2012-05-13: Everyone Has Issues


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: May 13, 2012

Log Title: Everyone Has Issues

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Boredom has set in on levels that Nicholas didn't really know existed. With nothing to do but lie around in a bed in the medbay with just his laptop for entertainment he's watching Star Wars for the fifth time. He's at least off the oxygen and is sitting up in bed with his laptop on a small table above him. His eyes are half closed as he's trying to do anything to help the time pass.

The Medbay doors whisper open, and the familiar heavy clumping of Shane's boots can be heard at the far end of the bay. The blue-haired mutant pauses for a moment, glancing back and forth and wrinkling her nose slightly, then begins to walk down, searching the beds for the one occupied by the school's latest victim of violence. Tucked under her arm is her ubiquitous laptop, and a small flash drive with a Lucky Star keychain hanging from one end is clutched in her free hand.

Looking up expecting that the person entering is just another medical aide so when he sees the blue haired girl, he smiles and gives her a wave. "Oh thank god you're here Shane, it's so boring down here and they won't let me go out to see Orion." He turns off his movie and pushes the laptop to the side. "How are you doing?"

Shane wrinkles her nose at the question, casting another furtive glance around the Medbay as she approaches Nick's bed. "…Hate hospitals. Heard 'bout what happened. Pisses me off."

Shane snorts. "Some crazy bitch comes along 'n stabs you, 'n I ain't s'posed t'get pissed?" Narrowing her eyes at Nicholas for a moment, she shakes her head, tossing the flash drive onto his stomach. "…Here. Figured y'could use somethin' new t'watch." Settling down on the chair next to the bed, she falls silent for a moment. Then, "…Y'okay?" Something about the tone of her voice says the question has little to do with his medical issues, directly.

Nicholas lets out a small heh of amusement and shrugs a shoulder. "I don't know, both you and Ahmed are pissed off about it. I'm more just glad I'm okay and worried about that violinist kid but…I guess I'm kinda pissed, haven't had much time to think about it. Just think that if that Mason kid wasn't so thick…" And he leaves it at that. "Am I okay…I honestly don't know anymore Shane. I know exactly what Quenton was saying now."

"Yeah," Shane murmurs with a soft laugh, shaking her head. "Mason's kinda derpy 'bout a lotta things… Tries, though. That's somethin'." Shrugging, she looks up, arching an electric-blue eyebrow. "…Been thinkin'. Wanna do somethin' 'bout that?"

"I just didn't like something he said, it was like he was using his fame to get girls and that just seemed kinda scumpy." Nicholas says but choosing to say just the word 'girls' rather than 'get laid'. "Oh I'm already thinking about it. I want to learn to use my powers to make shields and learn to push things away from me. I've had my powers for years but I'm thinking there's probably more to what I can do."

Shane lifts a shoulder. "Y'get used to it. Dude started actin' when he was a kid, now he's a pop star. Fucks up y'r priorities." Falling silent again, she toys with her hands for a moment. "…Thinkin' of signin' up for Advanced Combat. Didn't wanna do it m'self, y'know? …Figured I'd ask, 'cos you're in the same boat's me, kinda."

Nicholas nods and stays silent as well until Shane speaks again and he nods. "Yeah..maybe I will. Anything to maybe get stronger so I can defend others better. I…I'd rather be able to save them then myself." He says before closing his eyes. "Also just anything to keep me busy and keep my mind off of…myself. Keeping busy helps me not think about them."

"…Yeah…" Scraping her fingers through her hair, she lets out a quiet sigh. "…'N 'f you know how t'handle stuff, don't gotta be so scared when somethin' bad happens. …Least that's what I'm hearin'… Whose class though? Mean, there's that British sounding ninja chick, 'r the big Security dude… … …Dunno 'f I wanna ask Mr. Logan, though… Guy just scares the shit outta me."

"I don't know if scared is the word." Nicholas says chewing on his lower lip. "I wasn't scared when Envy attacked, I was it was weird, I just knew I couldn't let her kidnap Mason and cut him up. It wasn't until they told me how lucky I was, if her fingernails were an inch or so to the left, she would have gotten my heart. That's when I got a bit scared….I just need to be able to sleep through the whole night." Nicholas says before pondering Shane's words. "Well…I don't really know the staff here but I'll be with you through the classes so you don't have to be so scared."

Shane grunts, shaking her head. "S'not like that… but whatever. …Anyway." Nodding to the flash drive, she sits back in the chair. "…Dunno how old y'like y'r games, but, got a Playstation program'n a buncha different stuff there. All set up, too, so jus' copy it all over'n you're set. C'n play with th'keyboard if y'want, but I got a gamepad thing you could borrow, 'f you'd rather. Dunno what kinda games y'like, so, got all different stuff. … Mebbe… twenty gigs worth? Somethin' like. Still had room for Mononoke'n'Paprika, 'case you were gettin' bored."

Nicholas looks at Shane and shakes his head. "It's not whatever. We'll do it together, combat classes." He promises her. "Sure, I'll play most games, especially those first person shooter types. And Playstation…I haven't played those games since I was a kid. Please tell me you have Twisted Metal." He says as he pulls his laptop over so he can start to load. "I've been beyond bored Shane. I'm just happy you're not trying to pressure me into watching that Pony crap. Just cause I like horses…."

Shane shakes her head quickly. "Nuno, just… don't wanna talk about it, 's all. Anyway. …yeah, pretty sure I got all four of'm. "Also the PS2 one, but that ain't on there; DVDs eat up hella space. 'N th' Ponies… eh. S'okay. Ain't really my thing, but it don't suck."

Nicholas nods and doesn't bring it up again. "Awesome." He says and the smile slightly fades and he turns his head to Shane to look at her. "Thanks, for the other day. I…have a hard time talking about my past, it's like I remember something and it's not a bad memory but just knowing that I can't go back it just hurts to talk about it. So…what's this Paprika? I know it's a spice."

Shane shakes her head. "F'get it. Don't like talkin' 'bout my curbstompin' more'n that, so, sorta know how it goes. Talkin' 'bout it jus' makes you remember it, 'n some shit y'don't wanna bring up when you gotta choice." Lifting a shoulder, she tilts her head at the laptop's screen. "'S a movie. …Anime. Kinda trippy, 'bout this psychologist chick usin' somethin' like VR for therapy… 'cept somethin' leaks, 'n th' VR starts bleedin' into real life. Dunno 'f you'd like that kinda stuff, but, figured it might give your brain somethin' else t'lock onto when you sleep. Gimme trippy-ass dreams over real nightmares, any day."

"It's hard not to think about it when it's everything up until this place …. Anyway, yeah. That's one thing that's good about this, the drugs that make me pass out, first time I've had a full nights sleep since I got here." Nicholas admits as he starts looking through the files he transferred on his laptop. "I don't know if I like that stuff either, but I'll give it a shot. Thanks a lot Shane. You rock."

Shane snorts, ducking her head. "…Just figured you were 'bout ready t'lose y'r shit bein' bored, is all. 'N I know; hadda spend like a couple months in traction, with m'face wired shut. Hard as hell t'do *anythin'* outside'a watchin' soap opera bullshit."

"Oh man I was. I was on my fifth time watching the first Star Wars movie, episode four." Nicholas says. "I should have asked Ahmed to bring down more than just Star Wars but that's my fault. Cale's also been visiting a bit, I guess I really worried him too. I'm kind of jealous of Cale to be honest."

Shane's eyebrow twitches up. "…Jealous?"

"I don't know how much he's told you but he recently lost his parents too." Nicholas says. "I feel bad telling you if you didn't know but, he just smiles and is so cheerful where as if I can get the energy to get out of bed in the morning, it's a good day. I just wish I knew how he was able to do it."

Shane is silent for a moment, then shakes her head. "…He ain't doin' better," she says after a moment, "jus' different. You get depressed'n'pissy, I get pissy'n'scared, guess Cale jus' tries t'pretend he's kinda fine. Prolly figures he pretends hard enough, maybe it'll be true, y'know?"

Nicholas reaches out his hand and makes a motion as if he's going to take Shane's hand, if she'd let him. "Well, anytime you need a friend, I'm here for you Shane. I just have to figure out how to deal with being depressed and pissy. Anyway, I wish there was something we could do for Cale in regards to his sister, shy of trying to kidnap her and bring her here."

Shane pulls her hand back a bit, more out of reflex than anything else, for she doesn't change expression. "…Figure somethin' out," she says after a moment. "Keepin' a smile like that… Hard work, after awhile. Prolly do good t'give'm a real reason to."

"I was supposed to teach him how to ride this weekend but I've been stuck down here. I just hope Orion's doing okay out there." Nicholas says as he can't help but worry about his horse. His head turns so he can watch Shane for a bit and after a few moments of silence he speaks. "You don't give yourself enough credit."

"…Yeah I do," Shane says, after a similar stretch of quiet. "'S just… Don't like hearin' how awesome I am, 'r whatever. 'S like braggin', kinda… 'n I *hate* braggin'." One shoulder rises, falls. "…Too easy t'call bullshit on that, anyway. 'Cept people don't like bein' called liars, so… better t'just shut up."

Nicholas shakes his head. "No, it's not bragging or anything Shane it's just, your confidence." He says smiling at her but there's a bit of a sleepy look about him. "I think that's what it is, you're nice and a good friend but I just wish I could help give your confidence a boost or something. Anyway, nevermind." He says maybe talking a bit too much from a combination of the drugs and getting sleepy. "I'll admit, I like calling bullshit on people, especially when they're convinced they know what's wrong."

The doors to the med bay open, and Mason appears in the doorway. He hadn't gone out of his way to see Nicholas after the incident, but the pop star has decided that he should see how the telekinetic is doing, since it has been four days. His own bandages are due for replacing as it is. He spots Shane first as he steps in. "Oh, hey Shane," he says. "Didn't expect you to be down here."

Shane looks over her shoulder at the voice, electric-blue eyebrows rising briefly, then lowering as she glares at Mason's bandages. "…Heard what happened," she grunts, her sullen tone of voice carrying a distinct echo of 'idiot.' "Turning her gaze back to Nicholas, she nods at the flash drive in his laptop. "…Y'got everything copied, there?"

Nicholas looks up at Mason and gives him a wave. "Glad to hear you weren't dismembered by that woman." He says before taking the flash drive out of his laptop. "Oh yeah, here you go. This should keep me entertained until I get out of here which should be soon." Nick says, hoping that it is soon.

"Yeah," Mason says, "I think that she those I was Yosif Romanoff," Mason answers. "You realize that was Envy? She coulda killed us both." Mason walks up to the side of the bed. "It was his idea to talk to her," he defends himself against the unspoken accusation from Shane. "I am sorry I didn't move you quick enough," he apologizes to Nicholas.

Shane's eyes narrow further. "…Y'ain't gonna blame this on th'dude almost died, *are you?*" With a snort, she shakes her head. "Meh. Anyway, thanks," she says to Nicholas, taking the flash drive back and stuffing it into a jeans pocket. "Lemme know when you're up, we'll talk t'someone 'bout that class, yeh?"

"Mason, don't make me telekinetically throw a bedpan at your head." Nicholas says before waving his hand. "Not your fault I got stabbed. I didn't even know she was going to attack and honestly, I know she was trying to kill me, she missed by an inch or so. Though I have no clue who Envy is." He says before nodding to Shane. "Definitely, I'd like to do a class like that."

"She was pretty crazy," Mason agrees. "I didn't think she was going to attack us, I just thought she'd be annoyed at us talking to her since we didn't know her. Envy is like this bank robber who has killed all sorts of cops. I guess it was a good thing that I control earth, because she makes crystals, which are a form of earth. Did a mean number on my back, though," He pulls his shirt off carefully, showing a huge gouge bandaged. Looks like he had a close call with one of her blades. "Um…" he looks at Shane, "You think you can help me get this old one off?" he asks hesitantly. "I can take care of the one on my arm.

Shane nods to Nicholas, rising from her chair. "Aight… You get sleep, yeh?" Turning to look at Mason, the blue-haired mutant seems to go a bit pale at the idea of changing a bandage covering up a 'close call,' but clears her throat and nods once. "…Turn around," she says shortly. before moving to look at what needs changing.

"Glad you're okay Mason." Nick says to the popstar before looking at Shane and nooding. "Yeah, sleep sounds good. Thanks again Shane, we'll talk more about that soon. Sleep well." He says back to her in a sleepy voice and in moments he's out cold in a 'this medicine may cause drowsiness' sleep.

"Yeah, you too," Mason answers. He's rather proud of his performance against Envy, though it scares him to think of it. "And…he's out." He turns around, the bandage taped along his back. "It looks a lot worse than it is," Mason warns. "I mean, I can't see it much since they stitched it up, and they gave me the stuff that's supposed to stop it from scarring, so it should be fine after a few more days." Underneath the dressing, the gash runs for almost a full twelve inches vertically down his right shoulderblade, and most likely cut to the bone.

And there's a strangled sound from Shane as the bandage falls away, a dry-heave choked back. "Gh… Christ, still looks worse'n my collarbone did." A full-body shudder grips the young mutant before she can shake it off. "…Fuck," she whispers, attempting to ignore the images that flash through her mind and reaching for a new roll of bandage. "Don't… like… make a habit of this, 'kay? Might hafta go shirtless on stage 'r somethin'."

"Believe me I won't," Mason answers. "I just couldn't let her kill Nick, y'know?" he says. "I mean, he thinks I'm just a dumb pop star and all, but maybe he'll see me different now," he verbalizes his thoughts.He shrugs, which wasn't the best idea, since it causes the stitches to stretch a little more than is comfortable. "Fate is funny, isn't it? Back home you were the one on the outside and I was the cool one. Here it almost seems reversed. Everybody likes you, and I'm the one on the outside. Guess I deserve it, though."

Shane grunts noncommitally, swatting the side of Mason's head as he pulls the stitches. "S'not that," she says after a moment, unrolling a couple lengths of bandage to fold and replace over the wound. "Back home, I was th'weird one f'bein' broken. Practically everyone's broke here… so yeah." She lifts a shoulder, letting out a sigh. "Don't think I'm all *that* cool though," she mutters. "Startin' t'panic, kinda, after that E! story on m'dress."

"Yeah, just don't let it go to your head, you'll end up like me," Mason quips, holding his arm out delicately with a grin. "Ms. Frost sure was nice to wear your dress for all those fancy model types. I'm sure you'll do great with the fashion industry. I mean, who else would have the same creative ideas you would?"

"The fuck I will," Shane mutters sourly. "Type-A dipshits 'n sandwich-needin' jackasses, 'n that's just the models. Practically break out in *hives* thinkin' 'bout dealin' with fashion bullshit, but…" She shakes her head, peeling out medical tape to put on one side of the bandage before pressing it on. "…Show talked 'bout the next friggin' Vera Wang… Kinda makes y'think, y'know?"

Mason doesn't wince, the pain has lessened after the past days. "Quit pretending, Shane, you may not like the attitude of all those people, but you know that you want this. It's okay to dream, Shane. If you don't, then what will you chase?" He glances over his shoulder, looking for Shane's response.

Shane falls silent, pressing a strip of tape on the other side of the bandage, cheeks heating up visibly. "I *am,*" she says quietly. "…Just… y'know… got farther t'go. … Tryin' t'figure out a way t'get around this… this…" One hand flutters, as though the right word to describe her single largest issue will not present itself. Giving up, she presses on. "…Was just talkin' with Nick, 'fore y'got here. Signin' up for the Advanced Combat classes t'gether. Figure… y'know… maybe I won't have t'be so scared all th'time, 'f I know how t'deal with all th'problems I can think up when I don't wanna, y'know?"

Mason turns around after the bandage is on. "Shane, what are you scared of?" he asks. "I mean, this could be real. It's not just a pipe dream. "What, the mutant thing? Ms. Frost manages pretty well. You could be huge, Shane, you could be really something. Advanced combat training, is that what you're really after?" He is taking a rather direct approach, but maybe it has something to do with his recent brush with death. "You already don't have to be scared all the time." The pot calling the kettle black.

Shane closes her eyes, letting out a breath. "You don't *get* it, Mason… Y'never did, 'n you never could. An' that ain't your fault, but just… Okay. What could happen?" Leaning back against the nearby empty bed, she ticks off points on her fingers, heated frustration pushing her voice into clarity. "They see a kid playing like she's got a right to be there, and just run all over me, and make me wish I'd never bothered. Could get laughed off the runway, make me wish I'd never bothered. Could get outed as a mutant by some snippy little jealous bitch who thinks a meat dress is a *good idea,* and it's high school all over again. Could run fine for awhile, then someone comes along sayin' I stole their designs or whatever, and nobody believes me. Or worst of all, you all could just be *lying* to me when you all say I'm the next hot shit, and I make a complete *ass* of myself in front of the whole world." Shoulders drooping, she pants quietly, catching her breath after her rant. "*That* is how my mind works, Mason… I've tried to tell you. The combat thing? That's just so maybe one day I don't have to *care* if everyone I look at's going to kick my ass, because I could do it *back.*"

Mason is surprisingly quiet in his response. "No, Shane," he answers, reaching out a hand to put it on her shoulder. "I get it. You have no idea just how much I get it. You think you are the only one who is scared of all that?" Mason glances back to the sleeping form of Nicholas to make certain he's still asleep, and then reaches to pick up the spent bandage. "Just because I got the fame doesn't mean I'm not in the same boat. It doesn't mean that everybody here isn't in the same boat. Hell, it doesn't even mean that only mutants are in the same boat." Mason turns the bandage over to expose the side which was in contact with his skin. It doesn't just have blood on it. The bandage looks like it got dragged on a dirt road.
"I get it." He hangs his head slightly. "Sometimes I want to quit, and I want to stop chasing after my dream because I'm absolutely terrified that it will come crashing down around me like a massive house of cards. In fact, most days I am pretty certain that it will. But until that happens, I just keep going. You have to enjoy it while it lasts, because it might not last forever. Take what joy you can while you still have the chance, because the heartbreak is just a heartbeat away."

"Yeah," Shane says softly, closing her eyes, "'n that's just if you're lucky. …And I ain't *never* been lucky. So maybe y'get why even botherin' t'try's kind of a big deal, f'me."

Mason nods quietly. "Yeah," he says. "You haven't. Guess you don't got much to lose, then, right?" He lets the old bandage fall back onto the table, sounding almost envious of her position, but doesn't say as much.

"Mmn," Shane replies. "Also means anything I *get's* somethin' that could be taken away. Ain't no bottom to the hole," she mutters sourly, "not when there's still a light up top." Drawing in a slow breath, she pushes it out in a rough sigh. "…'Sides. Biggest part's tryin' t'get it through my head I even *deserve* the shot, y'know?" She seems about to go on, but her attention is snagged by the dirty bandage. "…What… the hell?"

Mason glances at the bandage again, "Yeah, it wasn't like that when I put it on," he says quietly. He lets out a half-hearted laugh that might as well be a cry. "Nothing lasts forever, right?" he says. "Just a matter of time." He lets out a sigh heavily to retain his composure at the thought of the implications of his body's changes.

Shane is silent for a long, long moment, then snatches the bandage away, crumpling it up in her hand. "…Fuck it," she says, as her hand begins to light up. "You are gonna get *so* many girls, now… Y'could friggin' sparkle like Edward. Chick *magnet.*" Holding her hand away, she hops out the door, on the assumption that even a minor explosion would be frowned upon in Medbay. As she comes back in, she makes a show of shaking the resulting charred scraps of cloth into the wastebasket. Clomping back to Mason's side, she glares into his eyes. "Y'don't wanna piss me off, better start listenin' t'y'own advice. 'N if that don't help…" Her clean hand comes up to rake through her hair. "…Never woulda made that dress f'Ms. Frost, 'f you hadn't given me m'clothes back, Mason. Anything good that happens t'me? It's all 'cos of you."

Mason watches, minorly amused, and gives a smile to her display and claim that he is the reason that something good could happen to her. "Thanks," he says, though the thoughts of his imminent loss of status clearly still cloud his mind.

Shane pokes Mason's arm with a fist, middle knuckle extended. "Look. Y'ain't gonna let me mope, don't expect you're too good f'th'same, aight? Cos that's bullshit."

"Yeah," Mason says with a forced smile. "Guess that's only fair." He ponders for a moment. "Just don't tell anybody, I gotta figure out what to do. Maybe I can get Ms. Frost to let me have one of those image inducers before things get noticable. I tried to stop eating rocks, but…" he laughs, "I know it sounds crazy, but they are like an uncontrollable craving." Of course, every craving for Mason tends to be uncontrollable.

Shane's eyebrow twitches up. "…Guess that makes the quartz thing make sense," she mutters. "Ain't my thing t'spread around, Mason… Don't like people talkin' shit behind other people's back, ain't gonna start m'self."

"Yeah I know," Mason says, "I guess that's why I can tell you." He shrugs. "Anyway, I guess I better go study," he says. Mason code: go get wasted. "Wanna join me?"

Shane snorts, shaking her head. "Neh. Got *real* homework to do. 'N readin' t'do, on portfolios. Like I said, been panicking… but'm still tryin' t'cover all my bases. Seemed smart t'do."

"Right," Mason answers, "Well, I'm gonna go," he says. "I'll see you later then," He picks his shirt back up, and pulls it over his head.

Shane lifts a hand briefly, tucking her laptop back under her shoulder. Turning to leave, she pauses, glancing over her shoulder. "…Seriously, Mason. 'F I c'n try'n fix what's fucked up in my head, you can too. Don't give up 'till I do, aight?" And with that, she taps her iPod, quickly turning the volume down as she makes her way out the door, followed by the less-than-too-loud, gritty vocals featured in her song of the moment; Ladies and gents, we're still alive, by the skin of our teeth, now it's killin' time! Angel in our pocket, devil by our side! We ain't goin' nowhere, cos heroes never die!

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