2020-06-29: Exterminate Annihilate Destroy


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Summary: A mission to destroy a Sentinel Factory turns into a trap.

Date: June 29, 2020

Exterminate Annihilate Destroy

Rating: R

Sarasota - Flordia

Sentinel Factory

The group has had a rather roundabout means of making it to their location of choice… an abandoned private shipwright's facility along the far end of one of the many small islands in Sarasota, FL. The last leg of the journey has actually had them driving. Using an old government issue Ford SUV that was repurposed for Hunter use, but then reappropriated from them by the small resistance in the region. After picking up something from a Cuban arms dealer on the way, the vehicle finds itself stopping inside and under the corrugated metal roof of the old place. Volk steps out of the driver's seat, looking almost absurdly thuggish in the tan khaki pants, blazing red tropical shirt, and red-eye sunglasses he has on. Inside however is the necessary prepwork for the mission. That being boards with the facility maps done out in chalk, physical maps spread on a table, and an old-school cooler with condensation around the edges.

Walking around and behind the vehicle, the doors are opened and Volk drags out two of the four heavy plastic containers, walking them along towards a tool station that has long since been devoid of any of it's proper use, and thumps them down on top with a creak of wood and a kick-up of old dust. Somewhere in the background, an owl protests with a screech that it's slumber has been averted, and takes off into the cooling evening air while he proceeds to unlock and open up some of the supplies for tonight's party.
Walking around and behind the vehicle, the doors are opened and Volk drags out two of the four heavy plastic containers, walking them along towards a tool station that has long since been devoid of any of it's proper use, and thumps them down on top with a creak of wood and a kick-up of old dust. Somewhere in the background, an owl protests with a screech that it's slumber has been averted, and takes off into the cooling evening air while he proceeds to unlock and open up some of the supplies for tonight's party.

Getting out of the SUV Domino stretched her legs before feet fell to the earth beneath with a heavy thud. "I think my ass fell asleep." It was muttered flatly as a few long strides had her taking the long way around the SUV to work out any cramps in musculature before her hand gripped the back door handle of the SUV and a dark military duffel was drug out and slung over her shoulder.
Attire for this had been modified, the end product yet to have been seen, but in spare time she had worked on everything from her own attire to her holsters and belts to fit the purpose. What she wore right now was the one piece latex-like suit that had seen its fair share of abuse, told by tell tale marrings over it surface at many points. From lower curve of hip to the middle of rib cage on both sides rectangle shaped openings gave the open spanse view of white beneath black attire. The top was opened with another larger rectangle opening just above her chest to where a strip of the fabric wrapped around her neck where the com units wire was running beneath, her earpiece already in. One of the accessories a girl never left home without. One sleeve of this was entirely gone, while the other was full.
Inventorying her duffel would be done inside, her slate blue gaze sweeping over the landscape before she ducked within. "We got tea and some good mystery stew last time, what do we get this round?" Light on the humor even for her, but business had yet to start, once that began it would quickly die and go the way of the do-do.

Arsenal was never a fan of long car rides. He'd never admit it but they made him nauseous, his intenral storage fortunately contained enough music to keep his mind occupied during the quiet portions of this trip, information given was sparse enough. Arsenal never approved of that, he was never one for going into something un-prepared and since his arrival here with the NY crowd Rebellion this was a constant to those beyond a few individuals - what was given was enough to determine they would be having a blast, literal and otherwise. His helmet was off, had been off the entire drive, a black military style watch cap was worn on his head, covering his ears (think beanie), a dark red fleece neck wrap was hanging loosely from his throat, a black and gray camo gortex jacket hung off his muscled frame; simple black cargo pants tucked neatly into combat boots. This all visible when he exited the SUV opposite Domino, his weight leaving the vehicle.
A stretch was given, his neck cranked off to the side and he studied the horizon line. Multiple spectrums being shifted through as he sought out the most comfortable based on ambient light and what consisted of darkness. Instantly scanning the nearby area out of habit, Arsenal's own bags left in the vehicle for now. Nothing was said by him towards either Domino or Volk.

Looking back towards the other, Volk smirked in reply and then added, "Cold… nasty beer… and Russian… MREs. Dunno… if they'll… kill you before… the mission does." Shaking his head once as he checks over those items and then goes back to the back and pulls out another crate, hauling it out and settling it next to the others before opening and taking a look, "Thanks… for coming." His voice growls out before he nods in satisfaction, and leaves that one open before turning and walking to the cooler. Cracking the old thing open, he pulls out some rebottled, homebrewed stuff, tossing a bottle to each of the other mercs, "Cheers."

The duffel was set down lightly and then unzipped as Domino began shifting through it with the heavy sounds of metal contacting metal. One long sheet was pulled out, it seemed to hinge at top and bottom in smaller parts with leather straps also covered in slender metal protection. Two were pulled out, spray painted black for no shine and left that dull hue. One was being fastened over her leg, covering her booted foot, schin and knee in that extra armor. Mid-fasten one hand shot up to catch the home made pilsner and look it over before she pulled the cap off with her teeth and sniffed. "Rot gut on the horizon." Sipping she set it aside and continued to strap on the plated additions to her legs.
The SUV was cramped enough as it was, so Psylocke used her own mode of transportation to arrive at the shipyard. She's not all that concerned about the Sentinels, since they've never been able to detect her. She'd always been invisible to machines, and never really knew why. She knows it isn't a secondary mutation, and she suspects that it has more to do with her Otherworld heritage. She steps out of the shadows dressed as she normally is: in her tight dark purple ninja costume. She doesn't have any equipment with her, true to her nature, choosing to travel light. "Good," she says, nodding approval. "You're all here."

A fingerless glove covered hand would catch the tossed bottle with a muffled *clink* of glass on something harder. The servos in his arm releasing a whir sound that was dull behind the gortex jacket, a favor of his own having been pulled out from a man once known as the Fixer or Techno. A simple repair, didn't cost him a thing just wiped a slate clean, but it did correct the damage Danny Oda had done during the failed rescue mission. "Thanks. I tend to love MREs, you don't want them toss 'em my way, especially the poundcakes… "He spoke in his usual rough deep tone, lifting it up to sniff once before he was downing the cold liquid. "What she said, thanks isn't necessary it's what we're here for." That invisiblity Psylocke possessed extending to his own cybernetic implants, he was moving when her voice was heard one hand gunslinger-like snapping to his side only to pause as recognition struck.

Volk digs back into the cooler, and instead of a beer, what looks like a pre-mixed wine cooler is handed to Psylocke, and then he walks over and pats one of the crates, "Compact compound bow… arrows… two… damascus ninjato… some shuriken… and harness for all." Nodding to the asian woman he goes over to the board and begins to study it closely, the drawings not his own. But one hand points out the eastward window, "Target… is that. Sentinel factory. Supplies… standard.. mark five… Sentinels… to the entire… eastern… seaboard. Once… our guest of honor… wakes up in the back… we'll show you… how much… of a cakewalk this could be. Arsenal. Brought you some extra firepower. Some… twelve-gauge… Armor piercing… and some… 12-gauge… HEAP grenades. Didn't… want you to… be left out."

Psylock's voice had a moment of pause given as Domino's own hand seemed to flick with a curl of pale digits, but stopped as well once it all registered. The modified strip of the sleeve that once was, was pulled from her duffel then and strapped on in strips around her bare arm bearing the metal protection over them and padding beneath. Her right arm was going to be fortified. These were not simpletons they would likely be after this time, considering the job it was likely going to make her break a sweat and possibly other things. More plating was pulled out and this one was well hinged from shoulder plating to her wrist, shielding fingers but not hindering movement. Her best arm had to stay safer.

More would have been made, but more would weigh her down and hinder movement. She needed that, and all the luck she could muster. Her tac belt was slung on now and the pouches were being filled with her own made explosives. Yes, the loathed lead based, but they made one hell of an impact. More of her incediary bullets for backup and her repaired HK was slung to hang off her shoulder and at an angle across her back. Straightening she took her turn to move up and around, picking through an MRE to toss Arsenal a pound cake while she ate at the rest and studied the plans. "So who..May I ask, provided these?

"Thank you, luv," says Betsy taking the cooler and taking a sip of it. She looks over all the stuff that Volk had gotten her and nods her approval, beginning to strap various weapons of destruction to her. The blades she leaves, since she can construct as many as she needs from the shadow stuff that her armor is made of.

"Those will go nice with my friend." Arsenal commented obviously indicating the Benelli Nova he carried as a backup weapon, his unoccupied hand catching the poundcake, a bite washied down with a guzzle at the homebrew not wasting any time in sampling the treat. Forearm rose up to wipe across his lips; considering the Frag-12's more than the armor piercing which would only be distractive at best but any soldier knew how to make best of what tool was at hand, lethality just bounced up a notch with the munitions gift. "Just full of presents tonight, Volk. Buttering us up for the big game?"A joke of course.

"Sorry I'm late." Daisuke says as he comes in geared up for the mission, modified glock holstered, chest armour that protects his throat and the katana he got from Deadpool strapped to his back. Just because you pack a cannon in your voice doesn't mean back up isn't needed. "Alright Volk, lets get going."

Looking around the group would be able to see there's a double fence around the building, steel mesh with barb wire on top but there seems to be something off, almost still. There don't look to be any guards on duty and there is only one Sentinel out side. Before anyone gets a chance to say something there's a flash of light followed by four more and around the group are five Hunters all recognizable. Two are former heroes known as Wasp and Hawkeye the other three are former villains known as Sabertooth, Venom and The Lizard. Hawkeye then speaks up, "Well well well, they said this place was gonna get hit like the others, glad we're not just hanging 'round anymore." He says as he pulls back on his bow getting ready to fire.

Having dressed back into his normal combat attire in the interim from the warehouse where the group had been gearing up for this little fight, the appearance of two ex-Avengers, and three more villians makes Volk wince his visible eye shut. Opening it once more as he looks up at the group that's ready to square off with them. Thanks to the subvocal mic installed around his throat, his whisper comes to all on the encrypted channel, "Howl on Venom, Psylocke on Hawkeye, Arsenal on Lizard, Domino on Wasp… I've got the ugly one." Once the command goes out, there's no witty repartee from him at all… Volk just lifts his FAMAS up and fires a barrel-mounted grenade right at Sabretooth's abdomen!

There's a flair of purple as Psylocke summons her psyblade, a manifestation of the focused totality of her powers, and the shadows ripple and flow about her, hardening into armor. "Sabretooth…" She says, nearly attacking him right then and there. There's a lot of history between the two of them and none of it has been good. However, when Volk directs her to Hawkeye, she pauses, and turns to him, sending a psibolt his way, strong enough to stun him so she can get in close to the ex-Avenger.

Domino still had trust issues, and the question was more geared to see how well the person that provided these was known. There was a lot of reliance being placed into these sketches and plans and already before a reply was given she was making a backup plan out of square one, just in case. Light on the food and finishing half of the cold brew she set it aside and that was all that was left behind.
Duty called and a glance was cast towards the others before she stepped through the portal to end up on the other side, hanging back was no issue, she didn't trust the whole thing and a dart of eyes to Arsenal told it all before the flicker of light and the five appeared, the assigned quarry given. From the shoulder rig she had put on she drew one of the Brownings with a movement of trained alacrity and was already zeroing in on Wasp from behind, pulling the trigger only to have her small form dodging it and returning with her reknown stinger blasts.

No time wasted instinct took control Arsenal's hand was drawing up from under the gortex his 30.-Caliber automatic machine pistol, it would spray a barrage at Scorpion lighting him up with high velocity armor piercing rounds. In his other hand would be a short-timed grenade this pulled from his belt using the intended distraction of the machine pistol fire he'd toss it into the mix. All of this a feint, the real danger was Arsenal moving in, leaping forward through the smoke and debris of the grenade to slice out with a now very alive and deadly plasma sword, one that has been used in the past to cut through Sentinel's, now it would be used to end the Scorpion if not outright kill, at least maim. His skills shining as he obviously lived for this, war, combat, vengeance.

This is easy for Daisuke, Venom, and one look at the symbiote lets Howl know that his sonics will do well against him. Drawing in a deep breath he lets out a scream, aiming it right at his chest.

Sabertooth starts to charge at Volk, taking a nasty grenade hit causing hunks of flesh, muscle and lots of blood to shoot off of him, there's almost a hole in his abdomen. It slows him but he's still coming forward, his flesh starting knit itself back together as he dives at Volk claws first. Hawkeye on the other hand gets his arrow fired off at the same time that Psylocke fires the psibolt and it hits him hard, stunning the archer so that he falls back. As for that arrow, mid-flight a net opens up to wrap around Psylocke. As Domino fires at Wasp a bullet hits as she starts to shrink down so that she can better avoid the bullets. The Wasp, in her tiny form, then flies over so that she can fire a stinger blast at Domino's right knee. Arsenal is lucky they are armour piercing rounds other wise the bullets would have just bounced off his scaly hide. Instead they pierce him and The Lizard lets out a scream of pain as his tail whips around to his Arsenal. As for Venom his danger sense goes off as the scream is about to hit him and he dives out of the way but some of the blast hits him causing the symbot to recoil and fire webbing at Daisuke's mouth.

The issue with fighting a teleporter is not a matter of speed or power, but that of timing. As the claws come down towards Volk, he vanishes, and reppears right behind Sabretooth's landing crouch. One-handing his assault rifle, he draws off his back a new toy. The man with guns has picked a sword for this op. A wakizashi blade of some kind of damascus make begins to glow with his inherent energy signature as the feral is treated to a short burst of fire from him as he draws the one-handed rifle down and swings hard, increasing the momentum of his attack by 'pushing' the blade with his power as well as his musclar arm.
A blade of ebon shadow forms in Psylock's other hand before Hawkeye's arrow has a chance to pop open, having read his intention telepathically beforehand. When the net spreads open she makes a quick upwards cut so that it'll pass harmlessly on either side of her. If she gets close enough, she'll attempt to end this quickly, but thrusting her psyblade into Clint's noggin.

Domino was expectat of the blasts as well as the speed at which the shrunken form came at her. Little people bothered her, the insect version of Tinkerbell was going to be damn tedious and she packed everything but what was needed for her foe. "Anyone got a fly swatter?" Domino's body leapt to the side, avoiding the blasts in near misses, followed by a constant small barrage that had her moving and dodging those while Wasp moved in to close some distance. That had the armored hand slapping up, hoping to backhand the entire form of Wasp and throw off the next aimed blast while the Browning had shifted to her other hand and took aim to shoot her, like skeeting back in the old days, when leisure could be had.

Reflexes and readiness drew Arsenal back and away from the forward whip of Lizard's tail, coming around in a twist of his torso that gave him more momentum and brute force behind the up-swing of his plasma sword. The aim was for the lash of the large tail, meaning to sever it from the Lizard's body in one smooth yet brutal motion to bring it around with a turn of his wrist and drive it into his opponents center while still moving with an upward motion, never stilling his offense during the attack.

The webbing is shot and Daisuke knows that the weak spot is his mouth, if he doesn't have his powers he can't fight, so as soon as he sees that wrist come up he dives to the ground so that if flies over his head and once down, he lets out another stream hitting not just venom but the area he's in so if he goes to dodge it he still jumps into the sonic attack.

As Sabertooth strikes his claws just swipe through air as Volk is no longer there. Which does cause his balance to falter for a split second. The bullets shred into him but that's not enough to keep him down, it's the blade digging into his flesh that causes Sabertooth to stumble forward a bit and hit the ground. As the net just soars towards Psylocke her blade cuts it in two, causing each have to float by the ninja and land to the ground. As she rushes in the psyblade hits Clint right between the eyes and before he has a chance to scream he's kissing the ground. And as for Domino, well is it luck that her hand just happens to intercept The Wasp as she's flying to blast her in her ear. The back hand sends the little Wasp tumbling backwards and normally it wouldn't have an effect but it's more the fact she is sent into the side of Sabertooth and lands right on one of his claws with the tiniest splash of blood. Some people get the lucky shots. The Lizard screams as his tail is severed and a Lizard without his tail is not a happy lizard, in a rage he screams and charges full force, shoulder first, at Arsenal. As for Venom, that danger sense triggers and he dives right into the area of effect and the black symbiote starts to peel off of Eddie Brock.

With two down, Venom about to become less of a problem in short order, and the lizard in a berserker rage, Volk is left looking at the downed form of Sabretooth. Slowly the blade is sheathed back in it's place and he flings his hand out to surround Sabretooth in a gravity field… and under the balaklava comes a cold smile. Perhaps to even the surprise of the villians, and the group assembled… Sabretooth is lifted into the air several hundred feet, as if by telekinesis… only to come slamming down on the fence at an excess of 100 miles per hour, knocking down the fence… but also impaling his foe on the fence-pole… from the tip to the base, and down a foot in the ground where the support concrete gives a thunderous *CRACK* From under the mask, "I don't have time for you." Growls out in a tone to do Wolverine proud.

Psylocke keeps moving, after sending Hawkeye down. Their adversaries seem all mostly taken care of save for the Lizard, so she turns and throws a few shuriken at him to distract him from whatever Arsenal has planned.

The small bit of bloody fireworks from the insect got a blink from Domino, but she was already moving, swinging the HK from its position over her shoulder, the incediary bullets already loaded and ready to go while her eyes darted for one who seemed to need assistance. Hawkeye was down, and part of that was disturbing to her, his past and what he had strived to be, gone in his lack of willpower to become a hunter and now completely gone in death. The muzzle of the weapon went from situation to situation, holding on Lizard as he charged Arsenal but not yet firing…

Imagining the lack of balance and effect of being removed of his tail only moments prior really fucked the Lizard's equilibrium and timing up, Arsenal would lunge to his own right letting the Lizard greet a plasma sword shoulder first, anticipating it's own weight, force would meet the resisting 10 ton capable strength of the cyborg in resistance.

With the symbiote peeling off of Eddie, Daisuke takes his time and follows the symbiote aiming a scream at the black creature hoping to hit two with one shot. He does notice what's going on but he knows he has to get that black thing.

Sabertooth is down, along with the fence, Wasp is dead and Hawkeye has been lobotimized by Psylocke. The Lizard is hit with those shirukens and doesn't look so hot and the charge keeps coming that is until Arsenal's plasma blade strikes true and the monster is stopped, falling forward towards Arsenal, lifeless. As for Venom, the scream causes the symbiote to fully peel off of him and just fall to the ground in a blobish mess. As for Eddie, the sonic blast also hits him causing his ears to bleed before being shot backwards tumbling over the ground in a heap.

Volk looks to the others, and then nods once before walking forwards and goes over the collapsed part of the fence, staring at the building. Looking down for a moment, he murmurs down at the semi-conscious and semi-alive Sabretooth, "Me… not gonna… kill you. Not… because… I can't…" There's a snort from under the mask, "Her?" Motioning his head back towards Psylocke, "Not… so much." And with that he's off at a run for the facility, whispering over the commline, "Target one… Power core. Everyone guards Howl on the way in. Arsenal is on six, Dom and Psy… up front."

The Lizard incoming was obviously a dead man, probably knew it as well even in it's savagery shurikens bouncing of armored flesh probably didn't do a whole lot beside annoy him further, they were not meant to be anything more than a distractionary object if they were even noticed, what would end the rampaging metahuman would be the iaijutsu like strike of a plasma blade. having accessed the SHIELD files he contained he knew Lizard was a rapid healer, to make sure his opponent was down for good a sweep of his gleaming weapon had a reptilian head seperated from shoulders. Burnt ozone, fried meat and toasted blood stench permeated the air, Arsenal seemed satisfied. Giving only momentary pause to look at the fallen bodies of Hawkeye and Wasp. Terrible times when some of Earth's mightiest heroes end up pawns in a game being orchestrated by madmen. "Ready when everyone else is…" He added in, looking calmly over the others present.

Betsy rather nonchalantly walks over to where Sabretooth is impaled and looks down at her old adversary. Without a word, she takes her blade and in one swift motion decapitates the rapidly healing mutant, who was already starting to gain consciousness. She watches as the head rolls away before grimacing and moves to take point. "Let's get this over with."

Ready but never pulling the trigger unless it was necessary, Domino rose the HK back up and slung it back in place over her shoulder. Holstering the Browning she stepped over the fallen, Wasp even getting a final glance, one that did not hold the ferocity of battle stricken shock behind it, instead some form of reverence, but only for what she once was, same she had for Hawk.
It did not last though, she moved into position as told, the fray left in the blood and dust while eyes now took in a new view that was eerily empty of any adversaries, and something still was, just.not.right.

Daisuke does take a final look around and nods to Volk, speaking quietly. "I'm ready, hey Psylocke…once we're inside do you think you can set up a mental link between us while I look for the weakness? Once I find it, we'll all know what it is." He says quietly as he looks down at Eddie Brock as he walks forward to join Volk and crew.

Psylocke nods as she advances forward into the compound, already starting the mental link. «Of course,> she sends to all of them. «There's no reason why we shouldn't be using it now.»

With the mindlink up and the five hunters down for the count, ruckus drew the attention of the lone Sentinel standing there. Turning it's head, the eyes start sweep across the landscape towards where the battle took place. The alarms start to blare in the building as the headless Sabertooth on the fence has drawn attention from somewhere. The odd part still, no guards seem to be rushing out, just the one Sentinel.

At the sight of the Sentinel Suit, Volk grumbles to himself, and then looks to the others, and uses the mental link, «These are custom, it's armor's too tough for standard weapons. Explosives might crack it, but we should evade for now. Domino with me, Psylocke, take Arsenal and Howl. We'll split, and port past into the facility. Clear?» And with that begins pelting towards the left side, unloading a volley of fire from his FAMAS uselessly at the giant robot, but done to try and garner it's attention.

Did Domino have to like this? From someone in her head, linking all the mind together to splitting the team? Her jaw rocked and teeth clenched, visibly striking the line of muscle up her jaw to waver before tensing. Apparently someone had a plan she was still rather ignorant of and instead of taking the moment to argue her own battle logic with Volk's she complied. One hand already dropping to the tac belt and withdrawing the tacky explosive device. She was not desiring to waste even her incediary bullets, this was too empty, too good to be true, they'd be saved for a moment that mattered, and one would come.

Swift movements carried her after Volk as eyes watched the other three head off in their direction. "I don't like this." Loud and clear vocally and mentally.
Arsenal wasn't about to scan beyond what his normal visible abilities offered, doing so would increase likelyhood of giving up any stealth they possibly had to their advantage right now. A lone Sentinel. that was nothing more than a trap, the mental-link would convey that as well. Not bothering to speak instead 'thinking' very vocally. Giving Domino a cautious glance he made a break off allowing Psylocke to give direction, not bothering to voice his opinion. Getting this over with and mission accomplished was priority. The use of clear in a questioning format had Arsenal, cracking a small smile, «Lead away» He chimed patiently towards the psi-mutant. 30. machine pistol in one hand opposite the plasma-beam handgun in the other. Both regulation SHIELD weapons he'd maintained for some time now.

«We knew this was a trap the second we came here and were surrounded.» Daisuke responds as he sticks close with Psylocke and follows her lead. He knows what they have to do here and he's gonna make sure it's done. « Just be prepared for what's on the other side of those walls, but with that weapon, I see you are. » He says with a grin to Jakob as he moves ahead.

Betsy moves quickly and quietly amongst the rubble, heading towards the facility at a ninety degree angle from Volk's direction. She's taking a route that will circumvent the giant robot for when it turns it's attention to Volk and Domino. «Stay close to me,»

The plan comes faster in thought than it would writing it down thanks to Betsy, and Volk spells it out. There's not enough muscle in the group to face this brand of Sentinel. Splitting forces is meant to draw it's attention away from attacking the whole group… and to ensure that both groups have a teleporter to evade fire from the Sentinel. The images flash by quickly as he notes out to cat and mouse the Sentinel until both teams can teleport to a central point inside. Psylocke, Arsenal, and Howl first so they can get an image from Arsenal's helmet… feed it to Volk, and he can Domino can then jump there. Once outside of the Sentinel's range of fire, and inside the factory proper, the teams can continue to move to their goals. The power plant, and the computer core. As he thinks, the man reloads and begins mounting another rifle-grenade onto the barrel of his assault rifle.

So, cat and mouse? It was only one of those Sentinel's versus five, they could bring it down, but it was wasted energy for what lay inside which was likely far more then the lone machine that sat out here, now giving chase towards them and leaving the other three to make a clean break. Her HK was pulled from her back, over her shoulder and held at the ready but not used, while Volk reloaded she ran closer, charging the Sentinel that was sending blasts towards them while alarming the whole damn state of their presence. Closer..closer..and finally close enough she released the explosive with a sideways arch of her arm, aiming for its leg, just beneath the knee where it would stick where it landed and begin the countdown until explosion, using that time to race back towards Volk. She didn't much like the tactic of evading and leaving it perfectly capable of later persuit, she wanted it crippled.

«If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him.» Arsenal replies to Howl, a Sun Tzu quote. One of many the man who had turned himself into a living weapon could recount. «If this has been a trap since the go, makes one wonder about the intel source.»Giving some slack in distance between himself and Psylocke, hanging back to the right of Daisuke, more or less flanking him, some fucked up formation between a wedge and a column so he could offer the most effective firepower towards the front. Trying to make the best out of their under-manned motley crew of a fire team. Making sure to remain in a staggered hug near the cover of rubble and buildings. Image relay was a simple enough option, before their leap here he made sure to put his helmet on, even if his multi-optic eye could have substituted.

Running along with Psylocke and Arsenal, Howl is keeping low and trying to avoid the Sentinel as he notices Volk and Domino trying to draw it's attention away. « As soon as we're inside, get where we need to know, I'll give you the points to knock the whole damn place down. » There's a grin on his face as he transmit that through the mind link. He adjusts his weapons and sally fourths.

Betsy scowls when she sees Domino attack it. That'll get it's attention for sure. She knows approximately where they need to be, and quickly they make a jaunt through a nearby shadow, and emerge out in the building proper, close to power plant. «Okay, luvs. Keep an eye out for guards, and let's find the meet up point.»

Arsenal, Psylock and Howl are all teleported inside away from the Sentinel to a long dark hallway. A few lights flicker on and off down the hallway and it's strangely silent, just the sound of some kind of machine at work in the background and it's very faint. Then Betsey would notice something odd, there's something not right with the shadows.
Outside Connor and Domino would notice that running up the legs is a flame pattern and the bullets cause small dents in the machines armour. The explosive though does go off in it's knee and it wobbles a bit as chunks of metal go flying but it's still upright. MUTANT THREAT. TERMINATE it speaks as it obviously has the two in his targets now. A few canisters are shot down at Volk and Domino from it's shoulders and as soon as they hit a thick smoke starts to pour out to choke the two it's fighitng.

As the voice goes off, and the grenades are released, Volk runs for Domino and sends over the subvocal, 'Down.' as he goes for a tackle, and right into the smoke itself. Leaning in close and over Domino, he closes his good eyes, and leaves the HUD to wait for the comm-link reception of the image. Remaining as silent as he can, breathing close to her back, the teleporter waits… either to the meeting point on his screen, or to a pre-set point in his mind ten feet behind the Sentinel… his thoughts somewhat transparent to the other mutant… covering and protecting her so everyone gets back alive. Above, he feels tensed like a coilspring.

Domino saw the canisters release and spring from the Sentinel, her steps were taken in a near sideways run as the HK was aimed towards one of them attempting to blast it into expulsion further above ground to keep them from being too gassed. But this was cut off abruptly by the word 'Down' and she lunges back, instant reaction to the word and her own synapses sping her back, ceasing fire as her back slides along the ground and weight falls over her and crushed her into the ground, her teeth gritting once more as an elbow swings up defensively towards Volk's side. Battle blinded moment..

Psylocke quickly feeds Arsinal's telemetry to Volk, holding up a hand to the others in a wait gesture. «I don't like it,» she says to the rest of the team. «There's something off here about the shadows. Something that isn't me. Be prepared for anything.»

Now inside the building, Daisuke looks around and just the whole place seems off to him. Like something out of Silent Hill where things are what they're supposed to be. « Yeah, I'm gonna think it, I've got a bad feeling about this. » He says as he just looks at everything, to see if he can spot something. « Shadows?» He asks of Psylocke.

Accepting the hit as it comes, just huffing out his breath at it, Volk receives the image mentally and immediately the pair are gone. The pair's momentum continues to carry from the roll a few more steps, and he then is back and up. Pointing the assault rifle and it's mounted grenade towards the left quadrant, he thinks back over the network, «Everyone stay frosty. We can handle anything they've got. This place goes down and we all go home. Nothing anything they can do about it.» A senses of lupine confidence in his thoughts as his senses remain alert.

Outside the attack with the Sentinel goes fourth as even though the two are hidden in the smoke, it still goes to attack Volk and Domino. There's a stream of fire that pours out from his hands as this is one of the nice Torch Models of the Sentinels. The area around them is being sprayed with flame and grass, the fence and more is starting to burn. As for Domino's shots, they aren't entirely ineffective as a few manage to hit the already dented areas and breach through causing a few sparks here and there.
In side though, the quite is broken by a scuttling sound as it gets louder and louder and moving through the shadows, previously cloaked, are about twenty five spiderlike come towards the three. It seems they're a new prototype of mutant hunting beings. Volk and Domino teleport inside just in time to see this as the first ten start to open fire on them, shooting thin laser-like blasts.

It took a few moments but Domino realized it was Volk just after the impact when everything raced through the mind link and in another moment of quivering and broken reality she was feeling a different kind of ground beneath her. Once she was relieved of Volk's weight she was just as quick to rise to her feet in a smooth roll and take a steady aim with the HK while her eyes adjust to the shadows that breathe and then from them come the spiders, several rounds fired at one of them and in a sweeping motion she is trying to pick off the ones closest that would not have friendly fire hit any of those on this team. "Company!" What the hell are those?

The arrival of Connor and Domino didn't get any response from him as he had no time, seeing the new threat appearing. «Those are new, so what Dingo had said was true.» Spider-like attack toys for the enemy, ones that he was now aiming at and firing upon. Foregoing the fact he was not using majority of his sensors he now lit them up as well, recording and monitoring these prototypes. Both weapons aimed at one, firing for the obvious targets that were not armor, joints, sensory arrays, softer locations. Spraying the nearest one that was not already being struck with solid armor piercing rounds and plasma beam fire.

«I don't know,» Betsy sends as she agilely dodges any stray blasts that are sent her way. She slashes at any unfortunate robot that happens to come near her with her ebon ninjato. «I'm going to scan and see if there's any soft targets around.» The robots don't pose much of a threat to her since they won't be able to notice her. People, on the other hand, can.

Daisuke hesitates to act as well, his attacks are loud, but then again if they know they're there, he takes a deep breath and lets out a low thrum. It's not an attack but a defensive barrier in front of the group designed to block as many incoming lasers as possible. He makes sure to move the barrier and alter it as needed so that others can attack through it.
The spiders in the hallway well, they keep coming and keep firing. They're not as tough as a sentinel and armour piercing rounds go right through them. Domino is able to take out about five of them and Volk manages to take out another three. Five of them leap forward and where three smack the sonic barrier, they explode, one hits a wall next to Betsy and explodes and the last hits the floor by Volk and explodes as well. Around the corner another fifteen start to show up to join the remaining twelve.

There's a short exhale of breath from Volk, almost a resigned sound as he replaces this magazine and begins to backpedal and starts to rip short bursts into the spiderbots, «Betsy… take Howl. Get to the power core. We've got this.» Then over the subvocal he says, 'Dom, Arsenal. Tighten up. Suppression Fire.' And with that he gets himself back into position near Arsenal and continues with the pinpoint fire.

Dingo was right? She recalled Dingo, only a brief encounter, and trusting him was not at the top of the list, good think her womanly intuition was right in the end. More of those mechanical spiders pour out and move in closer. Thoughts were apparently just as loud as words but she spoke them anyway. "All of it is a really clever trap. Have to give whoever credit…" More gunfire as she takes aim at the newly incoming mech-spiders. "..but this is likely a trap too, we have to move and kill at the same time and get to our target, otherwise we are just sitting in place..a place they may just want us to remain for a purpose."
Glancing back as Volk told two to go ahead without them her eyes narrowed slightly, indignance showing, as well as some form of doubt. "I think we should all stick together to ensure Howl gets to the core and succeeds." Even as she spoke more though the gunfire and blasts of incediary rounds take out more of those things.

Suppression fire sounded ideal if he had the ammunition left for it. Connor could give all the commands he wanted right now but when it came to fighting that was what he did best, Domino and him worked naturally and easily together what came next was easiest, the luck manipulating mutant was a marskman one of the best he could rely on her not to shoot him, Connor, who knew, he'd just have to see. The plasma pistol was holstered as was the 30. both out of ammunition, Arsenal draws up the Benelli Nova loaded with the Frag-12's - his opposing hand coming to life in a brilliant flash of energy as the plasma weapon crackles into existance. These would be his new weapons of employment, utilizing his agility, martial skill and superhuman strength to hurl himself around in a Spider-Man-esque fashion, shotgun going off with explosive thumpbangs as artificial light sword wreaks havok on the remaining twelve not bothering to concentrate on any single one after realizing they were not as durable as initially anticipated. The re-enforcements fifteen that came in he would leave un-touched for now. «Just play along for now Dom. Adapt is always an easy backup plan if someone fucks up.»

«Your confidence is heartening,» Psylocke says snidely at Arsenal, already moving quickly amongst the robots. «Come, Stay, make your choice now. I'm not going to wait for you.» She's done having to prove herself to people. It took having to take on Sabretooth one-on-one to get the X-Men to trust her all those years ago and she feels that she has more than earned her stripes by now. «Be careful,» she sends to everybody, but mostly to Howl. «There's somebody waiting for us up there. I can't get a clear reading on it, though. It isn't right.»

Daisuke nods to Betsy and steps close, letting the barrier drop. « Okay, lets head on and get on our guard. As soon as we get their I'll start looking for the weaknesses I can and not get held up by whatever's there. » He says as he gets ready to be teleported away.

The exchange of fire between the three and the spider-bots is rapid as they're meant to swarm. The firing doesn't stop as some get shot and cut down. Domino manages to destroy another 5, Volk hits six of them with his fire and Arsenal also hits five of them as they take out six, still leaving a few but more and more keep coming and it doesn't seem like there's an end as the laser fire and kamikaze style bots just keep exploding.

«Keep the link up. Feed me an image soon as you're in.», Volk sends back as he continues his work with the spiders. As more come he continues to back up and seek cover from them while he finishes off his current magazine. After that he just slings the assault rifle back and leaves it there while he draws both the compact SMGs from his hips and suddenly he is nothing more than a minor movement-mirage, engaging his cloaking power. But from under that cloak bullets coalesce as he continues to fire, and fire… «So long as they're in here after us, they're not chasing down Psylocke and Howl. When we get the signal from her, tighten up and we'll port right in. Until then, keep knocking them down. I understand we shouldn't split up, but we can't afford to keep ourselves pinned down, and we need them to think they've gotten us. Their overconfidence in their tinkertoys works for us.»

Domino grunted. "I already have one." And it was left at that. Betsy's tone to Arsenal did get a quick snip back. "We're all on the same team here, but I don't recall anyone making a backup plan so.. Can it." Since they got into the SUV she started planning and just did it at a more rapid pace when this supposed inside contact was being relied on. Instead of pushing after Betsy and Daisuke then her right boot planted in the forward step, and following Arsenal's back as he moved with explosive force she followed it, slinging back the HK and pulling free the two Browning's. She was wasting precious ammunition on these things and now aimed to cover Volk as she saw him flick in and out of reality, with one weapon as well as Arsenal any that stepped up to gain on them she would fire at, trusting that her own ass would be covered.

When Volk speaks up her mouth opens to respond and then her head shakes as her teeth make an audible click as she closes her mouth. One spider came up behind her, the motion enough for her to see as it readies to fire and she reaches back, gripping it by one of the spindly legs and flings it up into the air if it did not cling, taking aim and firing. At least she had targets for her agression.

«Confidence in leaps and bounds.» Arsenal replied calmly, no snide or rude in it unlike Psylocke, either his voice was just that devoid or he wasn't feeling it. The pun in that though was that he was launching himself off the back of Spider kill number 5 towards his next target, making sure to land on it's 'carapace' latch a grenade to it and spring off in to a roll under another blade swiping out in a trail trying to open it's mechanical guts. Attacking the ones that got closer to Domino or Volk. Somehow remaining out of friendly fire in the process maintaining a constant moving attack ring infront of the other two.

Psylocke lashes out with a sword at a spider that strayed too close to the pair. When she and Howl are clear of the mob, they sink into a shadow in the floor, only to pop up in the large room that holds the core. The woman, who's clad in her shadow armor, is nearly invisible to the naked eye while standing in the shadow. She holds a protective hand in front of Daisuke, keeping him from moving in until she gets a good bead on the one other living thing that's in this room. «See if you can find the weakness in the core from here, I'm seeing if I can find whoever is here with is.»

« Great, we're supposed to be fighting together not against eachother…whatever. » Howl thinks across the mental link unintentionally as he teleports with Betsy into the room. He immediately watches the reactor and within a minute he's mentally showing the rest exact pinpoint locations, where certain areas are the weakest. In the reactor, the walls, the floor, any bits of the room so that the reactor isn't just taken down but the room as well. All his projected back to the group mentally but it takes time.

As for Betsy, as soon as the two teleport into the room there's a blast of energy that's aimed right at her as she doesn't even need to look to see whose there. A woman with black hair, white square patches on her cheeks and a white and red sort of uniform armor reveals herself. "You made it past everything else, but I will kill you two." She states as she goes to fire a second blast at Daisuke. She seemed to sense where they were, even in the shadow as she's designed to do one thing, hunt mutants.
Back in the hallway the spiders keep on coming but they're are many broken parts everywhere from the various ones that Volk, Domino and Arsenal have shot, blown up and such. The problem is they're not retreating and they're still pouring into the hallway. The laser blasts keep on coming towards Volk, Arsenal and Domino as they fight back. It's obvious that the three have the edge but how many more are left to come?

Two lasers finally catch Volk as he moves from point to point, a barrage of concentrated fire striking into the distortion of air that is the youngest of the three gun-toting mercs out in the fray. Skidding to a stop on the other side, the fire is returned with a blast of SMG fire before there's a pained grunt from him as he bends the pained bicep that's been pierced, and the burned shoulder to holster that weapon. Swapping clips is a chore now, but he does so and continues to blast away, onto the subvocal he adds, 'They're adapting. Networking fire. Pull back.'

The flux of mech creatures just kept coming, and empty clips were dropped, her form lowering to a crouch, bracing her weight on one knee as she reloaded, one spider looping up and crawling across the floor just before her managing to fire off a blast that bounced off the Sentinel's makeshift armor without so much as a flinch from Domino, one that came at an angle across the wall blasted back by one of the others. Pushing to a stand she jumped forward, heavy weighted boots crushing down over the top of the one spider, a hop for good measure with a sqrrk sound announcing its "death." and she was moving back as Volk had said, still keeping her eyes on them both with both weapons raised. "Now do we go?"

Psylocke's eyes widen as she recognizes the woman. «Volk! Get the others in here NOW!!» To Daisuke she sends, «See if you can find a weakness on her. It's going to be tough. She's an Omega Sentinel.» She doesn't wait for the others to react to her commands before she peels off running to make it harder for their adversary to target both of them, sending a strong psi-bolt her way.

Daisuke is about to get ready to start going to town on the reactor when he's blasted in the back and goes sprawling forward. « Keep her distracted Betsy, I'll bring this place down and then we all teleport out as it's crashing to it's foundation? But sure…lemme see what I can find » As he looks over at the reactor for a second before looking at her. « Joints, and she still as a mind in there. » Howl says as if she can get through to her mind.
Omega Sentinel can't really dodge a pisbolt but with all that reprograming it doesn't hit as hard as it would have. In return with her hightened reflexes, she flies up a bit as she goes to engage Betsy in hand to hand combat. Starting with a fist to the abdomen followed by an uppercut with the other hand.

The spider-bots are evolving and are starting to stay back a bit but like Volk said, they're networking fire. Three of them fire towards the same spot where Arsenal is and start trying to predict his moves from watching him fight earlier, another four all
all fire at Domino while Volk also has three on him. The networked shots are all designed to hit the same spot per target.

Dropping the cloaking field, Volk flings his hand up between Domino and the incoming fire, which catches the laser blasts, the the resulting heat scorches a line along the forearm under his armor jacket. Another one comes up to disperse the incoming fire on himself and another scorch-line creases the forearm causing him to hiss under the balaklava. His hand slaps down on Domino's shoulder then, and he extends out on the other side to touch Arsenal. Soon as both are in range, he ports to the image fed by Betsy as she continues to evade fire from their actual foe.

The hand that clamps down on her shoulder had great timing, as she is pointedly aiming at an incoming and firing mech spider it fires back, her other weapon aimed at one of the several headed for Jakob as they closed in before they flickered out of view, leaving behind parts, sparks, and spatters of blood where they once stood.

Was struck multiple times during that mass swarm skirmish, absorbing as much damage as he could, helmet obliterated and cast aside, his clothes in tatters as superhuman durability and armor mesh seemed to save him from a fate not desired. The energy blade was the only remaining weapon he had with any munitions left as it ran off his own bio-current. Connor's teleporation touch wouldn't be resisted. Arsenal, waited for re-appearance of the world around him as they were transported.

Psylocke remained a constant state of movement as Omega continues to draw her fire, dropping through a shadow to evade a blast and back up to counter with psi-bolts. Her circular movement around her foe meant to bring her closer and closer while the psibolts keep her off guard, to end in a final strike from the psi-blade that erupts into life over her right hand, sizzling psychic energy refined to a single point of attack.

« I'm going for the reactor. » Daisuke says as he aims a precise sonic blast, very thin but quite powerful, at one specific spot on the reactor. It's a weak point designed to be the first in two points he has to hit to cause the thing to fully explode.

Arsenal, Volk and Domino are teleported in just in time to see Betsy and Omega Sentinel exchanging blows and at first it seems to be a draw but there's a slight bit of sweat on the dark haired woman's brow as the psi-bolts are wearing her down. The psi-blade does strike and it stops her for a moment, not down but stunned for a bit.
With an empty SMG in his hands, and the Omega Sentinel in front of him, Volk just drops it to his holster and draws the sword off his back. Charging in hard and fast he goes right in for another grav-accelerated strike, the blade glowing with power as he attempts to bring it right across to remove Omega's head from her body, and end the fight as quickly as possible. If the strike misses, there is always the backswing, and an immediate port out of the way for Domino and Arsenal to do their thing.

One second to gulp in some air was all it took and Domino was moving again. Her eyes were on the fight in the air while Daisuke moved forward, several steps to keep at his back and on the alert while the Brownings were holstered and the HK was pulled back over her shouldr and aimed out and then up. As soon as Volk would vanish the aim was for the Omega's left side, the incediary bullet hoping to knock her off just enough to set her up at a moments weak point. "Someone ace the bitch!"

Omega Sentinel wasn't a very big target, with Psylocke and Volk blocking his line of attack with the maelstrom of blades they created around him he hesitated instantly picking out an opening he could move into and attack and Domino would give it dashing forward that plasma sword swept from a downward's starting point straight up in a heavy arc that was intended to sever her in half, from tailbone on up. His forward momentum carrying him past, ready to spin around and continue the assault.

Once more, Psylocke dropped into shadow to fall out of the line of fire and attack from the others, coming up out next to Howl, drawing the bow from her back and pulling an arrow to aim and fire, waiting for the other man to point out the weak spot for her to strike with the more physical weapons, the shadow armor keeping her in inky blackness and shadow. In the maelstrom… calm, and composed, ready to evade in a moment's notice while the three dirtpunchers do their duty and keep the powerful Sentinel cyborg busy.

Daisuke is ignoring the combat with Omegal Sentinel as right now, he has other worries such as getting that reactor to explode and with his second scream. He points out the spot to Betsy mentally so the two can hit it together. As Howl and Psylocke hit the right spot again and with a shake and boom the reactor starts to explode with a chain reaction of things above, and below it.

Omega Sentinel is getting beat up, pretty good but that armour was made for fighting mutants, but for how long? The inciediary rounds hit leaving dents and holes in her armour and flesh, then Volk's blade hits the neck just right for her head to come flying off just as the rest of her torso is cut in half by Arsenal. She falls to the floor in a heap of blood and circuits.

Sheathing the blade away once more with a flick of the blood off to one side, Volk nods once to Arsenal and Domino before making his way quickly over to a bank of monitors, and flicking through a few image feeds. Looking towards the others as he finds an image of another room, 'With me. Domino on demo duty, Arsenal give us some cover. Once they're done, Psylocke and Howl will port back to the base point. We'll follow soon as we get what we came for.' And with that he backs up to reach out for the pair… again once more as contact is achieved, the three will vanish, and then reappear inside the computer core chamber of the Sentinel Factory… it's brain.

Domino watched the body wall to the floor in a mixture of wires, sparking ends, and blood. The work was under way on the reactor she stepped towards Arsenal and Volk, going to do the final work and to get this factory to be a premature show for the fourth of July. She loved fireworks afterall. Skimming over the seemingly central hub one brow raised and more of her explosives were being pulled from the tac belt that was stained in blood from a wound gained previously, her other hand still holding the HK at the ready for any possible incoming.

"Sure thing Hero." was all Arsenal said, his voice that usual dry tone it seemed to hold so naturally. Still out of ammunition his energy blade was the only thing he had at his disposal. at this point he was simply tagging along.

At Howl's target insistance, Psylocke looses the arrow with the precision of years of ninja training still in her body. Once the second spot is struck, following Daisuke's mental insistence she lines up with the third attack, and as he readies the last sonic pinpoint burst, she looses another arrow. With the last strike done, she casually settles the weapon once more on her back, and comes up behind the man to touch his shoulder, «That does it luv. All that's left is back to the base to watch the show. First round's on Volk.» A little smirk at it while the pair step easily into the rapidly diminishing shadows as the reactor begins to spin up to critical.

The building starts to come down as explosion after explosion hits and things to start to shake and fall apart. Walls crumble, any remaining spider-bots are getting crushed under falling rocks, Sentinels still being built will never get the change to be complete as the third of the Sentinel Factors takes a devastating hit and starts crumbling down.
The sounds of alarms and the floor shaking are what the three resolve into, but Volk seems less than perturbed. He goes right for his main target, the central databank of the computer core. Moving past the pair he makes his way to a central point and begins hitting the bolts for the release of the memory banks themselves. As each one comes off, he takes it and drops it into a parachute bag on his side, shifting it to over his shoulder as a good dozen of the things are packed away in the space of seconds. As the explosions outside become worse and worse, he gets to the last one, yanking it free with a crackle-spark of ozone, growling out, "We're gone!" Heading back to the central point so that the team can get away with the theft free and clear.

Tucking away the explosives it seemed there was no need, the reactors explosion was going to take the whol eplace down so she put them back in the tac belt and readied to leave, watching as Volk took the memory banks and headed back for where she and Arsenal waited. "Good."

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