfed by my awesome. You didn't get the memo about that?"

Pietro shrugs for that you were busy. Yep, that's normal. Can't help himself and smiles for that you dwarf him. "Unfortunately your awesome isn't enough to have delivered a memo. You keep working on it. Maybe one of these days you can outshine Steve." Totally teasing you as he smooths back cold, damp hair. After that he answers about super speed. Looking thoughtful. "You know, I don't think I've ever had anyone ask." Amused at that. "Maybe I can program one of the training rooms sometime to show you, but until I lost my powers I could never turn the speed off. When you move that fast, Tony, there's no sound, there's no wind, nothing is soft… my life was like one of those freeze frame commercials where they spin around so that you can view it from all angles. Interacting with people was the hardest. Someone saying merely hello would take five minutes my time. I almost couldn't see people blink. If I really struggled I could actually see people moving, otherwise they were statues."
There's a pause as Carlos brings two large mugs, and some pastries. A big basket full. Pietro offers him a twenty, as well as a thank you, before you get a chance, and trades it for that mug. There's a happy sigh as he wraps his fingers around it. "When I woke up in the hospital, five years ago, I panicked. I had no idea what was going on. The world was suddenly full of sound, and people were moving. I was terrified." Smirks for that. "Tony, I heard my first rock music song after that. Saw my first movie, and my first television show.. I could barely use a computer. No, I prefer things this way."

Glare, "Oh really?" A grumpy Tony is not a pleasant one to have involved in a conversation though he's truly not grumping about the comment even as he's putting on quite the show with folded arms and huffing indignantly. Reaching up over his head Tony pulls his hat off to rest against a knee as you speak of what it is like to live with super speed. "So, you're a white haired version of Neo?" Clearly he's teasing just to lighten the mood a bit. "I honestly can't imagine what that would be like. I fill silences with anything possible for I've constantly got something on my mind. Living in slow motion would probably drive me insane. I'm surprised you're not mental as it is."
Carlos appears with far more than Tony expected and as he's accepting of the coffee Pietro beat him to paying which was fine. Sinking back into the corner of the couch nursing a warm mug in his hands he sighs as if this was bliss in its simplest form. "Oh you're not getting away with that little bit of information and not telling me what you experienced." A few sips of his coffee and he's gazing expectantly at you with a twinkle in the depths of his deep brown eyes that means he's feeling mischievous. "C'mon. What song? What movie? Etc…Though the fact that you couldn't use a computer is TRAGIC. Here I thought you just didn't want to be sucked up in my social network and were ignoring emails."

"Do I lie?" Not often! It's beneath him to. And your huffing doesn't appear to affect him at all. "..Neo?" A baffled look, but then he remembers. "No." You get a sour look for that. "I am clearly far better." You aren't the only one who plays at ego. Of course you are actually better at it, but that's one thing Pietro doesn't mind losing to. "I'm not entirely sure I am sane." Serious about that. "I'm not sure what sane is anymore. I'm not threatening people, or attempting to take over the world, so I consider things alright. But no, I don't think you would do well. I'm not all together sure I did well. The silence was the worst. No one believes me, but I learned to be patient. It was either that or go entirely insane." Instead of just a little.
He's a bit confused about not letting him get away with that, for he doesn't know quite what until you ask. "Guns and Roses. Welcome to the Jungle." Admitted with a little smile between sips of coffee. "The movie was this awful tripe named Van Helsing. That kind of waved a passing fancy at the Dracula legend. Abelard actually apologized for showing it to me, and we watched Lord of Rings afterwords." Shakes his head at that, and shrugs about computers. "I would answer them now. I even have a cell phone." Amused at it all, and he means the emails. Can answer them now. "That said, it was lonely, Tony. I was surrounded and entirely alone."

For the fact that Pietro is speaking of things that he never has before Tony is trying hard to remember everything in comparison to what he knows of the last few years. "I'm clearly not sane and I've no intention of taking over the world so you can be in good company or at least mine is preferable to some." The mug of coffee is rested on a small table beside the arm of the chair before Tony reaches out to the basket of pastries to pull one free. "What you're telling me now wars with how I perceived you to be. Granted, I've always liked having you around to verbally spar with but I've seen how others have thought you abrasive and short tempered erm irritated. I don't blame you." Hunk of pastry is then nibbled off as Tony settles back into the couch again. "Rock song good; Movie? I'm sorry." For that he tosses you a pitying glance. "Lord of the Rings however is well worth the time that must be spent watching it in its entirety." Tony will get your cell number later but at the moment a very important point had to be made. "You're an idiot. You know that right? I've felt similarly at times and its never true. You've friends."

He doesn't even get irritated at being called abrasive and irritating. How weird is that? Instead, there's only a smile for that you are crazy too, and Pietro salutes you with his nearly empty coffee cup. Carlos is totally on the ball and replaces yours mere moments after you put yours down. He brings some water for the speedster. Yeah, someone spends time here. "Idiot I may be, Tony, but how many friends would you believe yourself to have if you could barely speak to anyone?" Lowers that mug to his lap and stretches out his legs as he slouches a little. Comfortable! "I do have friends. I have some absolutely amazing friends, some who keep forgetting to send me the memo, but at the same time those friends don't know me. No one truly could, and there's no one to blame for that. So I've been trying to contact my friends and get to know them." Clearly, like he did with you today, and his look says that.
"I had a good life in Europe, but once you are an Avenger, there just isn't anything quite like it. That's why I returned. I realized I was just hiding, and I had to face my fears." Fears he's been finding are entirely groundless. "Did you know I've actually had a rational conversation with my father since returning? I'm still not sure how to feel about that." And why is he talking so much about himself? Because it means you don't have to talk about you.

Smiling can hurt when one hasn't been doing that all that often. Tony thanks Carlos for the refresher and is on the second pastry from that nearby basket. "I understand, Pietro. Believe me I do." Has to pause to take a napkin to his chin as some of the strawberry goo had dribbled out of the end of the pastry unexpectedly. "My earlier pod person comment aside I'm glad you're out and about seeking out your friends. I'm rather glad you consider me amongst them even if I'm quite terrible with being the best of friends with people. Not an occupational hazard mind you it's just that I've not a whole lot of time to keep track of everyone."
Slowing down on the sweets and the coffee Tony seems to relax and since there hasn't been an explosion, a crystal star flying at his head, or some random woman dropping themselves into his lap he's content to hang out in this coffee shop for awhile to try and get to know Pietro. "You've talked with Magnus already? Rational as well? I'm impressed. I've obviously not seen him since Luna was last over at the mansion but I've his communications device tucked away in my apartment. It went well right? Or is it just weird that you're not used to that?" Course Tony hardly ever talks about himself so trying to ask him how he's dealing with anything that has been happening over the last few months will take more than a crowbar to pry out of him.

Pietro has decided to be patient. Imagine that. While you may never speak of certain things, perhaps he can give you an outlet none the less. A chance to relax.. like you are doing now. "I don't expect you to be perfect, Tony. I'd have no friends at all if that were involved." A wry smile and he puts that mug down at long last. Ignores pastries and water for the time being and shifts on the couch. Tucks a leg beneath him, facing you, and he drapes an arm over the back. It dangles there. "I think Magnus was rational because I brought Luna along." No, he doesn't believe his father sane. Nor does he truly trust the man.
"We agree on so little, that it's difficult to actually have a conversation with him. I believe him insane, and he believes me a complete waste of mutant." Not even bitter at that. Pietro doesn't much care anymore. "I'm somehow throwing my life away and doing nothing useful. We don't agree on that either. But regardless, I brought Luna and he was pleasant with the girl. It was the best conversation I've had with him.. and we still sniped at one another." Smirking for that. "Oh, he would never hurt Luna." Pietro knows Magneto would kill him with reason, but the girl?

"Luna was in town? I take it she's already returned then." Tony had a soft spot for kids and Luna was certainly no exception to that. Even if there were a million things to be done at the mansion Tony always found time to see how Luna was doing when she was over and get into a spot of trouble on occasion. It's no surprise that Luna is the only thing keeping father and son communicating which is truly sad. If Tony had another chance to speak with his parents he'd take it even though he and Howard had their issues.
"I don't need to tell you that you're not wasting your life you already know that. The fact that he can't see that is his own failing. At least he is getting a long with Luna. Not that it is hard to get along with her. You ought to bring her around more when you can." Talking of Luna reminds him of something that was brought up earlier in his office. Tony shifts about to get more comfortable and rests an arm across his body with fingers playing with the front pocket of the hooded sweatshirt. "Speaking of kids, there is the young man that I've been helping. You might see him if you are ever over at Xavier's for some reason. His name is Theodore. A lot like how I was before I went down a path I never chose. I'm hoping to spare him of some hard truths I've had to learn."

"I only see her two days a month, Tony." Sad that, but it's why you miss her. She's not really around much, and Crystal's Inhuman family has always pressured for her to stop letting him see the girl even that. Thankfully Crystal isn't listening. Pietro nods about not wasting his life. "I haven't bothered to explain what I've been doing. Magneto would believe I was wasting my life for anything other than helping him destroy human-kind." Which he totally isn't going to do. Tried to help the man at Genonsha, and look how that ended. Not trying again. "I want her to at least know her grandfather, but he can't be trusted in unsupervised visits." A shrug. Mags is crazy! What else is there to say?
Mention Theo and brows arch. "I know which one you mean. I train one of his classmates." Another speedster. Pietro is frowning however. "That boy strikes me as… I'm not even sure how to express myself. He concerns me." Call it one of those super hero hunches.

"I know you have limited time with her hence I've never tried to horn in on your time for longer than a greeting and a high-five." The fact that he is slouching further into the couch means that he's settling in and even the occasional giggle from the other side of the shop and the click sounds of a cell camera don't phase him overly much. Tony shakes his head, "I'm concerned as well but I've gotten to know him and earned his trust. Hopefully I am able to show him possibilities and open him up to things he wouldn't consider before. He's doing quite well actually," forgive as he brags about some of the technical accomplishments Theo's managed over the last couple of months for Tony is proud of the young man. "That and he's become more social and is trying to win the affections of one of his peers. I believe he's doing well all things considered."

Even with the limited time, the speedster assures, "I'll bring her by next time." Not like visiting you means Pietro loses her. He can share his daughter a little with a friend. Pietro frowns at the click sounds, but like you he's just shrugging it off. You get used to that after a while. Should have seen the school he works in when he first started. Lots of clicky sounds then. You continue with Theo and the man listens. Asks little things here and there to keep you talking. That you are beginning to trust the boy says much. Either that or Theo will turn around and stab you in the back. Here's to hoping your trust isn't unfounded. "Sounds as though you've been working a little magic of your own with a student." Approval there.
There's a gleam to pale eyes in the aftermath though. "How's it been working in teaching you to be more social?" Totally giving you a hard time there, mr hides in his basement to build things.

"Excellent!" Tony could stand to have more time with not only Luna but the other Avengers as well. "I don't think it is. I know I've been a pretty poor judge of character but that normally is confined to a very narrow margin and certainly not in this case. I know the boy has issues and I'm trying my best to help though I'm not exactly qualified to be of much help in things outside of a technical spectrum. I just don't want him to wind up turning to the Dark Side or never living up to his potential."
Clearly Tony has a lot invested in Theo and it is a serious point of concern for him much as Avenger business, or the company or the state of the union is. Picking up his coffee to sip at before it goes cold Tony has to shake his head at you. "I'm off the social calendar for awhile. I'm sure many will die of disappointment but I'm not in the mood, Pietro. Would you like to fill in for me? I'm sure the tabloids would love to have a proper scandal again. You could lead them on a merry journey that ends in some fantastically boring ending that kills their subscriptions."

"You could always end up letting him reach his potential, and then watching him shift to the dark side." A smirk there, but he really means to tease you. Never seen you take someone like this under your wing. "I've been teaching a girl named Chloe at Xaviers. If you need my help with anything, call?" Pietro does have a phone he keeps with him now. Amazing how much you can do with it when you don't destroy it in seconds.
Does he want to take your spot? "It would never work out. For one, the armor wouldn't fit me." Sorry, can't fill in for you. "I'm damn certain I could never remember to stop by every reflective surface to check myself out, I would never play the music loud, or stay up all night ignoring my phone, and I'm also sadly going to remember all the girl's names. The ones I would have to sleep with. Honestly, I would be a lousy Tony Stark." Teasing you! There's a shake of the head as he admits, serious, "I'm not ready for that social calendar either. That was meant as a joke. If there is anyone who understands losing someone you love, I am that one." For all he's not looking at you for saying that. "Although, if you want my stalker, you are welcome to him." Him.

"Yeah, thanks for that Speedy." Tony rolls his eyes even if you can't see that you can get the gist from the way his body posture switches. The man still has his dark sunglasses on even though the hour which is not something that is new to you at all but it does make reading Tony more difficult. "If I come across something I'll call you. Once you actually give me the number that is." For that a lone finger is pointed at you then an empty coffee mug is sat down on the table next to the forgotten basket of pastries.
As the warmth radiates through him Tony feels comfortable up until you tease him about his lifestyle though he does toss back, "You forgot the quota of being naked and I never remember the names of the women. They don't seem to mind as most of them take off after they've gotten what they want." Slightly bitter tone but most of the women were only out for the one night stand with him and not looking to take more than that. It was the other sort that gave him grief. Pietro seems to understand though which is odd in and off itself yet not considering he knew about Crystal. "Oh ho, maybe I'll trade you stalkers…wait..him? Oh REALLY now." Now you've gone and done it by giving that morsel of information to Tony. "Do tell, Pietro."

There's a shift in Pietro, but it's to sigh, not get mad. "I'm sorry, Tony. I meant to tease you only." Not hit a bunch of wounds. Means that too. As for the phone, he snorts, "You've had the number the moment I walked into range, and I'll probably find a bunch of bad porn on it for having upset you." No, he doesn't expect that, teasing again. Not going to talk about your relationships again. Not today anyway. Ask about that stalker and he reaches for his water. "I..didn't tell you about that, did I?"
For some reason he's smiling again. Pietro takes a sip and looks at you over the rim before lowering the glass. "Abelard Kortig. German military. I stumbled over him when I was aimlessly wandering Europe after losing my powers. Imagine a taller, strawberry blond Steve. He's the classic ubermench in appearance. Aggressively homosexual, an amazing combatant, and adrenaline junky. My saying no seems to only be adding adding fuel to his fire." Actually rolls his eyes at this. "He's been sending me flowers every day since it's a week before Valentines. You want my stalker? You are welcome to him." For all Pietro is clearly more amused than upset at the man.

Tony waves a hand as if to say that there's nothing wrong with what has been said and all is forgiven. "I still prefer to have someone actually give me their contact information even though I can simply pull it up myself. There's a point to that whole thing but no need to dwell on that. Though I'd rather flood your inbox with precious adorable kittens because that's far more annoying than bad porn." Clearly you didn't bother to tell him about your stalker or he wouldn't be pointedly looking at you to spill about the situation.
"German?" So Tony starts to imagine this scenario and you have to go and mention that this man bears a striking resemblance to Steven and had he been drinking water he'd have spluttered. "You've got to be kidding me…." Clearly you're not and the more that you explain the billionaire wants to take pity on you. "Aww, but that's sweet. Are they nice flowers?" Expecting that you may level him with a glare or at best toss the nearest muffin at his chest. "Sorry, I'm full up on stalkers at the moment but if your looking for a way to get rid of him I could talk with Kaji and see if he's game for a bit of fun." Though that thought brings up something that he'd completely forgotten about. "Kaji is my friend and personal guard. I'm working with him to try and get him to a point where he can be an Avenger and he lives with me so you two will meet sooner rather than later. He and I have had our share of people expressing interest in us though thankfully all of the furry sort drift his way. You should have seen the trip to the Caribbean."

"Tony, when I mean you can call me anytime, that means just that. Take the number if you want it. And please, only kittens. Luna likes to look through my phone. She might appreciate adorable felines." Pietro does dig his phone out. "No, here. And yes, expensive flowers." Really, he works to find some pictures and offers you that phone. It's a group picture of five people. All military excepting for Pietro. You can so totally tell which one is Abelard. He's gorgeous, tall, broad of shoulder, and well built. "If Kaji isn't ready for the Avengers, he wouldn't take Abelard." Said with a smirk. "He's been turning down SHIELD for years now. Taught me how to actually fight." Not that Steve didn't try, but Pietro wasn't willing before then. "If it weren't for the stalker, I'd consider him one of my best friends."
Part of why he left Germany. Couldn't handle it anymore. The muffin is nibbled on by the way. Caught that without even paying attention. "What about the trip to the Caribbean? You must tell. After all, I explained my stalker."

The number is filed away and there will be no pictures sent to Pietro's phone though it amuses him that an Avengers cell could be filled with images of Hello Kitty because his daughter is looking over the phone. The cell in question is passed over to Tony who takes a look at the photo and blinks, "I've got to send this to Steve." Has done so with quite the text message attached to it. How could he resist? This was a taller German version of Cap! Cap was just going to love this. "Oh, I wasn't talking about in a fight, Pietro. I'll explain more later as for now you're wanting to know about the Caribbean right?" Tony takes some time to explain what happened on the holiday spent on a mutant friendly island with Kaji who was dragged off at one point by multiple women. "I didn't see him for a day. Best not to know the details. I should show him this image though as he might find this guy his type. Hmmm…" Sends the image to himself for later use. "As for my stalker? She likes to shoot missiles at the Stark Towers and stop traffic to try and kill me. Typical sort of thing. She's gone underground again so no telling when she'll pop up next."

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