2011-05-11: Exciting News


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Summary: Robyn and Connor both share some news about decisions for their future.

Date: May 11, 2011

Log Title: Exciting News

Rating: PG

NYC - Life Cafe

Located in the East Village, the Life Cafe displays the vibe of area. This sidewalk cafe has a Bohemian feel with posters on the wall, a small bar inside, tables shoved everywhere, and even a secret garden tucked away in back for people to dine. The menu features burgers, chicken sandwiches, and quite the vegetarian enclave.

After contacting Rashmi and grabbing Connor, Robyn aranged for the three of them to meet up at the Life Cafe in New York City. He's been itching to tell them some news he's had for a while now but he's been waiting for some final details and he also wanted to tell his two best friends together. He grins at Connor and bounces on the soles of his feet a bit as he adjusts the messaganger bag on his shoulder. "I've been dying to tell you this news for a while but I had to figure out a few things with my parents before I could really say anything for certain."

Connor chuckles a bit as he holds the door for his bouncy friend, rolling his eyes as he replies, "If you'd been any happier this last week, we could've used you as an emergency power supply." Taking a look back on the street for a moment, and hiding the slightly pensive look on his own face. While he's been keeping the worst of it at bay, Robyn has seen the opposite. Since about two weeks ago, his roommate has been a bit more quiet than usual. Still friendly, willing to do things, and not brooding per se… but quiet. "Anyways… I can't believe after next month it's over. Some year and change, huh?"

Rashmi turns the corner, trotting down the lane with a slight bounce to her step. It's not often, after all, she gets the chance to meet up with her friends, and given Robyn's voice the news could only be the best kind of good. As the pair become visible at the cafe door, she lifts a hand, waving and picking up her pace. "Hey, guys!"

Robyn hurries over to Rashmi to great her with a hug. "Hey Rashmi!" He says. "Glad you could take time off of school." He says. "I know, it feels like things went by so fast but yet it feels like it's been forever. Let's go inside and get a table and I can tell you the good news!"

Connor smiles at Rashmi, and gives an almost shy wave in reply, but his eyes are slightly more serious and intent towards her… but not in the bad manner. It's more like looking for something that might not be there. He does say before he slips inside, "I like what you've done with your hair, by the way." And then he's gone… inside to get the table for the group, including getting condiments, and setting everything up to his incidental OCD satisfactions.

Rashmi's smile falters at the compliment, but only for a heartbeat. Lifting a shoulder, she follows the pair in the cafe. "Actually I don't really have school to take time off of… Took the semester off, don't start back up again until the fall. And what I *do* have going, I don't need to be around for… um. A while? Three hours or so, so. Plenty of time to talk about good news."

Once they're all sitting at the table Robyn leafs around his bag and pulls out a worn letter that he opens and puts down on the table. "I got in, to Parsons. I found out a few weeks ago but I didn't want to say anything until I heard back from the scholarships I applied for." He says grinning. "I got a few scholarships, not a full ride but with fiancial aid combined with the scholarships my parents and I figured out the tuition would be managable. So, I'm going art school next year!" He says grinning happily.

Connor really cannot help but smile as he sits back in his chair, waiting for a moment as he looks around the room. Taking a deep breath, the smile still remains as he replies, "That's great… really. All your hard work is paying off. At least seeing you won't be a problem… Rashmi lives here, and I'm just a phone call away. Oh yeah… I should get you my new number." Taking out a brand new smartphone from his pocket, one not with the school logo, "And I know what to get you for graduation then, eh?"

"You made it?!" Following her delighted exclamation, the redhead actually leans across the table to hug Robyn's shoulders, her grin wide and sunny. "Robyn that's *amazing!* D'you know if you'll be staying on campus? Because I'll help you move if you do, no problem. …New number?" Rashmi turns to Connor, blinking for a moment at his phone, then dipping her hand into her bookbag as she sits back down. "…Right! That makes sense. Okay. I'm *really* happy for you, Robyn, that's incredible news."

"I don't know where I'll be living yet if on campus, if back at home or somewhere else but I didn't want to tell you guys I got in until it was final that I could afford to go. And definately Rashmi, we'll have to continue to get together regularly." Robyn says as he gives Connor a confused look as he pulls out his own cell phone. "New number…oh man I should probably get a new phone too since I won't be at Xavier's next year. Have you decided what you're going to do next year Connor?"

Connor holds a finger up towards Robyn, "Don't worry about the phone… that I'll take care of for you. Besides… if I didn't, you wouldn't be able to get your paint game and Angry Birds fixes." Winking once as it roomie before looking to Rashmi and smiling at her as well, though he still has that slightly pensive air around him. His arm drapes over Robyn's shoulder for a hug, "Rashmi's right… when you figure out the living situation, let us know. God knows, I'm fantastic for moving the big stuff. No stairs." The grin a bit more genuine before it falls away, "I… it's gotten… complicated. I didn't want to spoil your good mood… so I've been sitting on it, and thinking about what to do."

Rashmi snorts at this, her brows furrowing. "Connor… don't be silly. We can be perfectly happy for Robyn *and* help you try and figure things out. I mean, c'mon, we're your *friends,* right? If we can't even try, that's *our* fault." Glancing at Robyn, Rashmi shrugs faintly, eyes asking a question at him; 'Did you know about this?'

"Angry Birds is the greatest video game ever made." And it's the only video game that Robyn's really found he's enjoyed. "That and Fruit Ninja. Thanks, but I'll also talk to my Mom and Dad cause I can probably get put on their family plan." He then gets a confused look on his face and answers Rashmi's silent question with a small shake of his head. "What's up Connor, my good news is revealed so you don't have to worry about spoiling it. It's now become old news."

Connor looks away for a moment, and his hands slip to his lap, where they bunch into fists for a moment, squeezing back and forth a few times. He gives a lopsided smile, "I… got a letter. From the Barnes Academy. They wanted me to come in for a study evaluation… not really sure what it meant, but the letter went home, and not to the school. Dad got it… and we got in a fight. He doesn't want me to go. We're all worried. Even mom doesn't know what's going on, and my uncle's gone tightlipped about things too."

Rashmi's lips purse, a slow whistle pushed past them. "…Huh. That's… huh." Sitting back in her chair, she frowns for a moment, putting these clues on the ever-moving parts of her mind, where some use can be gotten out of them. "…Weird. Usually they just send the brochure, and…" She trails off, eyes narrowing. "…Okay. I'll ask around. I probably won't get much in the way of answers, but I'll know what I'm looking for by the holes I get."

Robyn gets an even more confused look on his face as Connor tells him about the letter from Barnes. "Why would that be so bad though? I mean Rashmi goes there and it's not like it's worse then Xavier's. I always thought the Barnes seemed like something you'd like." He admits before nodding to Rashmi.

Connor brings his hands back up on the table, "I'm just… I dunno. I'm a legal adult now… he can say what he wants, but the choice is mine. I'm just worried more about WHY he's choosing now to get mad about it. He was happy I was at Xavier's… relieved in fact. Now this change? I just don't get it." Shaking his head, he smiles and then looks at Robyn, before reaching over and giving him a tight hug, "Hey… you were happy… and I'm happy you're happy. Rashmi will look into it, so I can relax. And we can celebrate you chasing your dream." He releases, and gives an apologetic shrug, "You know how I get with these things, always expecting the worst. But hey… enough about me. We're all here, let's enjoy it." And none of it sounds forced. His look seems slightly more relaxed and grateful now, the 'weight' on his shoulders having lifted a bit.

Rashmi reaches over, patting Connor's arm. "No, I totally understand. This *is* weird, but I think I have a couple ideas why. … …So um… Just a heads up, I'm *probably* going to want to talk to your Dad and your Uncle, soonish. Anyway. Celebration! What's this school like, Robyn? I mean all I really know for college is NYU and Barnes, so, um… You been to visit the campus yet?"

Robyn nudges Connor lightly and gives him a smile. "Not were, I still am happy." He says chuckling. He gives Rashmi a final nod as he knows she's good with research and finding things out and with her being at Barnes she can find more things out. "We're going to have to celebrate with cupcakes after we get lunch. And I know I love meat and stuff but I have to say their veggie burgers here are really good. And Parsons is in Greenwich Village. It's all arts, so it's not really an acedemic school. So I'll be focusing on doing more than just sculpting but art history, drawing, and more. Norman Rockwell went to school there."

Connor makes a face, "Veggie Burgers? Okay… I like my meat as meat, not something wearing a meat mask… they have anything else on the menu?" Turning his head to look up and back to see if he can spot the deli menu, then looks back to the others, "Good that you're filling out your skills… not just the sculpting… but to be honest, I think that's your best talent… though your subjects are always a little weird. I thought your Homework Monster was kinda cool… but I'm weird, remember? So, you don't know if you're going to live there. Living with your parents in the meantime? Your mom going to be cool with you coming home with all your X-stuff? I know she freaks anytime the spandex and mask stuff comes up."

"If you get a job," Rashmi points out, "I'm pretty sure you could ask a friend or two to share a walkup. Apartments aren't all that cheap, but rooming's usually a pretty good deal if you can stand the people you'll live with. Plus, you'll be a sub ride away, they'll like that, right?"

"I don't really know anyone but you guys to move in with. I might just get a dorm there too. I'm not sure yet." Robyn says as those are still things that he's considering. "And there are regular burgers and chicken sandwhiches here too." He says to Connor to reassure him that there isn't only meatless meat there. "I can do normal sculputers and pottery like with the dance fund raiser and what I made your Mom for Christmas but I like my weird. And Mom's gotten better about the costume stuff. Honestly…I think she's happy I'm going to art school to get away from all the Xavier's stuff."

Connor motions with one hand, and gets that same grin again, "Well… that's it. That's the answer. I could get a job here in New York… something for the summer or beyond while I get stuff sorted out… Rashmi could chip in too… and we could get a place here. Hell, it would do some of our other friends good too. And it would give a certain someone here a place to go that's not school… and all it's antiseptic hallways, and security cameras with her boyfriend." Giving Rashmi a rather pointed and somewhat teasing older brother-style grin.

Rashmi's eyebrow rises, a deep flush spreading on her cheeks. Clearing her throat rather more loudly then necessary, she picks up her menu and makes a show of looking it over. "I'll need to do some fast talking at the firm, but I'm *pretty* sure I could get myself back on the payroll. I'll need to not have a crisis for a few months, so they know I really *am* actually dependable, but. Sure. I could chip in."

"I wonder if Pearl is hiring.." Robyn muses as he'd love to work at an art school. "And having a job is a good thing to get ready for real life I guess." He says chuckling. "I'll be honest I kinda want to get away from Xavier's. There are so many new kids and I am starting to feel like an old dog there in a sense. I'm going to miss it but I'm not going to enjoy being around people who aren't kidnapped every other week."

Connor leans back, his eyes narrowed in on a chicken basket on display, and he purses his lips in thought for a moment, then exhales and says, "I'll miss it. Despite everything that went wrong… a lot more went right. I've got control of my life now. I'm not ruled by my condition, and I understand that people WILL help me if I need it. It's had an effect on everything I've been doing, including my writing. Instead of doing the usual, for the last month I've been writing a script. Sort of a personal thing, but it's all about a person trying to face himself, and those selves appearing in other forms and arguing the point of their needed existences."

"Y'know… some people don't seem to get why I keep going back," Rashmi says quietly. "It's like you said, Connor… There was a lot that went wrong, while I was there. But I mean, before? I was a wreck. The school I went to was pretty much a stereotype of inner-city high schools, and the *last* thing i ever wanted was to be outed as a mutant there. So just… finding out that there were so many others someone made a *whole school* for it? Even if it was just that, it would have been enough. But there was more… so… That's why I go back, help out. Despite all the problems, they gave me more than I could *ever* repay." Shaking her head, she smiles at the boys. "Those both sound like good ideas, honestly… Maybe see about working in one of the smaller galleries around here, Robyn? And, Connor… if you *want,* I'd like to read that script when you're done."

"I'm not saying I didn't like it there, I did. I do. Just, I think I need a change sometimes." Robyn says trying to explain what he meant. "I mean I met you guys, I've met Jordan, I did a lot of growing up at Xavier's and gained a bit more confidence in myself. And I get what you mean, the last thing I wanted to be at my old school was outed as gay. It wasn't until Xavier's that I even admitted to myself that I am." He says as picks up the letter and looks at it again. "I might go back with you on Sunday's sometimes Rashmi."

"Sure, Rash… lemme polish it up a bit more, and I'll send it to you in email. I think you'll appreciate the part where the character's indecision is mirrored as six different people, how the line of conversation bounces back and forth between them all as they try to force the point of view to not choose any one of them… but anyways… let's eat, allright? And we'll talk about what the future holds after. Sorry… that chicken basket looks GOOD, and I skipped breakfast when someone said we'd be going out to see you." Connor says as he motions towards the menu and then back, trying to signal one of the waitresses.

Rashmi grins, bobbing her head. "Sounds like a plan," she says. "….Um. Double bacon burger, for me? And spicy fries, if you've got them." Looking sheepishly back at the boys, she lifts a shoulder. "…Been doing a *lot* of heavy exercise lately. Hungrier than I used to be."

Robyn goes with the veggie burger. "You guys really are the best and I love you both." He says as he slips the letter back into his bag. "And let me know when you polish it up, you know I always like reading your work. I've gotten a few inspirations off of the stories you've let me look at." He says as the waitress comes over to take food orders for the three friends.

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