2011-05-20: Facebeat


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Summary: Aiden runs into some trouble on his way home, lucky Vinny is there to help out.

Date: May 20, 2011

Log Title: Facebeat

Rating: PG

NYC - Prospect Park

Located in the center of Brooklyn is Prospect Park. There are many paths circling the park for bike riders and walkers. You can rent a boat to take out on the lake, or stand on the shores to fish or feed the ducks. Many colors can be seen in the sky where the hill is in the center of the park from the many kite flyers. There can always be found a few peddlers in this area selling kites to those who wish to partake in the fun.

It's around ten o'clock at night in Prospect Park and not to many people are out. There's the occasional drunk bum, a few couples out walking and some people doing a late night dog walk but it's significantly quieter then during the day. The sound of the city can be heard in the background even though the park provides a bit of a buffer for the noise.
Breaking the peace of the night some voices can be heard clearly. "We don't like mutants in our park! It's even worse if that you don't pretend you aren't one!" Followed by the sound of someone's fist smacking into someone.

Vinny is one of those out and about this evening. The Hybrid rather far from the relative safety of Mutant town but after some recent events he felt he needed a change of scenery. A long cylindrical case over one shoulder as he looks for a spot near the water to sit. The sounds of the shouting cause him to grit his teeth a moment before heading in thier direction. "It never bloody ends.. I swear this city is gonna loose the roos in my top paddok."

Taskmaster has been feeling listless lately, and so he's doing something he almost never does. Come to the park to hang out. Well, not really, but at this time of night it a nice, peaceful place to contemplate a few things. He's been sitting on a park bench, his holo emitter that he stole from SHIELD a long time ago projecting the facade of a man in his mid thirties, handsome, with brown hair and cold brown eyes. Gripped in one hand is a rumpled polaroid, old and well loved. His mouth is pulled down into a frown of concentration as he studies this photograph, which pulls down deeper as his quiet is disturbed by a ruckus.

Kai is cutting across the park on one of his usual travels across the city, he's dressed in a pair of dark grey combats, an ice-blue long sleeved shirt, red converse and his schoolbag is slung over his shoulder, apon hearing the shouting the teens inquizitive nature kicks in and he moves in to take a closer look, keeping far enough away to try and avoid being spotted.#

Not to far from the lake it's five guys on one blue winged mutant. Two guys are holding Aiden's arms back while another two are holding his arms. The guy standing in front of him is the one talking and the one working Aiden over with a few punches as well. His face has obviously been punched a few times and his tattoo like markings are almost glowing yellow and red. His eyes focus on the one on front of him as he tries to influence what he's feeling. "Look, I don't want any trouble." Aiden tries to say as he gets another fist in the mouth.

Vinny picks up the pace when he sees who's in trouble. Calling out as he's headed towards the bunch "Oy! You wankers wanna go-round? Well unlike the bloke ya got there I DO want some trouble, so how's about you mama's boys try pickin' a fight with a mutant that can fight back!"

Taskmaster finally looks up from his photograph to see what's going on. The five-on-one odds aren't that fair, and the platypus hybrid going to help doesn't really even the odds all that much he figures. There's a slight look of disgust as he leans back in the bench as he watches, eyes studying the melee, the same way a chess master studies the board. Still, he doesn't move to intervene.

Kai's eyes widen when he reckognises the mutant with the wings, "Aiden?", but he also makes no move to step in, this is the sort of thing that the police gets involved in and he can't afford that kind of attention, spotting the giant platapus he can't help but think, help arrives in the strangest of forms some times.

"Yeah well you should of thought of that before you decided to step into our park displaying the fact that you're a filthy mutant." The guy says as he's about to punch Aiden again but stops as Vinny speaks. "Oh look, more mutant scum. Good, I was get tired of beating on this one." He says chuckling as the two guys holding Aiden's wings let go and rush Vinny.
Aiden looks at the guy whose been introducing his fist to his face and speaks again. "Listen, just calm down. I don't think you want to do this." He's trying to use his influence to curb the anger that he's feeling but right now Aiden's having concentrating.

Vinny grins and keeps moving, he could take all five of these fools out in a few seconds with the lake so close but he wants to do this more hands-on. As the two come at him he leaps, his legs too short to deliver a good kick but folks always forget about that tail. One hundred pounds of Muscle and fat whipping through the air as a bludgeon as he spins a complete circle, seems the martial arts classes are paying off.

Taskmaster's eyebrows arch in interest as Vinny starts fighting. He leans forward, putting the polaroid away in a pocket as he studies the fighting style of the Australian mutant. "Karate," he says to himself, identifying the style that Vinny's more or less employing. "Interesting."

"Huh, platapus has some skill", Kai pulls out his phone and starts videoing what fight going on by the water, not sure how yet but the footage could be usefull at some point, looking around to check for any incoming police he spots the other person watching the fight.

The mutant haters don't really have any powers or extraordinary skills as they're just normal guys so the tail stops one of the cold as he falls over a bit dazed from the unexpected shot. The other one pauses for a second before rushing into to try to hit Vinny with a punch to the bill.
It's obvious that Aiden isn't really fighting back, he's almost standing there letting him hit him as he tries to talk them out of it. Blood runs from his nose and lip as he keeps on talking. "Just calm down okay, you really don't want to do this. Just take a few deep breaths and think about it." He says as the man starts to hesitate throwing his next punch.

Vinny lands a bit awkwardly.. guess he needs more lessons and gets his bell rung by the punch that whips his head back and sends his hat flying. Giving an almost beastial growl there are a pair of soft 'pops' as a long spur of bone extends from over each of his hands to about eight inchs past his knuckles. All Wolverine jokes aside he jabs at the man that belted him with one of the spikes, should it connect the man is in for a world of hurt as his venom will take affect about 2 seconds later. "Come'on ya teet-sucklin' pukes. I stood toe ta toe with friggin' Iron Man I ain't scared'a a bunch a pansies like you!"

At the mention of Iron Man, Taskmaster sighs resignedly, and gets to his feet. "I guess this means I get to be the hero," he says, walking briskly to where the three punks are holding Aiden. "Hey!" he calls out to them. "Leave the kid alone, and I promise I won't break anything."

"The odds seem to be improving", watching Taskmaster approach the fight Kai decides to add one small piece of help to even the odds a little, ducking behind a tree he forms a baseball sized ball of ice, he launches it at one of the men holding Aiden before ducking back behind the tree.

The second man attacking Vinny collapses to the ground with a scream as he's pumped full of venom and it's quite painful. The man talking to Aiden stops and seems to calm down a bit not as angry as he was a second ago. He's about to say something when the ice bat slams into one of them and he stumbles forward. Looking around the remaining guys realize that there's more and more people popping up and decide to try to run for it. They let go of Aiden and go to pick up their injured friends as they try to get out of dodge.
Once the guys let go of Aiden he falls to the ground, the yellow very prominent in the tattoo like markings over his body. "Damnit." He mutters to himself as he looks up and watches them leave. He just sits there for a bit as he tries to calm down himself.

Vinny grins as he watchs the goons run off, as they pick up the man he just jabbed he calls out as they retreat "Eh he'll be fine in about 15 minutes or so.. but his life is really gonna suck till that wears off. Happy trails Jackass!" Taking a breath he moves towards Aiden "You ok there Mate?"

Taskmaster grunts in disappointment as Aiden attackers decide to book it instead of fight. His pace slows down as they run off, clearly chasing after them isn't worth the trouble. "He'll be all right," he says, passing Vinny and Aiden. "With the way he's movin' he ain't got nothin' broke." Something in his voice holds the air of authority as if he knows a thing or two about broken bones. "Get home, kid, and take a nice hot bath before they decide to grab some of their buddies and a shotgun. There ain't nothin' like Central Park Rednecks." With that last word of advice he keeps on walking down the path to disappear into a quieter part of the park.

While it's good that the situation has been resolved Kai is disappointed with himself, it was not his place to get involved, he's losing disipline, he's gonna have to work on that or he'll get sloppy, sloppy will get him caught and getting caught will get him dead.

Aiden looks up at Vinny and nods. "Yeah, I'll be okay just…well that sucked." He says as he reaches up to wipe away some of the blood on his face but just resulting in smearing it more the cleaning it off. "I'm just lucky you came around." He says taking a few deep breaths. He frowns at Taskmaster's words and is glad to see man walk off. "Not like I was doing anything, I was just one my way home from work."

Vinny nods "Some folks don't need a reason to be an ass.. now let's hit tha bricks before tha cops show up. Don't need this kinda problem, if ya can fly then take off and get home. I better get back ta mutant town."

Kai takes one more quick picture of the two mutants before turning and walking back the way he came, more interesting night than he expected, he's not to sure how he feels about what he saw take place.

"Yeah I think I can fly. My feathers are a bit messed up but I can fix that later." Aiden says looking around for his duffel bag and finding it a bit away from where he was. "Yeah, I don't exactly need trouble with the police." He says. He's still a bit on edge from just getting beat on but he listens to Vinny. "It'll take me maybe ten minutes to fly back. Thanks…" He says as he fits the duffel back over his shoulders and wings so that he can fly with it.

Vinny nods and goes to retrieve his hat "Safe Travels Mate, swing by Mutant town somtime and we'll grab a bite or somthin'" He turns and heads towards the fastest way out of the park.

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