2011-07-08: Explosion At The Estate

Players: Jordan Mayfair and Shifter

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Summary: An explosion outside the Mayfair Estate leads to a confrontation with hoodlums.

Date: July 8, 2011

Log Title: Explosion at the Estate

Rating: R

Westchester - Jordan Mayfair's House (Living Room)

The door to the Mayfair swings wind open and Jordan swings it wide open and makes his way into the living room, and undo his tie and shouts to Wilfred, “A rum and coke, Wilfred! And more rum than coke, please.” Jordan plops down on the sofa looking about and resting, “Damn it is hot outside.” He kicks his shoes off into the air and leans his head resting it.

Upstairs the shapeshifting mutant so apptly named Shifter is fast asleep in bed, he's dressed in a pair of light grey pajama bottoms, the sound of Mayfair returning doesn't quite wake him, instead he just turns over and continues dreaming.

Wilfred brings his master a drink and then there is a knock at the door. Jordan shakes his head, "I am too tired and. It's been a LONG day. Wilfred, please see who it is and tell them to get lost." Wilfred nods and goes to open the door. No one is there, but there is a package down the long driveway. "No one is here but a package is at the driveway gate." He says. Jordan tells him to go get it. Wilfred walks towards the package and lifts it for a moment. Upon reaching the package, there is a large explosion ripping the gate apart and leaving the charred remains of Wilfred.

An explosion is enough to wake even the sleeping Shifter, dazed but awake he jumps out of bed and out the bedroom door in time to see the remains of the butler fall to the floor, he flips over the banester landing on the floor below, 'What now?'

Hearing the explosion, Jordan shakes his head and continues sipping his drink until Shifter makes his way down. He exhales and goes to the window to see what is left of the butler, “Dammit!” He looks to Shifter, “Can you believe this? Now I need to hire a new butler! I had Wilfred trained perfectly!” He walks outside towards the gate when from his periphery two hooded figures are running down the empty street. Jordan looks towards them and points, <The bombers are getting away.>

Shifter doesn't comment on Mayfair's reaction to the butler's death as he's already been given instructions, he shifts his leg muscles to maxamise his speed following then on the otherside of the fence, once he's close enough he leaps over the fence aiming to land in front of them.

Landing in front of the two hooded hoodlums. They scream at the mutant. “Oh shit! It’s a freak!” The start to run in the opposite direction back towards the estate only to find Jordan standing there leaning against the fence and shaking his head, “Ok, so what should we do about this?” He asks them. They turn looking back at Shifter and back at Jordan, “You get the freak.” Hoodlum 1 says to Hoodlum 2. Reaching for a gun, he aims and shoots wildly towards Shifter. While the other pulls out a knife attempting to stab the lawyer.

The Freak?, huh it's been a while since someone openly refured to Shifter as that, it takes him back to the days when he didn't know enough about his powers to defend himself, he feels a twinge ofhis dislike for humans rising to the surface, he brings his elbows together and forms a thick bone shield to deflect the bullets.

The bullets simply bounce off the bone shield and the man gets momentarily frightened and then throws the gun at Shifter and then starts to run across the street away from the others. “Help! Help! The monster is trying to kill me!” As the other man armed with the knife attempts to stab and slash at Mayfair, Jordan is able to dodge each time the blade comes near able to see the attack before they come. Finally tiring of this, as the man goes for another swipe, Jordan grabs the man’s wrist and then lands a kick to the man’s stomach followed by a punch to the face causing the man to drop the gun. Seeing the other man run away, Jordan telepathically contacts his ward, “Grab him and bring him back to the estate before the neighbors see. I can tell the police are already on their way.”

Shifter catches the gun when it's thrown shifting his arms back to normal mid-catch, he reacts before even instructed, shifting the muscles in his arms he strengthen his throw he launches the gun at the man's back before running after it. As he catches up he leaps over the man landing infront of him and decides to really freak him out, he shifts both arms into his usual bladed claws, shifts his back into black bladed tipped wings (none functional) and shifts his face into a similar look to vampires from Buffy, basic aim here? freak the guy the fuck out.

Having subdued his assailant, Jordan hefts the hoodlum onto his shoulder, “Ugh I have to cerry him myself. How degrading” He mutters to himself as he begins to head back onto the estate. Seeing what Shifter is doing telepathically, Jordan smirks a bit, “Enough with the theatrics. Bring him in.” The man seeing Shifter shift into a vampire, lets out a loud shrillish almost feminine scream and then he grabs his heart as he experiences chest pains, “Oh, vampire freak. Please don’t suck me.” He lets out moans as he falls to his knees and lets out whispers of cries for help until he just slumps over.

Giggling mentally as well, <I like that vampire look. I say if it has that same effect, use it more often.> Carrying the men into the living room, <Let’s put them in the cellar.> Kicking open a door leading to the basement/wine cellar of the Mayfair Estate, Jordan throws the man he was carrying on to the floor. As the man starts to come too a little bit, Jordan kicks him in the head and points to a spot on the floor. “Throw the piece of garbage over there.” Jordan starts to walk towards a locked door in the cellar pulling out a key from his pocket, “Darnit. I’m going to have to hire yet another manservant. Goodness, I guess I should send some money or something to Wilfred’s family?”

Shifter grins, 'First time i've tried it, figured it would freak the guy out, show him what a real freak looks like', he follows Mayfair and throws the man down where Mayfair points, 'He have a pension?, usually with things like this don't employers release it to the family?'

Shaking his head and grumbling, “I suppose. Dammit.” He unlocks the door revealing a rather sadistic looking chamber with various contraptions and devices showing either an interrogator’s or a sadomasochist’s wet dreams. <Why don’t you go grab any of Wilfred’s remains and whatnot before the police get here.> Jordan drags one of the hoodlums into the torture room. “I’ll restrain these gentlemen and then deal with the cops.”

Shifter groans, joy remains, still he leaves the room and heads out to do the job he's told to do, trying not to think about how Mayfair is planning on restraining the guys in that room.

After a few minutes, Jordan has restrained the men. A few screams can be heard all the way upstairs as Jordan locks the door to the cellar room and then returns upstairs and joins Shifter. As the former manservant’s remains are dealt with, sirens can be heard in the background, “Ok, Axel, inside. I’ll deal with the police.” He fishes in his pocket pulling a rather large wad of money. “And good job today.” Jordan smiles and pats Shifter on the shoulder before walking to the remains of the gate and shaking his head as he walks towards the oncoming police cars.

<Go ahead and play your music as loud as you want. The cops won’t mind.> As he stands at the entrance, the cops arrive and Jordan can be seen in the distance nodding his hand and speaking with the brandishing the money, but the contents of the conversation cannot be heard as the music from Shifter’s stereo drowns out the conversation and screams from the cellar below.

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