2011-01-07: Evil Laser-Eyed Shrimp

Players: David and July

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Summary: David prepares a meal for himself and July

Date: January 7, 2011

Log Title: Evil Laser-Eyed Shrimp

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's late morning at the Xavier Institute and having taken a break from his TA duties, David is cooking a nice little lunch. The smell wafts through the kitchen and fills the halls. David is mimicking some cooking student and hangs over the stove as he prepares the meal.

July steps into the kitchen while drinking a cup of hot coffee. "I didn't peg you for being a cook, David." the rubber girl says, chuckling softly before taking another sip of her coffee. "Whatcha making?" she asks, smiling.

Turning to see July enter, "Perfect timing." He states to the blond mutant. "I'm cooking up some shrimps and scallops." David turns off the stove, "And it is done! I hope you are hungry." Moves to get some plates and utensils.

July isn't blond, she's brunette. "Shrimps and scallops? Isn't that a bit too chic for a single-person meal?" she asks, looking around the kitchen and chuckling, "Unless you're preparing it for hte whole school?

"Well, I didn't make it for the whole school, but I made more than just for myself." David places on on a plate for July and then some on a plate for himself. "Here you go. You can let me know how it is."

July arches one eyebrow at that, smiling a bit, "Oh? It sounds like you were expecting someone to show up. Or a certain someone." she smirks for a short moment before reaching for one of the shrimp. She tastes it and mmm's, smiling. "It tastes good." she nods.

"Well I am pleased with who showed up." Taking off the manly apron he was wearing, David takes his plate and sits at the table and munches on his meal, "Well, not bad. If I do say so myself. i was momentarily synched with someone with good cooking skills, but I am glad to see I could cook without prolonged exposure to the skillset. So, how was your holiday?"

July chuckles softly as she sits down as well. "Cheater." she teases, smirking a little bit before tasting her shrimp again. "Well, it could be gone better, but it was fine. I stayed at college to study. Heh."

"Oh so you were still in the city. I should have given you a call." David takes a bite of a scallion, "I was supposed to go home to Chicago, but instead I stayed at the Genoshan Embassy to help with the reconstruction of Mutant Town after the mess at Mason's concert." He sighs as he thinks about it, "And then the snow wasn't fun. But just being in New York for New Year's was pretty cool."

July chuckles as she points a shrimp at David, "YOU think snow isn't fun? I used to love playing in the snow when I was little, but now I have to be real careful in the cold or else I may get frozen." she smirks softly, before eating said shrimp.

David smirks right back and winks, "You should be careful where you point that thing." He chuckles as well and then gets up to look for something to drink, "While wine would go well with the meal, not sure how Emma and Scott would feel about us drinking here. How about some juice?" He asks.

July giggles, "Fear my laser-eyed shrimp!!" she points another shrimp at David and 'pew-pews', giggling again. "Sure. What you got there?" she asks, watching as her friend goes to get some drinks.

Grabbing a pan from the stove, he pretends to dodge being shot by the evil laser-eyed shrimp! ""My magic pan shield will protect me from you, evil laser-eyed shrimp!" David laughs as he opens the fridge door. "Well there's orange, apple, peach, tomato, and pomegranate juice." He smiles, "Aww. Perfect. No wine, but grape juice will do." He pours two glasses and brings them over and the pan.

July smiles, eating her shrimp, nd she nods, "Grape it is." she says, reaching to take her offered glass. When David 'lowers his guard', she grins and 'pew-pews' with her shrimp again, "Hah! Gotcha!" she giggles.

Feigning getting hit by the laser, David grabs his chest and lets out a pretend pained groan, but then the chair wobbles and he falls out. Giving an embarrassed look, "So much for pretend huh." He stands up and then reaches for a shrimp on his plate and pretends to fire a blast at July and goes to hide by the table.

July acks and pretends being hit in the head, her head being thrown back, and then she giggles, "Alright, alright." she says, "Let's stop before I start using my scallops grenades." she smirks, eating her scallop now.

Laughing alot, David stands up and puts the shrimp down, but stares at the scallops and looks over at July, "Yeah, good idea. I can imagine a lecture from the headmasters about how immature that would be. And I want to impress them. Just got hired as a teacher's assistant for the semester. I ran my first Danger Room session for a student yesterday. Which reminds me." David takes his seat and sips the grape juice as the cybershades he wears flicker and a holographic image of Annalisa destroying a skeleton appears. "Annalisa wanted you to see that. Thought you would be impressed that she didn't cry and saved the day."

July chuckles gently, "Really? You got hired? Congratulations!" she giggles nodding before eating a scallop. She then sees the video feed David had for her and she opens her eyes a bit more, "Really? She's getting more in touch with her powers?" she blinks again as the feed ends to her friend.

"Yeah, I think Magneto did it for me. Not sure. I've had some interesting conversations with him recently and told him I would like to help out in a more professional manner." David shrugs, "So here I am. And since Jono was away, I thought I would start with the Excelsiors and Annalisa was first up." He smirks, "She saved my butt. The skeleton for the simulation is named Skinhead and basically sucks you up with a touch. She got in some impressive blasts and demonstrated better control than the last time I trained with her." He finishes up the last shrimp on his plate and starts on the scallop.

July nods softly, glancing at the holographic still once more, "she really did seem to have come a long way now." she nods again, smiling before taking a sip of her juice. "I'm glad. She was holding herself back quite a bit with her fear."

David nods, 'What's her story? She's one of the few students I don't know very well and I hate to go through their files. What is she afraid of? Losing control of her powers?" He finishes off the juice and gets up to get more from the fridge.

July shrugs gently at that, "I never managed to coax the whole story out of her…" she says, eating another shrimp as she thinks. "But, as far as I know, when her powers manifested, there was a huge explosion, and I think it ended up killing some people and giving herself a pretty bad scar." she hmmms softly at that, "And since then she's been afraid of using her powers because she could hurt herself or others."

"Wow. I forget sometimes what it is like when our powers first show up. Mine wasn't that bad, but my power isn't nearly as destructive." David shakes his head as he pours himself another glass of grape juice, "Well, if I run more sessions for her, I'll be sure to take that into account." Sitting down with his drink, "So how did you get to know her? It seems you and she are very friendly moreso than the other students."

July chuckles softly, "We hit it off pretty fast." she says, "When we first met here. I was, like, a little bit more than a year from graduating and she was just getting in, I helped her a bit with what I could." she shrugs gently, smiling.

David smiles, "Kinda like a little sister. I try that approach with the students, even if they annoy me. Which thankfully not too many do." He grins and finishes off the rest of his meal, "So did you enjoy the meal?"

July chuckles softly at the description, "Yeah. Sorta like that." she nods, smiling as she also finishes her meal, "It was pretty good, actually." she says with a nod, and hands you her empty plate, "Thanks a lot for the food."

Taking his own plate and July's, David heads to the sink to begin washing, "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. This makes up for our missed date." David chuckles, "Even though technically a new year has come. So yes, you were right when you said this was a bit too chic for a single person meal."

July chuckles softly at that, "I'm always right." she playfully plays the arrogant before giggling again, "Anyways, really, thanks for the meal. It was pretty good." she says, before standing up.

David bows as he accepts the compliment, "So I expect a home cooked meal from you, next time and hopefully not months in between." He half-grins as he finished the dished and dries off his hands.

July sticks her tongue out at David, giggling, "I will give you some my home-cooked meal when you give me some of yours, not one you made by using someone else's skill." she winks.

David looks down, "Fair enough, then. It's another date. Hopefully school grounds. You live in a dorm at ESU, right?" He leans against the sink relaxed and enjoying the banter, but then sighs, "Well, got to get back to work. but this was fun and I look forward to our next meal together.

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