2011-08-27: Facade

Players: Fiona, Jordan Mayfair, Jules, and Kai

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Summary: Jordan Mayfair has Facade attack Fiona, Jules, and Kai.

Date: August 27, 2011

Log Title: Facade

Rating: PG

NYC - Queens

Queens is located on Long Island just north of Brooklyn. Brick apartment buildings are found more on the Northern part of Queens where as you get further south towards the Atlantic, more homes with yards can be found. Queens is home to Shea Stadium, home of the Mets, John F Kennedy Airport, and was the home to the World Fair in 1939 and 1964. The Unisphere, a 12-story high, stainless steel globe still sits on display from the Worlds Fair in Queens.

Queens is much as it always is; filled with concrete, cars, and people. The time is late afternoon, likely around 2 PM and the sun is currently being obscured by ominous clouds promising a storm later this evening or tomorrow. A little bit of wind has begun to pick up, but that doesn't deter people from still navigating the streets in throngs.

One androgynous teen and purple-eyed girl are among these groups of people casually travelling due South on the street towards a row of stores selling clothing, candy, and other assortments of things. The androgynous teen is wearing a dark grey fall jacket over a button-up white dress shirt with black tie. Kind of fancy alternative clothing or similar. Slung over the teen's right shoulder is a sling and cast, indicating maybe a broken right arm of some degree. The kid's other hand is holding the girl's hand.
In a somewhat higher-pitched yet light hearted tone, Jules says to the girl, "What about cats? Do like cats? Or maybe not cats, but like kittens. They're so bloody adorable."

Jules /does/ seem to like dressing up, but Fiona is dressed in her usual dark attire; black skirt, snug black long sleeve t-shirt - nothing TOO special there, but it's already slightly dressier than the normal. Well, except for those big chunky boots she likes to wear. "Cats? Well, I mean, I like cats a lot, they're cute, but actually I'm more of a dog person. I mean, I've never had a pet, but dogs just seem more friendly." She pauses, "Oh, kittens? Well… I mean, who DOESN'T like kittens? It's impossible."

A clear cat hater, Jordan Mayfair, dressed casually in a summer plaid shirt and green slacks is in the area. Seated in a car, the mutant telepath watches a particular pair of youths walking down the street. Of particular interest to him is the purpled-eyed girl with the attachment to a demon and not her boyishly dressed girlfriend. Saying to himself, “I didn’t think she was a lesbian.” Jordan speaks to the driver, “Is the test ready? Time to find out if it was worth my interest in Ms. O’Mally.” The driver says, “FAÇADE is ready and on your order.” Looking out again at the two, Jordan makes telepathic contact to scan the two for their current surface thoughts.

It may be impossible to not like kittens but easy enough to be totally indifferent to them, as far as Kai's conserned they're just furry little balls of uslessness, they're not even interesting animals, now Maltise tigers, those are interesting. Kai's walking on the same side of the street heading towards Jules and Fiona, now that the first part of his mission is complete he's been told to break contact with his employers untill they choose to contact him, so Kai's using his free time to see all the things that have intreagued him about New York, so thats whats brought him to this street, dressed in black jeans, black converse, a black hoodie, hood up with a red t-shirt underneath, he's whistling to himself as he walks.

Jules is always the image of completely normal surface thoughts. Currently Jules' surface thoughts contain things relating to a poptart, and of some curiosity of some random people in the crowd. Also kittens. There are so many thoughts of fuzzy kittens. "Really? You've never had a dog or a cat?" Jules replies to Fiona. "I guess I like dogs too, I really like all pets. Except rabbits or ferrets." Looking up, the teenager holds some curious eye contact with Kai.

"No, I mean, my dad's allergic or something. And we don't have a big yard for it to run around in because it's the city, so someone would have to walk it every day, and he doesn't trust me to do that. I guess he thinks he'd end up having to do it. I had a fish once, though! Joe the fish…" Fiona trails off, smiling. She doesn't notice Mayfair yet, of course. Her current surface thoughts? Well, it's just what she's talking about - and Jules, of course.

"Oh that's a boy?" Jordan blinks when he gets their surface thoughts and finds them boring. Spotting
Kai on the street, Jordan is surprised to see the powerfully nasty teen to simply be walking down the street and whistling. "Ah two for on. Slight change of plans." Sitting back safely in the car, he concentrates as he makes mental contact with the Facade. Ordering an attack, "Attack the boy!" Facade sends back a message unsure of whom to attack. Jordan grumbles and orders the attack on Jules. "Let's see how Fiona and Kai react!"

Flying off the roof of a nearby building, Fac looks own on the crowd and particular at Fiona and Jules and a loud thrust can be heard from his boot jets alerting everyone present and an arc of bioelectricity is flung out and hurled towards Jules. Jordan simply watches as the armored villain attacks as he watches the test for Fiona and Kai.

Kai is confused when the androgynous boy makes eye contact with him. he's never seen the boy before so… before he's able to continue that thought he's distracted by the sound of Facade's boot jets, "Is this city never quiet?", the boy is under direct orders to lay low, oh good he's heading for the boy, not his problem.

Jules looks up once the sound of some kind of jet-thruster fills the air. Thankfully the good people of the city begin pointing up and scattering before anything even really begins happening. After all, when someone in full body armor and jet boots arrives, it's usually to not deliver free shirts. When that suit faces Jules however, the reaction is primarily, "Biscuits!" Both Fiona and Jules then just vanish right in front of Kai. Just gone. Completely. Not a sound. Not a flash of light. Nothing. The bolt of bioelectricity only manages contact for the smallest moment of time.

Jules lets go of Fiona's hand by reflex, startled by the little bit of electricity that shocked him. Now the two are on a nearby rooftop. "What just happened?" The now perhaps obvious mutant looks towards Fiona. "Is that a friend of yours?" Strangely enough, there is neither coolness nor panic in the boy's voice

Missing its target, Fac looks about, “Where did the kid go?” Fac is momentarily unsure of what to do.
Jordan using his telepathy moves from mind to mind in the area until finding Fiona an Jules again. “A teleporter, huh. Maybe he may be a good recruit too.” Sending Fac a message sending him to the roof, he flies up and hovering rooftop level with the dating teens, he fires off another arc of electricity towards Jules. Able to watch what is going on through a camera in the armor, Jordan grins, “Now for some more fun.” He concentrates as he makes direct connect with Fiona. In a voice she should recognize and speaking directly into just her mind, <Fiona, the source of the attack is Kai Oaken. (a description of what he is wearing.) He is one of my enemies and followed me one time when we spoke. He is remotely controlling the armor. I…>The message is abruptly ended as Jordan hopes to give Fiona a sense of urgency about Kai.

Kai utters a "huh" when the two in front of him disappear, "Well that was rather unexpected", the boy leans against one of the buildings to watch and see what the armour does next, "One thing you can say about this city, it's certainly entertaining".

Jules is gone before the suit even extends a gauntlet to fire that electricity. The teleporter reappears at the exact same movement behind Fiona, whom he grabs before teleporting again. This next teleport may be especially disorienting or bumpy as the two reappear in one of the empty Buicks parked on the side of the street. In the back seat. With Jules sitting /upside down/, feet towards the window and Fiona probably tangled up in some awkward way too. Jules doesn't seem to mind, "I always hate teleporting into small spaces… It never works.." The teleporter looks over to Fiona, "Should we try to politely ask him to stop? I can't exactly fight him with a broken arm."

Fiona finds herself upside down in the front seat of the car, not sure at all what's going on at first, before she makes some effort to ensure that her lower half is covered. Skirts really /aren't/ the best clothing for doing this sort of thing in, no matter how nice she thinks they make her look… "Ugh," she groans and she untangles her long braid from around the legs of the seat, finally righting herself. "Let's not do that again!" she suggests, peering out the windows of the car at the villain flying around. "This is bad Jules… this is… someone I know, he may be involved in this. I'm not sure. Maybe some kind of gang thing, and now they're after us too? I don't know. It's this mutant guy, I think he's some kinda mobster. Wanted me to do some work for him a couple of times, he just sent me a message," she talks rapidly, finally pausing to take a breath, "He said it's a robot and that this guy Kai something is controlling it. It's that guy you were looking at. He says."

She frowns a little bit, glowing eyes peeking out over the window. They're /probably/ visible and she should /probably/ make some effort to turn them off, but that would require her to first be more aware of it and then to calm down. "I can… I can fight him if we take out his controller. Maybe. I'm not sure. This is all… I don't understand why they're after us. I only just barely know this guy."

Laughing to himself in the car, Jordan stops after the teleport. With each teleport, it requires Jordan a moment to find the targets again, which he does. Fac flies over the parked cars and seemingly past the one that the couple teleported into. But after he flies over he zigzags back around and appears to land on top of the car and rip off the top of the Buick. A robotic voice speaks to the two, “Time to die!” Jordan peers out the window to Kai to see his reaction as he is surprised Kai doesn’t seem to get involved at all. “Cold-hearted indeed!”

Kai continues watching the armour fly around as it follows the teleporting teens, "Wonder what thay did to piss it off?", cold hearted? maybe, following orders? yes, slightly amused? most definatly, the problem here is Kai has no connection to the other two so has no reason to feel any compassion toward the two.

Jules looks curiously at Fiona, "That guy?" Then the Buick's car roof is tore open like a can of tuna fish. Somewhat frustrated, Jules grabs the leg of Facade. Bamf! They're off. The two appear almost a kilometer in the air. It is /extremely/ disorienting. "Why do you." Jules teleports another three kilometers up. "Bad guys." One more teleport, bringing the total up to 6 kilometers elevation. "Always say stupid lines." Bamf! The teleporter jumps one more time, this time without bringing Facade along. This jump is incredibly unprecise, and Jules ends up teleporting to some Chinese store about a block down from Fiona.

By now, Fiona has had about enough of this. Hiding in a car from a homocidal villain wasn't exactly her plan for the evening. No, she just wanted to spend some time with someone she liked. "I… wha… Jules? JULES!" she calls as she sees him teleport away with the villain so far that she can't even see him. Or the villain, for that matter. "I…" she grips her weapons apprehensively, scanning the area. Great, now she's alone! Charging up one of the wands, purple energy begins to flow around it and lick its way partially up her right arm. She makes her way out of the now useless hiding place, only to come pretty much face to face with Kai.

"Why are you doing this?!" she calls out at him. She certainly doesn't look happy. For those attuned to that sort of thing, there's a massive amount of evil-tainted energy building up. Psychically, it smells foul; chaotic and subversive, like anybody who spent too much time in contact with it might themselves become evil. Fiona's surface thoughts are muddled, a mess - the only sure thing being that she's really mad at SOMEONE, be it Kai, the robot, or even Mayfair, and worried about her friend. She would at this moment do /anything/ to protect him, regardless of the morality of such…

As Jules grabs on begins the teleports, Fac is taken with no effort to stop Jules however with each port he releases electricity into his armor building it up an releasing it into Jules as he finalizes the teleports. As Fiona leaps out of the car, Jordan senses the rage within her and then he takes a moment to adjust to the rage she is feeling but he manages to send out another message through the haze, <I am trying to assist from here, but I can’t get through telepathically watch out. He will deny it all! Whatever is controlling him will play it innocent.> Fac remains in the air after the teleports but begins to drop from the sky at a quick speed.

Kai doesn't move as Fiona approaches him though he does express some suprise at the girl having powers too, is no one in this city human?, "What is it i'm supposed to be doing?, shouldn't you be helping your friend?", Kai is calm but he's not stupid, he's begun antisipating an attack in case the girl goes a little loopy, he's gonna figure itout without his powers though.

That last moment electrical shock hits perfectly. As Jules appears in the Chinese restaurant, his body convulses for a strong moment before slumping to the ground. Each breath comes out as extremely labored, and the teleporter is able to do little bit try to shake off the stunning effects of the shock. It's a good thing the restaurant is deserted due to all the action going on outside.

"I DON'T CARE! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! ALL OF YOU!" Fiona shouts suddenly, a focused beam of purple energy lancing out at Kai - should it hit, the effects are similar to Cyclops' eyebeams - having both a kinetic blast factor and a temperature factor. This particular one seems to be of about medium strength, enough to knock someone around or punch through the side of a car door. "You just SHUT UP, SHUT. UP!" she shouts, a sphere of energy building up on her left wand as the beam on the right one seems to fade.

Jordan has his driver drive him to the Chinese restaurant. Once out of the car, he steps into the restaurant and looks down at Jules. Feigning concern, “Are you alright? I know Fiona and saw what happened.” Fac continues dropping down, his speed increasing as he continues to plummet.

Kai internally thanks his inhanced speed and reflexes as he just manages to avoid the blast shot at him by Fiona it hitting the wall just behind him, "Ok, now that was rude, attack me again and i'll begin being rude", he doesn't have the same issue that other males may have when it goes to fighting girls, he was taught how to fight by a woman so understands they are more than capable of holding their own in a fight.

"Then just… SHUT UP! And leave!" Fiona whirls angrily, flinging the ball of energy on the end at Kai. This one, rather than being a focused beam, is more like a grenade - horribly inaccurate and it's far off from hitting him, but it nails a car nearby which then bursts into flame - sending off a shower of shrapnel and a shockwave.

Still getting closer, Fac is now glowing as his armor is electrified with bioelectricity as it zooms over towards the three teens. Jordan Mayfair smiles as he watches all this and then makes his way back to the car, “Drive a few blocks away, but stay relatively close.” As Fac is going closer, he is shooting random blasts of electricity just raining down and streaming towards the three kids though he himself is not there.

As the car explodes Kai jumps backwards away from it as several pieces of shrapnel slice into him, he doesn't notice however as he's focused of the fire, as the boy arrives again Kai is momentarily distracted, "Magic?", not the time to be intregued right now, deal with the girl, he turns to slam his palm into Fiona's chest, not aiming to particularly hurt her just knock her away and possibly shock her into dropping the staffs.

Fiona pauses at that moment - after a the explosion goes off, eyes abruptly going back to normal, "Jules? JULES?!" she calls, attention dangerously swinging away from Kai right as he slams his hand into her. "Hey- UNF!" she grunts as he hits her. She's quite light, and is easily knocked off of her feet, but does keep a good grip on her wands. Apparently, he winded her slightly, as she looks a little bit stunned.

Jules looks stunned as Kai slams a fist into Fiona. Almost immediately the teleporter blinks up close between Kai and Fiona. The heavy breathing returns, apparently all the teleporting being at least a little bit of a strain. "..Would you mind.. Dismissing your robot thing? I don't want to fight. Just… Leave me and Fiona alone." It takes a lot to confront who you think your enemy is at less than a few feet away while having a broken arm. Xavier's is going to kill Jules. Again.

Fac finally reaches down and hovering between Kai and Jules suddenly twin beams of electricity stream out. One towards Kai and one towards Jules. The robotic voice sings out, “No more shall you control me!” as he stomps on the ground with massive super-strength smashing it up a bit, causing anyone near by to flee and sending minor shockwaves.

"Calling off my robot?, that thing's not mine, would you mind dismissing that girl, i was just standing here and she attacked me", as Facade fires his electrictiy Kai tackles Jules in an attempt to get them both out of the path of the blasts, the reason for attempting to save Jules being that he can't ecan't find out why he thinks it's his robot if he's dead.

Fiona finally catches her breath, and then Fac smashes down between everyone. Finally! Maybe she can put an end to this. She holds out both wands together, a massive amount of energy building up quickly - even a non-psychically sensitive peron could smell the demonic influence or get shivers down their spine if they were close enough. Abruptly, all the built up energy escapes, shooting out as a massive blast towards Fac - a beam a couple feet in diameter blasts towards him at point blank range, "STAY AWAY FROM HIM YOU BIG JERK!" she screams at the top of her lungs at the armored suit - hopefully driving him into or even through that nearby brick wall. 'cause they're pretty much surrounded by them by the local storefronts. The force is very much akin to being hit by a full size sedan moving at full speed, combined with high temperatures.

"It's not yo—OOF!?" Jules is tackled without really resisting or teleporting, likely to do with that fatigue. It's a good thing too, as beams of electricity and magic go flying up above. Reflexively, Jules' first thought is to grab Fiona's ankle just in case a final teleport is needed. Though no teleporting is done, yet.

The blast from Fiona send Fac through the wall and into the empty store. Jordan ponders a moment, “Well, she is clearly powerful enough. That demon makes her strong. Façade was a good test. But really, Zoya and Shifter will prove to even better tests for those two. Time to end the test.” Façade appears at the giant hole in the wall and utters in a nearly dying robotics voice, “I will die before I let you take me over again!” Rushing towards the gathering of teens the robot is kamikazing towards them ready to self-destruct counting off as it does so, “3… 2…”

Jules vanishes from under Kai, unable to take him into the teleport with himself and Fiona. It would be exceedingly dangerous for everyone. Fiona and Jules reappear several kilometers away. Far away from the destruction.

“…1” The Façade armor explodes before reaching anyone. The robot armor explodes sending out a minor damage to the street. And the car Jordan is in peels off and leaves.

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