2009-06-05: Evil Old Fat Lady On A Scooter


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Summary: Crazy woman attacks. Heroes run in to stop her. Chaos ensues.

Date: June 5, 2009

Log Title: Evil Old Fat Lady on a Scooter

Rating: R

NYC - Greenwich Village

The lower West Side of Manhattan is known as the Bohemian Greenwich Village or just The Village. Unlike most of Manhattan, the streets here are not in the usual gird that the rest of the island is. Most the streets here are named rather than numbered as well. The buildings here aren't as tall as high rises of Manhattan as they are the 19th century row houses and occasional one-family walk up apartments.

It's raining in New York City today. Not a lot, just enough to bring out the umbrellas and windshield wipers. Ofcourse, none of those will do much to protect people from falling rubble! Thankfully, said rubble turns to water with a flash of light…and then back to rubble when it hits the ground.

Freedom Ring, pink and black clad hero with the glowing blue eyes wipes his brow with the back of a sleeve and glares upwards. Floating up above is a rather odd sight. One of those motor-scooters old people drive. And on it, a fat, purple woman in a black dress. She also seems to have a glowing purple gem in her forehead. She's weilding what looks like a glowing spear and yelling in a very deep voice. In Japanese. Suddenly, lightning arcs off the spear and fries a tree. This is just weird all around.

Lightning, hail that becomes water and then hail again, fat purple ladies… all check. Seems like whenever Valerie goes in this city, something weird happens. Like as if each sector of this city has its own crazy super-powered evil-doer. But, no time for musing now, Valerie finds a conveniently-empty free parking spot, and parks there, before quickly leaving the car to find a secluded place to change into her hero costume, away from curious eyes.

'Head into the city', Nate tells himself as he stares up at the woman on the scooter, 'blow some of your work money. It'll be fun. I hate my life.' He is one of the few people not carting around some device to save themselves from the rain, but, oddly, he is also not particularly wet, though few pay him enough attention to recognize this fact. He doesn't do anything but stand on the sidewalk with his hands in the hip pockets of his jeans, apparently assessing the situation… in the laziest way humanly possible. His expression is blaise and mildly annoyed, but otherwise, he doesn't seem overly shocked by the flying giant purple woman playing Poseidon.

The woman continues to yell, shaking her spear in Freedom Ring's direction. The pink teen just shrugs. "Lady, I have no clue what you're saying," he declares. Never mind that he easily could understand, he's just not thinking about it. The teen tosses a bolt of energy only for it to be deflected by a shield of some kind. The woman yells again and suddenly there's more lightning. Not the zappy kind though. The car struck this time suddenly seems to come to life and begin shifting and rumbling. Seconds later, a robot that is very much not in disguise is on the street. It lets out a mechanized roar before looking around. Nathaniel is spotted and the metal beast begins lumbering towards him!

Sunlight is now changed and flying out through the window, just as the lightning hits the car, and it starts twisting itself into a metal monstrosity. That gives the young hero pause as she blinks, "… You've got to be kidding me…" she mumbles, before noticing it is starting to move toward an unsuspecting bystander! She flies toward it, and lands in front of Nathaniel, while also shooting a powerful blast of light energy toward the monster, from both hands.

Nathaniel isn't nearly as unsuspecting as Sunlight apparently thinks. He looks up at the creature curiously for a few seconds before he frees one of his hands from his pocket. He is momentarily distracted by her sudden appearance, but continues with what he was doing. He may have only had these powers for a little while, but they're similar to his own, and there are some things he's learned to do pretty quickly - like how to crush things. The young man focuses his attention on the transformed car and proceeds to curl his fingers slightly, despite what could be a dramatic effect on the car itself. He's just trying to crush it with his brain; no worries.

The robot lets out another yell as the light beams strike it, forcing the metal beast back and digging up pavement. It whips a hand out, launching what appears to be a driver's seat at Sunlight. Then there's a telekinetic crunching. Metal groans and squeals in protest as the robot is rendered a tangled heap of metal. There's a pause and a then a sudden POP as the airbags deploy.

Meanwhile up in the air, Freedom Ring and the purple woman seem to be trading energy bolts and dodging around in battle.

Sunlight erk's as the metal thing crumbles down to a heap, and then the airbags pop out. "Ugh…" she mutters at that joke before looking at Nathaniel. "You better get some cover away from here." Unknowing about the mental powers the man has, before she flies up in the air, toward Freedom Ring and the woman. Sunlight feels like asking question later, and so she fires a beam of light energy toward the woman, hoping to knock her out while she's distracted with Freedom Ring.

Nathaniel rolls his eyes slightly at that, tucking his hands back into his pockets and meandering down towards Freedom Ring and Crazy Hippo lady, watching them with intent curiosity. He's mostly focusing on Ring at the moment, the perceptive teen attempting to judge the other in an effort to tell whether or not he actually needs help. He doesn't have a mask or a costume handy, and so only remains as he is: a teenager in the rain in jeans and a hoodie. His gaze shifts to the woman after that, however, and it takes him about three seconds to ascertain a few things about her - which is when his mind reaches out to try and snatch away her spear.

The woman with the spear seems to have started singing now, waving her spear around and sending bolts of energy about. Freedom Ring does his best to block the blasts, suddenly holding what looks A LOT like Captain America's shield. Where'd he get that? Who knows. He also seems to be thinking about making a dragon somehow.

The light blast hits some kind of shimmering barrier. The purple woman turns to Sunlight and spins the spear while still singing. Suddenly, a swirling blast of water is launched at the shining hero girl. Then the spear's taken. The woman blinks before laughing. The spear turns in mid air and then rockets at Nathaniel point-first!

Sunlight grunts in annoyance as her blast hits what seems to be a force field. But Sunlight has no time to think of a strategy as here comes water! Hastily, she forms a light shield in front of herself to block the water. Then she dismisses the shield before preparing another blast to launch, only to noticing that the witch seems to want to impale Nathaniel, and she quickly shifts her energies, launching a beam of light toward Nathaniel, to form the same barrier she made for herself, in front of him, to hopefully stop the spear.

Nathaniel's brow twitches downwards slightly when the woman laughs, then turns the spear on him, bracing his legs slightly as he tries to whirl it around or, possibly, crunch it as well. Telekinesis is one thing, but martial arts can get your ass out of a jam just as well. There's a strange shockwave around the youth as he cracks his head open, figuratively speaking, letting out more of the power for the sake of trying to match up as best he can. Power is there, control is… well. That's why he's surrounded by a ripple, then randomly floating objects. Still, if he can't stop the spear with his brain, he'll do his damnedest to dodge to the side; the shield from Sunlight doesn't much effect that plan, of course, but he's too busy minding the pointy to write her a thank you card. The stretching of his telekinetic powers tends to open up the telepathic ones a little more as well, but he doesn't try to juggle, not now.

The spear seems to pick up speed, punching right through the light barrier. The telekinesis also doesn't seem to be doing much but making it glow brighter as it approaches. And while Nathaniel will be able to dodge serious harm, the spear catches his shirt and take it and possibly him too down to the sidewalk. It remains there for a second before vanishing in a flash of light and reappering in the purple woman's hand. She laughs before sending more lightning at Freedom Ring and Sunlight.

Sunlight gasps as her barrier is broken easily, but then is relieved that Nathaniel wasn't hurt. Much. As the spear disappears, Sunlight's attention is brought back to the with, just as the spear reappears in her hands, and Sunlight curses. 'Lightning, returning spear, a barrier… What to do…?' Sunlight thinks as she puts up another barrier to stop the lightning, before dismissing it again to let loose another light blast toward the witch, using both hands now, the beam having enough concussive force behind it to break a brick wall. She isn't aiming directly at Witch, though, as she doesn't want to kill her if the beam connects, but slightly off, to beam past her harmlessly should she manage to down the shield.

Nathaniel is momentarily stunned by being pinned to the sidewalk like some errant piece of lettuce attempting to escape a delicious club sandwich. He stares up at the woman in mild irritation before rolling into a partially seated position and shooting his telepathy in her direction, even if her head is full of gibberish/Japanese, /Are you bored or something?/ Even if she doesn't understand it, it still makes him feel better; of course, that's if he can make it through. It certainly says something that his telekinesis apparently has a negative, or rather, positive effect on the spear, the youth frowning to himself as he climbs resolutely back to his feet and examines the gaping hole in his new teeshirt, "…damn it."

The woman on the scooter continues singing her crazy song, waving the spear and making it rain harder. As the beams strike the shield, it holds. THe woman laughs and turns to Sunlight. She seems like she's about to throw the spear when a glowing beam of blue light strikes the bacl of the shield. Freedom Ring seems to have joined the attack but his Cap-shield's vanished. This combined beam assault doesn't seem to be breaking the shield but has the woman pinned there.

For his trouble, Nathan just gets a lot of angry mental yelling back. He might also be able to pick up Freedom Ring's thoughts of 'Energy Beam, Energy Beam, Energy Beam, will that scooter run out of gas, Energy Beam…'

Sunlight rrrrs as the shield seems to hold, and so she changes her beam, from concussive force, to searing heat! She's going to melt that shield down, "Rrrr… go down, damned shield!!" She frowns at the japanese witch, then to Freedom Ring. "Let's hit the same spot!" She calls out, wondering if it'll be any good.

Nathaniel tilts his head slightly to the side, sucking at his lower lip before he tries something new, sending up some seriously calm, inquisitive thought-vibes to the woman, making some kind of cautious effort to be understanding. He's concerned to try and use his telekinesis on her again considering how badly it worked out before, after all. He only knows a little bit of Japanese, so he tosses out 'konnichiwa' at least once, just to see if she'll respond to it.

Freedom Ring nods to Sunlight, muttering a quick 'sure, whatever'. He quickly moves to fly alongside the glowing woman. He waits before launching another beam, this one multicolored. Subconsciously showing off. The shield begins to buckle as its struck but the purple woman growls. Suddenly, the energy bolts are deflected and knock Freedom Ring out of the air. As he goes tumbling, the purple woman charges at Sunlight, truck horn sounding from the scooter.

Once more, babbling and yelling is all Nathaniel gets in reply with his telekinesis. And while it's a little less angry than before, it's still loud.

Sunlight looks at Freedom Ring as he's struck, "No!" she says, and then she looks back at the witch when she hears the horn, and frowns, gritting her teeth. "Damn it!" she says, before letting out a bright, blinding flash of light toward the witch, hoping to blind her before moving out of the way of the impeding scooter.

Fuck. What's the word for English in Japanese? /English/, is all he sends at the woman, adding a few words of stunted Japanese to go with it as well as a general frustration. He's distracted when he sees Freedom Ring falling out of the air like that, his mind snapping out before he can even think things through in order to stop the youth's tumbling fall. He isn't all that great at floating and flying as of yet, but he is at least able to stop Ring from winding up on the ground.

Thanks to the flash from Sunlight, all Nathaniel gets back is angry screeching. Freedom Ring is easily stopped though. He blinks a few times before looking around. "Thanks!" he calls down to Nathaniel before flying back into the air.

Meanwhile, while Sunlight avoids getting run down, she'll suddenly find something grabbing her leg. Looking down, a big purple hand has her ankle. The big woman yells before throwing Sunlight in the other direction.

You know, unless you toss someone really hard, if that person can fly, the toss won't do much. And so, before hitting anything, Sunlight manages to break her fall and gain the skies again, frowning down at the fat purple lady, her glowing eyes showing how annoyed she is, "Hey, Fatso! Up here!!" She says, before tossing another beam of light energy, at full force now!

Nathaniel smiles at Freedom Ring lightly, but waves a hand to him only to exhale roughly and send his mind out to the other powered folks, /Hey. You're pissing her off. Ease off for a second. Especially you, leotard./ That's right. Leotard. HA. Nathan gives himself a little telekinetic boost and climbs on top of the nearest car, bouncing up and down and waving his arms in the fat woman's directions. He tries to send her those semi-hopeless, broken Japanese thoughts again, along with a steady stream of English that generally relates to anything that isn't aggressive.

"The scooter! Go for the scooter!" Freedom Ring yells up to Sunlight, sending a few bolts of energy up at the purple woman. Once more, Nathaniel gets angry mental yelling. Mostly insults this time. Ofcourse, Nathaniel's attracted attention now. So when the light blast comes in, the fat woman waves her spear. The beam just bends, rocketing down towards Nathaniel now!

Sunlight stops dead on her tracks. LEotard? She looks at Nathaniel, frowning, but when the fat lady decides to blast Nathaniel, she cries out, "Watch out!!" She says, and throws a light beam toward Nathaniel to shield him with a barrier to stop her reflected beam. With her other hand, she does as Freedom Ring suggested: go for the throat!- I mean, the bike! She shoots another beam, at the witch's bike, aiming at the frost wheel.

"Fuck," Nathan says with a sigh as that blast comes towards him, bouncing backwards to land on the back of the car at the same time Sunlight manages to shield him from it. He furrows his brow, licks his lips, and goes for something he's definitely more used to doing with empathy than telepathy: he moves into her brain. Similar to the projective empathic attack of filling someone's brains with emotions, he instead funnels all the thoughts he's picking up from outside sources and hotlinks them straight into her brain. This excludes Sunlight and Freedom Ring for the sake of safety, but every person in every nearby building that he can even remotely pick up.

As the light blasts meets light shield, Freedom Ring's distracted by the bright flash. Shielding his eyes, he doesn't seem what happens next. The purple witch starts yelling louder as it starts raining even harder as she feels the affects of Nathaniel's psychic attack. Then there's the light blast to her front tire. With a pop, the scooter wobbles, shakes…and starts to fall. Spinning and whistling like some kind of cartoon bomb, it's headed right for Nathaniel with the fat woman on it!

Sunlight grins as her attack hits, "Yes!" she cheers, but then she watches it fall, and toward… yes, you guessed it: Nathaniel! Sunlight curses now about fat foreign ladies wearing unfashionable colors as she dives in toward her, and then shoots another beam of light toward her, to envelop the witch with a sphere of light, to stop its fall, and also prevent her from getting away.

Nathaniel is pretty cool with how things are working out. Nobody's dead or dying, which is an improvement over the last fight he was in. When the fat lady starts dropping towards him, he throws up a telekinetic shield of his own to try and stop her from hitting the ground, similar to what he did with Freedom earlier. Whether the light sphere works or not, he does his part, though the back of his brain manages to surf the tide of telepathy pretty well to keep an eye on any fluctuations in the crazy lady's thought process.

Thanks to that spear, the light bubble is pierced again. And while the telekinetic barrier stops the scooter, causing it to explode and send the fat woman flying onto a nearby car, the spear gets pulled right through it to cut Nathaniel along his leg before vanishing into a shower of sparkling light. As everything begins to settle, there's a flash of light from where the woman landed and the gem that had been in her forehead blasts off into the sky and vanishes. When the light clears, in the fat-woman-shaped dent on the car there's nothing but that dress she was wearing and a toy scooter. How odd…

Meanwhile, somewhere off in space, there is a room. In this room, a single purple candle with a matching flame suddenly goes out. There's a slight pause in that room before someone or something laughs quietly.

Sunlight attempts to get the gem, but it's useless, as it escapes capture. "What was that…?" she mumbles, before looking down at the 'remains'. "… A dress and a toy scooter?" she asks, in disbelief, before looking at Nathaniel and hurrying to him, "Are you alright?"

Nathaniel hisses when the spear slices into his leg, curling slightly to clamp his hands over it once it disppears and clenching his teeth together. He shakes his shoulders and straightens as best he can in order to look to the toy and the dress, sucking at his lip again. He's staring so intently that he doesn't seem to hear Sunlight at first, but then he blinks at her and nods, "Huh? Yeah, I'm fine." As blood soaks through his jeans, "That was weird. When I tapped into her brain, she was just mad… but she started to calm down a little. And that gem thing…" He looks skywards, there, shaking his head a few times, "Maybe I'm not that smart, but I get the impression there was something going on here… hey, uh… Mini-Cap, how'd this fight start?" He apparently doesn't know who Freedom Ring is. Sadness.

Very few people know who Freedom Ring is. It's just how things are for him. With some spots still messing with his vision, the hero lowers down to peek at Nathan and Sunlight. "Wha? The fat woman just flew out of no where and stated throwing lightning. And I'm Freedom Ring. Mini-Cap is with the YOung Avengers," he says, looking a little annoyed.

Sunlight can't help but chuckle softly at the name 'mini-cap' and she smiles, shaking her head lightly, "I'm Sunlight." she says, smiling, "Would you like me to take you to a hospital?" She offers Nathaniel, "That cut looks deep."

"I appreciate your help, um, Sunlight, but I'm not a five year old civilian bystander. I can take myself to a hospital," Nathan says in a blandly stubborn fashion, though he nods to Freedom Ring after a second, cocking a brow and looking wryly amused, "Mini-Cap? Seriously? Christ. Uh. I'm… Neuroshock, I guess. It's what I've been using." He looks down at his leg, lifts his hand to see the blood, then sighs and peels his torn shirt off over his head, winding it around his leg in an absentmindedly practiced fashion before knotting it as tightly as he can. Flexing his knee, he appears satisfied, straightening and nodding to them, "Sorry for talking in your heads and stuff. I just wanted to know what was going on."

Freedom Ring shrugs. "I don't know. Pretty good looking guy with a shield that's in the patriotic gear. Seems like Mini-Cap to me," he says. Frowning at the injury on Nathaiel, the teen in pink and black nods. "If you're sure you don't need a hand, I gotta get going…"

Sunlight arches one eyebrow, "Are you sure you can head there on you own? I can take you fast, through the air." As Freedom Ring has to go, she waves to him, "Nice work against the witch. Hope to see you again." she nods gently, before looking back at Nathaniel.

Nathaniel waves lightly to Freedom Ring, then switches to a non-bloody hand, as that seems more polite, "Nah, it's cool. Have fun." He looks back to Sunlight and finally smiles an actual smile, at least alleviating some of that sourness, "I can fly, too. Just not that well. Gotta learn some time, though, right? Don't worry. I've had worse than this. We could race if you want, but I'm pretty sure you'd win." He licks his lips, focuses a moment, then rises into the air; it's smooth, but he goes a little higher than seemingly intended, even as a strange aura licks around him, odd and fiery. Satisfied, he wiggles his arms to test, then slides himself around upside down, "This is getting easier."

Freedom Ring offers a sheepish smile. "Sorry, if I'm gone too long, my parter gets a bit antsy," he explains. "Take care, both of ya!" he offers before blasting off into the sky surrounded by a bright blue aura.

Sunlight waves to Freedom Ring, and then she looks to Nathaniel, "Alright. If you can really get there on your own, I will be going too." she nods, standing up and then she flies up and away, to find a secluded spot to change.

Nathaniel nods his head and offers a wave to Sunlight as well, "Good luck." With that, the psychic darts somewhat awkwardly off into the city, hopefully on his way to a hospital and not further injuries.

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