2010-07-12: Exactly Wrong


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Summary: Immediately following Sticking Point, Lucas has correctly identified Connor as being possessed, but completely screwed up on his theory of by whom. Kenta and Addison show up to reveal the truths.

Date: July 12, 2010

Log Title: Exactly Wrong

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Holding Cells

Three cells line each wall each with an energy barrier that can be switched on and off with those with the security codes. The tech here is advanced and not something an average person can figure out. Inside the cells there are degrees of powers suppression, depending on who it's holding. There are cameras monitoring those held in here so there isn't much privacy. Each cell has a bed and a toilet in it and those held in here would be feed regularly. The door leading to the rest of the mansion is made of a thick, heavy steel, and is locked securely by advanced electronic means.

Lucas has quickly carried an unconscious Connor to the cells. He's locked him in one, activating as many security things as he is authorized. He called Kenta asking for help, and he now is pacing, debating calling Jinx, but not yet.

Emergency in the holding cells, this better be good, especially since his son is upstairs. He's had to leave the six year old upstairs as he runs down there, wishing the elevator would move faster. Once he gets down there he sees the unconscious Connor and Lucas and can't help but cross his arms over his chest almost sternly. "What is going on?"

Connor groans softly as the sedative begins to wear off, making him blink a few times as he rubs at one bruised arm and elbow from being dragged along, and tries to focus as he looks around the room…

Lucas walks quickly over to Kenta, clear relief on his face. He takes a deep breath, and says, "Ah tried to tell you. Twice. You didn't understand, but it can't be subtle no mores." He shifts his weight, "James has been possessed by a 17,000 year old creature called Selene. Selene is trying to manipulate the other kids he's assembled into the special team, you know, me, Connor, Robyn, Jinx… He's using us to get what he wants. We aren't sure exactly what his goals are, except he's intent on taking control of and becoming the leader of the Hellfire Club." He looks at Connor, "Last night, Connor started acting crazy. A little bit ago, he didn't know what we had talked about two days ago, and he's been talking about me havin' a daughter. As in, maybe, the future, where this Ahab spear what James got stabbed by came from." He looks agitated, "Ah think Connor's been possessed by one of Selene's sidekicks. Ah drugged him, and locked him up."

Kenta rubs his brow and lets out a sigh. "Okay…so lemme get this straight. James, our James, has been possessed? And I'm the first teacher your telling?" He'll deal with that later but he doesn't remember Lucas trying to tell him, or maybe he did. "Now you think Connor has been possessed too…shit. Well, we need Emma or Addison to see I'm not a telepath." He says as he looks down at Connor. "You sedated a student…damnit Lucas." The damnit can have so many meanings.

Connor grumbles some more as he sits up fully, leaning his elbows on his knees as he breathes for a few moments to compose himself. Looking up at the pair, shaking his head a few times before he then exhales hard and looks down, "Were you born stupid, or is this a learned skill Lucas…" Leaning his head back and eventually pushing up until his back is against the wall, "Addison's already vetted me… I was in the Medical Bay about eight hours ago with Robyn and Betsy, he walked right in. Robyn was bitching about Selene too…" When it finally hits him he looks at the bars, "You ACTUALLY have me in a containment cell?! ME?! Someone please fucking shoot me…"

Lucas' shoulders slump just a bit when Kenta doesn't react the way he expected. "Ah swear, Kenta… He's… different…" He walks over to the containment field, looking at Connor. "Why would Addison check you? Did you ask for it so you could make sure no one could question you? James has powers to block that shit now that he's Selene. Ah reckon you do too."

"I'm calling Addison here." Kenta says as he doesn't have the means of verifying anything. Using his communicator he calls Addison down. "Lucas…I do believe somethings different, Connor doesn't have that attitude, and yeah Connor, you're stuck in there for now. Until I get an okay from Addison." He says as he looks between the two. "So I called Addison, he'll check things out and if all is okay everyone can have a piece of mind, okay?"

Connor pushes himself to standing, and paces the cage, getting it's size in steps before he turns back and walks towards the edge of the entrance itself, and then stands there, looking up at the power nullifiers, "Actually… hey… mind if I take a nap in here? First comfortable night I've had in years. No dreams." Panning his blue-greens back and forth before finally snorting and turning his back, walking to the back once more, "How'd you think he was going to react, Luke? You've got no proof… so… you stole from the med bay, jacked me full of sedatives… and dragged me in here. All on the assumption that something's wrong. Do you want me to give the general problems with this plan, or would you like the bullet point presentation."

Lucas sighs. It's not really enough for him, but he trusts Kenta. "Even if he's clear, James isn't." He looks at Connor, and he snarls, lurching towards the field, "DON'T FUCKIN' CALL ME LUKE!" He shouts, with a sudden burst of anger that sends a blast of superheated air from the cuffs of his gloves. "The only think wrong here is that you got caught!"

It doesn't take long. Actually, it's something different that Addison just figured out. For short distances, he can disperse his molecular structure and then land, in effect, teleporting. He opens his eyes, back in his Phoenix outfit. He tilts his head. "I told you some of them would know something wasn't quite right, Connor." He says with a sigh, moving towards the panel. "Now, how did this happen?"

Kenta walks over and puts a hand on Lucas's shoulder. "Calm down Lucas..just take a deep breath." He says trying to calm him before looking over at Connor and almost narrowing his black eyes at him. "And you, I do believe Lucas that something is wrong, you're not acting like you and I believe something's up." Then Addison appears and there's a sigh of relief. "Hey Addison, I don't know how it happened but apparently well, Lucas thinks Connor isn't himself, I believe him, but I needed you to say if it's okay or not."

Lucas turns and looks at Addison, still breathing kind of heavily from his outburst. "He's not Connor. He's possessed by one of Selene's minions from the future!" He moves to stand by the panel Addison approaches. "Waitaminute! You can't seriously be plannin' to just let him go???"

Connor watches Addison, and then throws his hands wide, "You were right… I can't believe it actually happened, but you're right. He's devious, cunning… and a bucket of stubborn. I'd put him in a leadership course before he goes villian." And laughing a bit he turns to look at Lucas, "Allright… I'm caught. You're half-right. I'm not one of Selene's, but I -AM- from the future. Ten years to be precise. I had to hijack my own body to get here so we can put a stop to Ahab, Lucas. So… to sum up? Great idea…" And then he suddenly yells, "WRONG TARGET!" The invective rage in those two words enough to put to rest that he's not the gentle spirit who was in there before.

"Yes, I'm going to release him, Lucas. He's not a criminal. He's not here to hurt us. He's here to help us get back Cam." Addison states simply. "Everything he has said has been true." His body enflames. His voice deepens and gains a multi-layered quality, as if running through a synthesizer. "Or do you wish to question my ability?" He asks, tilting his head before stopping. He closes his eyes. A crease forms on his forehead as he turns everything back down. "Sorry. Sometimes, the power wants to come free. It's… hell to hold back. Now, how did he capture you anyway, Connor?" He asks, disabling the panel.

Lucas furrows his brow. "What? Ah'm good enough to threaten, but not good enough to tell you what happened?" He shakes his head, and turns to Kenta. "What the fuck is wrong with the staff of this school?" He moves over to stand by Kenta's side. "If you're really from the future," he calls to Connor, with a little disbelief, "how'd Ah turn out?"

Kenta looks to Connor. "Calm down and stop being a snarky ass, it isn't helping anything." Kenta says before looking to Lucas. "You calm down too okay, you're just reacting but just take a second and breath, okay?" He says trying to calm both teens down. "If Addison says he's okay, he's okay. And wow Connor, now you know how the last few years of my life have felt." He says with a slight smile before looking to Addison. "So lemme get this straight, he's from the future, ten years to be exact, and he's here to help with Ahab. Okay." Then he looks to Lucas. "And what is this Selene and 17000 year old business?"

Connor motions with a thumb to Lucas, "He came in trying to bury the hatchet while I was working out… asked a few questions, and I figured there was business left unsettled. So… I gave him a hug. Only he was hiding some fast-acting sedative in his pocket… came up under, got it right into my neck before I knew what hit me." And then he smiles, "Props to you… if I was in my body, you'd never have pulled that stunt. I've got better muscle memory." Approaching Addison, he then gives a nod, and a looks over his shoulder, "You think it's allright to tell him? It won't change anything now, the timeline's skewed too much from the original."

"We've dealt with such things before. Ahab came to Hound my sister once. From what I've read in the files. And you all have no recollection of her, do you?" Addison asks, raising an eyebrow. "Rachel? Was she a hound?" After all, she's stuck outside of time, like Addison himself now is, pretty much. Looking to Lucas, "There is nothing wrong with the staff of this school. You're taking dangerous turns to get things done. And where did you get sedatives?" He asks before glancing at Kenta. "Selene? I must not have heard this part yet." Back to Connor. "Though… don't tell him about himself. It's probably not a good idea to know too much about oneself. I've already figured out that I lose my sanity by then…"

Lucas steps forward then. "Don't ask him," he says to Connor of Addison. "Ah'm asking you." He gives a quick glare to Addison, "Nothing wrong, except our Head mistress is in the Hellfire Club. With Selene." He looks back at Connor. "Ah need to know, Connor." He takes another step towards Connor. "Please."

Kenta looks at Lucas and sighs. "Just know, that even if Connor tells you, it's not definite. Him being here could have already changed the future." He looks at Addison and says "thank you. Though any punishment for Lucas for anything he's done wrong, I'll handle. He is on my squad." He says and the punishment won't be as easy as last time. "Lucas, just take a breath and calm down." He says before looking at Connor. "Let's get you out of there." He says before looking to Addison as if to say 'kids'. "So Lucas, why did you go down there with sedatives in the first place?"

Connor turns around to face Lucas, tilting his head to one side before shrugging at Kenta, "You're a sight for sore eyes… wish I could tell you more… but allright… Lucas…" and taking a deep breath, he closes his eyes, and seems to collect himself, "I was a groomsman at your wedding. You broke up with her, but my history… the one I know… you two were solid after she went to college, the Scott Summers and Jean Grey of our generation. Big damn heroes. You head X-Force. Until the Sentinels came… and who they couldn't capture and didn't escape, they killed. I wasn't there for that. I was in England at the time at a publisher's convention with my book that the US government banned from print for it's pro-mutant liberalism." A small smirk and a snort, "You had a daughter. You named her Jessica."

"If you have a problem with our headmistress… as you are a graduate, you are WELCOME to Vacate the school and not return. If a universal force of life can say that she is safe to lead this school, then surely, that's good enough for YOU." Addison glares at Lucas. "The Hellfire Club is also made up of many leading businessmen and women. Elizabeth Braddock. Warren Worthington. Roberto DaCosta. Sage was a member. Many people in the organization are there to try to prove that it's not necessarily what people think it is. Emma Frost is our headmistress, and she is an X-Man. If you have a problem with it, take it up with Scott. On your way out." He glares before turning to Kenta. "Just remember, most sedatives strong enough to knock someone out are narcotic level, so that would be a crime if they were stolen." He says with a smile before shaking his head at Connor. "May have been too much there."

Lucas begins to walk backward, letting Kenta pull him away. He even opens his mouth to answer his question, and then Connor begins to tell him the future. One future. He doesn't listen to Addison, not surprisingly given his relationship with the guy in the past. He stops, listening only to Connor. "…X-Force…?" he repeats, with some disbelief on his face. His head turns a little when Connor tells him about his daughter. And he smiles. "…Even if that's no longer the real future…" he says to Connor, "…it helps." He swallows, watching Connor for a moment longer, his expression conveying the whirlwind of emotions he's feeling: hope, wonder, belief in himself. He nods, and then slowly turns to let Kenta lead him out.

Kenta gives Addison and look, and it shows he's not happy. "Addison, we'll deal with the stolen drugs and I don't think he's threatening Emma just worried about a friend. I'm going to look into his claims but I don't think Connor has anything to do with it. Lucas may have graduated but he still is a member of this school and I have offered him a job here as my teachers aide. I will deal with the punishment accordingly." He says before looking to Lucas and sighing. "I wanna smack you upside your blond head." But there's a slight smile.

"Hey." Volk says loud enough to catch the two before they leave, "Go easy on him… not TOO easy… I was dumb enough to get caught, allright?" And then chuckling a bit and shaking his head he returns to looking at Addison, "Actually… I'm sure you've already caught that yeah… I have a painkiller addiction, but that's mainly a physical thing. I'm a bit wobbly but nothing I can't shake off with some rest. But I was serious… mind if I sleep here with the evil power-sucking lights on?" Motioning back towards the cage with a thumb.

Addison tilts his head. He looks at Connor and blinks. The power is gone for now. "Or, I can do this and you can sleep somewhere more comfortable than the holding cell. You can sleep in a room." He offers, "With an actual bed. The future seems… harsh." He explains. "Reminds me of my home." He turns to Kenta. "Are you sure that's what you want to do? And Id idn't say he was threatening her. He was calling her in his own way, as bad as Selene may be. Though, if she's like the one from my world… well, it doesn't make sense. Most likely, she's as different as Emma."

Lucas sighs and looks at Kenta as they leave. "Would it help if'n Ah told you Ah checked his medical charts first to make sure Ah used a safe dose?" he asks, with a little smirk. "Prolly not, huh?" he then says, sighing, and walking out the door.

"Not a chance Lucas." Kenta says as he looks back at Addison. "Maybe he should talk to Emma, and I strongly suggest that. See what she says on this Hellfire Club matter and in regards to Selene." He looks to Connor. "You can use your old room since your roommate is in the medbay. As for Lucas here, he's not getting psychical labor, that's been done. I'm gonna get…creative." He says with a smile that must not be good for Lucas.

Connor exhales in relief, "Man that's nice. Too bad it can't last…" And with that he starts walking towards the door a bit slowly to give Lucas and Kenta their space, "Eighteen hours, Addison… just remember the deal. After that we go on the hunt." Keeping his voice low enough so that the others will not hear, as he adds, "The future wouldn't help either of them… really. Especially Kenta. It'd break his heart."

"If I'm insane, I can only imagine. But… with Kenta, the most important thing is his child. If his child is safe, Kenta will deal with anything that comes his way." Addison explains to Connor, sotto voce. "After 18 hours, don't think I won't be coming with you. You need me. Nobody else can free the Hounds." He explains. "I don't know how, but I know that Rachel did it. And if she can, I can." He nods.

"Eh, I'd rather not know. Honestly, I'm gonna live my life not one someone tells me I'm gonna live. Thanks a ton Addison for clearing things up." And Kenta means that too, though he looks at Connor. "Though you're in 2010 now, if you're from 2020, well…I don't know what it's like there but you might wanna take a nicer tone or you'll get someone clocking you for being this 'better than thou cause I'm from the fucking future' attitude." It's more the attitude that he's warning against. Then he looks at Lucas. "Now I gotta figure out something you hate. Like..having to deal with people."

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