2018-05-08: Everyone Needs Hope


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Summary: Strange has Hopes for a certain someone.

Date: May 8, 2018

Everyone Needs Hope

Rating: PG

A Rooftop in NYC

It was a long time coming, but it happened. Hope sits on the top of a building, gazing down at the cityscape while things become worse and worse. Once in awhile, the cramped quarters become a bit too stuffy to even be able to collect thought so that exposing oneself to the danger of the outside becomes necessary, that volunteering one's life becomes a luxury. Hope watches to make sure that nothing happens, that a later foraging mission will have a clear path, while remaining in idle contemplation of these recent events. He left. It was not surprising. But it still cut her deep.

Shrouded in black and only an astral project of himself, Strange floats behind Hope. "Hope….that's what you shall be a Hope to those you try to so hard to assist." The astral form of Strange stands behind her and it's hard to tell who he is besides a male. "You fight in this war and I…we my companion and I have been watching from a far. I call myself Strange, and we are seeking those to help in our cause against this injustice. You seem like you will be our Hope."

Hope stands up and gives a wary look at the projection. A hallucination is unlikely. She has seen odder things than an astral projection in the past. "Hope…?" A hesitation as the word is contemplated. "I will do whatever is necessary to fight what's happening, and I will try my best. But… what kind of help are you looking for?" Curiosity and some caution tinges the asker's voice. "I'd like to hear more…"

The astral form of Strange takes to a sitting position behind Hope and there's a hint of a smile in his voice as he talks. "I knew you would do whatever. Right now my partner, Magik, and I are looking for those we can trust, those we know who have the right….stuff to help us. Right now I cannot reveal who I am besides that my name is Strange, or where I am, in fear of this mess ruining me. Magik and I are looking for those we can trust, and from what I've learned….you're someone I can trust, someone I can have Hope in."

Turning fully to face the shadowy form, Hope nods slowly and speaks: "If you trust me I hope only that I live up to your expectations. What do I have that can help you? If it means helping to right all of… this and making things better, I'll offer it and me to you freely." Arms cross and Hope's gaze flicks carefully to try and make out the figure, but to no avail.

"You have a lot that can help you, patience, the will to fight, the knowledge of what's right and a good heart Hope. You also have the power to learn and I will be teaching you several things over time." Strange says as he stands up and says something quick. "You see they can detect mutants by not magic." And with that he waves his hand and a small portal opens up and a box falls through. "That's for you, to help you Hope."

Hope reaches for the box after it appears, trying to examine it. "I will be glad to learn anything you teach me, Strange." This statement stems both from curiosity and duty, a chance to learn something new but also to restore something good. Hope gives a slight incline of the head, "This is magic?"

There are two things inside the box that are magic, one is a vile of liquid and the other is a cloak. "That cloak was one that was worn by my predecessor. It is a cloak of levitation. It will allow you to fly and levitate among other things, the other is Oktid's Elixir, it's a potion that is known to be able to cure any disease, it has the power to erase the what troubles the mind of man. There is enough in there for two people. In addition to these gifts I will also be teaching you spells."

"Any disease?" says Hope, in wonderment, looking at the vile, "I will be very careful with it and apply my judgement carefully." The cloak is looked upon next, "And this… thank you, Strange." Hope pauses for a moment to contemplate these items before asking, eyebrows raised, "You said spells? I feel that I can trust you, but it almost feels too good to be true. This will help a lot."

"Right now in this world Hope, sometimes we need something too good to be true. My partner and I just ask for you assistance when we need it, when the time is right." Strange says as he sits back down next to her. "I know this seems vague at first but we're still working on getting things together and waiting for the right time. You were our last recruit."

"If all you ask is my assistance when it's needed in exchange for these gifts," says Hope, "Then I offer you my assistance freely." She nods once again emphatically at mysterious stranger. "I will do everything I can, Strange."

STrange stands up and nods. "Thank you very much for your Assistance, I'll be in touch." He says with a nod before disappearing leaving her with the gifts he gave her.

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