2011-05-17: Exploring Factory Ruins


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Summary: Rashmi and Travis decide to go digging into Franky's Past.

Date: May 17, 2911

Log Title: Exploring Factory Ruins

Rating: PG-13

The Brayburn Textiles industrial complex

The Brayburn Textiles industrial complex, at one time a booming factory system that produced plastics and other refined goods though these days a deserted ruin. The 10 Acre grounds are surrounded by a 10ft high chain-link fence capped with concertina wire with a single locked gate and gaurdhouse at the front. A few strands of yellow crime scene tape flutter in the breeze as the last rays of the setting sun cast an unsettling red glow about the abandoned buildings.

This is the location that Travis was able to dig up of a fire around the time Franky was found and now he stands outside with Rashmi looking at the husk of a building. "Wow…I was expecting an apartment complex not and old factory." He says walking up to the fence and looking over the compound. "Brayburn…well that's something. The question is do we go in."

Rashmi chews on her lower lip, eyes roaming to the guard post. "…Well, if it's abandoned… Probably it's okay if we *do.* Just… y'know… We should really be careful, y'know? No telling *what's* in there." The redhead purses her lips for a few more seconds, and lets a breath out through her nose. "…And we shouldn't break anything if we can help it… Maybe over the fence?"

Travis nods to Rashmi. "I've never really done anything like this before." He says slipping out of his jacket so that all six arms are exposed. He looks around and then folds his hands together into a sort of stirrup. "You first and then I'll follow you. Let's hope that noone's keeping an eye on the place. And what do you think Franky did at a Textile factory, was he a factory worker?"

"Frankly?" Rashmi says, hitching up her skirt and resting her foot in the stirrup, "I'd be amazed if that's all it was." Her eyes flick back to the fence, a deep frown on her face. "…Um. Barbed wire. Right…" Her spheres fade into view around her, drifting up above her head… all but one, which floats at eye-level, describing a minute, almost impercebtibly slow circle in front of her face. "…This is going to be a hard landing," she murmurs, wrapping her arms tight around the translucent mental construct. "…Okay!"

Once over the fence finds you both in the main parking lot. The shadows of the building casting an oppressive gloom over the cracked and pitted ashpalt. The complex itself is three buildings, one in the center of the complex and one to either side. While the center building has taken the most fire damage all three buildings have thier windows boarded up and police tape across the doorways. A glint of metal would catch the eye and upon closer inspection would be revealed as a bullet casing. Seems more than a fire went on here.

Walking forward slowly, Travis looks around the area and the glint of metal catches his eye. He picks it up using his jacket as a glove and looks at the casing. "Rashmi…I don't think this was just fire." He says showing her the casing. "This doesn't seem to add up." He says as he looks at the building. "Let's stick close." He says a bit nervous.

Rashmi rubs absently at her hip, wincing away the pain of a less-than-dignified drop to earth. Once Travis displays the casing, however, a chill runs up her spine, eyes darting left and right. "…Okay," she says quietly. "…I'm perfectly sure there's a reasonable explanation for a spent shell at a plastics factory that was on fire. Per-fectly reasonable. Not sinister at oh who am I kidding." Drawing in a deep breath, she creeps closer to the main door, glancing over the police tape. "…How long ago did this happen, again?"

"About two months ago." Travis says quietly as he looks around to see if he can spot any other bullet casings. "I'm kind of tempted to see if we can find a way inside that main building there. Just see if there's anything inside. I know we're totally breaking and entering right now but right now it might be the only way we can find out more."

"Trespassing," Rashmi murmurs absently, the back of her mind abuzz with activity. "Unlawful Entry if we go inside, Breaking and Entering if we do property damage on the way in." She falls silent for a moment, pursing her lips. "…Let's check the other buildings first. We really ought to be sure we've gotten everything we can from outside, before we do something stupid."

Travis reaches over and takes one of Rashmi's hands with one of his own and smiles at her. "Well I think we're already done something stupid." He says obviously nervous and a bit on edge. "Okay, let's head over to that one first." He says walking over to the building on the right of the center building keeping his eye on the ground for anything else that might be worth noticing.

The Right-hand building seems to have been an office of some sort, the door is closed and several strands of police tape criss-cross it's surface. The side closest to the center building has some scorched from the fire and the windows are all boarded over. The most curious thing about the building are the scattering of holes in the wall near one of the front windows and some graffiti along the back wall scrawled in spray paint reading 'Muties go Home'

Rashmi's cheeks go ashen at the sight of the holes, looking away from the graffiti in the hopes that the context won't affect her… which fails, spectacularly. "…Travis," she says after a moment, "….You didn't bring a flashlight, did you?"

Travis takes a sharp in take of breath as he reads what's painted on one of the windows. "Rashmi this…wasn't an accident. But, why would they target a factory for an anti mutant crime. Would they really go that far for just one mutant that worked here?" He asks shaking his head at the question. "I didn't think to, I should have though. I wonder.." He says as he forms a blade out of energy in his hand and holds it up where one of the holes are so hopefully Rashmi an see something. It gives off the same sort of soft glow that a cellphone would.

The glow from the energy blade reveals little save that the holes go the entire way through the wall, though the light does not shine brightly enough to show what is beyond.

Rashmi straightens away from the wall, wrinkling her nose. "…Well there go my hopes of finding a *bullet* to match up…" Pushing a breath through her nose, she shakes her head. "…Anything more we could find out… It's inside, Travis. … ….I don't want to go in, but… if you think we need to, I'll back you up, all right?"

"I don't want to either, I'm kinda scared what's inside but I do think we should." Travis says going up to one of the pieces of wood and putting a bit of pressure on it to see if he can just push it in or if it's stuck on more solidly. "Right now we just have a spray painted hate message and one bullet casing, that's not much of anything to go by."

The boards over the windows are nailed on rather securely, entrance would require a crowbar or other implement to pry them off of the wall.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Rashmi mumbles to herself, casting about the area in search of anything vaguely lever-shaped. "Bad enough if it were Magneto he'd just pull off the nails and walk in like he owned the place…."

"Well we're not doing this to steal or to hurt anyone, we're trying to do this to help Franky." Travis says just as much for Rashmi as he says it to reassure himself. He forms the energy sword of his again and starts to wedge so he can pry open board on the window. "If things start to seem like they're more then we can handle or anything we call Barnes and get the hell outta here okay?"

With the aid of the blade the boards come off easily enough, the creaking of the bending nails echoing through the room beyond. From the outside with the limited light it's hard to tell what lay within the room.

Rashmi lifts herself up on the windowsill, nudging the shards of glass on the frame, just in case they'll oblige and let themselves be pushed away. "…Lemme go in first," she whispers over her shoulder. "Easier for me to get under cover and do anything about… well… whatever, y'know?" Picking her way over the shattered window, she drops to the floor within.

Travis nods to Rashmi and watches her drop inside as he stands outside looking around. "Just let me know when it's safe to follow." He says as he looks around outside one last time before heading in once he has the okay from Rashmi.

Once the room is entered details begin to unfold, a desk on it's side near the wall was likely used to barricade the door at one point. Scorch marks on the floor would indicate some kind of small device detonated there and there are some darker patches on the walls and floor. The source is undiscernable in the dim light but have sinister implications. Along the far wall there's another pit of graffiti, though this was done with more care and time. A white square with a red circle inside it and the lettering 'FoH'

Rashmi turns to the window, gesturing for Travis to enter behind her. Once done, she gives the room a more thorough examination, eyes narrowing. "Well… this was, um… *definitely* a fight." Scooting away from the window, she calls her spheres back into being, drawing them into a cluster near the floor to allow their gentle glow to reveal more about the dark patches… though she probably knows what they are, already.

Once inside Travis freezes and just looks around. "What the hell happened here…" He says even though he can get a decent idea. He takes a few steps forward and starts looking around the room a bit. "So we know this had something to do with Franky, Mutants and the Friends of Humanity deciding to go arson shooting rage on a textile factory. This is…I guess I'm kind of glad Franky doesn't remember this. It seems like it would be a horrible thing to remember."

Rashmi rises, brushing off her skirt and scowling. "I'm not sure it was mutants that did this," she says, pointing at the scorch marks. "I've seen those before… Those grenade things that SWAT uses to blind people when they're in a fight? Hooligan used them too… Lemme see that shell you picked up?"

"I didn't saw it was mutant that did it, I think it was this FoH…" TRavis says as he unfolds his jacket to show her the casing. "FoH that's that anti-mutant group Friends of Humanity, right?" He asks even though he knows he should know it. "Blind people like smoke grenades?"

"Nono, like really bright light, really loud noise, less on the exploding to kill people part. … …Flash-bangs, that was it." Leaning over, she peers at the shell, pieces to the puzzle flying around the back of her brain. "…Hey Travis. … …Doesn't this look like something you'd see at the firearms range? … …Like, *our* range?"

"It looks bigger then what I used in the shooting range but honestly I don't know a ton about various bullet sizes." Travis says. "I mainly use the handguns and this looks a little different then a nine millimeter casing." He's not throwing out the idea though. "So should we keep this between us for not and not tell Barnes or anyone else what we're up to?"

"I…" Rashmi pauses for a moment, then sighs, shoulders drooping. "…Let's see what else there is. … Like, in the big building. I mean we're here already, right?" Closing her eyes, she shakes her head. "…I want to be sure whatever we have is air*tight* before we take it to Ms. Drew."

Travis nods. "Yeah, I usually talk to Index about this kind of stuff." He says as if his mind is a bit distracted. "Actually do you want to head back and then we can grab stuff like flash lights and anything else we need and get cracking on the main building tomorrow night? I also don't want to stay out too late and raise suspicions."

"…Probably a good idea," Rashmi murmurs, looking over her shoulder at the FoH logo. "…And we'll have time to change into our, um… working clothes. … Just in case this place isn't as empty as it looks." Sighing to herself, she makes her way to the window. "Frankly," she whispers, looking up at the night sky, "what *happened* to you?"

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