2009-02-20: Explosions of Anger


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Summary: Keith and Dmitri ad witnesses to Xane and Kaden blowing up at each other.

Date: February 20, 2009

Log TitleExplosions of Anger

Rating: PG-13 (language)

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

With much poking and prodding, Keith Flinn has convinced a spirit or two to accompany him downstairs for something. He didn't say what but it was something. Dressed in cargo shorts and a tank-top, the wind spirit's all grinning as he leads everyone to the room he'd bought on the ground floor. "You're gonna like this, K-man. It's the thing I told ya about the other day. The delivered it and guys are coming by in a few days to install it for ya," he finally reveals as the elevator hits the bottom floor.

Kaden nods as he follows Keith down, his hands shoved in his pockets. The other day when they went to the pet store, there was a strange side of Kaden that came out around the fuzzy little critters. He really seemed to take a liking towards animals. "Well anything to get you to stop hinting at it, I swear, I think the fact that you so obviously want to say what the fuck it is is more driving me crazy." He curious but not even close to being curious enough that it drives him crazy.

Xane also followed, if only to appease Keith. He's been in a real rut, finding out that the Food & Wine people want a different spread for their feature. He's been hard at work in his room looking up what he could get to please the folks at the magazine. "Maybe if I use eels. No, lamb." He says, thinking aloud.

Dmitri has no idea what he is doing in The Marc. Ok, thats a lie, he knows why he is there, he is there to deliver a slightly late birthday gift to Drew, but the reason he came in person without telling anyone ahead of time eludes him. Just like why he even spent the time he did on the gift for someone he barly knows and still swears he does not feel the connection too still makes little sense to him. His normaly emotionless face shows a sign of irritation simply because he keeps finding hismelf doing things that are not logical and normal for him since he met the other spirits. His timing ever perfect Dmitri enters the building as the elevator disgourgeous almost everyone he knows…except the person he was going to give the small blue velvet box in his hands too.

Keith chuckles. "Relax, K-man. I'm more eager to give it to you so you're able to be more comfortable," he says, grinning. "Why now both?" he chimes to Xane, taking a guess. And then there's Dmitri right there. "Dmitri! Great timing!" he greets the Earth spirit, moving over to hug the older spirit. "C'mon with us," he suggests. "You might find it interesting too," he goes on, leading them all down a hallway and to a door marked with Keith's name. The white-haired man scowls at the nameplate before pulling a key out and unlocking the door. It's a nice room, almost like a fancy hotel room. Nice living area, branch off to a bathroom, bedroom with a queen-sized bed. "Huh…so gotta get someone to redecorate down here," he mutters. And in the middle of the room is a large crate. "And here it is."

Kaden looks at Xane. "Yeah, speaking about food, you and I need to talk. Don't ever alter my food like that again….please." He tacks on trying to be nice about it, but it kind of does sound forced and he does sound not all too pleased. He's already changed his mind from just out right decking Xane but it did take him a few days to confront him. Dmitri gets just a look from Kaden, no hello but no snide comment either. As he follows Keith into the room he just looks at the box. "Great, its a large hunk of wood."

The Chef is taken aback to the statement from the teenager. "Excuse me?" Takes him a moment to think of something to say. "I can't just turn it off. You have to understand, I've been doing it my whole life. I've just now realized it. Not only have I been trying to do it differently, I have also tried to stop it, and failed to. So I just try to make the best of it." The arrival of Dmitri goes a bit un-noticed, he's never been confronted about his cooking like that before, nor does he appreciate it.

Dmitri blinks as Keith is suddenly yelling his name, its not like he does not know who he is already. Dmitri does not stiffen when he is hugged, but only because he genearlly holds himself very stiff to start with, but instead just stands there while it goes on. Dmitri follows along behind the others to the ground floor room, saying nothing other than to ask, "Is Drew in?"

Keith glances back at the exchange between the two other spirits. "Can you try to alter your own mood then? I dunno…feel neutral when making stuff for Kaden?" he shrugs. He understands why the Fire-spirit doesn't want his mood altered. "And it's a crate. The stuff is inside, K-man," he chuckles, reaching over to ruffle the fire-spirit. "Sorry, Dmitri. Drew went out to check his island garden."

Kaden gives Dmitri a slight wave. He takes a deep breath and tries his hardest to not explode. "What Keith said. Just..I don't like not feeling like myself. It's not that your stuff wasn't good…or…but, it was fake, my mood." Kaden says trying to get it out as nice as possible but there's still something force about the way he sounds. "So do you need help carrying this upstairs FancyPants?"

Xane doesn't really know what to say to this. He only shakes his head, moving over to another side of the room, taking a seat away from the group. He's tried neutral once, and the results were not good. He doesn't understand, no one's ever had that reaction to his food, but then again, no one else knew about it either.

Dmitri sighs not sure it was a good idea to be here since everyone seems a bit emotional at the moment. "Hmm, I will have to give him his birthday present later then. So you have a crate, is the box important or is tehre something interesting inside of it?" Kaden gets a nod from Dmitri at the slight wave. The talk of emotion altering food is a little beyond Dmitri, but he would be the first to be annoyed at having his emotions altered for any reason by someone so he can see why that would certainly piss Kaden off.

Keith watches Xane go with a frown. "Hey, Xane. Later on there's something I wanted to ask ya about in the kitchen," he says, plotting and planning. "Hmm…probably," he reasons. "Unless I have super strength and never knew," he laughs. "Well, inside this crate is a special order gift for K-man. Let's see…" he trails off, pulling the hammer he'd been carrying out of his pocket. He sets about pulling the crate open and peers inside. It's a lot of technology. Reaching in, Keith takes out what appears to be a tank of some kind. "This…should be some of the gel…" he muses, looking for an opening on it.

Kaden just finds a spot to sit down, arms crossed over his chest as he just looks at Xane. "Xane, have you ever had your emotions, unwilling, altered before? How do you think it feels. I don't know what was real now and what wasn't the other night." He says trying to explain it, but he's not happy about it. "I guess it's some kind of non water shower, since I hate water and I guess Fancypants got sick of me filling his bathroom with steam."

Xane tries to take Kaden's point of view, Kaden's tone isn't helping. "First off, you're assuming that I do it on purpose. I don't. So stop trying to put me on the stake." He's becoming quite defensive fast. He's been wondering why the others seem to just bend over backwards for Kaden, something that still disturbs him.

Dmitri nods nad finds himself standing over near where Kaden is sitting. He does not say anything on the conversation about emotions but does watch Keith. "A waterless shower, Interesting, and something of a thoughtfull gift."

Keith frowns pulling back from the container as he flips the release switch. There's a hiss of escaping air and the lid pops off. Inside is a clear, gel-like substance. Dipping a finger into it, Keith smiles. "This stuff is wicked…" he chuckles. "And K-man, it's not because of the steam. It's because you said you hated water and now you don't have to worry about it, okay?" he asks, sounding a touch annoyed. He glances at the other spirits and then sighs. "Take a look at this stuff, people," he says, picking up the tank and bringing it to the other spirits. No scent to the gel but it will feel a little odd to the touch. Thankfully it doesn't leave any residue.

"Fuck you, did I ever fucking say you did it on purpose?" Kaden says shaking his head getting frustrated. He's trying to be civil about it and it's just not working and Kaden's obviosuly getting irritated. "God, I'm just fucking asking you to warn me the next fucking time or just tell me so I know to not fucking eat what you cooked. Is that too hard?" He does stand up and walk over to where Keith is and reaches out look at the stuff and he does reach out to touch it. "Weird."

"No, fuck you! You may have sugar coated it, but shit with sugar is still shit. You're angry at me for something that isn't my fault. I've tried being nice to you but since day one you've been one of the most standoffish people I've ever met. If we could die, you probably would have had a coronary by now." He's letting off some steam, it's taken a while. "And if by some chance you've never eaten the food in the fridge, most of the stuff in there is made by me! Surprise!" At this point, he's in too much of a bad mood to be cordial with Kaden. "Sorry Keith, I'll touch the freaky Astroglide." The only thing he can assume is the gel. It does feel weird, not what he thought of before.

Dmitri rolls his eyes at kaden and Xane while he walks over to touch the gel. "Not an unplessent sensation. I would stick wit dust baths, but this would be a good way to get cleanw ithout using water." Not thinking abut the fact taht he has the gel stuff on his fingers Dmitri just reaches up and pinches the bridge of his nose. as Kadne and Xane go to yelling, muttering something rather rude in Romanian. "For Gods Love, you two either step out side and kill each other or shut up please? You are angery because you fell he is attacking your cooking, you are pissed because you feel manipulated. Both of you stop acting like fucking children. Here, give Drew the ring when you see him next. This is giving me a headache." Dmitri shoves the blue velvet ring box he was holding at Kaden and starts to limp his way out of the room.

Keith facepalms, winds swirling around the room. He starts muttering and then smacks his head into the crate once. Noticing the winds, Keith stops them. "It's not Astroglide…it's the sonic gel. Ya sit in this stuff, flip a switch, and it cleans ya. Supposedly relaxes muscles too," he sighs. "If it turns out good I'll order another one for you too, Xane," he says, keeping his forehead resting on the crate.

Well Kaden is a teenager so he sort of has that 'children' excuse but as Xane says what he does, the red head balls his fist and is about to take a swing. He stops himself though and turns around and punches the wall as hard as he can. "Fuck it." He says taking the blue velvet box and passing it off to Keith before heading out of the door and probably out of the building. He just wants to get away right now before he explodes and regrets it later.

Xane just sighs. Glad Kaden's gone, he would have said something equally pissed off at Dmitri but he seems to have hobbled off. "I'm sorry Keith, but really. He's been so goddamned rude to me, but when someone starts criticizing my food, that was the straw. For gods' sake, I'm a Michelin rated chef!" He's still not quite grasped the whole 'the emotion, not the food' part. "Why do you guys bend over backwards for him?" He just says it, maybe he can get a straight answer. "And don't give me the 'he's had a rough life' thing. Everyone's had something wrong in their lives."

Dmitri is actually scared, not because of Xane, or Kaden or the little family of elementals but because he is actually feeling pissed and not just acting the part. The fact taht the bickering between Kaden and Xane got to him bothers the Earth mover more than anything. As Kaden goes storming past, being faster than the one legged gypsie, Dmitri reaches into a pocket and holds out a peice of paper to slap into the fire Starter's chest as he passes. "Is map, leads to my cave under Central park. We need to talk some time, without the others."

Keith frowns as he hears Dmitri. He glances in hopes of no explosions and then back to the crate. The wind spirit waits till the Earth and Fire spirits to leave before holding up one finger as his free hand re-seals the tank after shoving the box into his pocket. "One. He said he liked your food. We all do. It's great," he says. "Two. Yeah…he had a rough life but he spent a fair amount of time getting fucked around with by those asshats the government stuck him with and whenever his disrupted their perfect little bubble of self-importance, they'd pump him full of drugs. That's why he doesn't want his emotions messed with," he sighs. "Three. He's trying pretty hard to not be so rude…and combine that with being the powder keg of our little group and he's having a hard time of it," he pauses. "Four. I don't bend over backwards for him any more than I do for you, Drew, and Dmitri," he smirks, taking his head off the crate and looking at Xane with that roguish grin of his. "Five. Speaking of bending over…how 'bout we burn off some of that stress I know you're building up?" he offers, waggling both eyebrows. What? He's under flirting quota for the day!

Kaden is outside so he can't hear Keith and Xane talking and once he's alone with Dmitri he asks, "How about now?" He's just in one of those moods where he feels like he has to get away and with the invitation there, he takes it. He looks at the piece of paper that's in his pocket before shoving it back in.

Xane shakes his head. "You can't tell me Drew doesn't. You know? He may have been trying, but… I don't know." He really wants to just give Kaden what for. "He's like bipolar or something, he actually comes to me for something, then actually has a good time, and then comes after me for giving it too him. You know what? GOD! And to think I actually wanted to know what I did cause I felt left out. Ignorance /was/ bliss." He's too frustrated to do anything 'fun'. "I'm not in the mood." He says, starting to leave the room. If he sees Kaden he'll just ignore him, taking all of his concentration to not.

Dmitri looks at Kaden a moment and nods. "Now would work perfectly since you have some steam to let off." Dmitri almost grins as he gestures to Kaden so that they can walk off in the direction of Central Park.

Keith just watches Xane go. He'd only been half serious but still. He waits for a bit before flopping onto a chair. "Now just how the hell am I gonna get this upstairs…" he wonders to himself, kicking the crate.

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